Feyenoord have turned down a £12m bid from Newcastle United for Nicolai Jorgensen, according to widespread media reports on Wednesday morning.

The Dutch club are said to value the striker at £20m and to have immediately turned down Newcastle’s offer as nowhere near enough.

Nicolai Jorgensen was top scorer in the Dutch league last season and scored 21 goals to help Feyenoord to lift the title by one point from Ajax.

However, not so great so far this season for the 27 year old forward or his team, they currently lie a disastrous fifth in the table and are 17 points behind leaders PSV and 12 behind second placed Ajax.

Feyenoord also finished bottom of the Champions League group that was topped by Manchester City, Jorgensen scoring two goals.

In the league, the Danish striker has scored only seven goals so far this time but had a hamstring injury that has limited him to playing in only 14 of Feyenoord’s 18 league matches.

A Danish international with 29 appearances, he has scored eight goals and has helped his country qualify for this Summer’s World Cup finals in Russia. He played in both play-off matches against Ciaran Clark’s Republic of Ireland but didn’t score.

Failing to make it in Germany earlier in his career with Bayer Leverkusen and Kaiserslautern, Nicolai Jorgensen returned to his homeland to play for FC Copenhagen.

In 88 league starts plus 11 off the bench he scored 43 goals, then since joining Feyenoord for around £2.5m in Summer 2016 the striker has scored 28 goals in 45 league starts plus one appearance off the bench.

Obviously there is a long history of strikers scoring loads of goals in the Dutch league and then when going to stronger leagues such as in England and Germany, having very mixed results.

Jorgensen’s 26 year old team-mate Steven Berghuis got a £6m move to Watford back in Summer 2015 after doing well at AZ Alkmaar but lasted only one season in the Premier League, struggling to get a game and in his nine PL starts didn’t score a single goal.

Moving back to Holland and joining Feyenoord at the same time as Nicolai Jorgensen im Summer 2016, Berghuis only managed seven league goals last season but has outscored Jorgensen this time, with 11 so far to be Feyenoord’s top scorer.

Difficult to judge who will be a success when stepping up from weaker leagues but at 27 and his overall profile, it is difficult to see how Nicolai Jorgensen could demand a £20m price tag.

Though who knows these days – it is all about adding  better quality for Newcastle up front and who else is there about who Newcastle could attract?

It is easy to see why Feyenoord may be keen to sell, especially if they can get £20m for a player they signed for just £2.5m 18 months ago. With no chance of success in the league this season, Feyenoord will already be looking to build for next season and with no Champions League cash to look forward to next year, selling Nicolai Jorgensen can help give them funds to invest in signings to get back up to the top next season.

As for Newcastle, last night brought reports that they had also turned down a ‘paltry’ offer for one of their strikers, with claims that Brighton had bid £8m for Aleksandar Mitrovic, Newcastle said to want £15m or more if they are to consider selling the Serbian striker, a striker of course who hasn’t been selected to start a single Premier League match this season and who Rafa picked only 11 times in the Championship.

As always, whether it is a player or a football club, something/someone is worth only what somebody else is willing to pay.

Yesterday did see Newcastle make their first signing of the window, 21 year old Kenedy arriving on loan from Chelsea.

Only seven days now until the last day of the January transfer window…

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Who scouted this guy, Rafa ? not in a million years & the last couple of strikers from Holland & Belgium have both been failures. they never learn do they.
    Once again Fatso goes cheep,
    5 pairs of trainers £2.99, spend £30 & get a free Schyte Direct Mug,
    pay premiership prices to watch a Championship team

    • Anita kick up the Hoop

      How has Mitrovic at 23 years old been a failure? .. he has 15 goals in 33 appearances and 9 of those are at Premiership level .. if a 22year old scores 9 goals in his first season in the premier league this year he will suddenly be worth £25/30million and every Newcastle fan will be desperate for us to sign him !!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        he`s failed at Nufc, partly due to the manager but he`s failed, best sell him

        • Anita kick up the Hoop

          Good job we didn’t follow that line of thinking under Gullit

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            i didnt drop him or not play him, see Rafa on that one

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            I get that … but unless we buy proven quality we may as well play him … I’d rather us sell Gayle (who proves every week that he isn’t premier league class) and give Mitrovic a fair chance!

          • Gallowgate Frost

            What if Mitro is a bell end with a stinking attitude who puts no effort in to training?

