Matt Ritchie is claimed to be a January transfer target for one of Newcastle United’s Premier League rivals.

A report on Wednesday afternoon from The Mail claims that with Robbie Brady out injured, probably for the remainder of the season, Matt Ritchie would be top of Sean Dyche’s wish list.

The newspaper says that the Burnley boss has a number of other secondary targets who would be cheaper, such as West Brom’s James McClean, Jordan Jones of Kilmarnock, and Everton’s Aaron Lennon, but that his more ambitious thought is to see whether Rafa Benitez would be prepared to sell.

The logic of the transfer story being that the Newcastle boss may be prepared to sacrifice Matt Ritchie to raise funds for targets of his own.

Ritchie has had an up and down season, and both Christian Atsu and Jacob Murphy have had their moments in recent matches, but very difficult to see the Newcastle boss agreeing to the former Bournemouth winger’s departure.

As well as being Newcastle’s most regular team selection (started 20 of the 22 PL matches – next highest is Manquillo with 18), Matt Ritchie is also the Newcastle player with most assists (five).

Last season he scored 12 and assisted on seven but stepping back up to the Premier League he has found goals tougher to come by, though he has hit the woodwork on a number of occasions.

Difficult to gauge what the 28 year old would be worth in today’s market, having cost £12m eighteen months ago – but it probably wouldn’t be much/any more than that figure, leavig you wondering what could you get with that money for one of your most experienced and better players?

The one thing in the story’s favour is that at least Burnley, with 34 points already, aren’t one of Newcastle’s relegation challengers, so no conflict there. Unlike the daft stories claiming Newcastle could sell Jonjo Shelvey to West Ham.

With his busy energetic style you could imagine Ritchie being the kind of player Sean Dyche might like but Newcastle United are a million miles away at the moment, from considering letting a player such as Matt Ritchie leave in the middle of a relegation fight.

  • Mag_Ladd

    Couldn’t see that happening, shame for them.

    One of our leaders in the dressing room and though he has his drawbacks at times, you can’t fault his effort. I’m a big fan of Ritchie.

  • mentalman

    i could see him leaving and rafa making another move for townsend

    • TheNutJob

      we could have had him for £12m last year, now it`ll be £20m, all down to Fatty

      • mentalman

        it was 12million and write off the millions they already owed for him, but rafa seems to be really keen on him

    • paul mclaughlan

      I wonder if he’ll have another relegation clause written into his contract?

  • Leicester Mag


  • Clarko

    How much would everyone sell him for providing 100% of the funds would be spent in this window?

    • Christopher Edwards

      20 mill

    • TheNutJob

      Much is he worth Clarko

    • paul mclaughlan

      I wouldnt sell for less than 30 million. Owt less and we’ll not find a better and more committed player

      • Clarko

        I think that’s an absolutley ridiculous valuation, but I appreciate the response.

        • paul mclaughlan

          Too high? Agreed, I just think he’s a decent player who is 100% committed to our cause. That’s why I put a ridiculous valuation on him.

          • Clarko

            So you wouldn’t have the faith in Benitez to improve the team with an additional £30m and no Ritchie?

          • paul mclaughlan

            I really can’t see who Benitez could bring in at the expense of Ritchie that would improve the team. With any less than the 30 million I suggested.

          • Clarko

            “Logic” Argument:
            That’s just not logical, you’ve just agreed that your valuation was “ridiculous”, meaning that an improvement would theoretically be available at a cheaper price than £30m.

            “Common Sense” Argument:
            There are absolutley better players than Ritchie available for less than £30m, hence your valuation being “ridiculous”.

            I couldn’t pick a favourite.

          • paul mclaughlan

            I really don’t understand why you put “logic” and “common sense” in speech marks as I didn’t use either word/phrase.

          • Clarko

            Air quotes. If you didn’t use either word why would they be speech marks?

            Both (they’re the same) arguments still stand.

          • paul mclaughlan

            Since we can’t see each other they’re speech marks. And I didn’t use either word/phrase.

          • Clarko

            This has became incredibly pedantic for absolutley no reason other than to avoid of the actual content of the discussion.

            “Since we can’t see each other they’re speech marks”. No, you’re wrong, you can absolutley have air quotes in text. Not only that BUT YOU DIDN’T USE THE WORDS!

            You know you didn’t use the words “logic” and “common sense”, I know you didn’t use the words “logic” and “common sense” and so does everyone else who has the ability to read. So why is it an issue? (Rhetorical)

            Again, the argument(s) still stands and I’m still waiting for an actual response? (Not Rhetorical)

          • paul mclaughlan

            It’s become “incredibly pedantic” because you’re incredibly pedantic. 30 million is a ridiculous amount to put on Ritchie. But it’s only your opinion when you say “there are absolutley (sic) better players than Ritchie available for less than £30m”. Who are these players, and how do you know they’ll be available for 30 million or less? And more importantly… Will they have the same passion as Ritchie does for playing for The Toon?

          • Clarko

            Calls me pedantic after forcing 4 comments to clarify the use of air quotes. This before using the “you can’t tell me that they are better players than Ritchie because in my opinion Ritchie is the best player on the planet” card (to avoid a further 4 comments, those are air quotes), all the while using “passion” as a objective measurement, how silly.

            What makes your comment even more stupid is that I have already countered it, see the “logic argument”:

            “That’s just not logical, you’ve just agreed that your valuation was ‘ridiculous’, meaning that an improvement would theoretically be available at a cheaper price than £30m”.

          • paul mclaughlan

            I bet you’re great fun at parties Lawrence.

          • Clarko

            And there we go, nothing to say.

          • paul mclaughlan

            To be fair you’re a first class bore who nit picks over every tiny detail. At first I find it funny. But now I’m bored senseless. Cheers for sending me to sleep.

