It is grim stuff on Tuesday night as it has been made public that Rafa Benitez talked to Mike Ashley on Tuesday morning to try and salvage something from this shambles of a January transfer window.

Rafa once again making clear that he had his targets identified before the window opened, just as was the case in January and Summer 2017.

Only for those targets not to be signed, as was also the case in January and Summer 2017…

Clearly frustrated, the Newcastle Manager says he spoke to the club’s owner after a frustrating month behind him.

The Spaniard makes clear he isn’t happy with the transfer process at the club, stating ‘It means that something is wrong…’

With numerous signings now made by Newcastle’s relegation rivals, Benitez has every right to question why NUFC can’t ‘get them over the line’, with the exception of short-term loan Kenedy.

After those last two transfer windows, Rafa Benitez went public with his anger and frustrations, before then saying it was a case of getting on with the job in hand.

If nothing of significance happens in the next 24 hours then you have to wonder what the United boss will be saying after the Burnley match tomorrow, and whilst he has once again said a number of times recently how much he loves the City and supporters, you do worry that Mike Ashley will move him ever closer to breaking point with such an overwhelming lack of support.

Rafa Benitez:

“It’s not the ideal situation when you have been working for months, preparing names and analysing players and then you go to January 1 with a list of players.

“Then you start with the names, the main target that you have.

“Then after you have to go to the 31st (January) and are waiting for a phone call from someone else.

“It means that something is wrong…

“But we can’t change what’s (been) going on here for a while.

“What I can try is to do my best now.

“We (Rafa and Mike Ashley) were talking (this Tuesday morning) about different options (in the transfer window).

“We have been talking about everything. It has been one month with our targets, so we had plenty of targets to talk about.

“We have to do something before the end and then that’s it.

“Obviously everone would like to see players (signed) early but they are not here, so we will try to do something in one day.

“Any player, if it’s a good player, will make an impact and bring something.

(Asked if more optimistic now about making more signings after speaking to Ashley)“Similar.

“We have to talk, it is the way they like to do things.

“In every single club I have been at, I normally finish with profit, success and titles…or at least not creating a problem for the books.

“I understand what is going on in the market and I’ll try to find players early at the right price.

“If a player is too much I will not say – ‘Go for this one.’

“But, in this case, in this time, it hasn’t been the case.”

  • Desree

    Swansea win. NUFC going down. Rafa will stay until sacked.

    Bobbi Fleckman pay up!

    • Jonas

      what difference will going down or not make?
      Rafa’s going either way and the club is comatose whilst s**t-head is here with season’s like this being as good as it gets.

      the result of a football club, not being a football club any more

      • Danimal

        If this vile fat piece of scum is still the owner, I agree, why worry about trying to stay up.

    • bob0411

      Unlike the Lannisters a troll never pays his debts!

  • Paul Patterson

    In short- the MD has sat on his backside and obeyed his boss from above and no signings will come through the door.
    The squad (and Rafa) will have to make do and hope we can see three teams worse than us come May.
    Oh and by the way, beware of the sting in the tail with regards to players going out for profit- we still have 24 hours for that to happen.
    Thanks Mike . .

  • TheFatController

    So the last few paragraphs suggest Ashley has told Rafa the target was too expensive?

    Rafa points out he usually ends up ahead in transfer dealings, and in his view the player wasn’t over priced ?

    Ashley has then refused to back Rafa’s judgement.

    If that was Jorgensen they then tried to get Sturridge, then this morning Rafa spoke to Ashley to suggest they pay the price for Jorgensen because he will make the team better (earlier comment in Rafa’s quotes).

    Moneyball nonsense from Ashley then? Does he phone Dennis Wise and Kinnear and ask them what they think a player is worth? Wise – the man that chose Xisco …

    • Paul Patterson

      Ashley knows nothing about football, so he must be contacting somebody . .

      • nufcslf

        Probably Donald Trump…….

    • thewildchimp

      I think a free transfer is too expensive in his mind. Because he can’t pay footballers less than minimum wages.

