Newcastle United operate in a way that is totally different to any other major football club.

Supporters just want to go along and enjoy their football, support the team, but under Mike Ashley that is rarely possible as fans are drawn increasingly into the politics and the manipulation of Ashley in running Newcastle United, for solely his benefit rather than the club’s.

Yes we all know it is a business but there are ways and means of doing things and it is shameful the way things are done at St James Park.

It is almost as shameful the way that the media let Mike Ashley and his minions get away with it, they should be highlighting just how wrong things are at Ashley’s NUFC.

At a normal Premier League club you have a board of directors, or sometimes two.

If a club has two boards, then you have one higher board who meet infrequently and set targets each season, as well as deciding overall budgets, It is then the job of the other (lower/football) board to then meet more frequently and give support/guidance throughout the season to those professional full-time employees running the club on a day to day basis.

If a club has just the one board, then that performs both roles, setting overall longer-term targets and putting budgets/strategies in place, then meeting throughout the year to tweak thing s and react to events.

At Newcastle United they have just the one board, with two directors, Lee Charnley and former player Bobby Moncur.

At normal PL clubs they go out and headhunt the best possible professional person to ask as Chief Executive/Managing Director, he is in charge of running the club day to day and is the key person in building a top professional team under him whose job it is to run the club as well as possible, including maximising revenues in particular.

Newcastle United have Lee Charnley as Managing Director. He is the worst paid CEO/MD in the Premier League and earns as little as 5% of what his opposite numbers are paid at top PL clubs. In the last available figures, Sunderland’s CEO was paid around £700,000 a year, compared to Lee Charnley’s £150,000. Obviously still a lot of money to most of us but if that doesn’t raise questions for you, then I don’t know what will.

The point is of course, is that just like Newcastle United’s ‘board’, believing that Lee Charnley’s role is anything remotely like those at other clubs, is a total joke.

Does anybody really think that the NUFC board (Charnley and Moncur) ever have proper board meetings?

Likewise, do you honestly really think that Lee Charnley has any kind of power or responsibility?

His job is more office manager than Managing Director, maybe he is good at that, who knows?

What he certainly doesn’t do is make big decisions or have the proper responsibility his job title should entail.

As always, Mike Ashley has people from his inner circle pulling the strings at Newcastle United. Keith Bishop has been a long established figure involved in the running of the club, despite having no official public role, whilst Justin Barnes was sent in by Ashley last year to be his main man, as has been widely reported at the time and in the following months.

One thing is common to all, none of them are allowed to communicate in public with the fans or with the media.

No other big club has a situation where nobody in authority (apart from Rafa Benitez) communicates with the media.

Even/especially when the annual accounts are released each year (April normally) it is a brief headline statement by the club (before the fuller figures can be viewed by the public at Companies House), with quotes usually attributed to Lee Charnley, but the media are not allowed to ask anybody, especially Charnley, what the figures mean for the club and what does it mean for the future etc etc.

Yet, the standard media never even point out what a joke this is, the fact they are never allowed to speak to those running Newcastle United. Whether it is Lee Charnley, Justin Barnes, Keith Bishop, or whoever.

Mike Ashley has no interest in doing things in a fit and proper way, in dealing with the supporters, the media, the general public etc etc.

It was laughable when on Sky Sports last night, in throwing his toys out of the pram and saying nothing was happening from the Amanda Staveley side of the takeover, he actually tried to legitimise his embarrassing behaviour by claiming he was doing it out of duty to the Newcastle supporters…

A source close to Ashley said: “It is only right to let the fans know that there is no deal on the table or even under discussion with Amanda Staveley and PCP.”

Your average fan, quite rightly, just wants to go along and watch the football/support his or her’s team, but it is important that Newcastle fans realise that this is simply a shell of a club that we have under Mike Ashley.

It has no proper board of directors, it has no proper management team, it has no proper infrastructure that is aimed at underpinning a successful football club, on and off the pitch.

It is just another cheap and tatty business to Mike Ashley, the aim is to run it as cheaply as possible with a skeleton staff paid far less than at other clubs, to survive in the Premier League with as low cost as is humanly possible, whilst giving his retail empire the maximum of exposure.

