Tuesday afternoon has seen an official Newcastle United statement, following allegations against Peter Beardsley.

The brief statement says that the Newcastle United reserve team manager ‘will take a period of leave’ whilst the allegations by young players are investigated.

Recent days have seen Peter Beardsley claimed to have bullied young Newcastle players and also make racially abusive comments to African players at the club (see below).

Newcastle United official announcement:

After discussions with Peter Beardsley this morning it has been agreed that he will take a period of leave, to commence immediately, whilst the club conducts its investigation into allegations made against him.

It would be inappropriate for the club to comment further until the conclusion of this investigation.’

The Mag – 8 January 2018:

Not the best of weekends for Peter Beardsley.

On Saturday an exclusive (see below) revealed that the Newcastle United reserve team manager was facing allegations of bullying at the club.

The Mirror reporting that Yasin Ben El-Mhanni claimed he had been bullied by Beardsley for more than a year and the newspaper adding that a number of other players had made supporting statements to the allegations.

The 22 year old El-Mhanni set to have his grievance hearing on Thursday.

However, now The Mail have done a follow up, saying that African player have made allegations of racial abuse, and that Peter Beardsley will meet the Newcastle United ‘hierarchy’ today with the allegations and evidence to be put to him.

The Mail:

‘Peter Beardsley is under investigation by Newcastle United after allegations of racial abuse were made by African players in the club’s academy, Sportsmail understands.

We can also reveal that five of Beardsley’s players have given witness statements in support of Yasin Ben El-Mhanni, who has made allegations of bullying against the Under-23 boss.

Beardsley will meet with the club’s hierarchy on Monday when the allegations and evidence will be put to him. He will be represented by the PFA and also present in the hearing will be the club’s chief executive Lee Charnley and head of safeguarding Steve Swinyard. El-Mhanni, 22, has his grievance meeting on Thursday.

The Premier League are aware of the investigation but are not involved at this stage. If Newcastle find the case against Beardsley to be proven, it is expected that he will lose his job.’

The Mag – Saturday 6 January 2018:

Saturday morning sees worrying claims that Peter Beardsley has been accused of a sustained campaign of bullying against one young Newcastle player.

The exclusive also details that a number of other Newcastle players have given supporting statements to the accusation.

Yasin Ben El-Mhanni joined United a year and a half ago and it is alleged that the bullying started within months of him signing.

It is The Mirror who have broken the story and they report that the 22 year old’s allegations will be heard at a grievance meeting this Thursday.

Back in 2003, both Peter Beardsley and Kenny Wharton were cleared of charges of bullying when accused by young Newcastle players at the time, including Terry McDermott’s son Neale.

In 2006 Peter Beardsley did leave the club but Mike Ashley brought him back in 2009.

The NUFC playing legend then did everything from coaching at the Academy to handing out certificates at schools in an ambassadorial role, before eventually being made reserve team manager.

The Mirror:

Peter Beardsley is under investigation at Newcastle amid allegations of bullying.

The Toon legend, coach of the club’s Under-23 players, has been accused by 22 year-old winger Yasin Ben El-Mhanni of conducting a sustained campaign designed to humiliate him.

A number of players have given statements supporting allegations made by El-Mhanni.

El-Mhanni’s complaint will be heard at a grievance meeting on Thursday.

El-Mhanni’s representatives have refused to comment but Mirror Sport understands he remains deeply unhappy and has taken the official route in a bid to get his complaints heard.

It is the second time that Beardsley, who won 59 caps in his illustrious England career, has been accused of bullying at Newcastle. He and coach Kenny Wharton were cleared in 2003 after Under-19 players Ross Gardner and James Beaumont made claims against them.

Beardsley left the club in 2006. He later took on an ambassadorial role doing PR and media work for Mike Ashley.

He rejoined the academy as a coach in 2009.

It is understood that El-Mhanni claims his alleged unfair treatment began within months of his arrival on Tyneside.’