  • Guest 2

    If it wasn’t for the pain of it all, I would laugh again at how some people still believe Ashley saved this club from doing ‘a Leeds’.

    We are on the verge of doing just that. If we go down again, which looks entirely likely, he’s putting no money in and the squad is incapable of bouncing back up.

    No new money, no new signings, I think our club is on the verge of oblivion if tomorrow doesn’t bring some form of Xmas for us. Of course, we all know, and knew, it was going to be this way.

    I sincerely hope that every Ashley hoop licking hanger on, from blogs, to article writers, to Sky, calls this bag of [email protected] out at last.

    For whom the bells toll. NUFC, RIP.

  • Jonas

    the manager has not been supplied with the equipment all of the others have, had been mislead and lied to, been unable to plan his squads ins and outs, make improvements, simply been prevented from doing his job.
    He’s been sabotaged. The whole club has been, I’m sure even for the PL that shouldn’t be allowed, be very hard to prove it hasn’t been.

    which probably means he won’t get sacked – unfair/constructive dismissal
    but he will walk, who wouldn’t?

    • Mitros gotta start

      Just wait until fattys helicopter makes an appearance on wednesday…..just when you thought it couldnt get any worse…….

      • thewildchimp

        I usually laugh wholeheartedly when someone jokes like that, but lately it’s been more of a nervous laugh… :)

  • Kuko

    Boycott is the only way.

    Ashley only understands one thing: losing money.

    Boycott till he sells.

    • Mike

      And his sports direct shops. They should be out of business in Newcastle

      • Kuko

        Yep, definitely.

  • thewildchimp

    I honestly believe our squad can avoid the drop, but that would require either some very good players to carry the team, not Jorgensen and the like (though I’d welcome him, nevertheless), or some rework on the current setup. Which would be extremely hard to pull off, considering that two of our 5 must-win matches are immediate.

    What do I mean?
    People think I’m slagging off Rafa because I don’t like his tactics. Not so. The thing we lack under Benitez, and what most other teams around us have, is cohesion. It is mostly because our lads play out of their natural positions. They often look idealess on the pitch, if not outright lost.
    So what actually happened is that Rafa laid the foundation for his style of play, but haven’t got the players needed. If you want to see what kind of play Benitez wants to play, watch latest Swansea – Arsenal. Swans play in it Benitez style, but do it well (apart from atrocious passing). Look at their forward players. We don’t have such, except for Murphy. Not that I want those types. Rafa does, however.

    So can Rafa and the lads turn it around? We’ll see. Ashley has hanged them out to dry yet again (expected from the get go), so it’s now completely in their hands and feet.
    Time to pray to ‘Sky Wizard’, as some call Him.

    Howay the Lads!!!

    P.S. God, please let Benitez play Mitro: we need at least one player able to convert 1 chance out of 5…

    P.P.S. If drop would mean Ashley would pack up ‘n’ leave – I’d actually welcome it.

  • Danimal

    Seen this before. Shouldn’t be relying on others but we are. Unfortunately results over the last couple of weeks have almost certainly relegated us. I think we have a chance in a 14 match season with the other two promoted teams but we needed a hopeless case like Villa 2016 or Mackems 2017. Sadly, not happening, so we are screwed. To make matters worse, it’s going to be high points this time, forget about surviving with 35-38 points. They’re all showing signs of life. And let’s face it, they’ve all got better squads than us. Thanks Mr Ashley.

  • nufcslf

    If I was Rafa I would wait until 11minutes before kick off….1 minute for every year the fat [email protected] has ruined the club…and quit by heading on the pitch and get any players and fans with me and walk out. Make a very clear message to the piece of sh* t on live television. Doesn’t like bad publicity, how about an abandoned match with a chant of ‘Cashley Out’ led by your lied to manager.

    • ghostrider

      Yeah that’s a good idea because Newcastle United are the worst run club in the world.
      By all means walk away but leave the other fans alone who still want to support the club.
      We might end up with a more calmer less bile ridden mindset if Rafa walks with his crew of fans.
      Ashley might then throw a few presents into the mix for a new manager.