To sum up the contempt Mike Ashley and his minions hold Newcastle supporters in, you only have to look at the sham that is the official Newcastle United Fans Forum.

Ashley banned the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) because after the first meeting they dared to tell fans some of what had gone on, rather than just the KGB style official minutes that are released.

So since then the club decide what is and what isn’t put in the minutes, then the fan members ‘approve’ them. The club decided unilaterally to ban the democratically elected NUST representative, rather than have a vote on the matter.

The Fans Forum has sadly become just a PR exercise for the club, though UEFA dictate that clubs should have interaction with fans, which was the reason they were forced to put a Fans Forum originally in place.

The club then made a unilateral decision to reduce the Fans Forum from meeting four times a year to only three.

Now, they have decided to just not bother…

On Thursday 29 June 2017 the Newcastle United Fans Forum met with club officials, including Lee Charnley.

At the end of the official minutes from that meeting, it was stated:

‘Members expressed an interest in securing a page in the matchday programme to draw attention to the Fans Forum and its members.

The club will look at available space in the matchday programme and underlined its commitment to highlighting the positive work of the Forum to its wider fan base.

Next meeting – September 2017′

No meeting was held in September and indeed nothing all season, despite all of the issues and concerns that supporters have. Yet the club don’t feel they have to even mention these Fan Forum meetings aren’t happening, never mind justifying it. It doesn’t exactly help either when it is the club who selects which fans are on the forum, rather than anything inconvenient such as elections to allow fans to choose who represents them.

Even in that carefully controlled closed environment, the club aren’t willing to have Lee Charnley and others asked anything awkward about the running of the club, the summer 2017 transfer window shambles, the January 2018 transfer window shambles, the undermining of Rafa Benitez, what is Justin Barnes’ role, what is Keith Bishop up to, indeed just what is happening at Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

The club needs gutted from top to bottom and one thing is for sure, nothing will ever change until we see the back of Mike Ashley.

Can you really believe we are now in the 11th season of life under his ownership at Newcastle United, what a time to be alive…

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  • Michael Lisle

    Well done Dean. This should be sent to all the “experts” and pundits on certain TV and radio stations who continue to blame fans for being over ambitious.

    • anyobrien

      Tbh I’ve listened to a couple including Jason cundy and he actually said Ashley is a disgrace and we deserve better… I nearly dropped me cup of tea

  • Paul Patterson

    Truth be told, if this was a London club the media would be on it like s**t on velcro..

    • Leazes

      Ashley wouldn’t have lasted so long anywhere else.

  • mactoon

    The two man board are there because they don’t question Ashley, they do what he wants as opposed to what they should be doing (What other board would sanction 10 years of free advertising for a company the size of SD) and unfortunately we have a local newspaper who are unwilling to dig deeper than the high level figures released by the club. Nothing will change under the current ownership

  • hetonmag

    Just been watching Sky News the media firing questions at the most powerful man on the planet DT, and thinking why isn’t the media getting stuck into Ashley’s downtrodden running of NUFC. It’s a closed shop Chanley is a ventriloquist’s dummy just waiting for someone to lift him out of his box, the fan’s forum is a joke and yet the local media just stands by without asking pertinent questions about the running of our club.

  • Mike

    would you support, pay out hundreds of hard earned cash or listen to repeated lies from any other business that did that to you each year? yet 50k continue to do so and never say a word. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the prem. Cashley is raking it in from all of us mugs prepared to put up with this situation.

    • Viru leckworth

      Never say a word? There are hundreds of thousands of words posted on websites every day and 99% of these are protesting about the current regime.

  • Andy Mac

    The time for talking has come to an end. We need unilateral opposition to the Fat Oaf and we need it now

    • anyobrien

      On the pitch for me next home game… Stop the match make a real statement… But they won’t Nee bottle just hot air.

      • Viru leckworth

        Likely to get arrested too!

        • anyobrien

          So ban me for life… They’ll be doing me a favour….

      • Leazes

        If your seat is on Level Seven I think you’ll make a big impact.

        • anyobrien

          😂 row b east stand reet in the front… Was nicked when David Kelly scored that goal against Portsmouth all them years ago… Dead easy to get on… Drop of the should a turn of pace and I was away… Mind you a lot younger then…. Spent the night I. Pilgrim street… Ah the good old days

          • Peaky Magpie

            😂😂😂 One things for sure most of the first team will have nee chance of catching ya….slow as f………..

