Newcastle United have now made an approach to sign Michael Krmencik according to reports on Monday morning.

Sunday brought news that any deal for Nicolai Jorgensen looks dead in the water, the Danish striker playing in Feyenoord’s 3-1 win over ADO Den Haag yesterday afternoon.

Newcastle refusing to go anywhere close to the Dutch club’s £20m valuation, though media friendly to Mike Ashley reported the situation as ‘Newcastle refused to be held to ransom’.

The 24 year old Michael Krmencik plays for Viktoria Plzen in the Czech Republic’s domestic league and has scored 11 goals in 14 league games this season.

Those goals have helped his club top the table by 14 points, with 15 wins and a draw in their 16 games so far.

The Mail say that Newcastle have approached the Czech club for the £10m rated striker.

Michael Krmencik has only been a first team regular these past 18 months, having previously been loaned out to a succession of clubs in Finland and others in the Czech Republic.

Since the start of last season, the forward has scored 21 goals in 30 league starts (plus 10 off the bench).

Krmencik has scored six goals in 11 games for his country and was part of the Czech Republic squad who failed to qualify for Russia, Germany topping UEFA Group C with Norther Ireland runners-up and the Czech Republic third.

With the January transfer window closing at 11pm on Wednesday night, we are all waiting to see what players, if any, Mike Ashley is going to allow Rafa Benitez to buy in order to help fight relegation.

  • John

    Surely signing Sturidge on loan is a win win for everyone he will play every week leading into WC and he is as good a finisher out there. I SAY THIS KNOWING HIS INJURY RECORD IT’S STILL WORTH PURSUING.

  • Peaky Magpie

    🎵🎵 Oh What A Circus,Oh What A Show…….🎵🎵🎵🎵

  • Paul Patterson

    Let me guess, he’s a cheaper option?
    And a price we still won’t meet.

  • texfitz

    So it’s ok for Mash to play hardball with transfers and the security of the club? But when someone tries to negotiate with him he pulls the shutters down and throws his rattle out of the pram? Laughable if not frustrating.

    What will likely happen in the next few months….

    We will let more players go than we bring in. We will end up with another clubs castoff striker who no one has heard of – nowhere near the cost of 20m.

    We’ll not get sturridge as he is capable of playing for one of the top 6.

    schurrle or remy would’ve been ideal as a loan with option to buy. Possibly a keeper (which personally, I don’t think we need).

    We will likely be sold to a consortium that can meet his asking price – but won’t have the funds to compete.
    Subjecting us to many more years of misery.

    Mash will want us to look back and think that his time in charge really wasn’t that bad after all….

    Our relegation scrap will likely go on until the end of the season – just escaping the drop.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Another Google job to find out who these players are,
    if Rafa`s even heard of them i`ll show my a $$ in Fatso`s window on Northumberland St

    • Jezza

      I truly believe Graham Carr’s supposed “sacking” by the club was a window dressing excercise in response to the Revenue and Customs raid and that he is still the one picking the club’s transfer targets.

      • East Durham Mag

        Alan would be better at it than his dad.

        • Jezza

          Alan tells jokes for a living but it is his dad who is the real comedian in that family.

      • Albert Stubbins

        To be fair to Carr he informed the club about availability about aubamayang, lacazette, das bost years ago and these players are worth zillions now. We could and should have had them for reletive peanuts. Did he recommend all the other c*** because he knew the club wouldn’t pay for decent players. Just a thought.

  • Desree

    Almost every decent signing under ashley has been a pure fluke. Lets just buy some unknown for 6m. De jong, joselu and riviere managed 4 goals between them. Thats 18m we could have spent on a 15 goals a season striker.

    Youd think he would learn by now

    • TheFatController

      Spending big money on quality isn’t a gamble though. And mike likes a gamble .

      And like most gamblers, the majority of betting slips go in the bin.

