Sky Sports are reporting on transfer deadline day morning (otherwise known as ‘Wednesday’ to Newcastle fans…) that there are now deals lined up which will see three Newcastle players move out.

Things are desperate and last night it was revealed that Rafa Benitez had spoken to Mike Ashley on Tuesday morning in order to try and persuade him to belatedly back the Newcastle Manager with signings to help in the relegation fight.

Trying to be optimistic, hopefully Sky Sports reporting this trio of players to leave could be a positive in terms of making room for new signings…

We live in hope, though there again it is the hope that kills you.

Sky Sports say that one of those definitely moving out is Henri Saivet, he has now arrived in Turkey (pictured below) ahead of a loan move to Sivasspor.

The deal is said to include an option for Sivasspor to make the deal permanent at the end of the season,

No details from Sky as to the identity of the other two Newcastle players set to move out, although there are any number of candidates.

One very likely player to head out must be Rolando Aarons, with a move to Hull potentially on the cards according to some reports.

Rafa Benitez clearly doesn’t rate him and the only Premier League game the winger has started this season was the home match with Manchester City, the United boss making a number of changes to keep first choice players back for two important relegation clashes that quickly followed.

The Newcastle Manager himself has admitted in recent days that Rolando Aarons could leave, with Murphy, Ritchie and Atsu all ahead of him, the arrival of Kenedy on loan meaning he is even further back in line.

Rafa Benitez:

“One that maybe now has more chance to leave is Rolando Aarons.

“I was talking with him and he was saying we were bringing in another player and maybe he could go. But we need to have the right team for him.

“We had one good option, but now we have to wait and then we are waiting for any other options.”

Less than 14 hours and counting for players to come in, as well as out…

  • rafa the anti christ

    That’ll be 2 players not 3

  • mentalman

    players need to leave, lets just hope its the ones that don’t play

  • S.G.M.

    Porter Pap. Cant count either.

    • Geordiegiants

      Just what I was thinking who is the third lol?

      • bob0411

        Mitro – and no replacement signed as yet, wonderful. Trust Ashley at your peril Rafa!

        • Geordiegiants

          It makes no difference, Mitro is pony and Rafa never use him anyway.

  • wheyayeman

    Should have kept Daryl Murphy he’s leagues ahead of Joss

  • ghostrider

    It’s fairly simple. To bring players in we must offset the wage bill and obviously the squad size to cater.
    Rafa knew this.
    There’s a good chance that we will actually hit a few signings before the window closes tonight which could very possibly shock some fans, so get the stiff drinks ready.

    It’s pointless trying to add more sweets to an already overflowing sweety bag.
    Hand a few out and make room for a few. Simple.

    • FatParosite

      Guff… they would have been in if it was happening. All outgoing… nothing else.

      • ghostrider

        None of us really know that.
        It does make sense to rid some to make way for others.
        Whether we bring a few in or not, it will be decided if we have identified and got them over the line and won’t be decided on fans using the past January windows as some kind of yardstick.

        • FatParosite

          I think that has been the bone of contention between Ashley & Benitez. I think Rafa has sat back and waited for Ashley to stand by his (or sources close to) words. The bluff didn’t work & now we are at the eleventh hour. Ashley has panic bought before when in this situation but it is usually well before now. THE SLUG knows other clubs will hold him to ransom & he will not like that & probably not put up with it.

          At the very outside we will get an undisclosed loan fee (in order to save face) for someone not even up to scratch Slimani or a extremely cut price want-away from the continent that could possibly be worse than Joselu. Either of those 2 scenarios is extremely unlikely.

          • ghostrider

            Tell me why Rafa would be trying to sign Mangala and a goalkeeper in this window?
            Also tell me why he went for a winger on loan but never gets a striker.
            Is it because Ashley won’t play ball or is Rafa asking for players he doesn’t need in place of player he should need but wouldn’t use in how they should be used.

