Newcastle 1 Swansea 1 – Saturday 13 January 2018 3pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle.

Newcastle fail to beat bottom club Swansea at home and lucky to come away with a point.

Jamie Swan:

“Not what anyone wanted. Gayle with a hat-trick of missed chances didn’t help.

“Not the worst we have played and really we should have won the game, but typically of home form, we couldn’t force it.

“Ritchie is struggling to make anything happen but he’s not the only one.

“Disappointed again. Frozen again.

“Just as well we’ve an easy away game next.”

Ben Cooper:

“Either team could have won it in the end, both teams will think they should have won it.

“We had so many good chances in the first 30 minutes that the game should have been over, they will say that Diame handled the ball and it should have been a penalty and a red card.

“The goal we conceded was the soft sort of goal we don’t let in too often, the chances we missed were the sort of good chances we miss every week.

“Doesn’t take a genius to see where the money needs to be spent.

“Was a lot like Bournemouth game tho and we lost that one despite the oppo being there for the taking early on, so I will take the point on this one.

“Swansea are one of those handful of teams who should finish below us, so it is difficult to know whether a point is enough.

“For the 20th time this season tho, I can’t fault the teams application and effort, just their ability.”

Toon Bano:

“That’s another two massive points dropped to add to the Brighton result. This could be the difference between staying up or going down.

“Some may say the two home draws weren’t bad results considering we didn’t lose, they’re wrong. They are both terrible results.

“The dire performance served up today was completely unsurprising.

“Rafa is one of the most  negative managers we have ever had when it comes to home games. He is up there with Sam Allardyce.

“For the past 18 months we have had only a handful of quality performances played at St James Park…and that’s with a Championship season in there!

“Rafa is one of the best managers we have ever had when it comes to away games.

“When it comes to home, totally unacceptable.

“This is Newcastle Utd.

“Home form is and always will be our bread and butter.”

Jamie Smith:

“Absolute shocker, two massive points dropped and this ridiculous run of home form persists.

“This time though, the usual suspects are absolved in my book, Diame having a good game in the holding role and Perez more than doing his bit behind the front man.

“Awful stuff from Gayle, missing two free headers feebly and a clean through 1 v 1.

“Shelvey utter rubbish, I cannot get over the ego of the missed free kick towards the end of the first half from within the D.

“Anyone knows that power from there will give you a great chance of a goal but he goes for the champagne effort and misplaced it pathetically.

“If this season goes tits up, this game will be a prime exhibit.”

Nat Seaton:

“Championship players playing Championship football.”

George Stainsby:

“Hoping results go our way is not going to work.

“If something needs fixing, you pay a person who knows how to fix it to do it.”

Paul Lyon:

“It was hard to watch that today.

“I can’t remember ever seeing a team so there for the taking, Swansea were begging to get beat in that first half.

“Again our frequent inability to hit the target has cost us.

“0-0 at half time gave them hope when we should’ve been out of sight.

“A point not the end of the world though.”

David Punton:

“The team that started today was the side from our Championship campaign.

“The lack of investment on clear display, especially among the forwards.

“A stack of chances once again go begging. We just about got away with it today thanks to that Joselu goal, but this was a game we really needed to win.

“We’ve seen the bottom side dominate the possession and take the lead halfway through the second half. Scary stuff.

“It was a week that saw Peter Beardsley suspended for alleged bullying and racism.

“A takeover in stalemate with fans in the dark as to what Mr Ashley is playing at and a manager in the dark as to what his January budget is.

“Rafa may have been all smiles in his press conference yesterday but the club has much wrong with it.

“A win today would have really been boost for everyone. The point leaves us in the thick of a hugely congested Prem table.

“Relief all round today that Yedlin cleared Bony’s shot off the line. Now that would really have stung had it gone in.”

Jack Lacey-Hatton:

“Two points from four home games against Bournemouth, Watford, Brighton and Swansea.

“That could, and I think at present will, cost us our PL status and who could say it’s unjust after those results.

“Shelvey again not good enough but it’s a shame he wasn’t on those set pieces at the end.

“Not good enough.”

Paul Patterson:

“Negative rubbish.

“More positive starting outlook would have been better.”

Davey Hat Trick:

“We played with purpose and endeavour, but if you want to spurn four decent opportunities, you’d better be Man City.

“It was sadly predictable that Swansea scored when we should have had a comfortable lead.

“One of the culprits – Gayle – was upstaged by Joselu, who scored from a tougher position than others had missed from.

“If this had been the first game of the season, I’d have said we should take the positives.

“For example, Perez and Diame are putting a lot more in than they were earlier in the year, and we were by far the better side.

“But you have to win these games. Swansea are odds-on to go down, and if we can only muster a draw against them at SJP, there are no positives to take at this point in the season.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Swansea 1


Newcastle: Joselu 68

Swansea: Ayew 60

Possession was Swansea 58% Newcastle 42%

Total shots were  Swansea 8 Newcastle 12

Shots on target were Swansea 5 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Swansea 5 Newcastle 4

Referee: Graham Scott

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, Dummett, Ritchie, Diame, Shelvey (Merino 82), Atsu, Gayle (Joselu 64), Perez

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Haidara, Manquillo, Hayden, Murphy

Crowd: 51,444 (Swansea 1,100)

(Alan Shearer spells it out after watching Newcastle 1 Swansea 1 – Read it HERE)

  • Andy Mac

    “I can’t remember ever seeing a team so there for the taking, Swansea were begging to get beat in that first half……… A point not the end of the world though”

    Not sure how much more dumbed down our fans can get ?