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            No one has ever suggested Mitrovic has been anything other than totally professional at this club .. I think it’s a disgrace to insinuate he’s anything of the sort

          • Megatron1505

            Why would they suggest that and devalue a saleable asset you plumb?

            You know as much as anyone else but choose to blame the manager as it’s easy.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            They aren’t suggesting it you tard .. the bloke two comments above is .. read the entire discussion before you pipe up.

          • Megatron1505

            You’re lack of understanding is both hilarious and not entirely shocking. Does your mum make you use rubber cutlery?

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            What a cabbage … you can’t even follow a feed … you assumed I was insinuating the club where implying Mitrovic wasn’t professional in training when it was a poster only two comments above who suggested that … now you start using “your mum” jokes, .. (its mam by the way unless you’re from Darass Hall) … are you stuck in a late 90’s time warp when people thought it was clever to drop “your mam” jokes into every put down?

          • Megatron1505

            I’ll make it brain numbingly easy for you.

            You said “No one has ever suggested that Mitrovic has ever been anything other than totally professional…”

            I replied “why would they suggest that and devalue a saleable asset you plumb?”

            The clear (to all but those with very special needs) insinuation being that nobody at the club would say if he was (like you) a complete tool as it would lessen his value.

            Or to make it even more simple.

            Nobody say Mitro bad.

            Nobody would say Mitro bad or money be less.

            Are you up to date now?

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            What a blinkered idiot… not onc at any of his clubs or at international level has anyone ever suggested Mitrovic is or has been a poor trainer or in any way unprofessional.. in fact the only person to suggest this has been Gallowgate frost in this feed!
            The only devaluation that’s gone on is Rafa playing Joselu and Gayle rather than a lad who are 22 in his first ever premiership season and in a relegation season at that scored 9 goals … if a player did that this season and say Watford he’d be worth 30 million next season … take your blinkers off knacker

          • Megatron1505

            So, in summary, you have no idea why Mitrovic doesn’t play but it’s clearly the managers fault because that’s what you’ve decided.

            You firmly believe that Rafael Benitez has a plot to relegate the club by not playing its best striker, who has clearly done nothing wrong because nobody says he has.

            There is no possibility of it being Mitrovic’s fault at all because you don’t think it is.

            Well done…..you have the deductive reasoning powers of Sherlock Holmes, and the wisdom of Solomon.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Ball bag .. Mitrovic, Mbemba, Aarons… they are all unprofessional and awful in training … no matter how any of these lads have performed they have been ignored by Benitez.. yet and.. Diame is a regular even after Lacelles had to punch him for being disinterested in training .. Makes sense now … wooden heed.

          • Megatron1505

            So the only reason must be the plot not to play our best players right?

            Couldn’t possibly be anything to do with them or their fault because, as everybody knows, in the mind of the fickle football fan anyone not playing is automatically Pele.

            Your simple mind is only capable of reaching the conclusion which your bias allows.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            You are the type of blinkered fan who backed Gullit rather than Rob Lee, Shearer or Ferguson… baaa baaa

          • Megatron1505

            You have no actual evidence or reasoning, so you’ll just leap to another conclusion. Bye Felicia.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Sad case … are those Rafa tinted specs prescription?

          • Megatron1505

            Ok pal, you just stick with your theory about the manager plottingbto relegate the club by not playing our best players. Keep your tin foil hat on for long enough and it might even make sense.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Is Diame or Joselu or maybe Manqilo, possibly even Perez on your list of “best players” … because it doesn’t matter how many shocking performances they churn out they keep their place in the match day squad where as Mitrovic, Mbemba, Aarons and even Saivet and Gamez are ignored for weeks and weeks even after doing all that could have been asked of them when selected…they must all be poor trainers… laughable

          • Megatron1505

            You really think they have done all that could be asked of them? Please elaborate on this claim.

            I have no list of best players, I have a trust that the manager will select that players he feels will do the job required.

            Your opinion differs from the managers, and that’s ok. Maybe when you win the Champions League and a couple of titles your opinion will carry as much validity as his, until then you’ll just have to stick with deluding yourself that anyone not in the team is far better than anyone who is in the team.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Football is about opinions you sheep .. Mbemba has been excellent in his appearances this season, Aarons was our best player vs City and Gamez was absolutely outstanding in his only start… Saivet showed genuine character and quality in his only appearance …all have be ignored in favour of players who have churned our some truly dreadful displays… that can’t be coincidence..

          • Megatron1505

            If it was sunny on the 1st, 9th, 12th and 15th of this month, but rained every other day would you say it had been a sunny month?

