Kenedy has signed for Newcastle.

Tuesday night bringing official confirmation from the club.

Earlier, Antonio Conte had said at his pre-Arsenal press conference that the left sided player was signing for NUFC.

However, he warned the Brazilian that he’d have to fight for his place when out on loan.

Newcastle United Official Announcement:

Newcastle United are pleased to announce the signing of Kenedy on loan from Chelsea until the end of the season.

The 21-year-old, a top target during this window, will not be eligible to play against his parent club in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup on Sunday, but could make his Magpies bow against Burnley at St. James’ Park next week.

Kenedy linked up with Chelsea from Fluminense in his native Brazil in 2015, and made 20 appearances in his maiden campaign in English football.

He spent time on loan at Watford last season, and has made a handful of appearances for the Blues this term – scoring in their 5-1 Carabao Cup win over Nottingham Forest in September.

After Mirandinha, Fumaça and Cláudio Caçapa, Kenedy becomes the fourth Brazilian to play for Newcastle, and he cited boss Rafa Benítez as a key influence in his decision to move to the North East.

“I’m so happy with this opportunity at Newcastle. They’ve opened the door to me to come here, show my potential and come and play for Newcastle,” he said.

“It’s a traditional club and Rafa Benítez is a fantastic, amazing coach. Christian Atsu, as well – we trained together at Chelsea and know each other, and he said good things about the club. So it was easy to take this decision.”

Benítez added: “Kenedy is a player that we have been following since the summer. The reason we are interested is that he can play in several positions – as a winger, a wing back and also as an offensive left full back, so he gives the team many options.

“He has a great left foot and good energy. He is still a young player but he has some experience already in the Premier League and that will help with his adaptation. We welcome him to Newcastle United.”

  • Leazes.

    How has Rafa been following the player…. when he hasn’t been involved?

    He’s been dumped by Chelsea because he has baggage and frees up a place in their squad!

    When is Rafa going to admit defeat….. you don’t have any control over signings otherwise you would have made some!

    This isn’t a Rafalution…. its stagnation!

    • Benmagpie

      How about, since we all know that the players read this ‘website’, we welcome him and give him a clean slate?

      • Megatron1505

        The players read this site???? In that case….

        Matt Ritchie, your mate Adam from Gosport promised to get my kid your autograph but he hasn’t as he is a bit of a 🛎 end. Can you sort it next time you see him. Cheers pal.

        • Leazes.

          Well Shearer does …. I challenged him to make a statement on MOTD and he did…. coincidence?

          • magpiefifer

            It was a relatively mild ‘statement’ Leazes! At least he did make the point about why the fans aren’t happy.

          • Leazes.

            I was kidding

          • magpiefifer

            I’ll get your humour one of these days bonnie lad!!!

        • Cockneytrev


        • Peaky Magpie


    • Nut

      Not so sure he has been dumped, on the face of it this just appears to be a loan for the rest of the season, feel free to correct me if wrong there. I am not aware of any option to buy in future are you?

      Conte’s comments earlier would suggest they are sending him out for 1st team premier league experience and view him very much as one for the future.

      Obviously I do hope Rafael has managed to prize an asset away from them permanently right from under their noses but I suspect that’s not going to be the case.

      • Leazes.


    • HarryHype59

      Or even a Lafalution!

      • Peaky Magpie

        Like it ✔️

  • Paul Patterson

    Like the look of him, he deserves a chance to lose this ‘baggage’ tag and what better chance with us. Any word of what a future fee would be?
    Now for a good striker.

  • Let’s hope this one is a keeper like Atsu. Hopefully, we can get 2-3 more bodies in before the Burnley game.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    I do hope he’s as good as Fumaca

    • Leicester Mag

      It took exhaustive scouting to find a Brazilian who couldn’t play.

      • TheNutJob

        If there`s any out there we`ll find them. look at the class Spanish players there are yet we found the Hoss

  • TheNutJob

    welcome to the Toon Robert, now where`s that £20m striker we need

    • wheyayeman

      Never going to happen

  • Ivan

    Placation of the masses and the beast is quelled, wake up newcastle it’s all your allowed, it’s not been our club for a long time, is this loan signing a glimpse into the future or what you’ve been turned into? #Ashleycon

  • wheyayeman

    Can’t get near Chelsea’s bench? Played a game and a half in 3 seasons? What a signing ! (On loan for 6 months) Welcome to the lofty ambitions of a permanent relegation dog fight courtesy of Mike Ashley.

  • Gareth Marshall

    A signing is a signing and I’m not moaning for the sake of it but this is hardly what we really need, is it? Hell give us more going forward against the “lesser” teams, however, we are well and truly in a relegation scrap.

    What we need more than anything else (aside from a decent striker of course) is experience, especially experience of fighting the drop. I’m just not sure he’s bringing what we need – but that’s not his fault and regardless of what I jusy said I wish him all the best and hope he proves a success for us.

    • wheyayeman

      What we need, what we need, what we need. Everyone knows what we need bro and Ashley decides what we get.

      • Gareth Marshall


    • thewildchimp

      I’m not really into players with experience in relegation battles. They have that experience for a reason. That means they aren’t good enough for better teams.

      • Gareth Marshall

        Fair point.

      • Damon Horner

        We have one in Diame and the fans hate him! Haha

        • Angelswithdirtyfaces

          Diame’s form is picking up – even his critics admit that. Wonder how good he really is ?

          • Damon Horner

            Didn’t mean to sound critical. I’m probably more on Diame’s side than most on here, he is looking ok at the moment as a defensive player for me, I don’t think he can do much better though but happy to be wrong!

            Just pointing out that experience in that sense carries more value in theory!

    • HarryHype59

      I wonder if this deal is aimed at keeping agents sweet, so we cash sign the EPL quality forward we need.

  • Leazes.

    Wake up Newcastle you idiot!

    • wheyayeman

      Well said!

  • wheyayeman

    Wow finally Ashley is getting stuck in – averting those relegation fears by spending heavily now! Bit of a wreckless financial gamble this one but it’s great to see some big ambition on display. Well to those who doubted ! You know who you are!

  • Desree

    Doumbia was a better signing. Going down

    • Peaky Magpie

      Doumbia….even sounds depressing.

  • grantham mag

    They even managed to get part of sports direct .CON in the picture, it can only get Better ?????

  • TheFatController

    Chelsea sign plenty of players that they loan out or sell because they’re too young and inexperienced to dislodge the world class players they tend to have in the first sixteen.

    Its Chelsea who loaned out and then sold De Bruyne aged 23 for £18m, so not getting a game for Chelsea in your younger years is no indication you’re not capable, it just means you’re not world class yet…

    • Jezza

      As a player who has made the subs bench a few times for Chelsea this season, he is coming to us with a far better pedigree than any of our summer signings.

    • NUFCDan

      Salah and Lukaku too. Salah barely kicked a ball for them.

  • Lelisevis

    I know the Sage has good acoustics but Nigel Kennedy is quite a signing, he doesn’t half look different in those low res pictures, at least we will have some decent tunes at half time……..Oh Kenedy signs, had me hopes up there.

    • Peaky Magpie