No surprise to see Mark Hughes get the boot, following up defeat to Newcastle with an FA Cup loss at lowly Coventry, tipping the Stoke City owners over the edge.

This means that of the seven Premier League clubs currently below Newcastle in the table, six of them have sacked their managers in the last seven months.

Southampton kicked it all off, sacking Claude Puel after only one season, a season in which they reached the League Cup final and ended the campaign eighth in the Premier League (Claude Puel has gone to Leicester and done a very good job, they are now in eighth…).

They are now 17th and only out of the relegation zone on goal difference. Puel sacked in June before the season even kicked off.

With Hughes going yesterday, it means that since June there have been eight Premier League clubs who have sacked their managers and six of them are below Newcastle.

14 June 2017 – Southampton sacked Claude Puel and replaced him with Mauricio Pellegrino

11 September 2017 – Crystal Palace sack Frank de Boer – Replaced by Roy Hodgson

17 October 2017 – Leicester sack Craig Shakespeare – Replaced by Claude Puel

23 October 2017 – Everton sack Ronald Koeman – Replaced by Sam Allardyce

6 November 2017 – West Ham sack Slaven Bilic – Replaced by David Moyes

20 November 2017 – West Brom sack Tony Pulis – Replaced by Alan Pardew

20 December 2017 – Swansea sack Paul Clement – Replaced by Carlos Carvalhal

6 January 2018 – Stoke sack Mark Hughes – Replaced by ???

Current Premier League table:

premier league clubsSo the question is, are any/many of these clubs better off after sacking their managers?

Well, what I would say is that of the replacements, apart from maybe Claude Puel, I wouldn’t be impressed if any of the rest of them ever turned up at St James Park (in certain cases…once again).

The sacking of Mark Hughes actually means that remarkable, Rafa Benitez is the eighth longest-serving manager amongst the 20 Premier League clubs. with actually three of the eight coming up from the Championship only last summer.

Premier League managers who have been in their jobs the longest:

1 October 1996 – Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)

12 October 2012 – Eddie Howe (Bournemouth)

30 October 2012 – Sean Dyche (Burnley)

27 May 2014 – Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham)

31 December 2014 – Chris Hughton (Brighton)

8 October 2015 – Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool)

9 November 2015 – David Wagner (Huddersfield)

11 March 2016 – Rafa Benitez (Newcastle United)

27 May 2016 – Jose Mourinho (Man Utd)

  • ghostrider

    Rafa Benitez is still at Newcastle most likely for a few valid reasons.
    (Call this speculation on my part and nobody take it as me saying it’s a truth.)

    1. He became manager because insider knowledge was of the belief that a takeover was imminent but it got scuppered, or put on the backburner when we got relegated. MY possibility rating = 5/10.

    2. He’s being paid 5 million a year to work on a budget and to do his best on that budget with (as it appears) the club and fans willing to allow him to get it right…something he would not be afforded had he spent mammoth amounts of money. MY possibility rating = 8/10.

    3.He’s respected enough by fans who feel they are lucky to have him and feel good to have a name like Rafa Benitez as manager. MY possibility rating = 9.5 out of 10.

    3 intertwines with 2, in a way, but there’s my thoughts.

    Let’s put it in a clearer way.
    If any of those sacked managers had been at out club they would have been sacked also, most likely….or at least hounded out by the fans.

    Football is a very fickle sport as is many sports.
    However, results count because results determine where each team sits on each rung of the league ladder.

    When clubs take bit risks with transfer fees which naturally come with extortionate wages to match and do not get into at least a satisfactory position, then the managers naturally take the hit, even if the owners have called the shots, at times.

    The money thrown about right now has made fans lose their money minds.
    What was once a fortune in a million pounds is well known as loose change chicken feed.
    Imagine that?

    Even 15 and 20 million is being sneered at for players.
    “AHHHH what can we expect for 20 million.” ETC ETC ETC.

    You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t ut that’s the nature of the beast that football has becomes….not to mention many other sports.

    • Azz

      Benitez is still here because if he leaves he doesn’t get his contract paid off, if he gets sacked he does. Simple.

      • ghostrider

        Not really.
        If Ashley’s went against the contract that Benitez apparently set out with his lawyer (remember?) then he could leave and get it paid up.

        We’ll see as time goes on.
        Hopefully everything is being set for the betterment of the club and there’s method in all the madness that’s went on.

        I hope it’s the case.

        • Damon Horner

          He’ll obviously appreciate the money and respect from fans but I reckon he took it because we’re one of the biggest club outside of the elite, he won’t get those jobs anytime soon and he does believe we can challenge lower CL places with the right ambition across the club.

          • ghostrider

            I believe we can with the right ambition.
            The major issue is in, what is the right ambition?
            Is it big spending and careful management and if so, what does that entail when put up against those teams at the very top?

            You see, yeah we are one of the biggest clubs outside of the elite and could potentially be as big as most if it wasn’t for the postcode.

            It’s the north east stigma that we have to address against the south.
            If we were looked upon as on par in terms of what is deemed, class in the southern eyes then we would certainly be fighting firmly on the front foot much much easier.

            I can see points for both sides in this, as much as the hate for Ashley is and the frustration for Benitez.
            We have to be careful of being held to ransom in buying and when bought to get the players that are of the quality of champions league.
            Miss it and we could end up with a massive massive problem of long term mercenaries killing the club.

            It’s a massive gamble with money that would basically be a one hit wonder and then dribbling amounts….IF we went for it.

            That’s why I say we need a blank cheque book for an owner on a long term go for it basis.
            If not, we may as well keep Ashley because at the very least we will not sink into oblivion.

  • Rich Lawson

    He does the best job he can with what is available,give him the tools to do his job and we will fly up the Prem’.

  • nufcslf

    Well at least fatty has more than just Pulis to choose from when Rafa walks at the end of the season.