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Simon Jordan “Benitez is all about Benitez – Great club Newcastle deserve more”

4 years ago

For some reason Simon Jordan has a facination with Newcastle United.

The failed former Crystal Palace owner insists that he has an ‘educated point of view’ which gives him more of an idea than Newcastle fans, when it comes to judging the suitability of Rafa Benitez as manager.

Simon Jordan claims ‘Benitez is all about Benitez’ and that ‘Newcastle as a great club rebuilding deserve more’.

The failed Palace boss also claims that Benitez has undermined his players by going on about the need for new signings after Mike Ashley failed to keep his promises in the summer.

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons Simon Jordan often has a go at Newcastle United on Twitter is because he knows he will get a reaction, which once again he most certainly has..

Simon Jordan:

“Benitez calling for Newcastle fans to get behind players: which of course is correct; these are the very players his endless carping about wanting better players and more money and signings he has undermined and by definition said are not good enough ..wants unity but promotes none.”

Newcastle fan Ernie Stobbs

What’s your issue with Rafa?

“Is this just another jealous case of a decent manager turning you down?

“At times you’re worth listening to, other times you sound like a pointless little pillock..”

Simon Jordan:

“Ernie are you my wicked uncle or the fastest milkman either way;

 I have an impartial vantage point based on an educated point of view and knowing the culture of managers; Benitez is all about Benitez and I suspect Newcastle as a great club rebuilding deserve more that’s all.”

Chris Parkin:

“He (Rafa) has never said anything other than sticking together and supporting the team. Find me the quotes where he said any specific player isn’t good enough????”

Howard Walker:

“Everyone’s an expert on NUFC except for NUFC fans.”

Mike Anderson:

“The insights on nufc that fans of every other club “offer” are welcomed by the media, yet if we dare to have an opinion on our own club we’re deluded. It’s almost like the media don’t want to be reporting facts about our club and fan base.”


“You seem to have quite an obsession with all things nufc Simon. Do you have a book to promote or something? This is just really clickbaity bollocks to be fair.. Every manager wants better players. Be it Pep or your mate “Pardew the terrible”.”


He (Rafa) made a (£40m) profit for the club and successfully built a squad to get us out of the Championship. Ashley promised him funds to build a Premier League squad stating “what Rafa wants Rafa gets” but that proved to be a lie (again). But don’t let facts get in the way eh?”


“Ironic, since I’ve never witnessed the Newcastle fans behind their manager as they are now in years! The unity is there despite what you and others hope, so he must be doing a better job than you think to “promote” it.”


“Practically every manager has publicly said they want reinforcements in January so by your definition are they not undermining their own players too?”


“Never said anything like that you big orange prick. He’s asked for a stronger squad, something which the players who got us promoted wanted as well. They’ve all been let down by the owner.”

David McMillan:

“Seem to have a weird obsession with all things Newcastle these days.”


“As you don’t support, or even like, Newcastle, its probably best you don’t spend your new years day worrying about it Simon. Just have a few beers and we’ll worry about what to think of Rafa.”

Graham Hodgson:

“Why do you care what Rafa is or isn’t doing? I suppose you can empathise with Fat Mike with you both being failures as owners!”

Hollie Taylor:

“Stop trying to defend your mate. Mike Ashley is a pathetic owner. He is the problem. Nothing and no one else.”


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