Rob Lee is back at St James Park on Saturday but supporting the wrong team…

A very proud day as the Newcastle legend is set to watch sons Olly Lee and Elliot Lee, take on ‘his’ club.

For a former top player to see two sons both make it in professional football is a rarity and Newcastle fans will forgive him for cheering the opposition tomorrow.

The cup-tie has given Rob Lee (pictured above with a paper copy of The Mag back in the day) the chance to reminisce about his Newcastle United days and just how great it was playing under Kevin Keegan.

Away from the matches as well, the former Newcastle midfielder talks of how the other players were also his mates, and that the dads/players (Lee, Shearer, Speed, Barton, Given) would get together away from training and have games of five a side with all their kids joining in. What a childhood that must have been!

Rob Lee talking to the Telegraph:

“It’s a dream come true for the boys (Rob’s two sons) to go back there, it’s the next best thing to pulling on a black-and-white shirt.

“People ask, ‘Do you regret not winning the league?’ and I genuinely say to them the five years I had with Keegan I would not trade for a league winner’s medal.

“He played the kind of football I dreamed of as a kid.

“I played for Charlton under Lennie Lawrence and Alan Curbishley and it was all very structured. Keegan said to me once, ‘I just buy good players and let them play’.

“I just wish he had won the league, then no one could question him, and maybe the whole structure of coaching would have changed.

“He wanted to buy players who wanted to entertain. At one time, we had Ginola, Asprilla, Ferdinand, Beardsley, Shearer all playing. I had to play holding midfield. He called me and Dave Batty his dogs.

“If I’m being honest, I think both of them (Rob Lee’s sons) are suited to a higher league, I’m looking forward to Luton getting promotion and seeing how they get on in a higher division.

“They (Rob Lee’s sons) were playing against my mates who were all professional players: Alan Shearer, Gary Speed, Warren Barton, Shay Given.

“They used to come round during the season and we had five-a-sides with all the kids. I don’t know if it was allowed. I don’t think the physio was very happy about it…but he used to join in as well.”

  • TheNutJob

    I buy good players & let them play, Rafa does the opposite although to be fair KK had the backing. Newcastle should have built on Keegan`s legacy instead they went the opposite way, we were the entertainers now we`re not only a joke but we bore everybody to death. the fans who were lucky to go during the Keegan era witnessed probably the best football the club has ever played.
    Keegan wouldn`t have signed any of our current squad.

    • TheNutJob

      Rob will back his son`s & rightly so, let`s hope it isn`t another shocker

      • Rich Lawson

        A wonderful player for us,he should step on to the pitch before the match or at half time to receive the adulation he still deserves. Let’s have no resentful words on here about his support for his son’s whatever the result.That’s what father’s do.

        • grantham mag

          Here , Here

        • Mark

          But it would be nice to spank Luton

          • Rich Lawson

            Oh yeah,that goes without saying.

    • Mirandinha9

      Keegan would have bought Ritchie – rates him very highly

  • Wor Lass

    Could go either way this one. A buoyant, successful and free-scoring League two outfit can always do a gang of struggling PL strangers. If Rafa makes too many changes we could be in trouble here. League survival has to be top priority, though.

  • Mrkgw

    The Legend of Rob Lee. Great days, great player.

  • ghostrider

    Great read that.
    I wish football could be played like that again.
    I hate the so called scientific nonsense it’s become.

  • toonterrier

    If only we could turn back the clock. Even when we lost during the KK era we went home with a smile on our faces due to the ninety minutes of pure entertainment. It may happen again but only when we get the fat one out and a football loving owner in.

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Much as I think Rafa if he man for us, he’s not going to deliver Keeganesque football

  • 1957

    Rob very much views his boys with the same rose tinted glasses most of us would view our own. From the little I’ve seen of them, they aren’t particularly good and the fact they have dropped down the leagues and found their level tends to confirm it.

    He is one of the most complete midfielders we’ve ever had, strange when you look back that his move to central midfield from the wing caused some controversy as it led to Lee Clark being left out of the team.

  • GeordieZebra

    Bobby Lee – the man, the myth, the legend. Fantastic professional and player for us.

  • GToon

    What a player he was. Whenever we have that post on this site asking who we should pick v our opposition I always think I’d just type in a goalie and ten Robert Lees, just like the song goes.