    We have players, who can make a difference, who are not playing. We are more than capable of beating Swansea and other bottom six teams and we have a manager who COULD get us up the table if he stopped complaining about the lack of transfers and started earning his salary.

    • Paul Patterson

      I like Rafa, but today was indefensible.

      • hetonmag

        Why, who would have been your choice today and which player’s would you have left out I’m guessing Diame, he’s everyone’s whipping boy, who else ???

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          He`s everyone`s whipping boy because he`s rubbish & today he was dire !

          • hetonmag

            As I have said on a previous post he wasn’t the worst NUFC player on the pitch today.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            they were all bad

          • hetonmag

            Can’t argue about that but why single the whipping boy out.

          • Peter Stabler

            Diame is the new Dummy – the pantomime villain who can do no right.

          • Phil

            Where as shelvey can do know wrong even though he offers very little

        • Damon Horner

          Whoscored’s ratings had Yedlin, Diame and Dummett as our best three players yesterday. Diame made 6 tackles. Twice as many as anybody else so if nothing else it looks like he is getting his foot in.

      • Phil

        I don’t think it was Rafa wasting chances to score!!

    • robbersdog

      We have players who might be interchangeable with the ones who were on the pitch today, but whether they could make a difference is debatable.

      We just need a handful of ‘better’ players, and specifically a No.9 who can get us some goals. Right now, we’re toothless in forward positions.

  • Paul Patterson

    If we had attacked Swansea, Bournemouth, Brighton and Everton from the start, we would have more than 2 points to show.

    • hetonmag

      Howay Paul we should have had 3 points against Bournemouth if it hadn’t been for the linesman.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It`s not as though it`s unexpected, you only have to look at the squad when the window closed to know we were relegation fodder.
    we need a total revamp & that isn`t going to happen under the Fat Lad.
    Will today`s result put pressure on him to buy ?
    who knows, but i won`t be putting my money on it

  • molend

    Speaking as the man who turned down the Newcastle job because it was too easy and who then took Hartlepool from the depths of League Two to the World Club Championship in a mere five seasons, I would say that my credentials are a match for Rafa’s any day of the week. But given the fact that I don’t see the lads in training every day and that, from what I see on match days, most of them aren’t Premiership quality, I reckon he’s not doing a bad job. Relegation? Any permutation from the bottom eight.

    • Mxpx

      I’m not bad at championship manager either

      • molend

        Not bad?! Look, kidder, even Cloughie would have envied my record. But my real point, of course, was that not even he could have achieved much more than Rafa, given the circumstances

  • TheFatController

    Is there a theme in all comments that we were too negative but spurned loads of good chances again?

    If you can’t score goals but have good defenders, no manager on the planet is going to set up to rely on his forwards and midfield to get the goals through attacking formations if they all can’t hit the proverbial barn door …

    It’s a bizarre way out to say ‘had we had an attacking mentality we’d not have missed all the chances we had…’

    • mentalman

      We only had two good defenders today

      • TheFatController

        My mistake sorry, clearly every manager in the world would set up to attack then …

    • Phil

      Very good comment.

    • Damon Horner

      Good post. The mindset maybe being if our strikers converted 10% of chances we should be setting the team up to have 30 shots!

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    No one is going to comment on how the Joselu goal looked great? It’s certainly not a sign that things will turn around for him, but the Shelvey long ball, Perez pass and Joselu finish were all top flight stuff. 30 seconds of class doesn’t erase 90 minutes of rubbish of course, but it is something positive to take away from today.

    • Belfast Ali

      It wasn’t a Perez pass. It was a useless attempt at goal, which fell to Joselu

  • Mrkgw

    Very worried. Like many, I can see us being relegated yet again under Ashley unless he sanctions signings. This regime has been the worst imaginable.

  • Belfast Ali

    Jamie Smith was at a different game to me. Shelvey was the only class player on the field. His pass for the goal was top class. We’ll be knackered without him. Perez is lazy, arrogant and a waste of space. He doesn’t run, close down or contribute. Just look at his pitiful effort from said Shelvey pass which some how fell to Joselu.
    I would never play Perez again. He struts around flicking his hair and is a lightweight and luxury we can’t afford.
    Rant over

    • Down Under Mag

      Perez came here with so much promise but has gone backwards in his time here.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Rafa got the tactics spot on today. We had to show bottom of the league Swansea respect, and concede the lion’s share of possession to an excellent bottom of the league team. Rafa knew our only chance against the mighty Swansea was to try and catch them out on the counter attack, and try and nullify their attacking threat…..this is a team who, prior to today, had scored a whopping 13 goals this season whilst only conceding 34. So at home against this great bottom of the league team Rafa was right to play for the draw. He must be chuffed, as we all are, to nick a point off a very good Swansea side and restrict their potent attacking force to one goal.

    Rafa really is a master tactician.

    • Andy Mac

      Sometimes sarcasm is lost on the web ? 🤔

    • Jimmy_toons

      If only Rafa could’ve been on the pitch and gotten on the end of those 2 crosses in the first half instead of Gale, or had that shot instead of Perez we could have been 3 up. Why didn’t he pick himself?

    • nevfur

      Yep, Gayle produced two cracking defensive headers, Perez clear in on goal cleared nicely as did Dummett on Swansea’s near post and Shelvey with a free kick from the edge of the area whilst there was relief as we accidentally scored but it was ruled offside. Well organised defending from the master tactician Rafa.

    • anyobrien

      Ya boring

    • anyobrien

      Who do you want as our next manager?…. Sssssssshhhhhhhhh
      He’s thinking… Who can it be?