A bid has been made for Aleksandar Mitrovic on Tuesday according to both Sky Sports and the Chronicle.

The offer came in from Brighton as detailed in the reports, although the Chronicle say that the bid was rejected out of hand.

The newspaper say that Mike Ashley and his minions found the offer ‘paltry’.

They state that Newcastle/Ashley want £15m minimum, or potentially more, for the Serbian international.

Sky Sports:

‘Brighton have made a bid to sign Newcastle striker Aleksandar Mitrovic, according to Sky sources.’

The Chronicle:

‘Newcastle United have rejected a bid for Aleksandar Mitrovic after Brighton attempted to lure the big striker to the south coast.

The Chronicle understands that the initial offer for the Serbian international has been deemed as paltry by the Magpies and United will hold out for at least £15million.’

I always find this a really bizarre one, whenever the subject of selling Aleksandar Mitrovic comes up, the message from the club (usually via The Chronicle) is that they are reluctant to sell him and it would take this minimum of £15m for them to even consider selling him.

The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense.

Well actually, the only thing I can see making sense is that it is Mike Ashley wanting to make a point and digging his heels in to justify the club’s failed transfer policy that he and Graham Carr orchestrated. Refusing to accept a realistic valuation, a bit like selling a certain football club…

Rafa Benitez could not have made it more clear that he is desperate to get rid of Aleksandar Mitrovic and I’m sure was actively wanting to sell him in all four transfer windows (including this one) whilst in charge at St James Park.

Rafa only started Mitro in one of the final seven matches that decided Newcastle’s Premier League relegation in 2015/16.

The former Anderlecht forward only started 11 of 46 Championship games and they were nearly all when Rafa had injuries or wanted to rest the likes of Gayle.

Benitez hasn’t given Aleksandar Mitrovic a single start in the Premier League this season.

In the last 15 months, Mitrovic has scored only two league goals, that is from 24 league appearances including nine starts.

Paying £13m for him two and a half years ago, exactly how has the Serbian striker’s value gone up and not down? It is well crazy that Mike Ashley is allegedly demanding £15m or more…well it certainly isn’t Rafa Benitez holding out for more.

There are claims/speculation elsewhere tonight that the figure Brighton have allegedly offered is £8m.

Personally, I would bite their hands off for that )and I’m sure Rafa would do too). Especially if Mitro’s departure would then allow Rafa Benitez to bring in his choice of striker signing, with Mike Ashley having promised to back him in these remaining days of January…

Mitro is already two and a half years into his five year contract and if Rafa could have sold him in Summer 2016, Newcastle would have already saved £5m or so in wages.

I know some Newcastle fans still see him as a striker who will come good for NUFC but simple fact is that he is unable/unwilling to do the non-stop running/chasing down that Rafa Benitez needs of his whole team, including/especially his strikers.

  • gallowgate26

    £8m?!! I would take £8.oo and a packet of Bobby’s crisps… My theory on this one is that Cashley and his minions know that Mitro is almost guarenteed to play against Brazil and others in the world cup. If he somehow manages to score from a corner or something in those games, his value will no doubt more than double. They have already had a whiff of that with Sissoko and the Euros! So Chris Hoots will have to wait until after the WC methinks.

  • Big Al 1967

    Mitro to be sold to fund any incoming transfers. Surprise surprise. I did hear that the reason nothing happened 12 months ago was he was to be sold to fund the January window but the injury against Birmingham in the Cup put paid to that hence no signings

    • Clarko

      Why would you keep a £15m player that has zero chance of playing? Just so people can’t complain about net spend? It’s just silly.

      • Guest 2

        He won’t. Net spend is king for Ashley – no one in without someone out to limit his further financial involvement.
        Whatever spent will be added to the club debt through further ‘loans’ anyway.

        • Clarko

          Again, you’ve missed/ignored the point of my post. The point is that it would be incredibly stupid not to sell Mitrovic and have that £15m doing nothing other than “pleasing” people like you who use the argument of net spend incorrectly.

          On a side note, no abuse or insult in your comment, a step in the right direction.

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            or, they shouldn’t sell a striker to a relegation rival in desperate need of goals…

          • Clarko

            I never specified a buyer. That said if a relegation rival is in desperate need of goals and are in the market for a striker they are going to buy a striker so why wouldn’t you (Newcastle) capitalise on that? If you look at it from a different perspective they would be helping us.