            You’re like a child screaming because his favourite players aren’t picked. You don’t know why so it must be the managers fault.

            Your opinion is poorly formed because you don’t have, and none of us do, all the facts as to why and how the players are either selected or not. The difference between us is that you simply pick an excuse that suits your agenda.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Absolute and utter rubbish

          • Megatron1505

            So you really have nothing to say to support your fantasy? Thanks for wasting my time moron.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            You really are a melt aren’t you?… as a footballer if you are thrown a shirt by a manager and go out and perform … as Saivet, Gamez, Mbemba, Aarons and Mitrovic have all done when given their chance and are then subsequently ignored in the very next game you know without a doubt the manager has something against you OTHER than your performance!
            This is further underlined when people like Joselu, Perez, Diame and Ritchie are constants in the match day squad regardless of how many utterly dreadful displays they’ve put in during the season … this isn’t fantasy, it’s fact!
            You are in a blinkered “in Rafa we trust” haze where all logic goes out of the window and basic footballing truths fail to exist … if you’ve ever been in any dressing room at any level and see players included or excluded due to non performance related reasoning then you know it only leads to factions and splits … answer me this .. if Mo Diame was training so poorly that our captain felt the need to try and knock him out BUT was still included in all of the managers squads and you were Mbemba or Saivet or Aarons would you be happy? Would you and your mates in the squad who are seeing the same bias not talk? .. you are a fantasist if you think dressing rooms don’t work like that .. Rafa hasn’t played fair with certain players and has given other players opportunity after opportunity while their performances have been dreadful…. there can be no (credible) argument on that score!

          • Megatron1505

            Finally an actual argument to support your fantasy !

            Mo Diame has widely been acknowledged as one of our better players in the last three or four games, so he’s a bad example and clearly getting a chinning from the captain seems to have helped.

            Regarding the other players…..

            Mitrovic received a retrospective ban after his last start for being an immature thug.

            Saivet cost us a goal then redeemed himself with a free kick. In every other (limited) appearance he has been labelled as rubbish by everyone.

            Gamez was found out in the Championship, so his one decent game does not make him a starter, plus Dummett is a better defender. If you would pick him over Yedlin then that’s an opinion which the manager doesn’t share.

            Aaron’s could injure himself tying his boots, he’s never been fit enough to get a run.

            Now answer me this…..

            Everton are 9th in the table, they have won one more game than us all season, drawn two more and are 5 better on goal difference. This is hardly a massive gulf.

            Take a look at the table and tell me why you want half the team changing for players who at best have put in an odd half decent performance, and at worst have proven themselves to be absolute liabilities when we’re in no deeper trouble than another 11 teams?

            Don’t get me wrong, I also want most of the team changing, but for better players being brought in not players who are no better, and in most cases are demonstrably worse.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Again… a utterly blinkered and skewed response… none of it stands up to reason … the facts are that these players all performed well in games and were then dropped while others got chance after chance even when offering up dreadful performances… fact over fiction … it’s funny that you back Diame’s Inclusion using his last couple of games (where he’s only been average rather than his usual garbage) yet in your previous post you used the line “it was sunny on the 1st, 9th, 12th and 15th of this month, but rained every other day would you say it had been a sunny month?”… that’s called hypocrisy

          • Megatron1505

            No, it’s called trusting the opinion of a bloke who has won 13 major honours in 15 years, over a bloke who gets hissy on an Internet forum when people point out that he’s a fantasist without any evidence of what goes on inside the squad, and why the manager makes decisions.

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            Hahaha you hypocrite.. maybe a career in Corbyn’s Communist/Labour party beckons…. trust is one thing … blinkered stepford wife type vacuous following is another … you sir are a sheep who refuses to see fact because it doesn’t fit your blinkered agenda. Rafa has clear bias towards some and against others regardless of performance… that is indisputable.

          • Megatron1505

            Well, as i’ve spent the last 20 or so posts disputing it, and you can provide no factual evidence to support your position, it seems that once again you are talking absolute 5hite.

