Shola Ameobi has been talking about his Newcastle United away days.

Interviewed by Sky Sports, the Geordie/Nigerian striker related what life was like when on his travels with NUFC.

The now League Two Notts County striker, counts playing (and scoring!) at Barcelona as a big highlight of his away days, and indeed his career overall.

Not surprisingly games against Sunderland also figure highly in the Mackem Slayer’s memories, saying travelling back from Wearside after a good result was always a ‘favourite’.

As for regrets, Shola Ameobi says the game he wishes that could have happened was playing for Newcastle away at Real Madrid…that is a fixture that Newcastle fans are also wishing had become reality.

One day…

Shola Ameobi interviewed by Sky Sports:

Most intimidating away ground?

“It was more about the anticipation. Obviously the likes of Old Trafford with the size of it, the fans there and the team as well.

“I don’t think there was any fear playing there but you’re just nervous about the result more than anything.

“With the bigger stadiums you want to go and show what you can do.”

Which set of away fans give you the most stick?

“Obviously being at Newcastle it was our rivals Sunderland!

“Every time you went to their ground there was a lot of hatred getting poured towards our players.

“It was always a ground that was difficult to play at because the rivalry was so big, but I really enjoyed the challenge.”

Best away day memories?

“Being a young player coming through at Newcastle and being able to play in the Champions League at the Nou Camp was one of the highlights of my career.

“I was 21 or 22 and got the chance because Alan Shearer and Craig Bellamy were injured for the game, so getting the opportunity to play against all those players that you looked up to really sticks in my mind.

“And to get the chance to score as well was a big moment for me in my career.”

Which away ground do you wish you could play at?

“I’ve played at most of them in England, but I think the one in Europe would be the Bernabeu.

“With the prestige and size of the club it would probably be the one I would have picked to play at.”

Longest away day journey?

“We drove down to Plymouth once which wasn’t fun! It took us a while and we had a few stops as well. Luckily we won the game, which helps on the way back!”

Best journeys home in your career?

“It was probably the shortest ones when we won! Obviously if we played at the Stadium of Light and got a good result it was a favourite of mine.”

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