            I don’t know the reality of behind the scenes but neither do you, except the hatred of Ashley and Charnley is more than enough for you to make a judgement in Rafa’s favour above those two.

            That does not make you correct.

          • Ram Kishore

            Not accepting the fact that the owner didn’t bring in a can that be Rafa’s mistake ?
            They are not hating Ashley and Charnley..He’s just pointing out Charnleys mistake..
            Your love for them blinds your eyes

          • ghostrider

            I don’t love them or anything like it but I won’t attack them for no valid reason in the way they’ve been attacked with bile.

    • Ram Kishore

      Oh u r so full of C..p
      Wage bill was an issue 6 months back..many left.. wage bill cleared.. except for Kennedy none came in..
      Please don’t say still we have wage issues

      • ghostrider

        We still have to trim a wage bill to let players go and to bring in new players onto the wage bill.
        It’s not about wage issues as such it’s just about making sure we are not lopsided in terms of players doing nothing on wages who could leave and make that space.

        Do you think it’s sensible to add to a full squad without releasing some with wages?
        I’m sure you won’t think that.

        • mactoon

          The wage bill is mainly an Ashley aim. The real problem is trimming the 25 man squad in order to make way for new players who need to be registered as one of the 25 in order to be able to play in the Premiership.

          • ghostrider

            Yep I agree and on top of that any players going out will free up wages for the higher earners.
            Some may go out with the club still picking up their wage. The lower earners.

          • Ram Kishore

            We can always do that by moving the youngsters or just de registering them.. This is not a big issue regarding the incoming

        • Ram Kishore

          Yeah we will do that when we have players who aren’t part of manager’s plans anymore.
          But that has got nothing to do with incomings as we have created enough wage space for new players towards the new players

          As I said before I’m not anti Ashley
          but failing to back the manager this window can seriously backfire
          Please don’t support Ashley has done the right thing this month

          • ghostrider

            There’s a difference between backing a manager and getting targets over the line that looks like he’s not being backed.

            Every time we miss out Ashley’s to blame. But is he?
            Sturridge apparently chose W.B.A for footballing reasons. What does that mean?
            Is it possible that striker targets are taking one look at what Rafa sets us up to do and think, ” no way am I going to be the scapegoat when we spend most of the game being negative with chances so few and far between where I look a right waste of space.”

            I don’t know the answer but, is it possible?
            Is it possible that all of Rafa’s targets have been talked to and maybe some are going to be a last minute job…or maybe most have said ” no way do I want a relegation fight.”

            I’m speculating to all hell here.
            What I can’t do is plant the blame on any one person. It could be Ashley or Charnley or even rafa that’s messing up.
            It could be a mixture of them all messing up.
            It could be silly clauses wanted.
            Wage demands and bonuses for keeping us up.
            I don’t know the answer but it’s never as cut and dried as us fans think.

            Yeah, I know, ” so why is it easier for other clubs to get players in then.2

            Answers: Possibly, Geographical location being deemed easier or better.

            Clubs willing to bow down to demands and willing to break the bank to appease fans or in a bid to avoid the drop in a panic mode.

            Who knows?

          • Ram Kishore

            Finally some amount of impartiality. Good reasons and speculation.. maybe Ashley or Charnley or Rafa or other things..

            Why not try to bring the players.early in the window rather than wait till the last moment for clubs like West Bromwich to jump ship.
            This is not just about Sturridge but about other targets

          • ghostrider

            Go and have a look at how many players have been bought in this window for the lower clubs.
            Very few.
            The window is a sky sports geared fan frenzy generator.
            A last day player fest and a host of will they won’t they backwards and forwards ground sitting reporters dream or doom scenario.

            Loans are fine for the right reasons but buys in January always reek of panic and I won’t mind it if we don’t get another player in other than a striker loan.
            I’d still prefer a Mitrovic reprieve but Rafa is a different type of manager. A petlippicus manager, he is.

