Stan Collymore has every sympathy for Newcastle fans.

He says that three months ago everything looked positive, with the Amanda Staveley led bid set to buy Newcastle United, with the club set to at last be run on ambitious lines and at last start buying the necessary level of player to make sure of avoiding relegation and then aim higher than that.

Instead it is just more of the same, any hopes of a takeover in the foreseeable future looking doubtful, whilst the transfer market continues to be an embarrassment where Mike Ashley is concerned.

As Stan Collymore puts it so well ‘Instead, the future looks distinctly like the past.’

Which is basically the story of Ashley’s reign at St James Park, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Rafa Benitez given promises in these last three transfer windows and this January one now looking to be a third in a row where those promises prove worthless.

Stan Collymore predicts ‘trouble ahead on Tyneside’ but after doing this so long, Mike Ashley appears to think that any disaster he brings down on the club is just temporary, not understanding how lucky he has been to have had the circumstances and right people to make instant returns to the Premier League both times.

Collymore is amazed that Rafa Benitez is still at Newcastle after the way Ashley has treat him, with the former Liverpool player believing there would be any number of clubs chasing Benitez if he called it a day.

This is the constant fear for Newcastle fans, whilst Benitez is still here then it offers hope of better in the future. However, if he goes, then any pretence would go with him, Newcastle United simply a club in crisis and a total mess.

Stan Collymore – Talking to The Mirror:

“Three months ago the outlook was rosy for Newcastle fans.

“Mike Ashley was on his way out, Amanda Staveley and her big-bucks backers were on their way in, and Rafa Benitez was finally going to be handed a transfer kitty befitting his and the club’s status in the game.

“Yet here we are, 12 weeks on and with just four days remaining in the transfer window, and none of that has come to fruition. Instead, the future looks distinctly like the past.    

“And that best-case scenario has been replaced by a worst-case one which has neither Staveley nor Benitez anywhere near St James’ Park in the summer, and deeply unpopular Ashley the last man standing.

“Unless Ashley ploughs in some serious dough this week, there will trouble ahead on Tyneside.

“By my reckoning, and I’m talking ability-wise rather than form here, Toon have only two players who would be genuine performers in the top half of the table week in, week out… and they are Jacob Murphy and Matt Ritchie.

“So the addition of winger Kenedy and (possibly) frontman Slimani, hardly Premier League sensations, does not even constitute minor surgery – it’s more of a sticking plaster, really.

“Anybody is better than nobody, don’t get me wrong, but bringing in loanees until the end of the season is not a long-term solution. Ashley is wealthy enough to make the signings Newcastle need, despite his protests that he can’t compete with the sovereign wealth of some clubs.

“He certainly has enough dough to be putting Newcastle in the top eight, which would more than pacify the supporters for the next couple of seasons.

“And the fact he’d have no trouble walking into two or three of the biggest clubs in Germany, Italy and, not least, Spain means he’s probably already looking at jobs that will be coming up on the continent in the summer…and if the Spaniard does end up leaving in the summer – or before – then who will the owner turn to?

“Most managers worth their salt would probably look at the battles Benitez has had and tell Ashley, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ if he were to offer them the job.

“He (Rafa Benitez) is the man to guide them back to the top.

“We’ll have to wait and see what Ashley’s move is in the coming days but if it’s a wrong one then trouble – more trouble – lies ahead.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Nice crystal ball that, now how’s about telling me that water is wet?

  • Wor Lass

    Collymore is a chancer, sexual exhibitionist and woman-beater who periodically spouts drivel which is reported on. Just because he happens to say something that agrees with the mainstream feeling on the Mag please don`t portray him as some sort of ally of ours or a closet geordie. He`s a plonker.

    • Mrkgw

      Save your Anger for Mike Ashley as it is likely, that it will be needed following another disappointing deadline day.

      • JonMag

        deadline day is just another day to Mike

        • Dillon Tovak

          A day to sit around, do f all and get chubbier.

      • Wor Lass

        There`s always plenty of hate to spare for Mike!!

    • Tony Mann

      He’s not your best mate then?

      • Wor Lass


        • Dillon Tovak

          It’s true. On another day he’ll say we’re all mugs and Ashley is our saviour.

  • TheFatController

    I see our prayers were almost answered overnight but sadly the wrong billionaire retailer has gone to the big retail outlet in the sky…

    • FatParosite

      Wah… Philip Green is dead..??

    • Tony Mann

      We’re dealing with flat pack players here – Cheap as chips, good value for the job in hand but not much more.
      MFI went in the same direction that we are now going.

    • robbersdog

      The bloke who founded Ikea used to be a [email protected] sympathiser; he’s gone to the big Nuremberg Rally in the sky.