          • anyobrien

            Whye aye… 😂 😂

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      I am sick of hearing the empty threats because no one does anything at Newcastle in terms of direct action.
      They constantly stand for the three card trick which is embarrassing and sad in all honesty.

      Oh lets get up and walk out on 70 minutes, That went well !
      The only way to make a difference at Newcastle is to stay away from the stadium in huge numbers.
      An empty stadium at St James’ Park for months on end is the only way to grab that fat waster’s attention !

      • Leazes

        We even stuck protest banners in their hands and they sat on them!

        …..Well those that weren’t confiscated by the guards…. I mean Stewards.

        • Peaky Magpie

          Aye,the communist state of NUFC.

          • Leazes

            Fascist…. communism is largely egalitarian.

          • Peaky Magpie

            Aye,the FASCIST state of NUFC.

          • anyobrien


  • Duncan Tyler

    Ashley must be running The Mag now. I’ve just had a perfectly reasonable post removed for no other reason other than condemning the man (politely). I’m finished with The Mag too.

    • hetonmag

      Agree some get away with anything one actually got the F word through.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Given the way Mr Ashley treats his employees, it is hardly surprising he has zero interest in Toon fans

  • Geoff Lambert

    I was once told by a friend who was involved in a failed takeover of NUFC in 2011 (or thereabouts) by a South African based contingent of wealthy investors that they had never dealt with such a ramshackle, backstreet dealership than Ashley and his cronies. They were known to turn up to meetings late (if at all), drunk, were ill-mannered, unprofessional, yobbish and would regularly move the goalposts, depending on what day of the week it was.
    Not only is this odious regime destroying our beloved football club, but it is destroying the reputation (globally) of our wonderful city and area. We all know that when the football team is doing well, so is the area. This shower of dribblers is decimating the name of our club and our city. I will NEVER grace the stadium and/or his grotty shops so long as I have breath in my body, nor will I buy his tat, while he and his sychophantic brood invade and inhabit our club ! Isn’t it time for this foul stench to be given the treatment it deserves?! Money is his only passion. It’s time to starve his ego and his pocket! By the way, I was amazed by the demonstrations at H&M last week! What an emphatic message to the world, methinks!!

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Unlike our friends down the road Sunderland who you mention as being paying good salaries we are not in danger of going into administration. Their are clubs like Leeds, Blackburn and Coventry once regulars in the top division who are a complete shambles along with Charlton. I could name many more. When Ashley bought the club we were paying transfers over five years, still paying for players who had left, £7m interest payments a year to the bank and a wage bill where at one time 85 pence of every pound was going out in wages. The five year sponsorship deals were taken up front and all the money spent in one year. What Ashley did was pay off all creditors and banks with an interest free loan. If anyone comes in and buys the club for £300m they will walk in debt free with a club on firm financial footing.
    We have just come up last season and are in a eleven way battle for relegation.
    Like it or not you are stuck with Ashley till a new owner comes along. Wonder if there is a site similar to this giving Eric Short as much grief day in day out for being bottom of the Championship. I very much doubt it perhaps they have given up.The club needs the fans support for the rest of the season not constant moaning.

    • Duncan Tyler

      I disagree entirely. Vote with your feet and go spend your hard earned on some more deserving local club like Whitley Bay or North Shields. NUFC and its mercenary players have no more interest in NUFC doing well than I have in moving to North Korea.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Like it or not the players have worked their socks off this season and deserve the fans support. There are eleven teams at the bottom and it’s only ours and perhaps Stoke who kick off.
        Was the same most years long before Ashley came.

        • Guest 2

          And for the same reasons. Terrible ownership and under investment.

          • Spectrum

            Again, from an outsider’s point of view, I can only see one maybe two, players in your first team that can provide creativity. Shelvey and perhaps Merino – who was a good catch for you. Apart from them, what do you have ? Such a shame, as Newcastle are my second club.

            Can one of you Toon supporters answer me this….why don’t you give youth a try ? You can’t afford to buy the quality you desperately need, so what have you got to lose ? Why have a Youth Team if you never give any of them a chance ? Isn’t Adam Armstrong for instance, ready yet ? He’s been loaned out how many times now ?

