Their team may have taken all six points but amusing that both Newcastle United’s supporters and manager have still managed to annoy Manchester City fans.

With his Championship team, Rafa Benitez once again went for tactics of trying to keep it tight, staying in the game, in the hope of then having a go late on at getting something out of the match.

Just like after the game at St James Park, the vast majority of Manchester City fans see this as some kind of unsportsmanlike tactic, demanding why Newcastle didn’t play an attacking formation so the home side could score at will.

Likewise, the home supporters didn’t take kindly to Newcastle fans winding them up about the number of empty seats at the Etihad.

Though to be fair, there weren’t quite as many as Man City’s last home match, when only thirty five thousand of their fans bothered to turn up for the League Cup semi-final against Bristol City (who brought eight thousand).

They also weren’t happy, as usual, with Newcastle fans pointing out that many of those who had turned up, wouldn’t have been seen before Sheikh Mansour turned up and bought them top players in every position.

Certainly walking around the Etihad before kick-off, you saw some very strange sights, plenty of adults wearing half and half scarves and suchlike, Manchester City are definitely doing their best to rival Manchester United on and off the pitch…only the move to expand the stadium appears to have backfired, with not nearly enough of these new fans being able to be found to fill the empty seats.

Manchester City fans comment via their top Blue Moon message board:

‘Brilliant at times, shocking at times.

3 points is all that matters.’


‘F…… battered the negative c….

Toon got what any team that comes to not play and that’s f… all.

We played superbly well I thought to a man.’

‘S… performance but we got the job done in the end.’

‘Not at our best, Newcastle got what they deserved: F… all.’

‘Newcastle are dour. Terrible side.

A good win and fully deserved.’

‘Zincenko 107 passes, Newcastle 111 passes.

After Otamendi out passed their entire team at St James’ this is a disappointing stat. The young lad needs to up his game.’

‘I don’t think it was a case of complacency…..Newcaslte had 9-10 men behind the ball at all times… many blocks from crosses, through balls and shots……its so so difficult to break that down with so many opposition players in and around the penalty area.’

‘Total domination, Newcastle goal was a fluke.’

Newcastle set up defensively and to be fair you cannot be too critical of Rafa’s tactics.

They have a team that is more or less a Championship side squaring up to a team that has formidable attacking options and to expect them to try and go toe to toe with us is both ridiculous and unreasonable.

I thought they did okay, but we were always going to have far too much quality for them.

Their goal and the confusion in the box is largely down to the fact that we don’t have to do much defending and when we do its usually because of the high line or teams trying to hit us on the break.’

‘Most undeserved goal possibly of all time from the negative Geordies.’

‘It was one way traffic for 98% of that game. They scored from.our mistake and then almost scored soon after from Eddie’s hilarious comedy keeping but apart from that they did exactly what the world thought they would do. Sit 10 behind the ball and defend and time waste from the 10th minute.’

‘Toon showed an embarrassing lack of ambition today.

Benitez really is a dull manager.’

‘Amazing third goal – Sane’s dribble was out of this world. Should have scored double what we did though. Some good saves from the Newcastle keeper but overall, I thought we were very sloppy.’

‘I hope those disrespectful geordie f…… end up in the bottom three and almost disappear into the championship whoorl like Villa have.’

‘I thought Zinchenko performed very well today. His defensive duties may have went slightly amiss, I hardly noticed that with Newcaslte’s lacklustre attack but he looks a very tidy player and under Pep’s tutelage he looks like he be an excellent player for us.’

‘A reaction today was vitally important & thst’s what we got. Benitez set his young, energetic side up to defend, & defend with 11 men they did.

When Newcastle threw caution to the wind & came at us, we became a bit ragged, which is something I’ve noticed has begun to creep into our game.’

‘Very interesting day for me. Stood/sat in Newcastle end (I live near Newcastle and a group of mates who go to every away match had a spare).

