Following defeat for Newcastle United against Chelsea, and once again showing that cup runs in this competition are a thing of the past, the weaknesses in our team/squad are thrown in our faces with almost a giggle in the distance coming from the unscrupulous owner of our beloved club.

I will not get on the back of the players and never have, especially watching them applying the effort which they do week in and week out, it’s just a great shame that the quality isn’t there to back the effort up.

I recently read the article asking us to lay off the whingeing and refrain from being so negative… brilliant… can someone please point out the positives?

Having seen Keegan light up the City in the 90s, then Sir Bobby also bring a togetherness back to everyone involved in the club, I can honestly say that in Rafa we have the pleasure of not only a great, tactically aware manager (although many fans will disagree – but you don’t see what he does on the training ground day in and day out), but also a one-off manager who becomes part of the club and its community, just like the two mentioned previously.

Unfortunately, due to the complete disregard THAT MAN has for the club and its support, we are highly likely to lose an opportunity which we are probably not going to have again for a very long time.

The thought of Rafa walking away in the summer worries me but I will fully support his decision to do so. If I worked for a bare-faced liar who could not even lie straight in bed, then I would also be looking to get out and move to pastures new.

Yet here we have one of the top managers in the world who is obviously reluctant to leave the fans and the club behind.

There is no danger of THAT MAN ever reading these messages, so the only way is to empty the stadium. Not to force his hand to spend but to convince him that his only option is to sell.

As hard as it will be, my time is up at the end of the season. When Rafa walks that is the last straw!

He (Mike Ashley) has proven time and time again that what he says and what he does are two completely different things (although he doesn’t say a great deal).

I, like a great many others, am absolutely wounded with what our club has become, and the deceitful, underhand way in which it is being ran.

Stop concentrating on the negatives???

I once again ask anyone to point out the positives!

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  • Megatron1505

    I’m just nipping outnto fetch some popcorn, over to you Bobby/ Clarko/ Ghostbuster (or whichever name you’re logged in under today).

    • Peaky Magpie


    • JonMag

      FCB`s backside boys will be along soon, don`t worry about that, they`re all over the chron as well like a bad top coat

      • Leicester Mag

        They have already arrived must be a late start this morning at college

        • Megatron1505

          Ghostbuster is the stupid brother, it can’t be his giro day.

          • Peter Stabler

            Mega you are on fire this morning! Boom!

    • Jezza

      I’ll save the troll the bother. Here’s the nonsense he’s going to come out with:

      “January is a very difficult time to sign players.”

      “There’s no point signing players for the sake of it.”

      “Mike won’t be pushed into panic buying.”

      “If we can’t get the right players at the right price it’s better to sign nobody.”

      “We wouldn’t have wanted any of the players Southampton, Brighton, Huddersfield, Stoke and West Brom have signed anyway.”

      “Money was avalailable but the right players weren’t.”

      “Mike won’t be held to ransom by greedy clubs demanding sickening fees for over priced players.”

      “I’m glad Mike didn’t let Benitez waste any more of the club’s money on poor signings.”

      “Benitez has already been given well over £100 million to spend in his time at the club, what more does he want.”

      “We don’t need new players, we just need a new manager.”

      • Leicester Mag

        Again as on Jezza Saturday spot on – what concerns me is that some of this kind of rap (with a silent c) goes beyond an alternative outlook / opinion or even trolling. Seems awfully coordinated and on message.

        • Jezza

          Well you can’t help thinking that those kinds of comments will form the basis of an official club statement on Thursday.

    • TheFatController

      Do they work for Ashley, or are they just troll types? I can’t work it out, because sometimes they use clever manipulation of the truth and untruths (particularly about our shocking financial situation) which makes me think they are working for Ashley.

      But then they lose control and get emotional, aggressive, or just bizarre in their inability to use logic, and it looks like ‘sat in my underpants batshtt crazy ranting’ troll territory.

      I’m being rhetorical, but thoughts are welcome if any light can be shed…

      • Megatron1505

        I think it’s two people, one of whom is blatantly an idiot (Ghostbuster/ Monkseaton persona), the other of whom “thinks” he is clever (Bobby/ Clarko).

        • Jezza

          They are two brothers from Manchester. They are not Newcastle supporters. At least one of them (possibly both) works in a S****s D****t shop and they are season ticket holders at Old Trafford.