          • thewildchimp

            What you are saying, Clarko, is reasonable. But our chieftains have proven they aren’t.
            They know Benitez doesn’t want him and won’t play him, thus chances to sell are gonna be rare, but they don’t wanna “lose” money on him. If Rafa complains about the lack of forwards – they have a perfect excuse in a young, World Cup-playing forward on the roster. They are all stubborn in that regard: board because they won’t sell, Rafa because he won’t accept the fact that he won’t get a better player. The ones who suffer are Mitro and the squad.

            Overall, if they haven’t sold him yet, it’s better to wait ’till the summer. He’ll get exposure and we might get some decent offers. My opinion? I’m tired of it…

            P.S. Brighton desperately need a forward who can offer them stability on the ball and get on the end of those crosses. They have midfielders to do the running. Mitro can do exactly what they want, even if he didn’t play for a while, so why help them?

          • Clarko

            We shouldn’t lose money on him, I feel that the £15m asking price is a perfectly reasonable price, I don’t believe that we are not pricing him out of a move.

            The board are not using Mitrovic as an excuse not to buy another forward, we are in negotiations for one now, one that Benitez will hopefully use.

            I feel like I have already answered your “why should we sell to Brighton” question. If they or any other relegation rival are in the market for a striker (Brighton have just signed Locadia), the likelihood is that they are going to buy a striker, Newcastle refusing to sell them Mitrovic isn’t going to stop them from buying a different striker, so why wouldn’t we sell them Mitrovic and benefit from it? We sell them a striker that they were going to buy anyways, a striker who we don’t want, for money that we can use to strengthen our team.

          • thewildchimp

            It’s a fair price, but the thing is: who’s gonna pay 15m right of the bat for a striker who is not match fit ? Of course they are gonna haggle.

            Let’s assume that Mitro was their first or second choice. If they can’t hire him, they have to find someone else, who they didn’t really want in the first place. And wait 6 months more and a better offer is guaranteed to come. That’s why it wouldn’t be a very smart move. If Mitro was useless then, by all means, unload him on the opponents. However, he’s actually good enough and compatible with Brighton style.

          • Clarko

            Your second paragraph doesn’t make sense and the rest of your comment is irrelevant to the subject and doesn’t counter my point.

          • thewildchimp

            I live for the day when someone will make a comment that makes sense to you and is relevant to the subject, as well.~

          • Clarko

            How do you know he is not match fit?

            How do you know he would be valued higher in 6 months?

            How do you know that the player they buy instead of Mitrovic wouldn’t be better than Mitrovic?

            How is Mitrovic currently useful when he doesn’t play?

            Why are you talking about TV money, the summer and negotiation? Irrelevant to Mitrovic.

            Your comment was silly, full of hypotheticals, ifs, buts and maybes.

          • thewildchimp

            I’m talking about the bigger picture at the moment.
            I understand that “Mitro-haters” want to offload him as soon as possible, believe me, I do, too: but there is a prudent and a stupid way to do it.

            1. Mitro can’t be match fit because he played a total of one full league game so far, sliced into a few sub appearances, several WCQ games and an odd game here and there, also supposedly had an injury and didn’t even run for a while. There are less than 4 months of season time left and he’d really have to step on a gas pedal in order to catch up.

            2. The prices will jump after the World Cup and there are people guaranteed to pay well for a decent 23 year old striker. If they don’t find a buyer – it’s the club’s fault. It’s harder to sell an item that’s not in the window, let alone if it’s put into the basement, covered with boxes and dust.

            3. I don’t know, but I do know that he would fit very well. So why give your opponents something that IS good for them because they MIGHT find better? Are you the kind of person that sells ammunition to the enemies and says: “Well, they might miss, so it’s O.K…” ?

            4. Don’t play naive, please. Whatever moves we pull in this relegation battle, we directly influence the income during the next season. Because we might not be in this league anymore. Now, I couldn’t care less for the money, but Ashley does (and he should) so his priority should be (and I think it’s his only goal) securing lucrative deals – not selling Mitro for some small % of that cash. Imagine if we sell Mitro for 15m, and he goes on and scores 10 goals for Brighton and brings them 10 points they would otherwise lose. And we get relegated because and lose more than 100m. Can you not see how stupid that would be? You don’t sell and period. You eliminated all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. If you like to gamble than that’s an entirely different matter. If they offered more than his value then I’d understand taking the risk. At the moment: pointless.

          • Clarko

            You weren’t supposed to answer those questions, those questions were asked to demonstrate how silly your argument was, you don’t know the answer to the questions, you don’t know that Mitrovic isn’t fit, you don’t know how long it would take him to get fit, you don’t know if he will be selected to play at the world cup, you don’t know how he would play at the world cup, you don’t know if he would be a good fit at another club, you don’t know if that other club would buy a better striker. You don’t know.