    • NUFCDan

      The s*nderland fans hate Ellis Short. The difference being Ellis Short has actually invested far more of his own personal wealth into Sunderland, its just been squandered by changing managers, backroom personnel, terrible transfers and being taken for a ride by agents.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        So you agree with me that Sunderland has been badly run which makes a mockery of Dean s title how this happens at Newcastle and no other club. Think again the Mag.

        • TheFatController

          Can you enlighten us as to what Ellis Short is guilty of in comparison to Ashley placing free advertising for his business all over the stadium…?

          • Paul Patterson

            And I haven’t heard Short tarnishing club legends, renaming the stadium and rubbing fans noses in it . .

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Guiding them to the bottom of the Championship that is what. When we went down he provided the resources for us to bounce back up. If we were bottom of the Championship this already bad site would self destruct.

          • Guest 2

            All 29 million? 29 million which he has repaid himself – but added the amount to club debt via more loans from another of his company’s?
            He’s so far provided more funds to gain promotion than he has done to keep us in the PL. The club has a net player spend of only 26 mil during his ownership.
            You are brain dead man.

        • Guest 2

          Why don’t you agree with your fat hero? He stated live on TV his ownership has been a failure – yet idiots like you fight his corner.

    • Guest 2

      Debt free? Lord almighty, take your head for a [email protected] man. If anyone buys this club, 144 million of the price will be for debt owed to Ashley’s companies. 29 million of that debt he has personally already been repaid (2012 11 mil, 2016 18 mil).
      As for Ashley’s so called genius model – we now pay up front for signings (when he allows any) but he sells in installments. That means the club never enjoys the immediate financial benefit of a sale, but it sure helps his accounting and smoke story on the finances.
      The way to increase a clubs financial success is not to simply rely on PL tv revenue. Ashley has deprived the club of commercial revenue growth since he arrived; his advertising and merchandising scam is well known; his self profiteering from club assets such as the Gallowgate land and training ground are officially documented.
      He’s a scumbag who hasn’t done anything positive for this club but morons like you can;t seem to grasp that – you are too busy regurgitating the propaganda that he ‘saved us’.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        The £300m includes the repayment of debt to Mike so yes it would be debt free which is a good thing for any new owner. When he took over costs were more than revenue so it was the day the promises had to stop. Only a few people on this site have the common sense to recognise that.

        • Guest 2

          Moron. No different to paying 156 mil for the club and then paying off the debts separately.
          Like what Ashley refused to do when he arrived – he hasn’t paid off or reduced debt, he’s increased it. If he was a benevolent owner – as a multi billionaire he could afford to be – he could have written any initial debt off and built upon that from day one.
          He could provide a huge ‘sponsorship’ deal to get around FFP like other clubs do – not that FFP even affects this club.
          But no, he found a way to ensure every penny he puts in is returned to him, or so he believes.
          A rocking horse has more common sense than you.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            The way the club was run before he took over meant there was £110m of debt on the never never tick with millions pouring out the club each year to banks and inflated transfer fees also on tick. With costs more than revenues of course the debt has been raised to £129m . Did the Halls and Shepherds do anything to reduce our debt do not make me laugh just left Ashley with a bill of £110m .The Halls and Shepherds put in less than a million and took £144m out and left the club on the verge of bankruptcy but for you and others on here that’s great you blame Ashley. Amazing bunch the Mag regulars are Cambridge graduates the lot of you.

          • Guest 2

            Give over, man. Say’s who on the debt – Ashley? So, it was on the accounts and he just didn’t see that? Of course that’s what he claims – this so called genius businessman, and what Muppets like you continue to swallow.
            You once again omit the magnificent stadium that you get to sit in now. That had a straightforward 45 mil mortgage which a high school maths student could have deduced.
            H (&S) took over a club about to drop into the old Div 3. They provided promotion, a new stadium, european/CL football and almost a PL title.
            Ashley has given what? Yeah, a total player net spend only 1.5 times more, over a whole decade, of what we paid for Shearer. He’s pillaged the club of assets and he’s spent not a penny he can’t reclaim on a sale – even though he’s personally been repaid 29 mil of it already..
            And I’m a Loughborough MSc Graduate, thanks very much – [email protected] for brains.