          • TheFatController

            Why has at least one of them not got bored?

            You could say it’s their personality disorder, but that’s not right. To be that, they’d soon get bored, as the thrill of trolling becomes de-sensitized.

            It’s like any serial killer, they have to get more and more careless each time to increase the chances of getting caught to give them a bigger Adrenalin rush with each crime as they de-sensitize.

            They are just relentlessly feeding off the same payoff, never de-sensitizing. Can you programme an algorithm bot type thing to write as they do? I’m no tech specialist so have no idea how sophisticated a bit programme can be?

          • Jezza

            They are addicted to the trolling, simple as that. It gives them a buzz, they feed off the reactions they stir up, it gives them a sense of common purpose, a buffer in their co dependent relationship.

          • TheFatController

            Best course of action is to put the spotlight on their trolling as the personality disorder it is

            They like sniping, the way to stop a sniper is to bring them out in the open (that or napalm the jungle they’re in!) , shine a light on their weaknesses and they’ll soon miss the payoff and give up….

          • Jezza

            I’ve just blocked them. Take away the reaction they crave, don’t give them the satisfaction. When I exposed them last week they came on with a new ID and had a right go at me. I just blocked that ID too. It’s the best way.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Had a right go? If you are referring to me, I pointed out an error in your post.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I’m not connected to any of the others you list. You can bring me out in the open, I offered many a time to meet people from these pages at a match.

            It just appears that very few actually go to watch the lads.

          • MadMag83

            Call me crazy, but do you think they might actually work for The Mag? The staff writers deliberately churn out pointless articles with sensationalist​ click bait headlines, so you click on said article and they receive a fee from the advertisements on said page. Surely the same works if you keep logging in and clicking on the page to read and reply to comments? Just a thought mate.

          • Jezza

            I just can’t see it to be truthful. I was heavily involved with The Mag in the very beginning from 1988 to 1991 and if it’s the same lad running it now as back then I can tell you he would never stoop to pulling any kind of stunt like that.

          • MadMag83

            Fair enough mate but why would two Man Utd fans, one of whom apparently works in a SD shop, troll an NUFC fanzine? I can’t imagine an employee of SD other than Ashley’s right hand minions wanting to stand up for him.

            And I have the misfortune of knowing a few Man Utd fans and i can honestly say they don’t give two sheets about NUFC. So it makes no sense to me.

            Perhaps they are masking their IP address? After all, if he/they take the time to log in under various aliases to wind us up, then it stands to reason that they’d have taken the time to cover their true identity slightly better.

          • Jezza

            I’m sure my information is correct because another contributor to this forum provided information completely independently of my research and the details matched.

            They are obviously trolls by nature and I’m sure this is not the only site they frequent, not by a long stretch. Who knows why they chose a Newcastle site? My best guess is as S****s D****T employees they have got a misguided sense of loyalty to Ashley and were unhappy about the criticism he was getting from Newcastle fans. I assume that the idea of doing some serious trolling while also defending their boss was too good an opportunity to miss which was what lead them here. I imagine they decided that if they pretended to be Newcastle fans it would give their support of Ashley more credibility rather than if it came from fans of rival clubs who wouldn’t understand what was going on at our club..

    • Peaky Magpie

      You never know mate they/he/she might balls up one day and go under their real name……Bob Moncur.

  • JonMag

    How many managers would put up with the likes of fatso, it`s time for Rafa to grow some, he`s being made to look like a right fool

    • Megatron1505

      Pardew, McLaren, Carver, JFK…..

      • JonMag

        not a decent one amongst them

  • ghostrider

    Here are the positives.
    We have a well run club called Newcastle United.
    We have this well run club because Mike Ashley decided to buy it and take whatever hits he got, on the chin.

    That in itself is a massive positive….BUT, I think you mean on the pitch…right?
    Here’s the positives.

    1. We are in the premier league after 11 years of Ashley. Yeah I know….strange eh with this monster in charge who is clearly and systematically robbing his own club blind and giving us nothing every season…..or so it seems with some.

    2. He has the balls to go out and employ managers that he thinks can do a job and is even prepared to pay what he thought was a world class manager 5/6 million a year in order to get the best out of players the world class manager bought.

    3. We have a squad that is clearly way better than what they produce and can produce better. It’s not quite a positive as of yet but could be if a certain owner does the right thing and kicks out the former world class manager who is living in the past.