            So, what do we know? That Mitrovic isn’t liked by Benitez and that will not be used, meaning there is no point in having £15m sat there doing nothing when it can be used to improve our team.

          • thewildchimp

            1. By the logic of football: if you don’t play enough competitive games, your technique starts to deteriorate. Especially with younger players. That’s the reason why it’s so important for them to play, and f.e. why Krul and Eliott were excellent and now shadows of their former selves.

            2. Yeah, nobody knows that. That’s why his price drops.

            3. He shall, Serbia has no other decent forwards as far as I know. The only thing that could stop him is if he picks up an injury. As far as PL is concerned – he’s safe.

            4. I don’t. But the fact that he plays Brazil in Moscow will ensure he gets some exposure. Somebody will notice that he gets no games under Benitez and bid.

            5. He would be a good fit in Brighton, I’ve seen them play. They haven’t bid because they don’t know where to waste money.

            6. Of course I don’t know. But they might buy both Mitro and a better striker, so they end with two good strikers. Don’t make me retype all that…

            Conclusion: Mate, I don’t know if I’ll wake up tomorrow morning. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t plan my next day. Making rational, educated GUESSES is called science. I make my guesses based on my experience while following football clubs around the Europe. Yet, I don’t watch as many games as I used to, mostly PL fixtures.

            Summary: I haven’t said anything that 90% people here hasn’t: it’s not wise to sell Mitro to Brighton. A safe option, if you’d like. Selling is a gamble. Money will come with the next train, he’s a 23 yr. old lad.

          • Clarko

            It makes no sense having a £15m asset doing nothing.

          • thewildchimp

            I agree. Brighton can have him, in the summer, for 15-20m.

          • Clarko

            And have £15m doing nothing as we struggle to avoid relegation, yeah makes sense (sarcasm).

          • Guest 2

            Since when has the owner ever done that, other than when he handed McClaren a decade worth of savings?
            The point being he will sell anyone in order to limit the expenditure which the team actually requires. Or perhaps you’ve been living in a cave since he arrived and hadn’t noticed?

          • Clarko

            “Since when has the owner ever done that, other than when he handed McClaren a decade worth of savings?” That is just wrong, that money was spent as a result of the TV deal taking effect, not due to “savings”.

            “The point being he will sell anyone in order to limit the expenditure which the team actually requires.” Again, what does that even mean? “Newcastle will sell players that the don’t need or want to fund improvements”, yeah not sh!t.

          • Big Al 1967

            And you have missed the point of my post which is no signings will come in unless funded by sales

          • Clarko

            I didn’t miss your point, my response was why would that be a problem?

          • Big Al 1967

            Okay, so if no signings come in do you think the squad is good enough or strong enough to stay up? Personally I don’t think it is and the thing that will cost us is a lack of goals hence the need for a new striker

          • Clarko

            But that question has no relevance to the conversation. Why would it be a problem selling Mitrovic, who isn’t used, to fund the transfer of a new striker?

          • Big Al 1967

            I don’t have a problem with it but if the required bid is not made to sell him on, then what?

          • Clarko

            “Mitro to be sold to fund any incoming transfers. Surprise surprise”. Sounds like a problem to me. You made a silly comment, own it.

            The money has already been available to bring in a striker so Mitrovic not being sold will have little effect, he will remain on the bench/reservers or he will be loaned out, if he were to be sold that money may be used to bring in a player of a different position.

          • Big Al 1967

            Yeah keep on believing the Ashley spin

          • Clarko

            And there we go, another flat earther.

  • Albert Stubbins

    So we are holding out for three chocolate buttons then? I’ll tell chris to up the offer!!

    • Lelisevis

      He’s holding out for the summer window, be crazy to take those buttons now with Easter round the corner, buttons ain’t worth a thing when everyone is giving eggs away.

  • Mxpx

    Funny if mitrovic was an incoming signing people would be relatively happy with us bringing in a striker I’d love to see him given a chance he offers far more than joselu

    • Guest 2

      21 matches missed due to various suspensions since 12/13. Are you f’ing nuts?

      • Mike Adam

        How do you get that number Guest??? He has 3 reds in his entire career and the bogus one after the fact.

        • Guest 2

          Entire career? it didn’t begin at NUFC man. Go learn something.

