Another announcement on Newcastle United live TV matches on Wednesday morning.

Confirmation that the away Premier League matches at Liverpool and Spurs will be broadcast live.

Liverpool away stays on Saturday 3 March but now has a 5.30pm kick-off.

Whilst Newcastle’s trip to Wembley now takes place on Friday 16 March at 8pm (nice move for travelling  fans, not!).

There have been 12 Newcastle United live TV matches so far, so by the time Newcastle have played Tottenham on 16 March, it will mean there will have been 17 in total…so far.

Newcastle United Live TV matches now confirmed:

Sunday 28 January

1.30pm Norwich or Chelsea v Newcastle (BT Sport)

Sunday 4 February

2.15pm Crystal Palace v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Sunday 11 February

2.15pm Newcastle v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Saturday 3 March

5.30pm Liverpool v Newcastle (BT Sport)

Friday 16 March

8pm Tottenham v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Announcement (approximately/allegedly) of Premier League live TV games:

25 January 2018 – March matches

26 February 2018 – April matches

6 April 2018 – May matches

Matchweek 38 will be announced after all clubs have played 37 matches (All last matches of the season will be played on Sunday 13 May with a 3pm kick-off, whether live on TV or not)

As you can see, today’s announcement of March live matches came a day earlier than scheduled.

Today’s announcement means that 16 of Newcastle’s first 31 Premier League  matches have been chosen for Live TV, as well as the FA Cup game at Chelsea.

Newcastle United Live TV matches already played:

Sunday 13 August

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Sunday 20 August

Huddersfield Town 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 10 September

Swansea City 0 Newcastle 1

Sunday 24 September

Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 1 October

Newcastle United 1 Liverpool 1

Sunday 15 October

Southampton 2 Newcastle United 2

Monday 30 October

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

Saturday 18 November

Man Utd 4 Newcastle United 1

Saturday 2 December 

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

Saturday 9 December

Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

Wednesday 27 December  

Newcastle 0 Man City 1

Saturday 20 January

Man City 3 Newcastle 1

Only one win from the 12 shown live so far, hopefully the next five will improve that record…

  • ghostrider

    We are going to wembley and it will be televised.
    All those who thought we wouldn’t get to wembley this season. PFTTTTT. lol

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    It just shows how thick and ignorant these T.V. companies are putting Newcastle on a Friday night in London when it’s odds on that the game will not be played till a Wednesday at the end of the season. So anyone intending going do not book travel as more than likely you will lose your money. There should be no games scheduled for F.A. Cup weekend having said that the people who pick these fixtures probably have no idea this is the case.

    • Davey drape

      spot on and totally agree

  • HarryHype59

    How many of those televised games will Newcastle win?

    • Peaky Magpie

      Indeed,in fact how many of our untelevised games will we win ???

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The televised game against Man Utd at home went on sales today at ten am and within an hour only single seats left demand like never before. Just shows the fans are backing the club more than ever which is great news.

  • Rich Lawson

    I hate Sky,their money is ruining the game in England at lower levels,I live in a village and my local is dropping Sky in March because the cost to show games in the pub is so high.They only care about the armchair fans,and,yes, I’m sorry for the old and young folks who can’t get out.We’re struggling to get 2nd rate strikers from France,Belgium,Holland etc because they percieve us to have money to burn.I am of an age where I remember MOTD was a single game and if you were lucky you might see highlights of NUFC on Shoot at Sunday lunchtime on TyneTees. I don’t have to be at the match or watch it on the telly to support my team.Only the result counts.

    • hetonmag

      Just look at the plight of Hartlepool United and many more like them, one week’s wage from Sanchez could keep them alive it’s disgusting.

      • Rich Lawson

        It is disgusting,and for all my dislike of Sky good on Jeff Stelling for trying to help them.What are the FA doing to protect the lower leagues ? It used to be an important part of player development and they should get a proper cut of the TV money rather than the rich getting richer (rant over !)

        • hetonmag


    • Davey drape

      exactly & well said. not until you seen what goes on at grassroots. no wonder clubs in Holland (pop 15million) have excellent infrastructures to produce talent. PSV only need to sell 1 player each year for £4m which will pay for its academy for 12 months

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Less than two hundred single tickets left for Man Utd going to sell out in under a day so great backing from the fans.

  • Fisherking

    Trains for return journey from Liverpool are bad you’ve got less than hour to get from anfield to lime Street then no trains after that joke you cannot go City to city after 8:30 pm

    • Andy Mac

      Thats the beauty of privatising our national rail operations !

  • GToon