          • Clarko

            You’re just dumb.

            “I really don’t understand why you put “logic” and “common sense” in speech marks as I didn’t use either word/phrase.”

            “Since we can’t see each other they’re speech marks. And I didn’t use either word/phrase.”

            Sure, I’m the “bore”…

          • paul mclaughlan

            At least we agree on that.

          • Jezza

            He never gets invited to any parties.

          • Mitros gotta start


          • Mitros gotta start

            Not with his record in the transfer market….we would probably end up with joselu sels and diame again

      • Kneebotherm8

        We got 30 million for Sissoko……..

        • paul mclaughlan

          Sissoko’s value rocketed as he had a few decent games at The Euros. Major competitions always have some average players having a few great games and inflating their worth massively.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Inflated his ego as well…….

    • wheyayeman

      He’s probably worth 18 million in the current Market I’d be in favour of keeping him but if it takes selling him to get Neymar from PSG I’m personally open to it.

  • magpiefifer

    Ritchie’s form may have dipped,but he is the type of player we need for the relegation battle ahead.

  • TheNutJob

    I like Matt and on his day he along with Jonjo drive the team forward, we need someone up top to take the chances those 2 can create, having said that anything`s possible at Newcastle

  • 5floorshigh

    been showing that he is not premiership quality, hard working/plenty effort type player but lacks any real class at this level……but to sell him at this stage would be a massive mistake unless a proven premiership quality replacement was bought…….but long term, he just aint good enough !

    • Clarko

      Has the most assists in our squad this season.

  • Gallowgate Dave

    I can’t actually believe the mixed comments below. This lad was our best player last year, he’s struggled a bit in recent games although winger’s are often in and out of form to be fair, probably more than any other position on the pitch, but he never gives less than 100%, he’s as brave as they come, a leader, he is still our most creative player and his assists reflect this and he’s been very unlucky with a few raspers that have hit the woodwork this season. Why the hell doesn’t this post have 100 comments, all unanimous, in us not wanting to sell? I mean even if you are ridiculously harsh and want to get rid after a few below par performances recently how much do you think we’d even get from Burnley and how much would even get re-invested and on which player?! Get a grip to anyone who thinks selling Ritchie is a good idea.

  • 1957

    His form has been up and down all season but the ill thought out tactic of playing as a wing back seems to have really knocked his confidence.

    I wouldn’t advocate selling him, but in Mike’s world money talks so a £15m+ bid would see him on his way…I’m sure there’s some journeyman playing in La Liga who we could get for around £5m to replace him.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Joselu Mark II

  • Soldier

    i wouldn`t sell him because when we have sold one of our good players they never ever replace him. it`s always a cheaper option brought in

  • Jimmy_toons

    Fake news. One of the first names on Benitez’s team sheet and started 20 times this season. Can’t addled to lose one of our better players even if he has found it harder of late but that’s probably as he leaves everything he’s got on the pitch.
    If it’s in the Daily Mail, you know it’s made up.

    • Mitros gotta start

      So is drosselu….and he would sell him in a heartbeat

  • Paul Busby

    Got his numbers on the back of my home shirt, so he better not leave :(

  • Tino o

    Utter rubbish got a whole month of this claptrap zzzzzzz!

  • robbersdog

    If Ritchie was available, then several Premier League clubs would want to buy him. But he’s one of our better players, I think he’s settled at the club and I’d be amazed if Rafa let him go.

    I also read today that Saivet is up for sale at a price of £5m, ie, exactly what we (stupidly) paid for him. If anyone pays that amount, I’d be amazed!

  • Paul Patterson

    We shouldn’t have to sell to buy, we have enough money to do decent business this window.
    I wouldn’t sell him personally unless £30m is bandied about, but the owner on the other hand will sell anything for a high price, takeover or no takeover . .

  • HarryHype59

    Southampton will be looking for a CB after pocketing £75m from Liverpool. Just hope they don’t offer Fatso £25m for Lascelles.

    • Mitros gotta start

      Helicopter being warmed up as we speak

      • HarryHype59

        I can imagine the Fat one slobbering over such an offer and leaving it to the last day of the window so Rafa can’t spend the money!

        • Mitros gotta start

          Ever had that feeling of deja vu?

        • Jezza

          He’s done it before, he’ll do it again.

  • thewildchimp

    Fellas, if we are gonna judge that harshly, then the majority of the Premier League players aren’t Premier League quality…
    Lads like De Bruyne, Silva, Pogba, Mane, Salah, etc. – are all world class. PL is an English league, and most of the England’s top players aren’t world class (as is the case with every other nation in the world).

    If we look at Ritchie objectively, we have a winger with a wicked cross, decent long range ability, hard-working on the pitch, brave, wanting the ball, etc. An overall good PL player that is currently in a slump. Sure, he doesn’t have the agility of Sterling, the superb left shot of Townsend (apparently only outside of the box) or leaves his man often in the dust like Martial, but those guys are a bit… c*nts, if I may say so, so I’d rather take an all-rounder with a character than some puffed up blokes who think they are the greatest thing since the wheel.

  • Mrkgw

    I would be very disappointed were Ritchie to leave. Yes, his form has been up and down this season but he is one to retain as far as I’m concerned.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Ritchie value way more than 12 million. No way will he be sold as he is one of our few premier league quality players and would cost 20 million easy to replace.

    • Jezza

      If the money is on the table Ashley WILL sell and there will be no replacement.

  • MadMag83

    It would be madness to sell

  • Won’t consider for anything below 15m, for that we can sell as long as we can bring a capable replacement or two.

    • Jezza

      You should know by now that’s not the way it works. Ashley sells and pockets the money without bringing a replacement.

  • Viru leckworth

    Talk about mad rumours! Believe he nowt until we see actual signings or an actual takeover.