  • Pozz Mozz

    Hit him where he hurts, boycott Sports Direct and their business partners. Tell Puma we won’t buy their products until Ashley sells up, use the power of social media to create disobedience against Sports Direct. Support our team, they need us in times like this.

  • Corner view

    We supporters need to start realising it is no longer NUFC we go along to support anymore, it is a small subsidiary of the Sports Direct Empire. A small piece in Fat Mike’s business empire. One he would be happy to run into the ground if it benefited his other businesses. Everything posted about the club in the main article is correct. The lack of understanding or critical examination of what is going on by so called pundits is astounding. It looks like it is bye bye Rafa hello Championship again. My season ticket might be going in the bin until it becomes the NUFC we all fell in love with years ago.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I thought prospective new owners had to go through a fit and proper test ?
    I have no idea how Ashley got through that being the type of a grade scum bag that he is !
    Even now the Premier League should step in imo because what he is doing should be against the rules of owning a Premiership club.

    • Duncan Tyler

      It SHOULD be, but sadly it isn’t.

    • mactoon

      It only covers things like being disqualified from being a director, outstanding criminal offences, dual club ownership and so on, none of which applied to Ashley and it doesn’t apply once the club is bought although they are trying to change that.

    • Guest 2

      Coz it’s only a financial test – sadly not a moral one.

  • Jonathan

    Totally agree with this. The club is a disgrace and it effects the city as well.
    The BBC should put a 1/2 hour programme together investigating the running of the club and the contempt the club has for the city and the support. We are high profile enough to get cracking viewing figures.
    The trouble is the BBC and its mates love Newcastle in crisis (it is why we are constantly shown live on the tele) epitomised by the odious Mark Chapman. Newcastle being a well run club doing well is not what the London centric media want.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Half the BBC is as bent as Fatso

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Asking a Megalomaniac to relinquish power
    Best of luck on that one.

    • Guest 2

      LOL, aye, it’s like asking or expecting Kim Jong Un to turn a new leaf!

  • Aaron

    How this happens at no other club? Look at all the clubs with more history than us (there’s a lot even the Mackems have more top tier titles) who are rotten in lower divisions. That’s bad ownership. Spending £60m when you get relegated isn’t bad ownership. You are a fool.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Ashley has never spent a penny since day 1

      • Guest 2

        Not entirely correct. He spent 29 million of his ‘own’ money following relegation 1 and relegation 2. He has though been repaid that entirely – by further loans from his own St James Holdings. So, he got personally repaid and the loan to do so was added to club debt. Of course, if a sale ever happens that debt will be repaid in full (now 144 mil) – so he’ll have double dipped on the 29 mil.

    • TheFatController

      Sorry, which clubs are rotting away in the lower leagues that have a 40k season ticket holder base when in the PL or championship?

      Your point is I presume that some clubs that are only well supported when they’ve been in the PL – Portsmouth, Coventry, and the like – have sunk to the lower divisions. That’s because they’re not from a big city with just one club.

      None of those have ever been in CL or Europe regularly like we were in the 90s. None have signed the world’s most expensive player in the last 20 years.

      Leeds and Villa are top half championship, not lower divisions, and as for that lot down the road, that’s just karma at work…

  • Leazes

    Correct….if the club had a functioning ‘board’ they would be obligated to acting in the interests of the Football Club not the Owner.

    They wouldn’t have given away Strawberry Place development land for a small fee to Ashley (the account registered as a separate company before the transfer had two and a half million in it)…. and sold to ashley for £1 million.

    They would be obligated to getting the best advertising deal… they gave it away.

    Didn’t anyone wonder why we have a so called Chairman who hasn’t been seen for ten years, didn’t you find it a little bit funny, odd?

    The club doesn’t have a board acting in the interests of Newcastle United.

    We have a local press, the Chronicle with three reporters, yes three, who cover the club on a daily basis…. the club don’t speak so they in eagerness to print they rely on rumour and PR as truth, as well as the stuff that comes out of their tiny minds.

    Don’t believe anything from Ashley, he’s a proven liar or Mark Douglas (inside the Rafalution) yeah right!…. or Ryder (94% are right behind you Pards)… or the daft Youth Chris! They aren’t experts, they’re journalists…..formulaic, uninquisitive and conservative.

