There has been much doom and gloom from Newcastle fans and media alike that has engulfed Newcastle United in the last 24 hours, and arguably the last 11 years, since Mike Ashley announced the death of a possible sale of the club.

The Takeover:

In reality it was always destined to fail as Ashley wouldn’t budge from his asking price and prospective owners were unwilling to pay top dollar for a club that could be in the Championship come May.

If we are relegated, Ashley will stay because the value of the club will drop alarmingly and he won’t take such a big financial loss as part of any future sale.

If we stay up he’ll take the additional TV payments, may allow Rafa some coin to buy 2-3 players, and this may be enough quality to lift Newcastle to a mid-table side and see Ashley’s asking price for any prospective owners grow as a result.

Either way, it seems we are stuck with him for the foreseeable future.

Transfer Market:

We will not get the quality we need through the door this January. Players who possess enough class to make a difference are either regulars at their respective clubs, or would never leave to go to a club who could be playing in the second tier come May.

Rafa could secure one or two loan deals but they will most likely be young players with potential. Could a Charly Musonda type step into a Premier League team and make enough of a difference to change the course of a game?? Not sure – but it’s probably our only hope this window.

Therefore, it’s understandable when the doomsayers predict the club to free-fall, drop a division and be manager-less come the end of the season.

The Team:

If we take Jamaal Lascelles out of the conversation, it would be reasonable to suggest that not one player on our list would be a regular starter at any other Premier League club. When you think about it, this current Newcastle side would be at an equivalent standard to a side that is in a battle to secure a play-off spot in the Championship.

And yet, after 23 games, we sit 15th in the table, three points and goal difference out of the relegation zone.

Bloody remarkable really and it comes back to a very wise manager and a playing group who give nothing less than 110% in every game. In a strange way, this season has been enjoyable for the fact that we have a team that is always trying their best and this hasn’t necessarily been the case in recent times.

Yes, we set up as a side who values team defence first, and the ability to attack second, but this needs to be the way with this group. Taking on established Premier League teams and opening up the play, will see us cut to ribbons by better standard opponents.

The thing about team defence is every player has to do their job or the system breaks down, so people calling for Mitrovic to play should remember he’s doesn’t give a flying f… about playing his role in a team defence system. This is why he sits out and Joselu plays.

Rafa has mentioned this week that Mitrovic is “back running”, which could possibly mean that the penny may be dropping and he still could get a chance to prove himself before being sold.

So we have come to a stage in the season where it could go either way and more doom will most likely hit this weekend when we play Manchester City away and our relegation rivals battle each other. This is the time when this playing group will really need the Newcastle fans. Yes, it’s frustrating to watch at times, but it’s still our team and our shirt, and apart from all the rubbish Ashley delivers we still want to support a team that we can be proud of.

Personally, I’m proud of this group and the maximum effort they display each week.

In Melbourne, there is an AFL club called Collingwood.

They, like Newcastle, were born out of blue collar working class people.

They were established in 1892 and just celebrated 125 years as a club.

Believe it or not they wear black and white stripes, their nickname is the Magpies, and they play in front of 60,000 to 70,000 supporters (image of Collingwood fans at the top) at the MCG.

A verse from their theme song is “Side by Side we stick together” which is so relevant right now for Newcastle.

So when our lads travel to the Etihad this week and for the remaining weeks till season’s end, I hope the people of Newcastle stand “side by side”.

Whether it be on the terraces, at the pub, or at home on the couch, because this manager, staff and playing group deserve it.

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  • TheNutJob

    Rafa will save the Toon as long as we have him we`re in with a shout

  • relaxed

    I really hope that Rafa now walks and we are relegated leaving the fat putrid slug massively out of pocket

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    “this current Newcastle side would be at an equivalent standard to a side that is in a battle to secure a play-off spot in the Championship.” What? This current Newcastle side is almost entirely, man for man, the side that won the Championship last year. Kept intact (that won’t happen obviously), they”d challenge for automatic promotion again. They aren’t premier league class but at least give them the credit they earned in the 2nd tier.

    • Tomb

      Agreed. We have a poor squad but way above the level of say a Cardiff or sheffield United. Yedlin shelvey Gayle lascelles merino would get into other Lower premier league sides I think. The value of our squad is around 130 million.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Great article but not much chance of people on here standing side by side. Most people on here s other main hobby is looking at the death column in the Chronicle.

    • Wor Lass

      Just hoping to see your hero`s name there, m8!

    • TheNutJob

      i wouldn`t know where to look, but apparently you do

    • Kneebotherm8

      Aye,they’re looking every day and hoping your buddy,fat Mike, is in there……..we live in hope………

  • What a relief that the article is not about those who supported Newcastle born Admiral Lord Collingwood, whose crew took out the Spanish leader at Trafalgar. we need Rafa more than ever.

    • Leazes

      I don’t think he was born an Admiral.

      • TheNutJob


      • Rich Lawson

        Your very good on local history I notice from previous posts,is that a particular interest of yours ?

  • TheNutJob

    there`s a post on the ronnie saying if we give Mike a Gallowgate flag he`d be over the moon & spend more money

    • Leazes

      I can think of a slogan or two.

    • Alex

      It’ll be big enough, so could also be used as his shroud.

    • HappyToons

      ‘5 Dictators who just needed to be loved and a Gallowgate flag could have made all the difference’
      1. Adolf Hitler
      2 Joseph Stalin
      3. Pol Pot
      4. Kim Jong-Il
      5. Michael James Wallace Ashley
      In no particular order

      ‘The Daily Expresso’

  • Peaky Magpie

    Any chance Rafa could use some of his transfer “budget” to hire an assassin ?? ⚔️ Or 💣or 💉then ⚰️

    • HappyToons

      Duncan Norville ‘Chase me’…he could lure Mike and Mr Desmond into the honey trap. He would be a budget assassin, as probably has a mobility scooter as the getaway car.

  • kingfisher

    No one really knows:
    1) If a deal is/was on the table.
    2) The value of any deal.
    3) What the truth is behind the failed (?) takeover.

    All we know is the garbage we get spoon fed from all parts of the media,from The Ronnie, through to Sky.It’s been said many times before, that these type of business negotiations are highly secretive and complicated (hence the N.D.A.’s)and as such,when there is no news forthcoming,Editors,etc come out with all sorts of [email protected]

    Peaky Magpie posted a comment last night saying there was something strange about all of this and we could hear more this week,and I tend to agree that this is not the end of this long drawn out saga ( hopefully).
    It’s never over ’till the fat man sings! 👍👍🤣🤣

  • kingfisher

    I wonder what H.M.R.C will make of all this ? 💸💸💸💸