          • Ram Kishore

            Yes Jan window is a fan frenzy generator.
            But if I see other clubs .. they do have more incomings compared to us except for Bournemouth
            We can’t compare with other clubs whether they have signed or not to improve our team and make sure we get out this relegation mess.
            I always wondered why mitro didn’t play I’m no manager but Rafa wanted a different type of player.

            Only gripe I have against the management why didn’t they bring the striker (either on loan or permanent) early in the window.. why did they have to wait..

            Why did we play the waiting game?
            To avoid paying two weeks wages just like what others are doing..

          • ghostrider

            The manager wanted a different type of player? All defenders by the looks of it but fast wingers to ensure they can be turned into wing backs.

            As for waiting on strikers.
            Does Rafa even want one?
            A goalkeeper and Mangala on his wish list.
            It’s hard to know what the hell is going on and all we can do is speculate based on how we all decide how the club is run.

            I see it different to a lot of others and I’m not a Rafa fan as if I need to say it.

          • Ram Kishore

            You have told me before u are not a Rafa fan..
            As for Mangala and goalkeeper transfer speculation.. u don’t even need to speculate it because those are recycled or invented clickbaits

          • ghostrider


          • Ram Kishore

            Yes.. after another debate like this..u r some 30 or 40 years fan yoo

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The problem here is players. Sturridge is a good example, all of us can see he needed to play to get a look in for the world cup. He would have liked to go to another top side where he will have a profile and a chance to score lots of goals. To move to another top side, he would have to wait for a top side to need a striker. Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Man C and Man U were not interested so he may have liked Everton but they signed (our target) Tosan. He waits for other offers and he has to look further down the list where Stoke, West Brom and ourselves are interested. Stoke and West Brom are a 20 & 30 min train ride from his current house, we are a 3 hour drive.

            Players don’t want to move to a club with the threat of relegation at the start of the transfer window as they may miss out on other chances created by other transfers. Hence, today, Silami looks at his other options and decides that we are the best offer on the table.

          • Ram Kishore

            If it’s the players who are providing us troubles I can understand.
            But what about Rafa’s interview that he tries get players early in the window and end up in profit?

            Why does he have to wait until the last day for players to come in?

            So it could be Ashley’s or Someone’s fault? I’m sure it’s not Rafa’s

            Why does he have to say that
            “There’s something wrong”?
            Something is wrong with the club management
            I’m sure Rafa isn’t lying. If he’s then
            Owner and the manager aren’t on the same page

          • ghostrider

            There’s more than likely lots wrong inside the club.
            I bet all kinds of dig fests and what not goes on. I bet there’s money arguments by the minute.
            I’m not saying that anything is sweetness and light….nor will it be at most other clubs.
            Ashley’s a skinflint. He has no intention of giving out presents. He tried it and got the kicking of his life.

            He’s told us all the script.
            There’s money in the bank and when its gone, it’s gone.
            Don’t come crying to him when its empty.

            Deciphering it is simple, isn’t it?
            “But Rafa hasn’t had any” you will say.
            Rafa hasn’t had any in the panic buying January window……yet and may not in terms of permanent buys.

            What the club generates in profit he can have for players.
            he also needs to sell to buy, not only to balance a wage bill but to balance out a squad.

          • Ram Kishore

            He’s done that clearly the summer of 2016 perfectly…
            In the summer of 2015 and Jan 2016 Ashley backed the club well but got a big punch on his face because of the relegation.. That was due inside failures and signing wrong players for the club.

          • ghostrider

            Course it was inside failures. I totally agree.
            You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t in this game.
            As much as people won’t accept it, we are handicapped b y the postcode or to make it less painful, the geographical location.

            We have it all at this club but we carry the north east stigma for players in the main. Not all but a good % of them to narrow down our targets which only suitcases of money can rectify.

            That’s my take on that and is why everything has to align at this club for it to take off in such a way as to actually move forward in terms of gaining in strength.
            Not easy to do in this transfer climate but made much harder when you have manager coming in that go from one extreme to the other.