    Add to this potent mix, the gullible, fallible fans and there you have it….Newcastle United…..

    I tried to warn you all, but you went dancing into the sunlight anyway!

    ….extracts from John Gibson’s 60 years of Misery and Failure!

  • Peter

    There is a lack of regulation at the Premier League level. unfortunately if you are very wealthy you can do what you like and trample on anybody in your way…much like in the rest of our broken society.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      As far as they are concerned he hasn`t broken any rules

    • TheFatController

      Also best in mind for the FA this isn’t detrimental to their status, it’s actually adding to the circus of interest in their product. They would probably welcome more clubs in turmoil to add to the intrigue, particularly among followers abroad.

      This news will heighten interest in the City match, so there’s no such thing as bad news for the FA in this.

  • Gallowgate1982

    Most people get the vast majority of their news from the internet now and NUFC fans are no different whether that be via a browser or social media. Advertisers love clicks as it gives their product reach. Broadcasters and media outlets including sky sports and the newspapers need clicks to get advertising revenue. Why on earth would they want the circus to stop because they know an NUFC crisis is the perfect click bait its like feeding fish to sharks. The incessant need to know all things NUFC drives these clicks and therefore fulfills the needs of said advertisers and media outlets. So the media would be unwilling to question Mike Ashley or anyone else at the club for fear of losing the clicks when he bans them from the club. The local media ( Chronicle camouflaged under The Trinity Mirror Group) the clubs media partner are central to this theme and only report what the gaffer tells them to report which is why the likes of Lee Ryder can only regurgitate SSN breaking news as a chronicle exclusive. The whole system is set up perfectly to allow MA to avoid any culpability for any of his decisions or actions. The club has been pretty much dead to me when he sacked KK and I have not spent a single penny on then since. There will be no investigation into his reign at the club until he has sold it or died in my opinion.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Good analogy,sweets next to the checkout syndrome.

    • Cockneytrev

      A very good post,,,👍👍

    • Vladimir Biggski

      Same here

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    say we retain our premiership status & i think we will. what if Rafa leaves in the summer, how many will be at St James Park on the 1st home game of the season

    • Tino o

      Unfortunately 52,000

    • Leazes

      What if Rafa resigns on the 20th?

  • Stephen

    No more for me.
    This club has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.
    Had some great times and not so good times
    My last attendance was Man City at home.
    Newcastle’s situation was summed up in that game for me.
    Unable to compete, awful to watch.
    Ashley is a cancer that will kill this club
    I watched Liverpool beat City on tv the other day. Newcastle are light years behind with no hope of getting close with this current regime
    Well small as may seem I for one will not be back.

  • magpiefifer

    Good piece Dean,but with the toothless FA and Premier League nothing will change.
    Add to that the ‘friendly’ media in Sky,Talksport etc the football public won’t learn about the almost 11 years of mis-ownership that Ashley has thrown at us.

  • Philippines

    I take it the writer does not like Mike Ashley.

    • Vladimir Biggski

      Who does?

      • Peaky Magpie

        Mike Ashley

      • Spectrum

        Kroenke at Arsenal has no interest in the footballing side. His only objective is for us to finish top four and rake in the revenue that Champions League qualification brings with it. It’s all about profits for him. From what I’ve read of Ashley, he seems to be of the same mindset. We have that in common, don’t we ?

        Now you might say that you envy us because we have won the Premier League and a few cups under Wenger. That was a long long time ago for a club of our reputation and stature. Arsenal supporters have a higher standard of expectation that is not being met. Not saying we have a right to win things, but we expect to compete with the best. We haven’t been and don’t look like we will.

        Newcastle to me on the other hand, is an ongoing tragedy. It’s fair to say you have underperformed for a club of your size and potential ( as have we, in relative terms ). Internal politics and self interest has prevented your club from progressing as it should have. That’s my impression as an outsider.

        You need a clear out – starting at the top and working down to the coaching staff. Ashley will never do it voluntarily, so new ownership is the only way out of the trap you’re in. Why the investors aren’t queueing up to get involved is a mystery to me. It’s not as though you’re a backwoods Division One team.

