Arsene Wenger may have won seven FA Cups in his time at Arsenal but Newcastle’s record under Mike Ashley is now closing fast on that total, the Magpies have now won five FA Cup matches under the Fat Controller.

The long suffering Arsenal fans have only seen three FA Cup trophies in the cabinet in the past four years.

Whilst Rafa Benitez is now already the most successful FA Cup manager under Mike Ashley.

Here are the 19 FA Cup games played so far in 11 years of Ashley

All 19 FA Cup matches played so far by Newcastle under Mike Ashley:

Rafa Benitez Newcastle 3 Luton 1 – 6 January 2018 

Rafa Benitez Oxford 3 Newcastle 0 – 28 January 2017 (Fourth round!)

Rafa Benitez Newcastle 3 Birmingham 1 – 18 January 2017 (Third round replay)

Rafa Benitez Birmingham 1 Newcastle 1 – 7 January 2017

Steve McClaren Watford 1 Newcastle 0 – 9 January 2016

John Carver Leicester 1 Newcastle 0 – 3 January 2015

Alan Pardew Newcastle 1 Cardiff 2 – 4 January 2014

Alan Padrew Brighton 2 Newcastle 0 – 5 January 2013

Alan Pardew Brighton 1 Newcastle 0 – 28 January 2012 (Fourth Round)

Alan Pardew Newcastle 2 Blackburn 1 – 7 January 2012

Alan Pardew Stevenage 3 Newcastle 1 – 8 January 2011

Chris Hughton West Brom 4 Newcastle 2 – 23 January 2010 (Fourth round)

Chris Hughton Newcastle 3 Plymouth 0 – 13 January 2010 (Third round replay)

Chris Hughton Plymouth 0 Newcastle 0 – 2 January 2010

Joe Kinnear Newcastle 0 Hull 1 – 13 January 2009 (Third round replay)

Joe Kinnear Hull 0 Newcastle 0 – 3 January 2009

Kevin Keegan Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0 – 26 January 2008 (Fourth round)

Kevin Keegan Newcastle 4 Stoke 1 – 16 January 2008 (Third round replay)

Sam Allardyce Stoke 0 Newcastle 0 – 6 January 2008

Each Newcastle Manager’s record under Mike Ashley:

Sam Allardyce Played 1 Drawn 1

Kevin Keegan Played 2 Won 1 Lost 1

Joe Kinnear Played 2 Drawn 1 Lost 1

Chris Hughton Played 3 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 1

Alan Pardew Played 5 Won 1 Lost 4

John Carver Played 1 Lost 1

Steve McClaren Played 1 Lost 1

Rafa Benitez Played 4 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 1

So with two wins and a draw in four games under Rafa Benitez, the Spaniard reigns supreme, despite having arguably the most difficult circumstances of a promotion season and a Premier League survival battle to deal with.

Meanwhile, Alan Pardew has the worst record with four defeats and one very lucky win, courtesy of quality goals from Jonas and Hatem Ben Arfa – ‘Pards’ having arguably the most favourable conditions in the time under Ashley.

In the first decade of Mike Ashley, Newcastle have won four FA Cup matches.

In the decade before Mike Ashley took over, Newcastle won 25 FA Cup matches.

Looking on the bright side, the second decade of Mike Ashley at Newcastle United is showing played one won one…

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  • TheNutJob

    that`s hardly a landmark, is it, looks like it`s the summer before Fatty goes, then again if he doesn`t go, Rafa will

    • Guest 2

      Can’t see Rafa forking out 6 mil for the privilege of escaping his contract. Poached more like, with someone else picking up the bill. I’m sure what Ashley believes is we need no more foreign upstarts gobbing off, and a good old fashioned English Manager (like all his others) is what’s required.

  • Leazes

    None of this Ashley nonsense has been accidental you know….. it has been deliberate from the start….

    • Martin Rooney

      As in the current approach of playing a strong ide is Deliberately done by Mike FFS ya radgie

      • Guest 2

        KK walked, Houghton sacked, Joe Kinnear (twice), Pardew, Carver, followed by McClaren. WTF is wrong with you? What he has done to this club borders on criminal you knacker.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Well it wouldn’t take much to top what’s went before.

  • Leicester Mag

    And yet some Quislings still plead his case. Haddaway un sheet.

    • Martin Rooney

      So considering the current manager has the best performance doesn’t that mean a current positive approach to the fa cup. And before you start it was Ashley who employed Rafael

      • Guest 2

        By the Manager, aye. Not by the owner who continues to starve the same Manager of funds. It was also Ashley who gave Rafa promises then broke them. Give yersel a shake, lad.