    • Wor Lass

      Some shocking stats with those three. De Jong – 0 goals in 12, Riviere – 1 goal in 26 (and that wrong-footed the keeper by bouncing off his standing leg), Joselu – 4 goals from 20! 5 goals in 58 appearances. That`s only slightly better than my record!! The other 2 make Hoss look prolific.

    • Martin Rooney

      Hoss has four goals alone

      • Albert Stubbins

        One was a complete fluke.

  • Jezza

    Well in the space of a week we’ve gone from signing a striker for a club record fee to signing a striker for £20 million to offering £12 million for a £20 million rated striker to looking at a £10 million rated striker and no doubt offering £6 million for him. By the time the deadline comes round we’ll be lucky to see some Shefki Kuqi type has been who never was on a free transfer from the football scrapheap. All par for the course with that fat greedy parasite Ashley.

    • Paul Patterson

      What’s Shola doing these days?

      • Mitros gotta start

        The saddest thing is he would actually improve our team

        • Martin Rooney

          So would Mitro

  • TheFatController

    The problem is Ashley thinks that £50m or £10m spent, it’s no guarantee, so might as well just hope three teams are worse than us between now and May.

    Second problem is he can’t sell the club no matter where it is in the league, so I presume he’s written it off as an asset and ‘we spend what we make’ as he has lost all interest.

    So in summary, I’m saying Ashley doesn’t care what League we’re in, what we spend, etc – it’s clear now he can’t sell us for £350m, we’re an investment write-off for him. Rafa staying or going, window spend, what league we’re in, why would a billionaire whose completely lost interest give any of these a second thought ?

    • Wor Lass

      We don`t even seem to spend what we make, though. Cue Clarko to patiently, and not at all patronisingly, explain how wrong I am about that!

      • East Durham Mag

        Is this a different Clarko like?

      • Clarko

        €421.37m on players, with a €74.88m net spend.

        • Wor Lass

          Is that good?

      • Albert Stubbins

        The same Clarko who said we were on the verge of signing a 20 million pound striker. That Clarko?

        • Wor Lass

          That`s the one … and only (thank God!).

  • East Durham Mag

    As Fatty hasn’t got the sense to put some desperately needed quality into the side we end up looking at cheaper options. Most of us apart from Ashleys Apologists on here saw this coming but it still doesn’t make it any less galling. Right Rafa we want a Michelein class meal doing, here is 3 old sausages, a box of micro chips and a tin of baked beans. Over to you.

    • Jezza

      A week ago the club announced that they were prepared to break their transfer record to sign an un-named striker. Within days that un-named striker was revealed to be Nicolai Jorgensen and it transpired that the club were most definitely not prepared to break their transfer record to sign him. That is the kind of shambles we have come accustomed to with Ashley.

      • East Durham Mag

        That’s an extremely accurate assessment of it Jezza. Sad days.

      • Andy Mac

        But we didnt believe him did we Jezza ?🤔

  • robbersdog


  • MadMag83

    The club wouldn’t be held to random? Is this the same club run by Ashley who wanted to hold PCP to ransom? Fat Mike has more faces than Big Ben.

    Meanwhile we’re looking at players that wouldn’t be out of place on a Championship teams scouting report.

  • HarryHype59

    This latest “target” looks like a typical reactive Ashley budget buy. So much for breaking the transfer record. This window is a farce.

  • mactoon

    He’s valued at £10 million and I doubt Ashley would be ‘held to ransom’ by that fee. I just checked his previous stats:

    2012 Apps 12 Goals 1
    2013 Apps 32 Goals 2
    2014 Apps 11 Goals 2
    2015 Apps 25 Goals 7

    • HarryHype59

      We have a far better player in Mitrovic. It is totally pointless signing this fella.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Amanda Staveley maybe doesn’t want to be held to ransom.
    Why can we never just flipping negotiate?

  • grantham mag

    With the money he has saved on the fa cup, no bonus to be paid to the players, maybe we can buy 2 twenty million pound players.

  • Andy Mac

    This story is still doing the rounds along with the Slovak keeper. So presumably both are garbage ?

  • Albert Stubbins

    move on- nothing to see here.