      • JonMag

        Fatso would have been in charge of a labour camp

        • Peaky Magpie

          He has one of his own,SD warehouse Shirebrook.

          • JonMag

            he sure has

  • robbersdog

    Stan thinks that Jacob Murphy would be a regular in a top 10 side, but not Jamaal Lascelles? I know that Jacob scored a decent goal at Man City, but the lad’s still finding his feet at this level, and he still has a lot to learn.

    In my opinion, Lascelles is our best player, and if we get relegated (or even if we stay up), I wouldn’t be surprised if the the likes of Spurs or Liverpool tried to sign him.

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      genuinely surprised Liverpool haven’t already inquired considering the issues with their back 4

      • Steve Smith

        Liverpool would be a decent side if they spent money on their de7en5e…

      • Dillon Tovak

        I think if Newcastle have a modicum of ambition then Lascelles will stick around out of loyalty as the mans built of the right stuff.
        But if Rafa leaves and we ain’t going no where, just like Shay Given, I’ll wave him goodbye with respect.

      • Mitros gotta start

        Fattys helicopter can use the same flight path as when andy carrol was shipped out

  • Andy Mac

    For once I find myself almost in agreement with this waste of space. Primarily because even if we buy “A Striker” we’d be in exactly the same situation again if the poor bloke got injured, suspended or just couldnt settle.

    That’s the real issue a sticking plaster will only keep the wound covered whereas its major surgery we really need.

    • JonMag

      better to take the risk & have one than rely on Hoss to keep us up

  • JonMag

    the fat [email protected]@k doesn`t even take notice of his manager never mind this perv.

    • Peaky Magpie


  • Peaky Magpie

    In the words of Ewan McGregor in Fargo “if I want an opinion from an ar**hole I’ll ask my own “.

    • JonMag

      was he in fargo, i thought it was moose putting his pal in the wood chipper

      • Peaky Magpie

        🤣 Moose needs to be making sure those blades are nice & sharp.

        • JonMag

          he was banned from the chron about 100 times i think he`s given up. he must have 100 email accounts

  • Mark Soper (musicman2000)


    • Dillon Tovak


      • Dillon Tovak


        • Dillon Tovak


  • musicman2018

    The Rangers Fans got Rid of Ashley, as they made it very unprofitable for him if he stuck around.

    The problem with Newcastle fans is we are too loyal and Ashley knows 40 plus thousand will turn up no matter what he does.

    As for the sale of Newcastle its not in his interests to sell as of the tv exposure for sports direct gets and also all the profits from Newcastle merchandise goes in to sports direct in fact I would put money on it that most of sports directs profits come from Newcastle united.

    • Phildene

      Rangers fans managed to get rid of Ashley only because Ashley had SHARES in Rangers, whereas he own Newcastle United outright. Thats THE big difference. Yes we’re a loyal bunch but I’m afraid you’re barking up the wrong tree if you think it Ashley’s remotely interested in how many will turn up. He looks at the £’s and certainly couldn’t give a flying f**k about the fans. And yes all the receipts from the only NUFC store left-the Stadium one- go direct to Shirebrook-SD. You’re also right in the SD profits come from NUFC that plus the free advertising……..

      but you’re talking history as we’ve been down these roads many times before…….

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Added to the fact that they knew in advance what Ashley was like where we did not have the benefit of hindsight.
        He was an unknown quantity when he blew into Newcastle and we had no idea how bad he was going to be.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Yes Stanley,it’s another fine mess Mike’s gotten us into.

  • GToon

    Why is it that nearly every single person in the football media and nearly every single fan of our club, including the manager think we need to make some signings or get relegated and yet Ashley doesn’t. Are we all wrong?

  • StevieB

    The more I see of Benitez smiling after yet another harrowing defeat makes me almost certain that the takeover is still on for May . He keeps talking about potential…..well he can’t mean our potential in the current mould of operation. He must know something we don’t

    • Chris Nicholson

      I think rafa laughing because he sees he doesnt have the players to compete and for once the manager isnt a scapegoat and he sees ashley in the stand with a pie in his trap i would laugh aswell

  • Chris Nicholson

    If fans stayed away fron the gates then it would hit ashley in the pocket no fans means no money to pay wages no wages no players given a hoot means ashley will have to pay out of his pocket for wages which means profit losses which will hit him personaly then he willl be forced to sell a club that doesnt make profit and racking up debt or he will have to invest heavely out his pocket to get fans in the stadium and get rafa his players how simple is that.. the rangers football club cant affford to pay a bar tap never mind listening to there fans there deluded they think the new rangers fc didnt go bust and they can compete in england but finish third in a league u can buy a player for half a days wages in the english championship or some doley weegie can buy the rangers for a price of a bottle of buckie