My mates are decent and know their football but the rest are knobs. The chat before the game was full of racism aimed at Arabs, Sterling etc. Wengers dive comments have stuck. All the Sun and Talk Sport s… has also stuck. I have never wanted a player to score so much. Really pleased he ‘dived’ for the penalty.

Our singing section was rubbish yesterday.

What was really strange however is how glad the geordies were about their two results and performances against against us. Hardly the stuff of the Kevin Keegan era. They love Rafa and it was all about the goal difference to them.’

‘Newcastle fans really are some of the most obnoxious, deluded, arrogant, gobbiest set of fans around, the WWYWYWS got its regular airing every 5 minutes, the deranged half wits with their tops off, the strutting around like Billy big balls.

Big club, fine support, fantastic City but give me Sunderland every time over this lot, their fans are the complete antithesis of the Geordies. Let’s hope Amanda Staveley takes her money to the Stadium of light instead.

Ashley in.’

‘The WWYWYWS really bugged me. NUFC got an average of 16,834 as recently as 1991, but hearing them chant it over and over brought home that some people actually believe this myth.’

‘Some very good points, I love the contradiction that outsiders like to label our ground the emptyhad with thousands upon thousands of empty seats. Then rock up to the Etihad and sing ‘where were you when you were s…’ when there are 50000 plus people in there.’

‘Noticed that about the chant as well! Obviously the Geordies don’t remember when they abandoned their team in the 80’s and 90’s. I do.’

‘All things considered I think Newcastle deserve to be acknowledged for not reverting to kicking lumps out of us, as many others have done.

In fact, I was expecting them (especially Shelvey) to ‘do’ one of ours at any moment.’

‘Just like the Rags with the Emptyhad jibe, that is all the Geordies have left. They sing is every season. Just like their empty seats chant. They’ve got nothing else to sing about to opposing fans. They are after all, after Liverpool fans, are the best football fans the World has ever seen!?

But if ask any of them, St Jame’s Park, old and new, was always full.

They’ve never had any empty sections of terracing, or an empty seats. They’ve always got 50,000+ at the redeveloped St James’s Park.

They can’t remember getting 12,000 and less at the old St Jame’s Park. Getting crowds of 35,000-40,000+ at the New St Jame’s Park. The club selling discounted season ticket to fill the place, etc.

I went up there this season. Their were plenty of empty seats. Thankfully for their fans, the empty seats are grey, so they don’t stand out, and blend in with occupied seats.

But everybody loves a Geordie, so we’ll forgive their deluded and in-denial (away) support.’

‘Good win against a well organised Newcastle side. De Bruyne was poor in terms of set play delivery but we still had so much to cause problems and create chances. The Sane run was outstanding.’

  • anyobrien

    By there a bit angry 😡

  • Tino o

    Upset they didn’t beat us 5,6, or 7 nil! Gutted we scored! Arrogant [email protected]!

    • 3 points my good friend, 3 sweet points is all that matters.

      • Tino o

        Get back to bed you’re sister is waiting

        • Or was it 6 points lol

          • Tino o

            Hurry or you’re dad will get there first

        • East Durham Mag

          Beat me to it lol. Ignore the troll.

  • Megatron1505

    A bit like Mike Tyson challenging Woody Allen to a fist fight then bragging when he batters him. Bore off fake Mancs…..

  • csh

    And STILL we hear that we are “deluded”. I’d absolutely love to know what way it is we are unrealistic in our expectations. There was only 2 sensible factual comments there, shame that the oil money has made their fans all billy big time..

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    deluded? the consensus around here was that we were glad it was only 3-1. apologies for not making it easier…

  • AshleyOut

    But they still haven’t answered the WWYWYWS question! Anything this city team does feels hollow as the bare minimum this team should do is win every competition – what Leicester did was an achievement what city do is expected

  • JonMag

    Our goal was no fluke, it was well taken by the lad, as for that lot they have an attacking line up as good as anything in the world, but their defence won`t stand up to the Bacelona`s or Real Madrid`s. they`ll win the premiership, they won`t win the champions league, not with that defence

  • anyobrien

    I hope we stay up now just so we can meet again and have a little chat before our games next season .. Bet you wouldn’t hear half the stuff said about us face to face.

