We are currently in the middle of a very pivotal month for Newcastle United football club.

Points are desperately required for the battle against relegation, while a takeover is required to free the club of the abject misery and monotonous cycle of underachievement and negativity that owner Mike Ashley has managed to manifest and promote over the last ten years.

Sadly, I do feel that we as Newcastle United fans, and Rafa Benitez, are not going to get what we desire.

This proposed takeover is starting to look dead in the water with each passing day and if Ashley and his mind game merchants persist in their Del Boy style tactics and trickery, I can see Amanda Staveley and whoever she represents sticking two fingers up at the whole shoddy business and moving on, if that stage hasn’t been reached already…

I would be disappointed if that was the outcome but I’d fully understand the frustrations.

In the grand scheme of things, the win against Stoke and any follow up against Swansea will actually have had a negative effect on the takeover, at least the way that I see it. We are led to believe that Mike Ashley was hoping for £400m in October while the club were positioned in the top half of the table. Nice try, but anyone who knows anything about football (Ashley doesn’t) will have been able to advise prospective buyers, if they didn’t know themselves that is, that this was a false league position.

The team/club were on a roll and Manager Rafa Benitez was getting the absolute best out of what is, and always will be, a Championship side. There are a couple of Premier League class players in this squad, with a few decent squad players, but by and large it will need substantial class adding to it which costs money, something which blatantly won’t be coming from the current regime.

As our results floundered in Autumn, any prospective buyer would have been less sure of buying a club that is at risk of playing Championship football next season. If results perk up, the sale looks a better prospect, sadly Ashley’s price becomes slightly more realistic. Still, £400m was a fantasy figure.

Naturally any buyer will look to get the best deal possible so rumours of a £250m bid from PCP was mooted, this being rejected by Ashley, obviously holding out for something nearer his dream price, and since this rejection we have been left in no man’s land on the takeover and as a consequence, player recruitment.

On the subject of transfer deals this month, beware the sting in the tail. I think the ship has already sailed on any prospect of anything actually happening with regards incoming moves – but if a bid comes in for any of our players (Shelvey, Gayle and Mitrovic have been linked with moves so far) then rest assured they will go.

This regime have a decent record at extracting top dollar out of buying clubs, but a shameful record of quality recruitment. How many times have this club been linked with a good player only to back out because the transfer fee seemed a bit high and then to prove the folly of such paucity and penny pinching, the player eventually becomes an excellent buy for another club and to further shame the policy, he is then sold on for some astronomical fee.

The time to buy players for maximum effect and cost is in the summer window NOT the January one, where selling clubs know exactly what to charge desperate buying clubs, another false economy from the powers that be at Newcastle, it has happened time and time again.

So as far as I can see it, there will be no signings made this window and no takeover either. Everything will be gambled on this club still being in the same league in May, something which actually doesn’t seem that hard to achieve in the scheme of things.

It looks as though 35 points will probably be enough to see us safe this season (as it was last season), as the much fabled 40 point safety mark becomes lower and lower each year. That’s 13 points required from these final 16 matches and if we can’t do that then we don’t deserve to stay in the league.

I for one think we will stay up, although it will be close.

I just fear that if we aren’t taken over this window (and I’ve already said that I feel time has ran out) we will be in this exact position come January 2019, just minus two things. 1.

The hope of breaking this depressing cycle, and crucially, Rafa Benitez.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Once Rafa clicks onto the fact that there will be no progression under the Fat Lad, then he`ll be off.
    a club in the summer will pay his exit fee

    • KRS1

      Totally agree, Rafa won’t do another season if the takeover doesn’t go through.

      • Paul9

        I don’t many fans will either but Ashley won’t care the money is in tv now and not who comes through the gate

        • Toonarden

          Yes – and that is the MAJOR problem.

    • Leazes

      You survived then?