          • Mike Adam

            What the hell are you talking about??? I never said he was at NUFC his entire career, where did you read that man??? Learn to read! Man. You said since 12/13, and that goes back to Partizan Belgrade, his entire career. So, where did you get 21 matches??? From the air???

      • Mxpx

        He’s no more of a liability than shelvey tbh if he’s suspended then we’re back to the current position of playing joselu and gayle so we lose nothing and if he scores then we’ve gained something

  • Mrkgw

    He should be playing games for us, not being sold. I’d even prefer him being loaned out in order to sharpen up and prove to Rafa that he has what it takes. Will definitely be sorry to see him go permanently.

  • wheyayeman

    If I were Brighton I’d just wait til the last few hours of the window then submit the same bid. Ashleys helicopter will drop him off pronto after all he never plays, he’s worth a few Bob (to Ashley), his wages cost us money and timing the second bid to perfection means the sale goes through and he can’t be replaced. (Another Win for Ashley).

    • Guest 2

      Timing perfection? FFS man, it’s Penfold in charge.

      • wheyayeman

        No, I’m not Brighton!

        • Guest 2

          And I’m not Leazers!

          • wheyayeman

            Well that’s settled

  • Toonrobbybobson

    He was never a good fit for us from day one. He wasnt the striker we needed.

    The lad needs to play for his career though so should move.

    We should at minimum get our money back. Inflation and the new TV money should see to that.

    End of day Rafa wants an 11 that work as a unit and close the ball down. Mitro just doesnt suit that system and needs quality crosses to be at most use. We just dont play like that. The game we play now is different and we need strikers that suit that now we are more solid to become a better team.

    If Rafa gets his way I can see a few surprise exits and incomings.

    If you could wheel and deal shelvey, Gayle, mitro, ritchie for Hernandez, Slimani, Schurle and Cairney it would be a great window.

    But alas its probably all just season ticket hype…

    • Down Under Mag

      He should have been perfect for us but he was labelled as a red card waiting to happen from the off and so was constantly under pressure from the referees. It also didn’t help that we bought in a big centre forward in the traditional image and refused to sign anyone who could cross a ball. We then have a formation set up (and have done for a few managers now, it’s not just Rafa), to play counter attack football and he isn’t really suited to that. I am sure he will score goals at his new club but was never going to do anything in our current team. Shame…I always loved his entusiasm…even if it was misplaced on occasion.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Apparently we are looking at Jorgenson, surely him and Mitro are similar players and at similar levels, im sure Mitro would score regularly playing in a side in the Eredivise with crosses pinged at him all game

    • Clarko

      A good rule of thumb is to not comment on a player or team that you know absolutley nothing about.

      • Stephen Paylor

        I did and his ‘highlights’ are strikingly similar to the ones Mitro had from his time at Anderlecht.

        • Clarko

          Not similar at all, Jørgensen goals come from the ball being played to his feet as opposed to his upper body (Mitrovic at Anderlecht), Feyenoord don’t “ping crosses” into Jørgensen, they play through the middle with Toornstra, when Boëtuis and Berghuis pick the ball up in the wide position and cross, you can see from the highlights, they play it along the floor, he is not used target man, the majority of his goals come from feet (not from headers like Mitrovic), if anything he is closer to Gayle in terms of playing style.

      • Wor Lass

        Is that why all you ever talk about is money and pseudo-scientific gobbledygook that you cut and paste from geeky stats sites?

        • Cockneytrev

          nail on head,,, all of his/their alias no nothing about football,,,,,

  • Lil Boab

    THink it could just be that anytime we sell a player for aloss Ashley goes mental on Charnley. Would explain why we end up with so many players walking through to the end of their contracts

  • thewildchimp

    Mitro needs to be sold in order for everyone to move on (because he obviously has no future under Benitez and is, thus, only “dead weight”) but write realistically. It’s not that he doesn’t run in defense (those would be Joselu and Gayle), the problem is that he does and usually clobbers the man. Remember his debut.

    He can’t get a game because Rafa doesn’t want him and that’s it. Not because of the cards (Shelvey still plays), not because he misses often (Joselu still plays), not because he’s not good defensively (Gayle still plays), not because he’s ineffective (he’s good enough for the World Cup) – it’s because the gaffer doesn’t like him. Plain and simple. Why? We don’t know. But don’t pretend it’s because he doesn’t play well – he had no chance this season at all.

  • Down Under Mag

    So let me get this straight – Ashley has stipulated a minimum price and when a club submits a lower offer he deems it “paltry” and yet somehow when we go in for a player valued at a certain amount he always puts an offer in well below the asking price and expects the club to take it?? Hillarious!