  • ghostrider

    If relegation means we can get rid of Benitez and get some enjoyable football under a new manager who can take us back up, then I’m not against that.

    The football he’s producing is a disgrace and I’d rather watch a game where we actually play football and have a go than watch Rafa’s tactical disgrace in allowing most teams to just make a mockery of us.
    Imagine being known by other teams fans as dire and a boring disgrace.

    No Newcastle fan would have accepted this but many seem weirdly happy to because Rafa’s cast some kind of spell, it seems.

    It’s absolutely mental. It really is.

    • Damon Horner

      Then go watch Man City.

      • Geordiegiants

        Block him! You are eating his bait. He isn’t a fan.

      • ghostrider

        Now why would I do that?
        I love Newcastle United football club regardless of who the owner is or who the manager is or what players we have.
        I’ll still love Newcastle United if the owner was Billy snippleton from Bumbleton village on the outskirts of heynowdlebury, and a manager called Nibby Nunnyford from Nimbleton upon noodles, who was handed a £1.50 transfer fund and told to buy up and coming local footballer, Tommy Tupperware who can be found at his local paper shop gathering his early morning weekend papers to deliver before training at his local boys club, Cannycar Bulldogs.

        It doesn’t mean I’ll be forever happy and doesn’t mean I won’t go through bouts of footballing depression on top of the euphoric times, plus the average times.
        It just doesn’t stop me loving my football club, no matter what.

        I’ve questioned myself on many occasions.
        Why do I do this to myself.

        It’s like a marriage. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.
        I didn’t recite that vow…. but it stands,,,,,no matter what.

        Everyone’s entitled to a divorce but I’m in it for the long haul, regardless.

    • KRS1

      Please f#ck off and die

      • ghostrider

        Stop being nasty, there’s no need for it.

      • Peaky Magpie

        Nee messing….straight to the point….love it 😂

    • Georgia Peter

      You really are some kind of ball bag aren’t you.
      It is so obvious to we that understand the situation that Rafa is having to dispense with the quality football to ensure we stay In a quality division.
      Please go away and learn something about football before you make a complete knacker of yourself.

      • ghostrider

        Dispense with the quality football to stay in a quality league. Are you kidding me or what? HAHAHAHAHA.
        Leave it to those that know, indeed. lol

        Take your eyes away from rafa’s portrait and take those blinkers off and go outside to see the bigger picture.
        There’s 12 teams in this league that are seriously….and I mean, seriously no better than we are.
        Everyone of them can be played against by playing them at football, not doors closed, park the bus and fire a missile as and when it’s clear to do so, but shut the bus doors as soon as you release the missile and await incoming barrage for 30 minutes before attempting another sneaky hit.

        Rafa the general.


      You only play better football with better players, the best football was under Keegan and Robson, not suprisingly we had our best set of players under those Managers.

      • ghostrider

        We did.
        We had those players because we could compete with the (what is now) the elite, because the elite were not the elite in terms of being able to out do all the rest at the time.

        Jack Walker set the ball rolling. Little Blackburn became the giant.
        No fair play then but certainly an owner who was more than fair.
        Crest of a wave.
        The new elite to rival the history soaked big names.

        Along comes Newcastle with their own superman in John Hall who huffed and puffed and begged and borrowed his way to near success and took on by Shepherd who carried it on in the borrowing stakes.

        Unfortunately when those owners die or walk away you need owners who can sustain the same thing.
        The issue was the dawn of the multi billionaires who had the opportunity to do what those did but on a scale that made what those two did look like a matchbox car sat next to a Rolls Royce.

        Along comes Ashley to have a crack but soon learn a lesson and Blackburn are another piece of driftwood just floating down the river.

        So yeah, the best football was played under them and I loved it. I’d love it again…but guess what?
        We have a manager that has not clue how to entertain you but somehow he is a genius for keeping the score down to a respectable acceptance by a section of fans.

        NOT ME MATE.

