Paul Merson has identified three targets for Newcastle at the Etihad.

The Sky Sports pundit says that it will be ‘downbeat’ for Newcastle fans and Rafa Benitez at the minute, with only a draw against rock bottom Swansea and the takeover of the club seemingly going nowhere.

This is of course conveniently ignoring the fact that the last month has seen Newcastle win a rare FA Cup match, as well as win two games and draw two against the other four relegation candidates that they played.

You could even, up to a point, call the 1-0 home defeat to Man City a positive of sorts, in terms of goal difference.

Hopefully it won’t come to relying on that in the survival stakes but it can’t be ignored that Newcastle have the best goal difference in the bottom half of the table. NUFC having only -10, compared to the likes of Stoke with -27, Swansea -21 and Huddersfield -20.

Paul Merson sees Newcastle having three objectives on Saturday: simply getting the game out of the way, not damaging the goal difference too much, as well as not picking up extra injuries.

Whilst nobody is claiming Rafa’s team can match Liverpool’s result and display last weekend, with a clear week following this game, Rafa Benitez will be able to play a full strength team, unlike the situation he found himself in when facing two key relegation matches in the five days that followed the Man City match at St James Park.

Rafa Benitez was vindicated in his team selection as Newcastle almost grabbed a draw against Manchester City with a late flurry of pressure and a few chances, as well as picking up four points from those Brighton and Stoke matches.

One lapse in concentration cost Newcastle in that game on 27 December and Jamaal Lascelles still has a remarkable record this season.

Like Michael Owen, Paul Merson has predicted a three goal victory for Man City, but in 17 PL starts this season Lascelles has never seen the opposition win by more than one goal and on only two occasions has anybody scored more than one goal.

The big question is whether Newcastle can get a goal at the other end of the pitch, then just maybe Rafa’s team can come away with something and upset the ‘experts’.

Paul Merson speaking to Sky Sports:

“I don’t think Man City are going to come up against a team like Liverpool for the rest of the season, particularly in those 20 minutes in the second half.

“They’re a bit downbeat at Newcastle at the moment; the takeover failing, they needed to beat Swansea but didn’t, I think it’s a bit subdued there.

“I think they just want to get this game out of the way, and make sure it’s not a huge defeat.

“I think it’s a case of leaving without many injuries and looking at how other teams got on below them.

“Prediction is Manchester City 3 Newcastle United 0.”

Manchester City v Newcastle Match Betting:

Man City win 1/8Draw 19/2 – Newcastle win 22/1

NUFC win 2-0 175/1NUFC to score 2 or more goals 5/1Man City to one or zero goals 22/5

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  • TheNutJob

    If we had Sergio & they had the Hoss we`d give them a run for their money.
    if Dwight`s on the bench he`s off to do some cottaging doon in Fulham

    • Wor Lass

      Probably a bit more upmarket than Forsyth Road bogs!

    • Rich Lawson

      He goes ”cottaging”,look forward to what the News of the Sun make of that one this weekend /

  • Peaky Magpie

    Merson’s 3 objectives
    1 Wake up
    2 Get pi**ed
    3 Go to bed
    Repeat daily.

    • TheNutJob

      Is that a bad idea then

      • Peaky Magpie

        Not always 🍺🥃

    • Leicester Mag

      Better than
      1 check news on news now, click on fatuous link to new striker Das Bottom
      2 Read 5 waank facts in the Chronic
      3 read article on Mag site on odds of a win in article sponsored by bet daft wait 5 secs for Leazes to send tax demand

      • Peaky Magpie

        100 of 😂

      • anyobrien

        5 waank facts in the chronicle 😂 😂
        The e done six today… You couldn’t make it up man 😂

    • kingfisher

      4) Get up,knock a 5 finger one out over a picture of Geoff Stelling.
      5) Blow 20 grand betting on Tinternet
      6) Go back to bed.

      • Peaky Magpie

        😂😂😂 Yes he’s certainly a class act is The Drunk.

        • Rich Lawson

          It’s a wonder that at this time of year he is not elsewhere completing a lucrative panto contract,maybe Sid could advise him on how his time could be better spent ?

  • Leicester Mag

    Why does the Mag insist on giving this todger the time of day? Stop it.

    • Scottie Chugger Dearden

      Totally agree on this bell end and his predictions being a waste of time on The Mag, it’s a travesty in society that sky probably pay him more than a nurse and he’s rubbish, if Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara left sky sports everyone would probably stop watching that pointless show they do, I’d rather listen to the match report in Arabic on my Kodi!

  • Gallowgate Frost

    We beat Stoke twice

  • kingfisher

    The Chronic has reported tonight that Andy Carrolls proposed transfer to Chelski is off after he’s been ruled out for a month due to injury.Now there’s a surprise 😲😨🤤

  • wheyayeman

    In the temporary absence of Leazes…..Pay your taxes Bet Victor!!!