    We’ve been through a lot worse than this in terms of the leagues but I do admit this is one of the most negative Newcastle United teams I’ve ever witnessed when you consider that it’s set up to be anything but.
    A mix of positive and negative in there.

    5. We have a fantastic set of fans who are just in a bit of a turmoil by following the bully bandwagon of hate towards an owner that would most likely throw in a few presents if the bile wasn’t so constant, of which is not deserved.

    6. It’s just great to be a Newcastle United fan. It has something about it.
    Fantastic, regardless.

    When we get turned into a razzmatazz pom pom and peanut butter and jelly match day zombie laced futuristic and unrecognisable set up and lose our Newcastle United identity, then I can see how that will be negative for the fans.
    However, it’s liable to be a new dawn for the new fan of razzmatazz.

    The life that people think has been taken for this club must have looked like a jolly boys outing compared to what the Cardiff fans must have been thinking when Vincent Tan started fiddling about.
    I wonder how many of them had his head effigy on a stick and sat there bemoaning how their club was thrown into a swamp….etc?

    I wonder how many positives anyone was taking for that?

    It depends on how you see things and what you really want and what you are prepared to put up with in order to get there….or not.

    I hate what Rafa’s doing. I really hate it. I’m starting to despise…..well maybe not despise……I’m starting to feel very uncomfortable knowing he’s managing Newcastle United in a way that’s not in the manner that we are used to.

    He’s getting away with it because of Ashley and Charnley….but mainly Ashley.
    However, I would be willing to bet heavily on him being hounded out if we had an owner that the fans weren’t coaxed into hating with the bile that’s been unfairly bestowed onto Ashley.

    There’s dislike and there’s bile and some fans go way beyond the dislike boundary.

    The positives will be more evident when you see the collapse of the clubs that many saw as the ones to follow while we supposedly stagnated.
    the Watfords and Bournemouths and even the Brightons and Huddersfields, plus Southamptons and what not. the buyers who apparently left us behind in the market on a NET spend basis apparently.

    The positives will be shown when those clubs realise they can’t control their wage bills through trying to keep up with the Jones’.
    Us……………….. who knows but that’s what’s so intense about it all. We still have scope but we have to keep fine tuning to get something in place that works better.
    That’s the negative and also the HOPE for positive.
    Some clubs are living on borrowed time.
    Our time is tick tock correct with none borrowed.

    • HarryHype59


    • East Durham Mag


    • TheFatController

      I don’t mind people having opinions, but I must expose the one trick people use to make an argument who want to win, not necessarily inform.

      You have absolutely no evidence, proof, facts, nor the ability to see unit or predict the future, yet claim Watford, Bournemouth, Southampton, Huddersfield and Brighton will collapse ?

      Why? Am I missing some rule the FA have introduced- no allowed to take the tv revenues amy more perhaps ? Do they have £120m debt like we do? Facts please ?

      • ghostrider

        You have no obligation to take anything I say as anything other than me having a speculative opinion.
        The very same opinions are given by you and others, albeit in a different take.
        That’s what creates debate and, like I said before, it’s also what creates the old ” we are right and you are wrong” scenario based on mass peer pressure and following against the minority.

        So let’s not have to play the games of evidence production, unless you can produce the evidence of your musings.
        Let’s just accept that we’re all working on our own personal hunches whilst some can tend to simply work on follow the leader of the masses…whoever that may be at any time on any forum.

        • TheFatController

          I love that you see us as above those clubs in terms of financial stability in the future. But you carry on, your hunch will be proved right, no doubt.

          But bear in mind most of those you mention will get £120m this year, and more next year. And they don’t have £120m debt like we do…

          And why do you see people being negative as ‘peer pressure’ – when it’s just people making up their own minds based upon the evidence before them – you know, the relegations, cup exits, poor player recruitment, poor youth set up, £120m debt, no investors wanting to buy the club.

          That’s not peer pressure. That’s a club badly run. I doubt anyone needs a peer to pressure them into spinning that into negatives. It just is negative.

          • hetonmag

            Trying to have debate with that fool is equivalent to [email protected]@@@@g against the wind.

          • TheFatController

            He is bizarre yes. Adversarial. Then suggests he’s normal and others are weak and influenced by peer pressure. Clearly he needs to big himself up as superior to the ‘mentally weak fools’ on here.

            Totally bizarre. But great fun.