          • Ram Kishore

            Are we really getting paid for Sports Direct Advertising?

          • ghostrider

            Does it matter?

          • Ram Kishore

            It’s just my question..

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            We will only know in April this year, that is when you will see the company accounts. I suspect we will be getting paid as we’d need to show an income to meet Championship FFP.

            However, do not be surprised if it’s not that much. I always compare us to Everton & Villa, both are similar sized clubs to ourselves and they receive around £4-5m for perimeter advertising. If half of our advertising is given over to SD for free, we’ve lost out on £2m.

            At the fans forum a few years ago,, the argument was put forward that the club benefit from an interest free loan and this more thn covers the advertising. that is most likely to be the case as we were paying £8m a year in interest before MA arrived.

        • FatParosite

          Have you ever heard of injuries? We have been extremely lucky up till now with them but statistically you always get more in the second half of the season.

          • ghostrider

            Looki mate, a lot of our squad could have been machine gunned against a wall and they would have been stepped over as mere flood defence sandbags. That’s how much notice is being taken of them….so injuries aren’t any issue with those.

            As for the second half of the season with Injuries. Most players don’t even know if they’ve got a game from one week to the next. the team alters that much they all should be fresh and Rafa coached in the usual cluelessness.

      • bob0411

        Ignore him Ram , he’s a troll.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Are you on drugs?

      • ghostrider

        That depends on what you actually mean by drugs.

        • Albert Stubbins

          The non prescribed variety! !

          • ghostrider

            Cough medicine?
            What drugs do you vision me on?

          • Albert Stubbins


          • ghostrider

            If that’s what you take then fair enough. Personally it’s usually tea for me and the odd cup of coffee.
            A few bottles of beer on special occasions.
            Non smoking.
            That’s about it for me.

  • robbersdog

    Rolando Aarons will be a top player eventually; sadly, it won’t be at NUFC.

    Saivet’s leaving? Oh well, it’s not all bad news.

  • Ram Kishore

    Colback and Sterry on the Market??

    • ghostrider

      Colback as well as Mitrovic seem to have been totally frozen out so it would be in the clubs and players best interests to either loan them out of sell them if the price is right for them and the club.

      Rafa should not be allowed to hold them back, unless he’s going to decide to actually play them.

      • 1957

        The Chronicle reports Benitez has ‘softened his stance on Mitrovic’ and is prepared to let him leave before having someone else through the door, something he should have done earlier considering he has no intention of playing him. Perhaps Big Mike insisted on it in their recent phone call.

        Anderlect on loan seems to be the destination, a good world cup, a new manager at NUFC after Benitez leaves in the summer and he might get another chance with us.

        • ghostrider

          I’ll be sorry to see the lad go but I wish him all the best in the world if he does, because he’s just getting destroyed here, under Rafa.
          I hope Ashley has told him to do this.

          I sit and pray that Rafa walks.

  • Tino o

    Mitrovic gone and were after an injured player wtf do they think about at this joke of a club!

  • Philippines

    If Aarons and Mitro go on to perform wonders, there will be a lot lf ‘I told you so’ from Toon fans.

  • Milo79

    So assuming we can’t get anybody else over that fabled line, we are left with Perez, Hoss, and Gayle to spearhead our relegation fight. Marvellous.

  • Mrkgw

    Disgusted to see Mitro go. More so, given our paper thin squad. Ashley needs to be questioned by the FA over this. But, we are the wrong United and they don’t care.

    • Ram Kishore

      Maybe they are keeping another striker’s incoming very secret after leaks from Charnleys by the cleaning lady

      • Damon Horner

        Strange as you say it Slimani is meant to be moving!

        • Ram Kishore

          We really need someone to compete and perform better than Perez otherwise Perez might underperform even more..
          Because all the clubs in the relegation zone are showing improvement