Peter Beardsley thinks that Sam Allardyce ‘understands football better than anybody’.

Well, I certainly think Fat Sam understands better than anybody how to extricate massive amounts of cash from football clubs despite having such limited ability, including the millions he lifted out of Newcastle United after making a total mess and wasting loads of cash on hopeless players.

He may have never been relegated from the Premier League but for any ambitious club looking for a new manager, it isn’t the greatest of CVs.

Everton fans found themselves landed with the fat oaf after Watford repeatedly refused to allow Marco Silva to leave.

At first they tried to look on the you do when you are landed with a new manager, you know you are going to have them for at least X amount of time and so you have to try and make the best of it.

Peter Beardsley claims it was a ‘masterstroke’ and some early results against Premier League strugglers, as well as a derby draw at Liverpool, meant Everton fans saw some encouraging signs.

However, that draw against Liverpool which saw the Toffees ending up drawing 1-1 at Anfield was thanks to a ridiculously soft penalty, Liverpool having had 23 shots to Everton’s 3, 12 corners to 1, as well as 79% possession.

This was Everton in a derby match against a decent Liverpool team, not an underfunded promoted Newcastle taking on Manchester City.

Everton travel to Anfield once again tonight and Beardsley says he thinks Sam Allardyce would take another 1-1 draw.

Well, many Everton fans are now a little bit more aware of just what life under Allardyce is really going to be like, as in the last four matches Everton have scored only one goal.

This quartet of matches included games against West Brom and Bournemouth, yet Everton have had only four shots on target in over six hours of Premier League football. To put that in context, Newcastle had six efforts on target just in the Stoke match on Monday, compared to Sam Allardyce’s four in total in four matches.

Everton fans now already expressing concerns on forums/message boards at just how poor and negative the football is under Allardyce.

Peter Beardsley speaking to the Liverpool Echo:

“Sam Allardyce is a brilliant manager and has a proven track record. He understands football better than anybody.

“He is a really clever manager and getting him in was a masterstroke for Everton.

 “And for Sam to have brought in Sammy Lee [as a coach], who has been on both sides of the park now, was perfect.

“Sammy is a brilliant coach and a brilliant person. He looks after people, cares for people, loves the job and has a contagious enthusiasm for his work.

“What happened in the derby match last month would have been the perfect scenario for Big Sam. I mean that positively. He had a carefully thought-out game-plan, which his team bought into and it worked superbly.

“I cannot speak for him but I imagine he would take a 1-1 draw again to get Liverpool back to Goodison Park.

“They are proper football people on Merseyside. I work with Dave Watson and Kevin Richardson now at Newcastle and we talk about it all the time.”

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  • Steven Patrickson

    Can i have a pint of what Peter’s been drinking?

    • paul mclaughlan

      He doesn’t drink. However I’m sure he must be on the magic mushrooms.

  • FatParosite

    Peter is undoing with his mouth what he did with his feet & head on the pitch. Already down the Bobby Concur pathway to dissolving his legendary status. The best player I’ve ever seen in a black and white shirt bar none. I just wish he’d keep his mouth shut.

  • Soldier

    they`ll soon get sick of his tactics

  • Big Al 1967

    As brilliant a player as Peter was he knows very little about coaching. You only have to look at the Under 23 results to see evidence of that

  • Paul9

    He’s a very clever coach knows how to survive

  • Leazes

    He certainly knows how to get himself sacked and harvest a full pay-off…. brilliant or what?

    • Blackburn1066

      Spot on Leazes

  • Coach Clagnut

    Beardsley’s brilliance is a player cannot be undermined. He had a football brain second to none and in today’s market would be almost priceless.

    His ability as a coach and observer of the game,not to mention his sycophantic defense of fatty’s ownership, sadly paints him as thicker than workhouse custard.

  • Rob Brown

    Oh, hang on a minute. Whose opinion would i take more seriously, Peter Beardsley or John Martin.

    Lets have a think about that for a while………

    • GeordieZebra

      If that’s the barometer then does that mean we are not allowed to disagree with anybody who’s ever worked in football? Pardew, Carver, JFK, currently Wenger. Grow up, stupid comment.