    Perhaps Brighton think the player will agitate for amove and they will get a better deal…much like we have done in the past…

  • Paul Patterson

    I would hope that the reason why we have rejected the bid from Brighton for £8m is that it’s Brighton.
    If they want him it they would have to bid a lot more as they are a relegation rival. Either way, there is no way I’d sell any player to anyone in the bottom half of the league to aid their cause and potentially scupper ours.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Well I see the NUFC Comedy Week is up and running in full force,who needs the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ????

  • Damon Horner

    Can’t see him moving. It makes little sense selling him to a rival for as low as £8mil.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      that`s his value on transfermarket £8m, the mad world of Ashley paying £3m a year for doing nothing

      • Damon Horner

        Personally I wouldn’t let TransferMarkt dictate the selling price. He needs to move on without doubt but in the right setup he can score goals, it would be idiocy to present that chance to a rival.

        • mentalman

          thats the problem with mitro, the only teams who can afford his wages are premier league teams and top european clubs. We are therefore limited as to who we can sell him to as the top euro clubs don’t want him and neither do the higher up prem teams. That then only leaves our direct rivals. Rafa isn’t stupid enough to strengthen a rival and add to that he may be proved wrong if the ex player excelled at a rival club

      • Kneebotherm8

        Far better cut and run Mike…..

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Rafa handles all the transfers he`s the manager & Lee answers to him.
    right oh Mike, next lie

  • 1957

    Everyone must accept Benitez won’t play Mitrovic and he might as well be sold, but I would be looking for at least what we paid and probably more if a club in the bottom half of the PL were the bidder.

    It’s not a popular concept for some but I think in a different team with a different tactical set-up (players getting wide and putting lots of crosses into the box) he will score goals, not a goal a game or every other game but perhaps enough to keep a team up.

  • ghostrider

    Mitrovic should be sold. Rafa is killing the lad and he doesn’t deserve it.
    He’s one player that was desperate to make a name for himself at Newcastle. Maybe too enthusiastic but could be channelled correctly with the right manager.

    Let another team have his best and let him show us what Rafa has done to him by not trusting him or wanting him.
    And yes we do deserve 15 million.
    The money in the game has gone more stupid.
    I’ve heard fans say 20 million gets you average strikers and yet Mitro is called an average striker and yet somehow the fans want him sold for less than 10 million.
    Come on FFS.
    I know people hate Ashley but, seriously is this how it’s got.

    If we were owned by an owner who was liked, many fans would be screaming at clubs offering derisory money and begging the club to hold out.

    • Damon Horner

      “Killing the lad”, I’m sure you just try to get a reaction out of people. Tad bit dramatic when you consider Mitro is probably no angel.

      • FatParosite

        Yes I prefer SuperMac’s view of the player.

      • ghostrider

        Which footballers are angels?
        Rafa Benitez has held Mitrovich right back in terms of enhancing his talent.
        People forget he’s still a young lad.
        This lad would do a job for this club with a better manager.
        Rafa just zaps the potential out of 99% of the players.

        Yeah he’s killing the lads prospects while he’s rotting at this club.

        • Damon Horner

          Don’t be naïve, welcome to competitive sport. It’s a brutal business where careers are made and destroyed scarily easy. This is why he has advisors and agents.

          One thing is clear though, Rafa doesn’t owe Mitrovic a career nor will he necessarily get the respect or reward by doing his best by him, Just ask Townsend who was given a shot and dropped the club at the first opportunity or Cabaye who was made the focal point and agitated for a move leaving us highly weakened.

          He can do a job for somebody but never for the way Rafa plays and he isn’t the type of superstars you’d realign the stars for.

          • ghostrider

            Welcome to competitive sort?
            What kind of competitive sport is football these days?

            The competition appears to be who can spend the most money on the most players.

            And Rafa does owe Mitrovich a career. He’s in control of exactly that.
            If he has no intention of using him then he should have let him go almost right away to allow someone else to owe him a career.

            Rafa not trusting Mitrovic is petty but the way we play, Mitrovic is well worth the risk, even if he did get sent off because we put so many men behind the ball anyway 10 men would still seem like we’d lost nobody.

            Mitrovic is better suited to being a forward and Rafa gets a nose bleed mentioning the word FORWARD.

          • Phil

            It’s not just about him not being trusted. He can’t run and gets tired very quickly. He isn’t brilliant in the air and his finishing isn’t top notch. All of those reasons combined are why he doesn’t play.