    • Oh you’re scary.

      • anyobrien


  • More or less a Championship side? fk off with ya. Down playing your own team to make it seem like you never had a chance is lame and pathetic. You and your pathetic coach don’t give your players the credit they deserve, if you haven’t already guessed I’m a City fan and even I can see that given the freedom to play, Newcastle United could match anyone in the Premier League and make up for the lack of world class by hard work. How is it that Bristol City can turn up at the Etihad and almost knick a point, or Everton, or Wolvehampton? Pathetic article, pathetic Coach and Author, Rafa is holding your club back.

    • JonMag

      [email protected]@k off birbrain

      • Can’t handle the truth I see.

        • JonMag

          you lot are as thick as pigs schitt, now go play with your [email protected]@king drugged up mates

          • Not as thick as you it seems

          • JonMag

            you`ll always be the 2nd team in Manchester a city full of violence and druggies, do yourself a favour and learn how to spell, you Mank piece of schitt

          • Funny that because United aren’t in Manchester you fking dimwit, they’re in Trafford which is a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester like Bolton, United haven’t been in Manchester for over 100 years you clown.

          • JonMag

            i know exactly where they are i had the misfortune to work down there for a year. it`s a [email protected]@king schitt hole filled with dimwitted cnuts like you

          • Again you fail to start your comment with capitalization but you see fit to question my spelling, laughable. I’m not from or in Trafford you clown.

          • Soldier

            Again, Again, Again. ha ,ha, ha,

          • JonMag

            you really are an idiot, inbreeding i think. apart from you and Mummy how many more cnuts are in the family

          • anyobrien

            😂 😂 😂 😂

          • anyobrien

            Why are you here..?

          • Why do you think?

          • anyobrien

            Eh don’t know that’s why I’m asking.

          • If you haven’t managed to figure it out already, then maybe one of your fellow Geordies can help you lmao.

          • anyobrien

            Your funny you… Like

          • Kev Newcastle England

            To aducate us…pmsl

          • Kev Newcastle England

            Aducate .Dimwit

          • Learn how to spell? Yet you start a sentence with out capitalization, you clown.

          • JonMag

            blah blah blah, full of schitt, typical w ank Mank

          • It’s Manc with a C you clown.

          • paul mclaughlan

            But you’re a Skate with a capital S.

          • I’m not a Skate you moron, I’m not American, nor am I in the Navy, but let me aducate you pal. If I was in the Navy I’d be called a Matlow as I’m English.

          • paul mclaughlan

            Definitely from Portsmouth.

          • Almost right, from Longsight, Manchester but located in Portsmouth yeah, what of it. Oh here we go, same old tune, why don’t you support your local team. Because my local team is Manchester City you clown. That’s like telling a Portsmouth fan to go support Southampton just because he lives in Southampton. Couldn’t fking make it up if you tried lmao.

          • paul mclaughlan

            Your constant referring to City as “Manchester City” suggests you’re an outsider. Ergo a Skate with a capital S

          • Kev Newcastle England

            Aducate….you ‘kin numb buts

          • Toon Arnie

            You don’t get a point for a draw in a cup tie either !!

          • Leazes.

            It’s not a city fan…. its David Lee’s younger brother….Kevin.

            He does this sort of thing.

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          you’re why stupid people get into fistfights over trivial matters of sport. go away, youre embarrassing yourself.

          • Only embarrassments here are you lot, so embarrassing that you have to call yourselves a Championship side when you’re in the fking Premier League, couldn’t make it up.

          • csh

            Check the starting lineup. There was only 3 players who didn’t play in the championship for us started the game.

