Rafa Benitez kept his cool when questioned  about (lack of) transfers on Friday afternoon but was clearly far from happy.

The United boss says that he personally doesn’t get involved in the transfers, but stated that he gave Mike Ashley his list of transfer targets ‘A, B and C options…’ and is still waiting to see if they end up being signed.

Last January, Newcastle played QPR just as the transfer window closed and after only drawing at home, Rafa Benitez used that opportunity to make clear how unhappy he was that Mike Ashley had failed to back him with a single signing.

This season, Newcastle play Burnley on Wednesday and the transfer window closes around an hour after the final whistle.

All fans will be desperately hoping that Ashley doesn’t restrict his manager to only a short-term loan deal for Kenedy. Especially with the stakes so high and other relegation teams spending heavily to try and avoid the drop.

Rafa has made clear he won’t be selling any of his players to relegation rivals unless they make a stupid offer, for example Brighton upping their Mitrovic offer to £50m.

Rafa Benitez pre-Chelsea press conference:

Asked about signing Nicolai Jorgensen:

“I don’t do the (transfer) business.

“I do football issues.

“We gave a list (of transfer targets) on January 1 (to Mike Ashley).

“We have given a list with A, B and C options…we have to wait until 31st January, then we will see.”

Mitrovic away?:

I have been clear with Mitrovic and his agent.

“He will only leave if we sign players and it won’t (be) to a Premier League rival.

“I see Brighton are interested but we’re not selling any player to any other Premier League club…unless they want to come with £50m!”

The FA Cup:

“It is an amazing competition but you have to be realistic. The top six are still there.”


“Florian Lejeune has been running. The only player to miss out is Jesus Gamez. The rest are ok and some have little issues.”

Facing Chelsea:

“If we have a squad strong enough to compete, we will see. I will use the squad, for sure. We have to do everything right and they have to make mistakes.

“I am just focused on my team, my players, and that’s it. Before the last game, I said I have good memories (of Chelsea) and I have good friends there.”


“We are talking. We have the green light to go forward and we are waiting on news. The main thing is you have to be positive.”


“He is a player we were monitoring. He is a young player but he knows the Premier League.

“A lot of positives – he has quality, he has energy. He is a good addition for us.

“He can play as a wing-back, a left-back, a winger, on the left or right.

“He is fine and it’s just a question of match fitness (for next week v Burnley).”

  • Paul Patterson

    Better start looking at the D, E and F options..

    • Gallowgate Dave

      F being Rafa telling Ashley to f**k off.

      • Peter Stabler

        He will be tempted. If Rafa is forced out I am going back to watching Heaton Stan.

    • nevfur

      Or J for Joselu

      • Peaky Magpie


  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Wonder how much longer he`s going to put up with this schitt from Fatso & his Minion.
    one things for sure he won`t get any of the players on his A, B, C list, if he gets any at all it`ll be from their list. he isn`t the manager, he`s the 1st team coach.
    that`s been made perfectly clear since last January

  • robbersdog

    The mind boggles at the thought of who the ‘C options’ are. Are they even professional footballers?

    • JonMag

      the only options are designated by FCB

    • Jezza

      You’re talking ShefkI Kuqi level.

    • Mitros gotta start

      Sandro on loan

      • Jezza

        That’s never going to happen either. Fatso won’t pay Hippo Heed’s bung.

  • Peter Stabler

    Rafa seems to be managing the injuries far better than previous managers, no more lists as long as your arm.

    • East Durham Mag

      There’s one individual at NUFC I would love to be injured (terminally) any guesses?

      • Peaky Magpie

        Divvent worry the Moose is organising the shipment of a wood chipper down from Kielder…..

        • East Durham Mag

          It’ll be some queue to push him in.

  • 1957

    The Mitrovic one is interesting, not wanted by Benitez, but the manager would be sufficiently worried by what he could do for a rival team to state he won’t sell him to another PL team unless a big bid came in and a replacement was in place. Two problems with that;

    If anyone (even a relegation rival) offered £15m Big Mike’s eyes would light up and Aleksander would be on the helicopter and gone…and a replacement is extremely unlikely, won’t get him ‘over the line’ in time

    • Andy Mac

      I just dont understand how you can not want a player so badly that you never ever play him yet then restrict the options he has to move on ? Rafa might have Fatman on his back about the price he sells him for but pretty sure Fatso isnt bothered where he goes ?