          • Jezza

            Yes that’s exactly the way he wants you to feel. That’s why he trolls this forum. Don’t give him the satisfaction, Don’t feed the troll. Just block him.

          • hetonmag


          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Pot & kettle

          • ghostrider

            Let’s see how it all pans out.

          • TheFatController

            They’ll be ok, they’ll always have a financial advantage over the promoted clubs being the reason.

        • bob0411


          • FatParosite

            Bishop Bee I’ll have you know….

          • ghostrider

            Billy goat.

    • hetonmag

      What’s the difference between Vincent Tan and Ashley both have there own way of destroying a club the fan’s love.

      • ghostrider

        That depends on what you think destroying a club means.
        Hartlepool United are being destroyed.
        Many clubs like Hartlepool are being destroyed.

        Newcastle United are financially stable, regardless of people going on about an owner owing money to himself.

        • TheFatController

          £140m debt and rising is not my definition of financially stable but you carry on …soon the debt will be higher than the value of the club. Negative equity.

          • FatParosite

            Wasn’t ghostrider the one who thought our debt would be written off after the sale of the club….??. ohhh hhehehh hehehha ahahhahahaha faf

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            It can be if it suits the new owners. It’s unlikely that this would happen unless the new owners were non UK tax payers

          • ghostrider

            There is no debt but in house.
            When we owe to banks and such, then you can call it debt.

          • Megatron1505

            No, when something is owed it is a debt, that is the very definition of debt.

            The club owes Ashley, it is therefore a debt you absolute plumb.

          • ghostrider

            It is in house debt.

          • Megatron1505

            Explain exactly what you mean by “in house”

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            As it was when he bought the club?

        • hetonmag

          You really have to stop peddling this theory that we are financially stable if we weren’t in £140m debt to Ashley we might have a new owners in place running it like a proper club.

          • ghostrider

            We are financially stable .

          • hetonmag


          • MadMag83

            We are only “financially stable” because Ashley sells off any assets to cover the drop in revenue when we get relegated.

            Were he to actually invest money in the squad, we might not be on the brink of a THIRD relegation during his tenure!

            You can blame Benitez, Pardew, McLaren, Kinnear, Carver, Carr, Penfold, the fans, next doors cat and just about whoever you want, but Ashley owns and runs the club HIS way so success and failure ultimately rests on his shoulders. He was quick to take the acclaim when we finished 5th (remember that miracle?) So he needs to take it on his triple chin when we fail.

          • ghostrider

            Trying to say Ashley didn’t back his managers?
            McClaren was well backed.
            They were all backed.
            The problem was January transfers which are notoriously panic buys for most teams.

          • MadMag83

            Nope. What I’m saying is that for all those managers to have failed, there must be more than bad luck at play. The way any organisation is run is ultimately decided by those at the top, so Ashley has to be ultimately responsible.

            The decision to appoint the likes of McLaren and Kinnear were made by those in charge, they didn’t hire themselves.

          • ghostrider

            There’s been many mistakes made at this club. I’m well aware of that. I despised McClaren. I didn’t have any real time to get to grips with Kinnear due to his short stay before illness.
            This club has made terrible mistakes, with and without Ashley.

            Guess what?
            All clubs do it.
            The trouble is Newcastle fans (me included) have this mindset that we have more of a right to play higher up with top signings because we’re Newcastle United who have great fans and a big lovely stadium in the city.

            Many are still dining out on Keegan and many are still dining out on the entertainers era and the Sir John Hall set up of us being top of the money tree buying who we wanted in a time when other clubs were struggling.

            How about you tell me what we need to spend to make you happy.
            Tell me what would pacify you .
            Let’s go back to the summer.
            You need to offload and buy in.
            Tell me what money you require and how you want the team set up to achieve what you believe we should be achieving, then we can see what’s what.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            If we didn’t have £140m of debt, we’d be out of business.

          • hetonmag

            No we wouldn’t that’s rubbish.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Who would have financed everything then? Wither someone would have had to transfer all the debt to shares (unlikely for a UK taxpayer) or we have debt.

            I’m not sure how we could have traded without finance, a genuine question. how?