          • hetonmag

            Yes you can wallow in your success at the moment but your cocky smugness is rather nauseating. Why don’t you just sit back and watch the wonderful football team you have instead of coming on this forum and trying to belittle great supporters. I personally don’t care Jack Shyte what City do or don’t do, but there’s a similarity forming with you lot and your cocky neighbours.

          • TheNutJob

            good post

          • anyobrien

            [email protected]@k off ya plastic

    • Richy

      Bristol almost knicked a point? Wolves knicked a point? Until you learn how cup matches work and that no points are awarded win, lose or draw you should stick to commenting on your own team or better yet, commenting on another sport altogether.

      • Fair play, that’s fatigue kicking in, had they been league matches then my statement would stand. Either way they played better than Newcastle and almost came out with a win or draw, Bristol City have another chance at home so they could yet make you lot look like proper mugs and pull off a giant killing performance. Now that wouldn’t be nice to watch for you lot would it, saying that you’d probably end up taking delight from some other clubs win like Man United fans always do.

      • Kev Newcastle England


    • DC1964

      Oh, not you again!!!

      • Jezza

        Just ignore him. He’s not a proper Man City supporter, he’s just a bandwagon jumping glory seeker who never went to Maine Road and probably used to go by the name of MaNcHeStErReD.

        • TheNutJob


          • I’ll give you a clue, It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

        • Put the Dog in the Bucket.

          • TheNutJob

            never heard that one before, did you make it up ?

          • My good buddy Jezza knows what I’m talking about.

          • Jezza

            I’ve genuinely got no idea what you mean.

      • csh

        He’s a mackem troll. Nobody else could be this stupid or persistent.

      • Did you miss me lol

        • DC1964

          I’d forgotten all about you!!!

          • Obviously not lol as you remember me,

    • Mancs are wancs

      U ok hun?

    • GlasgowMag

      Are you back again you should really get a life. Ignore this one lads, in any event his mum will be calling him soon 9pm is his bed time lol!!

      • anyobrien

        Aye bath night

        • You lot really do have poor imagination lol

          • TheNutJob

            imagination is a concept far above your intellect

          • Note to Newcastle fans for next season, must do better.

          • JonMag

            couldn`t answer him could you, that`s because you lack imagination

          • I did answer him as I’m answering you, with must do better next season.

          • JonMag

            [email protected]@K off, you dimwitted bore

          • I’ll be back lol

    • paul mclaughlan

      At least you’re referring to your team as “city” now, instead of “Manchester City”.

      • Well that’s what Manchester is you clown, a City in which City were the first ever representing club of aka Manchester, in fact we are the only Premier League club in Manchester and always have been the sole club of Manchester, United are just fake impostors and always have been, which is why they’re taking it so hard seeing us above them, playing better football than them with a better Academy, better Coach, better Team, no Debt and living within our means. Happy Days.

        • Must be hard to take knowing Bristol City make you look bad.

        • paul mclaughlan

          Yeah but it was all “Manchester City” this and “Manchester City” that a few days ago. Now it’s just plain “City” like you’ve always supported them… Right!

        • Phil Yare

          no debt cos you’ve had free money hoyed your way like whores

        • paul mclaughlan

          Ps. The 2.3 billion you’ve been valued at is including the debt. No team can operate at half a billion losses for the first few years. Then suddenly not be in debt… Right?

        • Toon Arnie

          I would hate that, being the second best supported club in a city with only one club. No wonder you all have a chip on your shoulders.

    • Toon Arnie

      Almost knick a point in a cup game ? You don’t even know the rules ! Cup of Horlicks and an early night for you. Unbelievable.

  • TheFatController

    There’s got to be something wrong in the psyche to still get wound up by songs from away fans once you reach the age of, shall we say, 10…? any away fans anywhere, not just those goading fans of a team funded to the top of the tree.