  • Spectrum

    I’m a self suspended Arsenal fan. I don’t support my club whilst our current board is keeping it in the unambitious joke of a state it’s been in for a decade. We have an owner in Stan Kroenke, who also has no interest in the club winning significant silverware. So we have things in common with you. In fact, we’re worse off than you Toon supporters – at least you have a decent manager in Benitez. We have a long past it has-been in Wenger, who should have been sacked years ago. Yet they rewarded his failures with two contract extensions ! Believe it or not Newcastle, things could be worse.

    I admire you Geordie fans. You have a good stadium, and packed houses every week* ( * by the way, where does all that revenue from gate receipts and membership go ? ) all you need is an owner that can facilitate taking your club forward and realising its potential. You should be one of the elite clubs in the E.P.L. but you struggle to get anywhere. I know the feeling well.

    You have my sympathy and best wishes. Hope you sort out the mess soon.

    • Vladimir Biggski

      Worse off? Nutter

      All the money goes into ashleys pocket along with the £100m tv money, don’t you know this?

      We don’t even have a club shop. It is a sports direct shop and he pockets the £3m a year from that too. You have no idea.

      • Leazes

        £100 million a season wow… I didn’t know that!

      • Spectrum

        No need for the aggro attitude. I was aiming for a show of solidarity from one suffering club ( mine ) to another ( yours ).

        I hope your reaction is not typical of most Newcastle supporters. I’m sure it’s not.

    • paul mclaughlan

      “Worse off”? Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. Good grihahahahahahahahaef.

      • Spectrum

        My “worse off” comment was specifically to do with the manager situation. If you’d rather have Wenger as your manager, by all means take him off our hands. We’ll be glad to see the back of him.

        And we’ll gladly take Rafa from you. Still think you wouldn’t be worse off ?

        • paul mclaughlan

          Honestly mate you have no idea what you’re on about. We’ve not won a domestic trophy in over 60 years. I would die a happy man if we were ever to win the FA cup. Something you have won consistently over the years. 11 times since we won it back in 55. Fair enough Wenger has probably outstayed his welcome. But please don’t ever again say you are worse off than us. Ridiculous statement indeed.

          • Spectrum

            “…don’t ever again say you are worse off than us. Ridiculous statement indeed….”.

            What I am saying is that we have some problems in common – “An owner and board with no footballing ambition. The club drifting on aimlessly.”

            And in RELATIVE terms we ARE worse off. You have a manager who is aiming to win things IF he had the resources to attempt it. We have a manager who HAS the resources, but who is clueless and whose only ambition is to finish top four. He has been allowed a job for life yet has no accountability.

            Yes Newcastle are success starved RELATIVE to Arsenal. However as I said earlier ( and which nobody took notice of ) by the historical standards that our ( famous ) club SETS ITSELF, we are consistently failing to meet those standards. We’ve won a couple of F.A. Cups, but we could and should have done much better than that. We haven’t won the league for 14 years and have NEVER won the C.L. – whereas most of our big rivals have.

            It’s because you are also seeking better and DESERVE better, that I posted on here, in sympathy with your plight. Because Newcastle are my second club, and it pains me to see it floundering in No Man’s Land.

  • Toon

    Never going to happen, Talk Sport were chatting about how NUFC are a very well run club both on and off the pitch, squad are only missing a striker. To people who know very little about NUFC situation from the outside the club looks ok – Premier League, good manager, 52,000 every week and turning over a profit (little do they know!)

  • Robert Berry

    The only way to get Ashley out is to not renew the season ticket. If Newcastle supporters are serious hit him where it hurts, in his pocket

    • Spectrum

      Same situation at my club, Arsenal. We’re in just the same deep stalemate as you. An owner and board with no footballing ambition. The club drifting on aimlessly.

      And Wenger allowed three of our top players’ contracts to run down. Sheer ineptitude.

  • Roland

    Brilliant, been saying this for years though the detail here is exceptional. I have asked the journo’s 5 times in the last week “why is it impossible to get answers from the club?”. Ironically, I can’t get an answer.

    The FA need to tighten this up, pull their finger out and fast. The money has destroyed football, because the fans’ are no longer the important factor.TV money is, staying up is. That’s why clubs prefer to ‘not lose’ as opposed to trying to win. It’s a ridiculous situation.