          • hetonmag

            If Ashley hadn’t have come along ( you obviously think he saved this club) FS would have found backer’s and I repeat again this club wouldn’t have gone under, the debt now is greater now than it’s ever been even with all the TV money that’s in the game now. And that’s all down to Ashley’s disastrous running of this club.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I’ll say this, Mike Ashley is not what we need as an owner going forward. However, he was probably the right guy for 2007 – 2012. FS tried to find a backer and the two that he found walked away in early 2017 after DD. Both hedge funds, they have their place but they can be the equivalent of going for a pay day loan when strapped for cash. Once there were no takers, Hall snr realised the game was up and put the feelers out for new owners. The debts at the time were:
            Loans – £89m
            Transfer fees unpaid – £38m
            The club also lost £33m in trading

            Someone had to finance all this, it happened to be Ashley but it really didn’t seem like anyone else was keen.

            The debt is marginally higher now but it’s payable to the owner which means there is little chance of going under. The debt is also in keeping with the revenue and the company is now solvent, it wasn’t in 2007.

            Hall played a blinder, Ashley made a mistake by paying for the shares, had he waited and dealt with Barclays, it’s almost certain he could have picked up the club for a token figure, kept the banks happy and threw his money ate improving the club.

            There is much to dislike about Ashley’s approach to the club. He’s lost interest and I think that has been the case for most of the time since KK left but there is a danger of re-writing history. We were in a mess in 2007, someone had to sort it, it may have been someone else but, it wasn’t and that’s the point.

    • FatParosite

      Buzz buzzz Bishop drone….

    • Jimmy


      • ghostrider


        • Jimmy

          No hat , just helmet

          • ghostrider

            Hard hat?

    • grantham mag

      BELL END

      • ghostrider

        Ding dong.

    • scumtest

      Keyboard bashing again I see. It’s either a very generous lunch break or you’re one the community’s ‘special people’
      Either way, give it a rest.

      • ghostrider

        A special lunch break.

    • len robson

      When we go down this year or next what will the S.D followers say then.After 60 years following the club I AM PAST CAREING

      • ghostrider

        What is S.D followers?

        • Damon Horner

          Sports Direct is my guess, Ashley’s fan club.

          • ghostrider

            Nahhh. Makes no sense.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    We are not in the bottom 3, YET !!

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Who says Rafa is going in the Summer only you. If you walk away it is your choice if you want to go shopping play golf or do the garden no one else’s. What is for sure you will be replaced for an up and coming fan. A lot of the fans there yesterday were new fans who will fall in love with the during the bad and the good.

    • FatParosite

      Buzz buzzz Bishop drone…. Are you on a split shifts zero hours contract…??

      • MadMag83

        He may actually have hit upon one positive. This is a one club city, were there to be another team in Newcastle, it’s likely that these “up and coming new fans” would grow up supporting them rather than NUFC.

        Perhaps Staveley and PCP could buy Gateshead instead? Install Rafa as manager, invest a load in players to fly through the divisions and buy SJP for next to nothing from the Fat Cancer when NUFC reach the conference in administration.

    • Guest 2

      Man, go back to school and learn how to construct a sentence. Brains of a rocking horse.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        A site for Egg Heads you prefer good English than supporting the team very sad and by the way nothing wrong with the facts above. Please get a life you and Mr Mann.

        • Guest 2

          Refer to my last comment.

    • Wezza147

      Weren’t you saying last week we were working on 3 transfers? How’s that worked out for you Mr PR drone?

  • TheFatController

    Here’s some positives:-

    -Ashley has us financially stable. Ignore that he can’t sell us even when put up for sale when top half of the PL and with a world class manager and a transfer window to come in January (this was the status when we were publically put up for sale), ignore that he said ‘we have no money for players and can’t compete’), ignore that we now have double the debt Shepherd had, which some claim was a debt crippling the club and likely to see us go into receivership.

    -despite absolutely no interest in buying the club from anyone anywhere, once the world’s investors know about the new tv deal (a tv deal the World has been aware of all the time) and if we stay in the PL, which is where we have been most of the time we have been up for sale, once the tv deal is done and we are (yet again) in the PL every investor will completely change their opinion of us as an investment and flood in with £350m bids.

    Ashley has given up, the world’s investors don’t want to know about covering his £140m debt to give him a profit. Where will any money come from therefore …?

    One thing that wasn’t a lie from Ashley. We can’t compete. What should be added is ‘that’s because of me and now we never will, we’ve been left behind by the big 6 and no one fancies funding the gap’

    All’s in all, very positive.