            Corbyn eh? Good assumption, and I assume from your disdain you are a flag waving, anti immigration loon who shares “Britain First” posts on Facebook as if they were fact. You really love an easy narrative without proof don’t you 😂

          • Anita kick up the Hoop

            We have clearly and thoroughly proven in the above posts that Rafa has dropped players after they’d performed well and continued to select others after a run of awful performances.. its no surprise that you ignore these facts .. as for waving flags … rather the flag of St George or the Union Jack than the Marxist red any day … I’m bored of you now and won’t go back and forth with a IRA supporting tramp loving traitor .. everything that needs saying has been said in the feed.. you’ve proven yourself a sheep and a hypocrite… oh and a commie traitor … good going xx

          • Megatron1505


            Simply Google “Mitrovic overweight” or “Mitrovic disciplinary” and, once you get past all the stories from his time at Newcastle you will find similar stories from both his national team and Anderlecht.

            Thanks for playing.

      • Kneebotherm8

        9 goals in 34 appearances in his first season.

  • robbersdog

    Oh dear…in the headline, Nicolai Jorgensen is called ‘Nicola’. Are we so desperate that we’re now signing women?

    Anyway, this report is probably a load of rubbish because according to most of this morning’s papers, the forward that we’re going to be breaking our transfer-record for is Islam Slimani.

    I can’t say that this fills me with much excitement; he’ll be 30 this year, he couldn’t hack it at Leicester where he averaged a goal every four games and he has a reputation for being a bit ‘difficult’.

    Hernandez want to leave West Ham; he’d be a much better option.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Can`t see Fat Lad paying £20m + high wages for this guy, if anything they`ll be trying to get him on loan
      Leicester will be lucky to get half their money back, he`s their Moussa Sissoko

      • robbersdog

        Leicester’s Moussa Sissoko – that’s a very good comparison. But hey, perhaps we can buy Slimani for £20m, and then when he wants to leave our club because we ‘lack ambition’, we can sell him on to gullible Spur for £30m.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Sorry I’ve repeated the Salami news later on mate,this forum playing silly buggas this morning and not loading properly so I didn’t see your post 😁

  • kingfisher

    What do you get for £20 million ? Not much apparently. His Great Rotundness wants 15 for Mitro, and we paid 5 for the Hoss, so this Nicola is worth these two combined !
    Let’s face it, the going rate for a proven Prem goal scorer is well over 30 million and If you pay any less for a striker, your’e asking for trouble !

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Garbage cheap option … Danny Ings has the EXPERIENCE at premiership level that Rafa said we must bring in so why on earth are we going for this untried option that would be lucky to match Mitrovic’s record ? … it’s just crazy!

  • Paul Patterson

    Er, Luuk De Jong anyone?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Carbon copy

    • 1957

      He came to mind for me too

  • Charlie Dickens

    Jorgensen was sent off on Sunday for a petulant foul on Huntelaar. Did nothing of note before then. Unlikely Benitez is interested.

  • Peaky Magpie

    It’s Salami sorry Slimani from Leicester according to a few of the rags today ??

    • Jezza

      I reckon they’re only looking to get Slimani on loan. This nonsense about the club signing a striker for a club record fee probably boils down to them trying to get a striker on loan who would command a club record fee in the hypothectical event that they were to sign him on a permanent basis. It’s just the usual Fat Ashley horse manure.

      • Peaky Magpie

        100% agree on all counts there Jezza.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Cannot argue with any of that on what we have come to know about Ashley and how he operates.

      • HarryHype59

        To be honest none of the strikers linked with us are that good! A loan deal that may result in survival is the best option!

  • HarryHype59

    No no no!

  • East Durham Mag

    As usual Fatty wants top dollar for players he is selling yet expects to buy for knockdown prices. The countdown to the usual excuses is on.

  • ghostrider

    Let’s not buy any striker until Rafa promises to play to their strengths.
    No point buying strikers to simply spend three quarters of the game learning the art of defending and chasing opposition players.

    • Anita kick up the Hoop

      Spot on … it’s a chore to play as a striker if the focus is on being solid and not getting forward

  • Peaky Magpie

    Have you noticed all this transfer nonsense has distracted the takeover talk ?? He might be a fat devious c**t but he ain’t stupid !!!

  • mactoon

    Ashley values the club at £350 million and Staveley is a complete waste of time when she offers £250 million. Now he offers £12 million for a striker valued at £20 million. Oh the irony!

    • Paul Patterson

      Totally agree. The hypocrisy of the regime is astounding.

    • Cockneytrev

      Spot on…

    • MadMag83

      Yep, and Brighton have apparently bid £8m for Mitrovic but Ashley wants at least £15m. The man’s a tyre kicker of the highest order!

