Mark Lawrenson says that if Rafa Benitez thinks he has got it bad, he should look at his opposite number this weekend.

The BBC Sport pundit says that Rafa looks set to probably have another frustrating transfer window where he isn’t backed by Mike Ashley to get the signings he needs/wants – but that even if no new players arrive at Newcastle, the Magpies still have more chance of staying up than Swansea.

Well if Newcastle haven’t got more chance of staying up than rock bottom Swansea, then who would they?

New Swansea boss Carlos Carvalhal confirmed on Thursday that he has been promised money to spend and that he doesn’t have to sell any of his best players.

If Newcastle win tomorrow then it would put them nine points ahead of the Welsh club, pretty much making sure that it is one club they can rule out catching them.

Mark Lawrenson thinks Rafa  will have to ‘just get on with things’ if as expected he gets no support from Ashley this month, something which he is no doubt coming to realise is the way of things at St James Park.

Just how long the Newcastle manager will be prepared to put up with the owner’s behaviour if there is no sale of the club, is anybody’s guess.

In the short-term, Lawrenson thinks Newcastle will be ok tomorrow and grab another three points towards safety, via a two goal home win.

Mark Lawrenson taking to BBC Sport:

“Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez is still trying to bring players in – but might have to face up to the fact that this is going to be a frustrating month for him and just get on with things.

“Even if they don’t sign anyone, I would still give the Magpies more hope of staying up than Swansea.

“Swansea also need new players but I don’t know who they will be able to sign that could make a difference and, from the sounds of it, neither does their new manager Carlos Carvalhal.

“If Rafa thinks he has it hard, then he should probably ask Carvalhal what he is thinking at the moment.

“Prediction: Newcastle 2 Swansea 0.”

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Newcastle win 10/11Draw 12/5Swansea win 19/5

Newcastle win 3-1 19/1Shelvey to score first goal 12/1Gayle to score in both halves 22/1

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  • Wor Lass

    If we win on Saturday (and I think we will) then that will virtually guarantee no deals this Jan. With 25 points on board and 16 games left the FCB will be happy to gamble that we`ll stay up.

    • TheNutJob

      Banana skin

      • Jezza

        Huge banana skin. All this talk of going 9 points clear of Swansea if we win but if we lose the gap is down to 3 points.

        • Wor Lass

          Come on, Jezza – don`t go all D & G on us!

          • Leazes

            Dolce & Gabbana?

          • Peaky Magpie


    • Jezza

      There were never going to be any new signings this month. In fact if we do win it’s only likely to persuade the FCB that he can gamble on selling one or two first teamers and we can still avoid rekegation.

    • Guest 2

      He was happy to gamble once promotion was won, hence only a 11.5 million net spend.

  • scumtest

    You just know Swansea will pick up at least a point from this game. Toon as favourites pretty much guarantees us not to win! You young mags out there will realise this one day! 🤣

    • Bobbi fleckman

      Realise what?

      • Paul Patterson

        What can go wrong WILL go wrong and even if nothing appears to stand in our way in getting a result, this club will find a way of doing it.
        Although I’m still predicting a win.- That in itself will probably put the jinx on it . .

  • Coble’s Return

    Ashley will gamble that neither Swansea City nor West Brom will be good enough to gain a point and a half on average from each game until the end of the season, leaving them shy of 40 points and therefore likely to go down. He will also gamble that one of the six others currently place from 12th to 18th will have a worse run in than us. The man clearly thinks that we are home and dry, having learned nothing from our previous relegation seasons.

    He is completely ignoring the very real risk that Rafa will walk if there are no signings and the club sale fizzles into nothing.

    • Guest 2

      But he isn’t going to walk – it’ll cost him 6 million to do so. Unless another club buys out his clause then he’s not going anywhere.

    • hetonmag

      Rafa won’t walk halfway through a season but I just can’t see him going through another transfer window with Ashley owning the club.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    Mark has wound me up in the past but he is spot on here, at least with the comment about us not buying anyone in Jan. we have already moved out players on loan saving a lot of Cashleys money. We should’ve had someone in before this game but have failed miserably so far. If we do win this game personally I think we will stay up but if we lose we are in serious serious trouble, i have given up on a takeover either way, at least within the transfer window it cant be done now as Prem league havent started the RAPP test on Amandas company yet

  • hetonmag

    Let’s get some positivity on this forum all the doom and gloom needs to be put on the back burner at least till after 5 o’clock tomorrow. Swansea won’t come here to defend that’s not in there DNA and that gives me confidence that we will beat them 2-0.

  • Guest 2

    Lawro is a plum. Carvalhal has been told he will have money to spend and doesn’t need to sell anyone. I’m pretty sure Rafa would take that in an instant.
    How this buffoon can suggest Swansea are worse off than us – other than their league position – is anyones guess.

    • Clarko

      Can you read? Not once did Mark Lawrenson say that Carvalhal doesn’t have money to spend, not once did Mark Lawrenson say that Carvalhal had to sell players and not once did Mark Lawrenson say that Benitez wouldn’t want the ability to buy without having to sell.

      This is an ever present occurrence in your comments, you make a “straw man” type argument, an argument that no one made and then you go on and on about how this argument, that they didn’t make, is wrong. What makes it even more embarrassing is that you call him a “plum”, you call him a “plum” for making an argument that you imagined, the only “plum” here is you.

      • Guest 2

        “If Rafa thinks he has it hard, then he should probably ask Carvalhal what he is thinking at the moment.”

        The piece mentions Carvalhal stating he has money and doesn’t need to sell.

        Now, [email protected] off you [email protected]

        • Clarko

          “Lawro is a plum. Carvalhal has been told he will have money to spend and doesn’t need to sell anyone. I’m pretty sure Rafa would take that in an instant. How this buffoon can suggest Swansea are worse off than us – other than their league position – is anyones guess.”

          Where in the Lawrenson quote, does he state that Carvalhal doesn’t have money? Or that he has to sell? Or the part where Benitez wouldn’t want the ability to buy without having to sell in an “instant”?

          You made it up, it didn’t happen. Even in your response you use a Lawrenson quote that has nothing to do with anything. You’re delusional pal.

          • Guest 2

            You could argue with yourself inside a locked cupboard.

            Get back in there, you plum.

          • Clarko

            And there we go…

            Just try reading next time before posting, save yourself the embarrassment.

          • Guest 2

            The only embarrassment I have is for indulging your sanctimonious garbage.

          • Clarko

            It’s not my fault that you choose not to read comments before trying to argue against them. Have fun cleaning the egg off of your face 👍🏿

  • Viru leckworth

    It is just the sort of game we have struggled in this season. If we do win, Ashley will lock the cash box that has been closed since August. Lose and there is a slim chance he may throw a few coppers Rafa’s way. Can anyone understand this man?

  • Albert Stubbins

    After the summer transfer window the chronic published an article quoting a source connected with the club saying that in January there would be an extra thirty million to spend because it hadn’t been spent in the summer. Apparently the club had tried but potential targets were priced out of our reach. Jezza said therebwould be NO money for transfers other than free ones in the January transfer window. Looks like he was right again. Why do we even bother reading what’s printed in that useless fish and chip paper?

  • Albert Stubbins

    Another pointless lawrenson article. Lee Ryder speaks more sense and that’s saying something!!