Steve Howey was a struggling striker at Newcastle United.

Kevin Keegan came in and turned the Sunderland born player into a very very good centre-back who went on to play for England.

Steve Howey now regularly appears in the media talking about Newcastle United and obviously he generally knows his stuff, having been brought up in the area and playing for a good part of his career at St James Park.

However, he has fallen into the classic football pundit’s trap of making himself look a bit clueless when talking about Newcastle’s hunt for a striker.

Steve Howey talking to the Chronicle:

“Forward wise, Daniel Sturridge has been mentioned.

“Torres has been mentioned, who obviously has the connection with Benitez.

“I’m not too sure someone like Giroud would like it up here, it’s probably a bit too cold for him to be honest!”

Of the three strikers mentioned, Olivier Giroud would surely be a brilliant signing, in the very unlikely event of Mike Ashley allowing Rafa to go for him, plus of course the Arsenal striker wanting to come here.

Squeezed out by the competition from the likes of Lacazette and Sanchez, Giroud is still a class act aged 31.

Despite only starting one Premier League match this season and playing 359 PL minutes in total, he has scored four Premier League goals, as well as three in the Europa League.

Since signing for Arsene Wenger, Giroud has been involved in nine games against Newcastle and the Gunners have won them all. The French international scoring eight PL goals against the Magpies, including three at St James Park.

Obviously the cold in the frozen north hasn’t hampered Olivier Giroud too much.

Actually, if Steve Howey had checked up, Giroud comes from France, but not the St Tropez bit.

The Arsenal striker actually comes from the Rhone-Alpes region, next to Switzerland, a region which is home to the largest skiing area in the world and which has hosted the Winter Olympics three times.

So rather than shivering Faustino Asprilla style with a massive coat on, he’d be more likely to be walking down the Bigg Market in t-shirt and shorts, if he signs…

The climate is not the biggest enemy for Newcastle United when trying to sign players, I think you will find Mike Ashley holds that ‘honour’.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Stupidity is in his DNA

    • Tony Mann

      Although I’m not a regular on this site I’ve noticed that you’ve been conspicuous by your absence – where have you been ?

      • Geordiegiants

        He’s had no signal, he has been looking for Clarko to tape his fingers up and stop him coming on here in the wilds of wany.

        • Tony Mann

          Made me chuckle that.

  • robbersdog

    What a stupid article – Howey was just making a joke. Perhaps he should’ve told the truth and said…

    “I’m not too sure someone like Giroud would like it up here, because we’re a bit sh*t and our owner’s an a*sehole who won’t pay the kind of wages that he could get elsewhere”.

    • Mark Potter

      What makes you think it was a joke? Isn’t it a fact that it’s colder up North?
      Temperature today:
      Newcastle 6 deg feels like 2
      London 8 deg feels like 5
      Grenoble 10 deg feels like 9

      Grenoble is the city closest to where Giroud was brought up and where he started his playing career.

      • robbersdog

        You need to get out more…even if it’s cold outside.

        • Mark Potter

          I stayed in to watch the match. And keep warm.

      • gallowgate26

        Feels like 2 my….. I’ll not ask where you are today, but it isn’t Newcastle!

        • Mark Potter

          Correct, I used the UK Weather app. It probably felt even colder sitting in St James Park. ;)

  • TheFatController

    I’m reminded of the Dalglish era CL game in November in Barca- arriving at hotel, looked onto street from balcony to see a female Barca resident walking up in winter coat pulled tight shivering…as two Mags came out of hotel in flip flops, Bermuda’s and Toon shirts.

  • Jezza

    There is only one reason why any top striker or even any half decent striker will never sign for NUFC in the forseeable future and that is Ashley’s greed to squeeze every last penny out of the club rather than invest anything in the playing squad.

    • anyobrien

      Have to agree

    • Cockneytrev


    • Geordiegiants

      100% Jezza.

  • anyobrien

    Was this not said tounge in cheek?

  • StevieB


  • Geordiegiants

    Not as stupid as who ever made the story up, Giroud would never ever come to Newcastle simply because we would never pay his fee or his wages.

  • Phil Yare

    stupid article. pointless

  • Rob Brown

    I’m from out in the sticks in Northumberland, and Newcastle’s too cold for me. That’s why I live in Abu Dhabi.

    It’s sod all to do with where you’re from – it’s to do with where you want to be.

    Sadly Ryan, its not Howey who’s left looking clueless here.

    I’m all for the concept of free speech. Its when idiots practise it I get annoyed

  • ghostrider

    The reality is, it is too cold for many but not in the sense of it physically shivering them that turns them away. It’s the stigma attached to the north east that turns many away and it’s based on listening to stories of cold and misery and low class, which is what those down south think we all are in the north east, in the main.

    Most foreign footballers are of the mindset that London is England and that any club further north than Manchester, is the abyss.

    The major issue with Newcastle in attracting players, is having to stave off southern interest first before negotiations can even come into play.

    The only way to play on a near level field with the southern clubs, amid all the cold stigma and what not, is to offer wages well in excess of the southern clubs.
    The problem with this is, we generally end up with a team of couldn’t give a flying falook mercenaries if any attempts to make headway take a slight nosedive.

    Newcastle United is a club that can be likened to a rock and a hard place.
    The only way you can attract and actually compete on a real level is to have an owner that is willing to take risks, with a manager that the risks are worth taking with, with players that are willing to be a part of the risk taking, who want to play for the club and the manager.

    The game is like a stacked deck of cards.