  • steveS100

    They want £20m so we offer £12m. Maybe we’ll raise that to a £1 over our transfer record, eh. I can just hear Newcastle’s PR as the transfer window closes. It’s not that we aren’t prepared to spend. Ashley made money available and we were even prepared to break our own transfer record but we just couldn’t do a deal…. So another window closes and we ‘just happen’ not to spend any money. Just bad luck really…

    • Jezza

      Spot on.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Remember it’s 2 strikers we really need 😂😂 Neither Hoss or Gayle good enough.

  • Blackburn1066

    To get players in Rafa has to sell, so there will be no other players coming in until we sell some one.

    • Peaky Magpie

      They could start by getting Colback off the wage bill…it’s a bloody disgrace his situation…if he won’t take a reasonable move terminate his bloody contract.

      • Lhc

        Good on Colback, dig your heels in I would of done exactly the same. He’s been treat like [email protected]@t

        • WrongToon

          Treated like a [email protected]@t? Is your definition of treated like a [email protected]@t to get paid more than twice as much a week as the average annual salary, for being utterly useless at your job? If football was like any other profession, he would have been sacked long ago for poor performance. Instead, he hangs around like a bad smell because he knows his skills are Championship at best. Passback is letting his wee ego get in the way. If he wanted to play, he’d move.

          • Peaky Magpie

            Little diddums doesn’t want to move too far from home apparently !!?

          • paul mclaughlan

            It’s Toon’s mistake paying him an extortionate wage, not his.

  • Desree

    Stavely offers 20% less and is a time waster. Nufc offer 45% less than the asking price and the other party is being unreasonable.

    The C word was created with our owner in mind.

    • Cockneytrev

      Very good point…

    • Jezza

      He gives C’s a bad name.

  • NUFCDan

    If this is genuinely the striker Rafa wants then sign him up. £20m isn’t a lot of money in this market, particularly in the January window.

  • Ivan

    Swap for Mitro plus 5million, wonder if pendold has thought of it?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The want £20m Euros which at the current rate of exchange is £17.5m and it’s only press speculation that we have bid £12.5m know one knows probably a rumour started by your two favourite journalists George and Luke

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Well they have to do their bit to make sure the bid gets knocked back just to give it the: “Well We Tried, But…”
    Yes we’ll put an offer in for a player of 12 when they are valued at 20, Yes that is bound to work !

    That’s if it is true of course lol

  • 5floorshigh

    would rather keep Mitro

  • Antenociticus

    Haven’t we been down this road before?
    Strikers fron The Dutch league: Jon Dahl Tomasson, Luuk De Jong (and his brother) etc. They can’t cut it in England. We’ve also had our fair share of Scandinavian failures up front: Andreas Anderson, Franck Pingel anyone?
    I took a look at his greatest hits video on YouTube: Nicolai Jorgensen has the turning circle of a cruise ship and he’s certainly no quicker than Mitro. Plus he’s four years older than Mitrovic. What am I missing?

    • NUFCDan

      Suarez, Van Nistelrooy and Ibra all started in the Dutch league.

      • Antenociticus

        Jon Dahl Tomasson set Seria A alight at Milan but he spent most of his time at Newcastle on his backside in the box.

      • Cockneytrev

        Ronaldo, Romario, cruyff, neeskins, the list goes on

    • robbersdog

      Gini Wijnaldum, whilst not strictly a striker, was no slouch in front of goal.

    • TheFatController

      I think the mistake you’re making is generalising all footballers from a league or region based on the performance of a minority of the players from that league or region.

      Thus as counterpoint, people will simply now trot out the opposite of your polarity and mention the fantastic players from the Dutch league, and from Scandinavia (wasn’t Lovenkrands Danish?)

      Inveitably it leads to a problem to make a conclusion from a small sample size. Science hates small sample sizes, because they invariably produce incorrect theories …

      Would you not sign Gareth Bale then because Glyn Hodges failed here ? Where does that leave Gary Speed? Boden didn’t do much, oh hang on, Malcolm Allen was ok. But then Wyn Davies? It’s very prejudicial.

  • Lhc

    This would be a poor signing! More money down the drain.

  • Andy Mac

    He played against the RoI and didn’t score ? I thought they scored 5 in Dublin ?

  • Leicester Mag

    So now apparently willing to bid £20M for Slimani at Leicester if true see little sense in this. Leicester overpaid for him and he’s made little impact. Personally knowing Mikes eating habits he may have thought he’d ordered £20M worth of Salami.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Is this £20m the same £20m Fatboy promised if we won the FA Cup ???