    ‘I can’t believe the away fans came and sang songs I found quite disrespectful. Where was the chanting of ‘fantastic that your players all cost £30m+, have a good season, see you next year?’ ‘

  • Soldier

    i see the noisy neighbours have crawled out from beneath their rocks

    • Rocks? no one told us we had rocks, you must be mistaking us for Newcastle fans my good friend.

      • glassjawsh-got-banned

        now I’m convinced this person is an 11 year old from bumblebutt Wisconsin

      • JonMag

        the only rocks you lot have are crack, your city`s a schitt hole ran by gangsters, the pits !

      • Phil Yare

        he means the rubble of maine road where you left your identity

  • Michael Smith

    another state owned club who have bought there way to glory, they can`t even fill their own stadium.

    • That’s a new one, did you just make that up. Anyone got a gold star for this guy, he’s mega tops.

      • TheNutJob

        he`s hit your button, is it bigger than Trumps

  • TheNutJob

    Manchester`s a great place, if a car backfires everybody hits the deck in case it`s a drive by shooting, keeps you on your toes does that

    • Dave Pattinson

      Suppose we should pity the poor Mancs, having to live in that Gawd-awful soul-less city. Strangely though, in many encounters over the years I’ve always had great craic & respect for the City support. Must be the arrogance and unpleasantness of the new generation that’s rearing its head. They want to be loved by us all, and wonder why not everyone wants to kneel down in worship.Good team, nice to watch, but there’s been others. Shame. Nothing attractive about having a chip on your shoulder. Toon Toon!

      • Wor Lass

        When were you last in Manchester – it`s a fantastic, vibrant city with some of the best nightlife going.

    • Phil Yare

      and remember that the ‘theatre of dreams’ in neighbouring salford is in a place that makes any sludge on the tyne look like the bahamas. a truely horrible place occupied by 2 pretend football clubs

    • Lhc

      😂 very true, my gf lives in east Manchester and it’s the type of place you always feel like you have to keep wits about you when out and about.

  • TheNutJob

    Raheem`s the biggest diver in the prem

    • Peaky Magpie

      And the biggest c**t.

    • Phil Yare

      funniest thing i heard the other day was on talksport. some city fan rung up and said ‘Guardiola is better than others because he gives youth a chance’ used Sterling as an example…..
      he cost 50m and was an established england international!

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Prefer Sunderland to Newcastle ? i nearly pi$$£d my pants .
    Go to sunderland then and stay out of our fantastic city .

    • TheNutJob

      show`s how stupid they are

    • Phil Yare

      must like warts on his ass

    • Steven05

      I think some Everton fans feel the same way. Maybe because sunderland have never been a threat to them for a long time?

      • Bowlsey

        Agreed. The likes of Villa, Everton and now seemingly certain City fans have an intense dislike of Newcastle. At first this baffled me given the fact that we have nothing in common geographically speaking but then I realised that for many years we posed a big threat to them and all the big clubs and they haven’t forgotten it. We will threaten them again one day whereas as Blunderland will never be a threat to anybody except perhaps to themselves. This is why the scum are preferred to us by some. They don’t feel threatened by them or their support.

  • Paul Patterson

    They didn’t take long to go up their own a***s . .

  • Toon

    Porter you are a fool. Why you let yourselves get wound up and spit your dummy out over these posts confuses me. He selects the points he likes and ignores the rest, there are probably 100s of other posts and to be fair you could do the same with this board to make any article you like. This just cheapens an already cheap site, makes NUFC fans look stupid

    • JonMag

      it`s a good site compared with Ryder`s chron

    • Alan

      OMG and NUFC fan that gets it!!

  • Phil Yare

    interesting read from mostly retards.

    they are on their lofty perch because they’ve been prostituted to the middle east….don’t let them forget that

    • Wor Lass

      Prostituted to the middle east? People were nearly creaming themselves on here when they thought Staveley might have been representing Sheik Mansour`s brother.