            Joselu is getting a game ahead of him. That tells you all you need to know about how the manager thinks of him

          • ghostrider

            Come on Phil, you don’t really believe what you’ve just said, surely.

            Let’s put things into perspective.
            When Mitrovic first came he looked good. the fans took to him like a long lost son.
            He literally had the potential to go on and become better, stronger and faster.
            I know that sounds like the 6 million dollar man, but this is the 13 million quid man.

            A young lad starting his premier league career after doing the business for Anderlecht.
            Along comes Rafa and a few latercations later then bang, he’s done with.

            That tell me a few things.
            1. Rafa does not have the ability to patiently trust build.

            2. Rafa does not have the man management skills to smooth out player creases.

            3. It appears that anyone questioning him will be taken for a troublemaker and binned.
            I’m guessing on this but Either Colback has burgled his house with Mbemba, Saivet and co as accomplices and getaway driver, or Rafa is a sulking control freak.

            Who knows that?

            What I do know is, Rafa is destroying the progress of many a player on the field as well as off it.

            As for Joselu getting a game ahead of Mitrovic. It’s quite simple and clear for anyone to see.
            Two reasons.

            1. Joselu is Spanish.

            2. Joselu is willing to do everything but be a striker. He’s willing to be a chicken chaser for the entire match if necessary.
            rafa loves chicken chasers because it makes the team appear to be working hard for him.

        • TheFatController

          I presume the 1% he hasn’t zapped the potential from includes Lascelles?

          Rafa dropped Lascelles first game of season, Lascelles performed well and is back in.

          Rafa dropped Darlow for his mistakes, he’s now been reinstated and made no mistakes.

          Rafa dropped mitro, he came on against West Ham and smashed their player with his forearm.

          Some respond professionally to being dropped, others can he unprofessional it seems.

          • ghostrider

            He didn’t smash their player with his forearm at all.
            He barely brushed him but that’s by the bye. It’s happened and he paid the usual price a Mitrovic type marked player gets.

            Footballers at this club go backwards under rafa but they do enhance their defensive chicken chasing games in the process of having their talent sanded down to the bone.

  • Phil

    I can see mitro leaving for free when his contract expires. Can’t see anybody paying £15mill for him.

    We bought him for £13mill from the Belgian league where he was doing well. He has came over here and has done ok in patches, let himself and Rafa down a few times and shown us he has NO pace. He is blowing out of his ar£e after 20 minutes.

    So in the time he has been here how on earth has his price risen?

    I know he is still relatively young. I also know he gets a game for Serbia. But I think with Serbian football you qualify for the team on the grounds of being a male with 2 legs!

    I genuinely wish he had made it here because he appears to love Newcastle and is passionate! But I love Newcastle and have plenty of passion. Doesn’t mean I could play up front for us!!

    We need to cut our losses and let him go for a realistic price. He can start playing again and we can move on.

  • MadMag83

    Ashley won’t let him go for for anything less than £15m, meanwhile we’re supposedly in the market for a £20m striker. Is that proof that far from dipping into an kind of transfer budget, it’s once again a case of raising funds through sales? Far from investing in the team

  • Rich Lawson

    If he doesn’t get a game against Chelsea in the cup that’s his season finished unless the other forward options are decimated by injury ? His price presumably goes up because the current market prices keep being driven up, but it would be foolish to sell him to Brighton at any price to give them the potential of a better goal difference or more points than us.Let’s face it,on past experience there is no guarantee that Rafa’ would get any of the money raised by a sale ?

  • NUFCDan

    He was bought on the basis of his potential and he hasn’t improved one bit unfortunately. It was always going to be a big ask throwing a young player from a weaker league straight into the starting 11 at a club facing a relegation battle and expecting him to replace Ba/Remy straight away. A big problem with the club being ran on a shoestring budget is that players either stagnate or go backward while here. How much of that is down to the clubs non-existent coaching and how much of that (especially in this case) is down to the players attitude and fitness remains to be seen. Either way he looked awful and barely interested playing in the Championship last season so any money we got out of his sale has to be a bonus.

  • 8prestondave

    So, we have a striker valued at £15 million who cant get a game but we persist with a £5 million striker ? I know Rafa clearly likes one more than the other but surely if the price is relevant to the standard of player then we must play our most expensive/better striker for the good of the team, club and fans irrespective of personal feelings as a manager.? Otherwise you are failing in your duty towards the club as a whole and is partially why we are in the position we are currently in. And I am a Rafa fan.