      Meanwhile 60k a week for 22 weeks is nearly £1.4m ?🤔

  • JonMag

    for all intent & purposes Rafa is manager in name only. he coaches the 1st team, period. the Fat [email protected]@k chopped his legs off last January, only one person rules Newcastle Utd

    • Jezza

      It is perfectly clear that Rafa has got no say whatsoever in the club’s transfer business.

      • Andy Mac

        I think you’re wrong there Jezza. Rafa clearly has a say in who he wants “over the line” he just doesnt have a say in how much we spend ? 🤔

        • Jezza

          Rafa may well tell him who he wants but he has clearly got no say over whether or not they pursue those targets.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Ashley is happy to accept Rafa’s list of targets……..he respectfully reads the list…….has a sht then wipes his @ss with the said list and flushes it doon the toilet……

    • Kneebotherm8

      Just like all managers under Ashley………..nothing changes….

  • Ram Kishore

    What’s point in signing a striker if we don’t have a better attacking midfielder it a center forward

    • Peter Stabler

      To finish the chances we make.

  • Peaky Magpie

    It really beggars belief how much more Rafa can take here…surely it’s going down the lines of constructive dismissal shortly…

    • FatParosite

      I wonder whether his 15th 20th ultimatum was to signpost Benitez’s dismay. I think I would walk out on 1st of Feb. After all ‘The Slug’ has previous.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Rafa’s been making his position clear publicly for a long time now……..all evidence leads to a constructive dismissal case.

      • Peaky Magpie

        Aye KK all over again,history repeating…

    • Phildene

      We feel really sorry for Rafa as Ashley’s treat him appallingly. How dare the fat t**t treat Rafa like this!

  • Peaky Magpie

    If we don’t get a new striker in and we don’t beat Burnley next week we may as well start preparing for the championship next season….at least The Riverside isn’t too far…..

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Sadly we’re still going to be waiting. No more signings authorised by Ashley. #AshleyOut

    • Danimal

      Good book that, by the way.

  • Andy Mac

    So Saints have now brought in a striker as well as Brighton, Huddersfield and Everton. So is our money not good enough then ? Sorry when I said “Money” I meant Sht Direct vouchers !

  • Dave

    What is anyone suprised we have not bought anyone. We are a club which can not compete with any team in the premiership.what a load of bull even bournmouth have beat our transfer record they get 11000 it’s bollocks he is really a fat t**t

    • Jezza

      The fat greedy blood sucking parasite won’t even allow us to compete with half the Championship.

      • Andy Mac

        You know I have visions of reading about a disgruntled member of the Toon Army being arrested for the demise of Fatman as the Corpulent One is found lifeless with a deflated football up his………..

        Dont let it be you Jezza ? 🤔

      • Rich Lawson

        Any of the Championship,Burton have just signed Darren Bent ffs.

  • Leicester Mag

    Why the truck does anyone believe any promises made by Mike? More’s the pity Mikey’ s dad was on a promise back in the sixties

    • Andy Mac

      I think he’s training to become a Tory MP in the years to come ? 🤔

      • Rich Lawson

        Did he have his dinner at The Dorchester the other night then ? Sounded like a do made for him.But he’s probably to honest for the Tory selection committee.

        • grantham mag

          It was for charity fat Mikey pikey wouldn’t part with steam of his [email protected]@t unless he could sell it.

  • Rob

    Shame Staveley signed a NDA I’d love the full audit of where all our money has gone.

    • Phildene

      Mash Holdings-a portfolio Ashley opened when he bought our club. It had more or less nothing in it then, but now has £’s m. Sure he’s been syphoning the clubs money into that. He’s stated he doesn’t take a penny out of SD, so my bet’s he’s got to be taking it out of Mash Holdings to live on. Only wish I was wrong but somehow………one thing for sure and that’s our club won’t see or get a penny from any window and never has done. Not only has he asset stripped, he’s seemingly also ripped the club off by millions-SD advertising and Mash Holdings…..

      • Rob

        Wonder what interest rate he charged on the “loans” he claimed to pay the club when he first bought it too.

        I think pcp realised they were getting little more than a shell of a football club.

  • wheyayeman

    It’s all very clear in Financial terms – Ashley’s level is now Division 1 to Championship. In Division 1 he could cope well enough to release equity to buy players and improve a squad. In the Championship where decent players can cost several million Ashley is at the very top of his capacity / willingness to spend. In the Premier League Ashley is way out of his depth. We must cut ties or drop to his level.

  • Desree

    The deal is off, Feyenord have wasted everyones time.

    • Jezza

      Yes, Feyenoord, PCP, everybody’s wasting Fatso’s time.