      • Mitros gotta start


        • Albert Stubbins

          yes but until she coughs up citeh are prostituting themselves to the middle east!! lol

  • Shields Mag

    How times change, I remember when Manchester City went down to the old third division and had Lee Bradbury up front! The fans were good craic then, money has ruined a few now and some of them they are getting like their noisy neighbours just expecting to turn up and win.

    • Phil Yare

      not many of them would value paul dickovs playoff equaliser (in injury time?) as probably the most important goal in their history
      no they would say aguero v qpr despite having £97 billion invested from foreign aid

      • Shields Mag

        Exactly mate, I used to live and work down there in those days and a few I used to work with were good craic, Dickov was a legend and Shaun Goater….

        • Phil Yare

          they left their club at maine road mate. i doubt the current man in charge or any of the first team players could name a single stand of the current stadium nevermind the old one

          i would love to see the toon have proper and committed investment to reward fans loyalty, but i would rue the day we lose our identity like man city have done

          i’m not sure if doing it the ‘proper way’ is possible now, with agents and tv people telling you how and when to do business, i think we are a victim of what football is now that people like ashley exploit

          • Shields Mag

            Yeah mate if there’s one thing we all want is to see St Jameses rocking again with the buzz on a match day that has been missing under current regime, hopefully those days will return we have to live in hope that Ashley will sell sooner rather than later….

          • You two are full of shlt, Manchester City celebrate our history every single day. As you walk through the Etihad stadium hallways there are framed photos and murals of our entire history right the way back to St Helens, West Gorton. All our Legends past and present are celebrated. The legends that still exist are treated as such by our club, don’t have to pay a single penny, get airtime and treated like Gods by club and Fans. I’ve supported my club since birth, 1975. I don’t need to or believe I require to justify and answer to any of you. You just talk a load of shlt you have zero clue about, run your mouths off like you think you know everything and as soon as an opposing fan gives it back, you start whining like little babies.

    • Alan

      You don’t remember that at all as Lee Bradbury was up front for Palace that year.

      Phil, City fans have voted that their most important goal in History in the last few year, does that make you wrong? £97b? Aid?

      Both Dickov and Goater are still legends and are always at games as well as took out in front of the crowd. And do you remember your players costs and wages at the time? Do you think it was 5-10 times more than Dickov at least? Must have lost your identity in the mid 90’s eh?

      Where have they ‘lost there identity? The celebrate the Old boy and give them jobs you’re simply clueless.

      What do you think Gtoon? Remember the site want City fans on here they’ve paid good money to get them here.

  • Albert Stubbins

    lol- methinks weve hit a nerve. poor LITTLE citeh. Never be a big club- havent got the support.

    • Alan

      Little City? Are you a Manchester Utd fan? Because if you’re a Newcastle fan if City is in fact a in bold little. Then what is Newcastle, microscopic?? This comment makes no sense and is funny as reality dosen’t seem to have him home to this fella Gtoon.

      • Albert Stubbins

        you’re a sensitive LITTLE bunch arnt you? your reaction just proves my point. small club with big wealthy owners- will you still go when theyve got bored with their LITTLE plaything? LOL

        • Alan

          You don’t seem to get it do you?
          If you were a bigger club which as a fact you’re not in any way shape or form are you, you may look not a stupid as you do saying that. That’s why Utd fans can say that and it be a fact but not many others in this country can, As if they won more, we are always above them, see utd for the last 5 or 6 years. This plaything turnover is currently the second biggest in England and about 4 or 5th in the World. So if you thin say city are little bothers their fans in any way you sir are deluded. That little team sits above all others in the England. It funny how idiotic what your saying is and you can’t see it, keep pretending to be a Utd fan wanna be! lol

          • Phil Yare

            southend utd? oxford utd? your on a newcastle utd forum

          • Albert Stubbins

            So you’re clearly not bothered then? Lol lol. Dry your eyes man FFS.

    • ToonTom

      Never were a big club, ever. They won the lottery and became the most deluded fans in football. Go figure.