  • Rob Brown

    Its all very well slagging him off, but you have to ask the question “why do teams keep taking him on?”

    And you also have to think that they know what they are doing

    • Michael Smith

      he`s the fire brigade, he comes in and saves clubs & that`s that, as far as progression is concerned it never happens. he also takes bungs and the FA should have banned him

    • nufcslf

      Clueless owners that don’t know a bloody thing about successful football, only hoping their club might just about hang on. Absoultely no point in being a paying fan of that. His Everton bubble is already on the brink. He shouldn’t even of got anything at St. James’ recently, other than our lot handing the match to him. One of many managers hurting the game football and making it hader and harder to watch.

  • Simon Ritter

    Peter Beardsley was a supreme footballer who has achieved nothing as a coach. If the job of a manager is to get more from a group of players than the sum of their parts, I would put Sir Bobby Robson top of the tree among Newcastle bosses. Big Fat Sam would be very near the bottom of the pile. He arrived at SJP, noisily boasting he would sort out the team’s injury woes thanks to his so-called scientific approach. I thought at least the players would produce 100% on the pitch, even if the football was likely to be deadly dull. I was totally wrong with the former; they stopped trying for him PDQ. As for the latter, I was spot-on for once. On the rare occasions we played well, he pretended he was a tactical genius. When things went pear-shaped, the team were blamed. Or the ref. Or some other factor out of his control. He is a fixer who reckons he is a mastermind. He should stick his PowerPoint presentations (which dazzled the FA idiots) where the sun never shines.

  • Geordiegiants

    He’s a bell end! A disgrace to the game and the FA should have banned him for life. If I said any thing like that in my work place I would be fired instantly and not allowed to work for another company. There should be a similar sort of thing in place like a football DBS check for mangers and players, look at the Adam Johnson case at the inbreds, they knew and were fine with it, and the chief exec kept her job after admitting she knew.

  • nufcslf

    Peter Beardsley = Fabulous footballer, but sadly not the brightest light bulb on the tree. Increadible the likes of Fat Sham, Woy Hodgson, Pisdew/Carver, Mark Hughes, Schteve Mclaren, Steve Bruce to name a few ever get a job in football management. Useless, the f**king lot of them. Thanks for you thoughtful input all the same Peter……

  • thewildchimp

    No, he really understands it the best.
    You know what football has become around the Old Continent? A money making industry. (Yeah, I know it’s a shocking revelation..) Be it the actual mafia-run clubs of Eastern Europe, or the wealthy bankers- and tycoons-run clubs of Western Europe – it’s all about the money nowadays. Players are the modern gladiators and, as their ancient Roman counterparts, duel to the very last ounce of their health in order to obtain luxurious lives and glory. If they actually like to play – even better for them.

    Allardyce has no delusions of grandeur like Guardiola and Klopp. He knows his place in the machinery and works it well. Sometimes mishaps occur, like when he got exposed while managing the England squad, but it all goes under the rug and look at ‘im go!

    It’s not village against village or town vs. town anymore – it’s bread and games, except that you have to pay for both now.

    If you look at it this way, Sam Allardyce understands football better than anybody.

    Personally, I like to delude myself that character still matters somewhere down there…

  • Andy Mac

    Beardo – about to be booted out of NUFC yet again – is obviously looking for his next employer.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Sam Allardyce understands football better than anybody” Yet he does not appear to win very much or play universally acclaimed attractive football, he is an old style journeyman brought in out of desperation.That he is a quoted model for you Peter explains a great deal about the form of our reserve team !

  • Vladimir Biggski

    God help when Rafa is forced out if pedro gets the job, his ‘managerial prowess’ is highly questionable given his record with the reserves. He must be in line as he always backs Cashley.

  • Desree

    He is such a bad manager yet NUFC teams always seem to get beat by him.

  • Albert Stubbins

    The games all about opinions. We at Newcastle might not rate him but seemingly many more do so who’s to say Pedro is wrong. I wouldn’t give fat sham the time of day personally but he keeps getting all the best jobs so who the silly ones here? I wish someone would give me two million a year for being shyte I can tell you that for nowt.