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        i`m determined to see the demise of the Fat Lad

  • Peaky Magpie


  • FatParosite

    Rafa must know he is in a very strong position. Without signings, his position would be untenable. He has shouldered being lied to before and left wanting in the past 2 windows. I think he should and could go given a hatrick of tricks by Fat Mike. No signings means struggle and the possibility of going down under a Benitez stewardship given a whole season in charge. This would not look good. Leaving opens the door to a position elsewhere. I’ve heard they are already becoming tired of Potatohead at the toffees. Walking out would cost Rafa 5 million. But going down could cost him more in reputation. The fat controller needs Rafa to keep the lid on the fans and Staveley’s interest. A walk out on February 1st would shatter any chance of NUFC staying up & cost the fat parasite 100 – 200 million as well as extremely poor attendances next season. We won’t be here next season in the same position without Rafa I guarantee it.

  • Leicester Mag

    Welcome to Fat Hog day where nowt changes and never will

  • Leazes

    You can’t really say 35 points is safety…. so don’t say it!

    I don’t buy into this ‘positivity and negativity’ nonsense…. its just a spin on reality and truth….

    The takeover looks to be nothing more than a page filler which has served its purpose for the fake news boys at the Chronicle…. it has strung along Benitez until the window slams shut…. and strung along the fans who have been suckered by the hope of a sale.

    Meanwhile as the club sinks, and its assets are stolen by the board and our competitors are expanding their grounds into the 21st century.

    Newcastle fans are their own worst enemy…. they sit on their hand when there is a need to protest…. we could have ran this b*stard Ashley out of town when we had the chance…..

    Dont complain about it…. you have the owner you deserve… he’s not santa clause…

    …..Him Bad Man.

  • Charlie Dickens

    Yeah, this piece pretty much sums up how I feel about the club and what’ll happen in the future. The Dennis Praet story this morning shows how we attract decent players but upper management are insufferable. Can only hope younger players develop. I mean, Mitrovic is still only 23. Atsu at 26 could soon be peaking. Murphy is improving. Given a run in the team, Aarons could prove himself. Not given up on Hayden though he needs to rediscover the badman inside him. If Perez hit the weights and stayed on his feet… nah, we need new quality in key positions. Probably not until the summer, though. Ideally under new ownership.

  • gallowgate26

    If we win today,we are as good as up, IMO. Ashley can put his feet up and there will be no January signings. To secure this and next seasons TV payments will put the club in a healthy financial position. The way I see it, there are two ways of looking at it. Do you want to see the club survive and secure at least 18mths of the TV money, with a couple of players added in the summer, gambling on having just enough to finish on 40 points. Or would you like to see Ashley lose the TV money, Rafa leave, a period of instability, possible failure to get back up at the first time of asking, the value of the club plummet to below £100m (Ashley to lose his investment) and inferior League 1 players added in the future. With the likes of Lascelles & Shelvey sold to the highest bidder. Before anyone says NUFC are two big a club for that… Leeds, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Villa etc. etc. The way Ashley runs the club it is possible… I must admit, Ashley losing his investment IS tempting but I just think it will take years to come back from and can not be viewed as any sort of solution. We have already missed the boat (compared to the top PL clubs) as it is and years in the wilderness would put us 20years+ behind IMO.

    • Cockneytrev

      As much as I’d like to see Ashley take a huge financial hit, I honestly think if we go down again, the money that is awash in the premiership will take us further behind the teams who are established and I don’t think we will Be able to catch up to even the mid table teams (until the tv bubble breaks).
      The thing that annoys me most is we have always been badly run, but in the 90s and early 2000s we were so close to becoming an established top club, but for the shear greed of the owners we have had,,for me Ashley being the worst, as he has never had any intention of us being a football team only ever an advertising tool..

    • Leazes

      We didn’t

  • Jimmy

    Prey the takeover goes ahead ASAP , if not I would like Raffa to walk and the club to go down and just hope the crowds dwindle to nothing and us to stay down until he’s gone . Feel bad for thinking like this but if Ashley’s strung us and Raffa along , there needs to be mass a boycott drastic action , protests or even a hitman , the fat lying , corrupt shithouse needs sorting effing big time

    • Mirandinha9

      what a wonderful utopia that would be for crowds to dwindle, but, the happy clapping sheep will continue to go whatever the mediocrity presented in front of them. Whilst Cashley is the problem, they also contribute to it, by allowing Cashley to continue abusing the club.