  • kingfisher

    Spot on Sean 👍👍👍

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Looking at the positives ?

    Well it was job done yesterday as we achieved our yearly feat of being out of the cup in January !
    Arsene Wenger has a good record of getting Arsenal to qualify for the Champions League but we have Ashley who guarantees our exit out of the F.A Cup every season at this stage.
    That is some achievement and deserves an open top bus parade because it is something to celebrate.

    It’s definitely something to be positive about because it is as close as something approximating success we are ever likely to accomplish under Ashley.

    • FatParosite

      You forgot record lows in terms of marketing revenue…

    • kingfisher

      Do I detect a tad of sarcasm there X,WHY ? 🤔🤔🤔

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        If you think about it those negative stats in terms of going out of the cups, Financial affairs etc, These dire achievements are probably the closest will ever get to success under the Ashley Regime lol

  • GToon

    Positives? Fans, manager and work rate from players. Nowt else.

  • Waxi

    Everything about our club is negative. Relegation fight every year naff recruitment every year the same lies every year. The fact that with three days to go in the transfer market and we have one loan signing in when we all know we need a lot more. He should take his 250 million before it turns into 100 million at the end of this season.

  • Mrkgw

    There are no positives. None whatsoever, whilst this noxtious regime remain at the club.

  • FatParosite

    I think the reason the Bishop PR effluent tunnel is in full capacity to force the claim they are talking to Benitez to put a positive spin on Rafa walking. I think THE SLUG is hoping that the TV deal is enough to smoke out buyers before our situation gets worse & I think it’s a gamble he’s willing to do whilst keeping the books clean and no more spending. I also think the interim deadlines are significant political move by Rafa to get out of his contract. Nope, no positives there.

    • TheFatController

      Assuming the investors agree that £140m constitutes ‘clean books’, but yes you may be right.

  • magpiefifer

    The headline of the article says it all.

  • hetonmag

    Ok I’m not financially savvy so can someone explain to me why Ashley say’s he can’t put his grubby hand’s on cash and that everything is wallpaper blah blah, and yet he can buy up land and different companies all under Mash Holdings which apparently we are part of, where does he find the cash to do all these deals he is a director of more than 200 companies. He also has other business interests that has nothing to do with Mash Holdings, for instance he has Mash Aviation ltd which he charges SD directors a fee to travel in. So for the man to say he can’t put his hand on ready money is a total lie.

    • TheFatController

      Let’s put some context on ‘no money to put in’ comment, made on Sky in the summer.

      Soon after, he agreed to a pay out of a £20m bonus if we won the FA Cup.

      Now, his apologists will tell you maybe the £20m would come out of profits from winning the cup. Well, that’s not ideal use of funds generated given we are apparently strapped for cash.

      He just won’t put money in. All his money he has previously put into the club has covered the £70m debt he has added to the (apparently scandalous) £70m shepherd debt.

      Whereas shepherd debt got us a much improved, larger stadium, ashley’s debt simply covered the two relegations shepherd managed to avoid with comfort each season…

      • Paul Patterson

        I’d rather he put £20m into the transfer fund to get us a striker to attempt to win the cup . .

        • Taz

          Unfortunately it’s hard to see either ever happening

      • Jonas1495

        Yes. Plus factor in the squad value then, and European football every other season – I’d say the debt was manageable. (sell Given, Parker, Bramble wipe out a chunk of it and the team is barely effected)

        • TheFatController

          Plus the bank would not have called in the loan. They’d have agreed that revenues were on the up and only likely to increase, and we were well set for staying in the PL for years to come.

          They’d have agreed the investment in the stadium and quality players was wise and likely to see constant and increasing revenues realised.

          No different from asenal’s huge investment in a 60k stadium.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The bank had said no more in the Autumn of 2006, hence the desparate attempts at getting investment from Belravia and then Polygon, when they pulled out after due diligence in early 2007, Shepherd had nowhere to go.

            Hall snr got back involved and put the feelers out.

            The bank would have done to Nufc what RBS did to Liverpool and effectively forced the owners out but with Nufc being a listed company, it would have been difficult.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          We weren’t in Europe, we managed to get in via the back door in a couple of previous seasons but people forget our dalliances with relegation did not start in 2008.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        When you talk of debt, you can’t look at the stadium debt in isolation. We owed £40m in unpaid transfer fees, we had lost £30m in trading and wages running at £63m with a turnover of £80m. It was a mess.