  • Peaky Magpie

    Can Dough Boy,Penfold & Concur also go to wherever “a period of leave” is permanently ?

    • Leicester Mag

      How about a 5yr secondment to Mongolian FA?

      • Peaky Magpie

        😂😂 or the North Korean Academy of Excellence.

  • robbersdog

    Beardsley’s Newcastle career seems to be over. As much as I admired him as a player, I won’t mourn the loss of an Ashley stooge. Also, Rafa will now have the opportunity to bring in his own man as reserve team coach.

    • Cockneytrev

      Not before time,,

    • Andy Mac

      Yup good player maybe even great player but as a coach he’s absolutely sh……

  • TheNutJob

    Doomed !

  • Peaky Magpie

    If this is proven to be true I can’t condone It especially the racism,however today’s young footballers come on… ridiculous money while unproven,pink boots,cars that are too powerful,fancy toilet bags,pointless jewellery,hideously expensive watches,ridiculous hairstyles,weird handshakes & gestures,oversized headphones (what’s that all about)……yet no one is allowed to comment….spoilt brats spring to mind,too protected in a now too over protected society (Howay Leazes I’ve set a speech up here for you)…if we acted like this when I was growing up in the late 60’s through the 70’s we would have been howked from one end of the field to the other and it didn’t do us any harm,but all you get now is the phrase….”different times”.

    • Phil

      People from your era and similar times always say the same thing. Wouldn’t of happened in my day. Would of got a smack for this and that.

      Things are far from great these days. But you can’t compare the 2. Because as you pointed out we are in different times

      I can’t imagine the likes of Barry Bennell getting away with what he was doing these days. By that I mean on that scale. Lots of monsters out there but it seems easier to talk now

      • Peaky Magpie

        Yes Phil totally agree with the ability of people been able to talk now and believe me things weren’t 100% rosy in those days by any stretch as historical cases keep proving.I just think now we are getting more over sensitive in an ever growing more politically correct world.

        • Phil

          Yeah I agree that it is over sensitive at times. Just hard getting the balance.

          Looks like pedro is a goner this time. As people have rightly pointed out he should be sacked for being bad at his job.

          Anyway…. Fingers crossed for Saturday!

          • Peaky Magpie

            Huge huge game Saturday,hopefully 3 points,all the best 👍

          • Phil

            You to 🍻

  • kingfisher

    My sentiments exactly Peaky. I posted a similar comment earlier today. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why do all these cases involving celebrities seem to be played out in the public domain, when people will make their mind up that they are guilty before the hearing/trial even begins? I’ve read comments saying no smoke without fire, which proves my point. Big John McNamee would have sorted the scroats out !

    • Peaky Magpie

      I didn’t see your earlier post but well said 👍👍

  • Andy Mac

    This club is truly pathetic. We’re all reading about a Reserve team coach who may or may not have bullied/abused players in his charge (whichever version you read from whichever era) and who may be sacked for his misdemeanours.

    Yet NO ONE, BUT NO ONE is actually saying this fkr needs to go for his woeful; attempts at coaching the most inept U23 side which is floundering in the 2nd tier of the Premier League Reserves. We’re 4th from bottom in that league while Boro (who clearly arent a PL side) are top and the Makems are a league higher in Div 1.

    During PB’s reign as the most incompetent coach, Boro have won the PL league and gone on to play in Europe while we cant even win the Northumberland Senior Cup ?

    The only reason PB is still here is because he brown noses the Fatman like no other ! He should have been sacked years ago.

  • fistsofsteel2

    I wish he’d go for good. Decent player, but he’s been absolutely dreadful in his capacity as youth / reserve coach. He’s only there on his name/reputation as a player; but he really is woeful at the ‘job’ he’s been given.

  • Philippines

    If the bloke complaining is such a sensitive little flower, maybe he should be playing the the girl’s league.