  • Leicester Mag

    Every window further damage is done, we slip further back. At what point is enough enough? We can support the team not the regime but to what end? Further downward spiralling, more cynical exploitation. One thing this toxic model needs is 52k on Sky providing a backcloth for his beloved direct tat hoardings. The only weapon we have is pride. For there to be

  • Wor Lass

    The surprise is that anyone`s still surprised. It`s noticeable how quiet the Ashley apologists have gone lately, though. I suppose if they wheel in some last-minute pound shop signing, a la Joselu, then Monksatan Mag`llbe on saying what a good job “Mike`s” done!

    • Georgia Peter

      The ONLY good job fatty could possibly do for us now would be get out.

  • Steven05

    The Newcastle United we all love is not here anymore. The goals, the games, the memories, the players we’ve loved, the managers we’ve loved, the hope, even the rivalry with other clubs – it’s not the same club anymore

    For as long as that man is here – Newcastle United will not be. Our club is dead – and hard for me to write this because I’ve clung on to hope for a long time

    Will we get it back? Nobody knows. But he won’t be here forever and his cholesterol can’t be good

    History may show us not to be loyal fans, but stupid. Yes I applaud people who still go to the match (I’m one of them), but this is it – we have to do whatever it takes for him to go. What can we do? I don’t know – but what we’ve been doing sadly hasn’t helped

    Having Rafa actually makes it worse for me. Ashley has a man as good as Rafa Benitez – and it’s still not enough for him to attempt to run the club properly

    Surely what he is doing has to be against some kind trade law or FA rule or something??

    I will always love my club, I will always love Newcastle United. I just miss it.

    • kingfisher

      Good post Steven,I possibly get more angry with myself than I do with M.A, for continuing to support/believe that sooner or later we will be successful and be run like a “normal” club.

    • Georgia Peter

      Halelulya. ….! Only 51,999 to go.

  • kingfisher

    In their last 2 Premier League games after drawing with us up here,Swansea have beaten Liverpool 1-0 and last night tw****d Arsenal 3-1. That’s 7 points from a possible 9. Now that’s what I call fighting for survival.Not producing the c**p we are.

    As Billy Ocean once said: “When the going gets tough,the tough get going”
    It’s an absolute disgrace what’s happening to N.U.F.C. Hang your head in shame Mr Michael Ashley !

    • S.G.M.

      The catalyst of Swansea’s revival is. Replacing the manager.

      • East Durham Mag

        The catalyst of Newcastle being sh*te is Fatty and only Fatty. Anyone on here saying different is a total fool.

        • KRS1

          Well said!

        • kingfisher

          Totaly agree.Rafa has made mistakes like every other Manager,but that’s expected,that’s football,however to be undermined and lied to by someone who supposedly has the good of the club (his bank balance) at heart is nothing short of criminal.

          • 8prestondave

            And if Rafa had better players at his disposal then maybe he wouldn’t make any/many mistakes but is forced into errors based on what he has got to play with.

  • Peaky Magpie

    52,000 with a rifle,Fatso stood in centre circle….deny him his last meal of 37 Greggs pasties….everyone fires exactly the same time….cant prove who shot the fatal bullet…..simple.

  • Ritchie Clarke

    When are you going to learn that MA is all about MA, you have constantly gone on about his tenure at NUFC, year on year the same garbage comes out only to be let down again and again. No one to blame except, you as the fan keeping his company in the spot light so he pockets everything and then says we will back the manager to the hilt. He pays no advertisement dues, he pays the least wages, he donates very little to the NUFC cause, all because you as supporters are supporting him not NUFC, you then have RAVA saying MA is supporting when he can, but can you support the team tonight because we need to be together, another change, another team, he cant even put the same team out, because they cant play together or a statement of I will play a team that will show MA who is running NUFC.
    Open your eyes to two men who are exploiting the Fans and the team, No Cohesion,No stability, No Team. WAKE UP

  • Kneebotherm8

    So Rafa’s finally decided he has to talk to the butcher not the block……..the Top Dawg..not Deputy Dawg……….total waste of space is Penfold…….looks like the penny’s dropped for Rafa..