        Wages are a problem because they can’t just be stopped, we have to pay them over the contract period do we also saw big losses for the following years, these have to be paid for by increasing debt.

  • skarabrae

    Well said.

  • kingfisher

    The only positive I can see is that Rafa is still here,which makes me think he knows more about the possible takeover than he’s letting on !

  • Coble’s Return

    The “positives” can be fairly succinctly described as “all of the bits over which Ashley has no control”. By far the best thing about following NUFC is gathering with your mates and other fans for a few drinks before and after the game; maybe chatting to opposing fans and getting their views on our club and their own and reminiscing about better days. Ashley has no bearing on this and although the general atmosphere of match day has been dampened by his gradual destruction of the club, I would still say that the craic in the pubs is far better than any of our rivals.

    • TheFatController

      I do often wonder how many would be so keen to turn up if they had to get to, say, a 60k stadium, on wasteland near Silverlink or in Team Valley.

      What we lose in revenue to city centre pubs probably at least keeps 10k going to the games for the ease of joining the banter before and after …

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        I rarely agree with you but I think you are right, an out of town stadium has its advantages but would we all go if we weren’t doing well and had to travel to the other side of town?

  • Hughie

    The point is that we haven’t won a proper trophy since 1955. Some of us have been around since then. It isn’t just about the current buffoons, the club has been shockingly run for 60 plus years. You can point to the Joe Harvey or Hall/Keegan eras but they were short lived. The only positives are the ground and the fans. The club has for generations failed to understand the value of dialogue with us. Successive arrogant regimes have used the place for publicity, attempted financial gain or ego trips, and trodden all over the footsoldiers. There is simply a culture of unaccountable collective stupidity prevalent in the running of NUFC which has failed to tap into the potential of the place. So here we are again in January yet again with 50k turning up at SJP when there is nothing but staving off relegation to play for . Here we are again in the transfer window with one loan signing to bolster a squad that our manager has acknowledged on many occasions is not premier league quality, and with massive TV money in prospect. Is Ashley now going to NOT sell and then ask for his loans back to completely cripple the club he clearly despises? That might be the last straw….. apart from Rafa walking on 31/1 after the Burnley defeat of course!!

    • Wezza147

      Anyone wonder what happened to this seasons estimated 75M TV money? Never mind next seasons.

      • Geordiegiants

        It’s more than that.

  • Guest 2

    Positives – look at the state of Ashley and thank God for coronary heart disease. The next pint may be all it takes…

    • Geordiegiants

      Or pie!

  • Damon Horner

    Just need more patience, while we have a manager issuing challenges to the board regarding policies and transfers etc we have an powerful ally in an effective position and that’s what we need because nothing we can do as fans will force a change in either boardroom process or boardroom personnel, the man has no shame and doesn’t listen.

    The minute that looks like it’s changed or he loses his job is when any negativity should ramp up in my view. At the moment any displays of anger will only work against the team if anything.

    Nobody said be happy with the situation or get upset because we should be beating the Champions away in the cup (early exit I know but to a reputable team not from a lower league this time so a bit more forgivable).

    I think all we can do right now is back the manager, back the lads and watch as the politics play out.

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Rafa is the only positive!

    • Geordiegiants

      Exactly my thoughts.

  • molend

    ‘Could’ve been worse, I could have been a mackem’

  • Chuck D

    In summary:
    The club is facing yet another relegation
    It is under investigation from HMRC for tax evasion
    The under 23 coach has been suspended for accusations over bullying (incidently they’re getting beat again)
    The takeover situation is dead in the water
    Rafa is nailed on to leave in the summer if not earlier
    We’ve not progressed past the 4th round of the cup again

    15 years ago today we beat Spurs to move into second place.

    Find me the fuc**ing positives!

  • fistsofsteel2

    The players at Newcastle would probably only fetch £40million tops between the lot of them. Stavely’s offers were very good when one considers that. Ashley is either stupidly overvaluing a ‘business’ he’s deliberately ran down hoping some mug will fall for his spiel, or he has never had any intention of selling the club.

    Rafa will walk. Ashley won’t get another offer as good as Stavely’s. He won’t invest money on players because he sees it as a waste and doesn’t understand football as a business. He took a chance teasing, then rebuking Staveley. The club is doomed.

    • Geordiegiants

      With so called fans like you it is!