If anybody asked you what will be happening at Newcastle United in 12 months time, what could you say?

You could honestly say that the extremes would be as far apart as fighting it out on the edges of the (Premier League) top six and being around about where Sunderland currently find themselves.

In the days of colour TV, Newcastle United has always been a club capable of self-destructing, but never more so than under Mike Ashley’s ownership.

If he did manage to take Newcastle down this time, it would be three relegations in nine Premier League seasons under Ashley, something which even Sky Sports would find it difficult to explain away…

The current positives at the club can be summed up by Rafa Benitez and fifty thousand match-going fans.

There isn’t anything else really, apart from St James Park.

Which is only really an asset when you have the fans to fill it.

Ironically, the two positives at NUFC are inextricably linked.

Rafa Benitez is still here because fifty thousand Newcastle fans want to spend time and money showing their support for him.

Fifty thousand Newcastle supporters still fill St James Park because Rafa Benitez believes in them.

The spell would be broken if either Rafa or the fans called time on Newcastle United, it would be a little bit like the Wizard of Oz.

The fantasy peeled away and showing that there was little of substance behind it.

Both Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle fans have a picture in their heads as to what could potentially happen at St James Park but first the headache of Mike Ashley needs to be removed.

Just imagine in 12 months time a Newcastle United with fifty thousand fans and Rafa Benitez but Mike Ashley nowhere to be seen.

You have to think that the club will go in one direction or the other in the next year and lets really really hope it is the right direction for once.

  • Dave

    I’m willing to bet in 12 months time either Rafa or Ashley won’t be there. The fall of Sunderland should be enough of a warning to the greedy fat leech. In 12 months time one way or another we will be a different club.

    • Finnbar

      In 12 months time……………
      Maybe,just maybe, instead of repeatedly beating ourselves up about the situation MA has placed us,we actually all come together and buy the club.
      Population of Northumberland/ Newcastle is currently circa 600000(600k).Thats where the core support resides.
      50,000 backers paying £6000 each with the odd millionaire thrown in(Shearer etc) ?
      Maybe,just maybe ,reach for the stars lads because I reckon no other fu** er is going to help us.

    • Danimal

      This time next year Rodney…

  • Leicester Mag

    Eye.. problem is though in keeping with the Wizard of Oz theme. Dorothy has been banished by the chunky evil witch of the West the lion has no courage to fight , the Tin man no heart and the Strawman at the Chronic no brain

  • Tony Mann

    ‘ just imagine in 12 months time’ – soz – I can’t – hence I am going to get blind stinking drunk on Aldi Gin – which isn’t bad as it happens. It will also prepare me for the carnage which I CAN imagine will happen tomorrow.

  • TheNutJob

    Fatty`s still here next season, Rafa`s gone, chucked it.
    how many will turn up at St James on the 1st home game of the season

    • Soldier

      50 to 52 thousand

    • Mitros gotta start


  • TheFatController

    12 months more with Ashley and we’ll all be on Aldi gin, and not just on Friday nights.

    He’s probably on it too, though. Well, maybe not Aldi. I see him more as an 8 Ace 32 Einhorn type.

    But he is now facing the reality that he now won’t get offered much more than £270m for the club, even in the summer. And that’s supposing we aren’t relegated.

    Have a 4 pack of Ace on me, Mike, you’ve got no buyer, you probably need it…

    • anyobrien

      Aldi gin is Alreet its won some top awards

      • TheFatController

        I’ll use it for a drinking game tomorrow evening.

        One sip every time we cross the half way line. I’m driving.

        • Soldier

          try Unicorn tears.

        • anyobrien

          😂 😂 😂

        • Rich Lawson

          Chris Tarrant as the designated driver then ?

      • kingfisher

        It’s also good for removing rust, paint stains,nail varnish etc,etc 🍾🥂🍸🍷

    • TheNutJob

      bet he`s real worried about it, shaking in his boots

      • TheFatController

        When you’re a billionaire nothing worries you except your public image.

        Trust me, he thought he’d be leaving the building waving two fingers and £380m at us.

        He can’t even sell the biggest sleeping giant in the biggest league of the biggest sport in the world.

        Care to big him up by reply again?

        • TheNutJob

          you think you have him taped don`t you well we `ll find out the score in the summer & your figures make diddly squat.
          his do

          • TheFatController

            Well, as a psychologist I know for certainty I couldn’t say I’ve got him taped, he’s quite low profile, but going on what I have seen of him, I can tell you that the few that do support him, were he required to support them, he’d drop them like a stone.

            He’s stuck in the drama triangle, underlying he has a feeling he’s the big victim, thus getting his in first with persecuting, reverting to victim when aggression doesn’t work…

            Nothing he does is in presence, taken at face value on its own merits, everything comes loaded with bias from previous experience.

            The perfect personality disorder to drive you to be a billionaire in fact. Billionaires succeeding that way he’d to be careful however, their paranoia from childhood and victim status mean they can’t trust anyone due to being unable to discern whether it’s your money or personality that attracts people to you …

            I haven’t got him taped, but I can take an educated guess…

        • ghostrider

          It’s not the biggest sleeping giant. It’s a big club that has potential but that potential is hard to realise due to the post code.
          Ashley more than likely wants to keep the club but must be sick to death of the fans hate for him for no good reasons 90% of the time.

          The sleeping giant will only awaken when the FA play a fair game and the fans start realising that cutting Ashley some slack will also give him the impetus to throw the odd present into the mix from time to time.

          If I owned the club you’d get nothing like a present off me, either.

          • Danimal

            For God’s sake, not the postcode nonsense again. Does your lord and master keep a selection of these ludicrous excuses on cue cards for you to pull out of his rear end on a daily basis?

          • ghostrider

            Nahhh, I do it all by myself, unlike people like yourself who are weak minded and follow the masses, just because.

  • anyobrien

    I would just love to talk to Ashley and ask him exactly what he wants and what does he think he will achieve?
    Very strange man tbh.

    • Mitros gotta start

      I would love to punch his teeth through the back of his fat neck that looks like a packet of hot dog sausages

  • Soldier

    anyone on here self made billionaires, thought not forget about any takeovers they`ll be done on his terms.

    • TheFatController

      Bizarre. That assumes he can make investors pay what he wants using some sort of Jedi mind trick.

      I think the world’s investors, by their silence, have spoken loud and clear on the chances of him controlling the terms of any future takeover

  • magpiefifer

    My crystal ball tells me that in 12 months time we will be in the lower reaches of the Championship (Sunderland country!) with a 2-bit head coach like McClaren,in front of crowds of 35,000+ at SJP, and Ashley happy to have some TV and parachute money while still plastering the ground with his tat retail empire!

  • wheyayeman

    Ashley leaving NUFC…for me that’s the psychological equivalent of Shola scoring a stoppage time hatrick against Germany in the World Cup Final!

  • Rich Lawson

    He’s ”nowhere to be seen” now (unless you have Sky)

  • Kneebotherm8

    In 12 years time Ashley will still be here.