  • ToonTom

    You have to smile. Their squad was assembled at a cost of around £775m and they pontificate as though thus it ever was and they therefore have every right to thrash everyone 10-0 every game.
    When the money dries up (maybe 20 years time) and they’re as poor as the rest of us in pocket and playing staff, I wonder how cocky they’ll all be.

    • paul mclaughlan

      They’ll be poorer as money will have to be repaid. Just like chelski and Manure.

      • Alan

        The city squad isn’t anyway near that amount, why do you just pluck figures out of thin air? ‘When the money dries up?’ in that 20 year do reckon they’d be one of the most decorated clubs in the league? Paul unlike Chelsea City’s money wasn’t a loan it was a gift, how cool is that? And news for you City haven’t spent a penny that wasn’t self generated for the last three seasons. There you are Gtoon, just putting some facts in like a good old fan from Maine rd might

        • Phil Yare

          yes hes way off, its more like 700m not 775m

        • paul mclaughlan

          Hey Alan you absolute moron I didn’t pluck any “figures out of thin air”. If the money was “a gift” then yes this is brilliant for City. But I for one have never read this as fact. You say City have not made a loss over the last three seasons. But they did make huge losses over the seasons that preceded them. Even now they only operate in profit because sponsorship money paid is hugely inflated so they can get around the FFP. And we know pretty much all sponsorship money comes from pretty much the same source (albeit from companies in different names owned by the same person who owns City). As I say great if it is a gift. But one has suspicions that this is not the case. But will be happy to admit I’m wrong if you provide proof.

          • Steve

            Wow this really show the level this lot are on, He’s right, you didn’t know he was but he’s the moron? How does that work :D Never read it because it wasn’t on here? Well it’s true City do not own the owners a penny spent on players or infrastructure. Great owners eh?

            He said City’s owners haven’t spent a penny over the last three seasons which is right, maybe he’s a moron for that as well?. They have made a profit on the last three years even though they’ve spent about £220m nett.

            ‘But they did make huge losses over the seasons that preceded them’

            Of course they did it’s called investment. Do you remember it? Just like Sir John Hall did with your lot? Difference being yours was debt, which still there to this day. City’s spending was done with the owners money being invested, leaving city debt free. It’s now looking like a very shrewd investment. I’ll explain but to sure you get it or want to, as you lot don’t seem to be too big on facts.

            City has cost the owners around £1b upto now, at lot isn’t it. Well that is until you look at the value of City now. In November 2016 Chinese investors bought 13% of City they paid £265m. Which puts the Value of City at £2.06b. The owner has doubled his money if he was to sell now! but why? He has a club that’s profitable. You will find it hard to get this or more likely won’t want to as it’s clear you prefer it not to be true, but I promise you these are facts that you can easily google anytime.

            ‘Even now they only operate in profit because sponsorship money paid is hugely inflated so they can get around the FFP.’
            Hmmmm, really where’s that from, the Republik Of Mancunia website?

            The City sponsorship you’re referring to will be with Etihad, this is under market value much less than Liverpool, Utd’s, Arsenal and Chelsea’s similar deals. But to show you really how daft what you’re saying is City’s turnover this year was £473.4m. The Etihad sponsorship is in two parts both come to £40m a year. This isn’t ‘inflated’ it’s dwarfed by other clubs shirt sponsors. So this leaves £433.4m from Nike, Hugo Boss, Nissan, Nexen, Heineken, Gatorade, Qnet and many others pay that. And great news for City is a huge new deal with Nike next year set to smash the previous one. To put you right on Etihad City’s owner doesn’t own them but this deal isn’t that big either way. Etihad deal is due for renewal soon too. Like Arsenal’s Emirates airline, Etihad arirlines is a huge, why wouldn’t they sponsor City one of the most televised club in the UK?

            Provide proof? Christ that’s funny not one of you lot do that here about anything! Your problem is listening to people who make stuff up or cling to what was true ten years back to make themselves feel better about their current situation Cou*UTD*gh! Google or copy and paste ‘Express Every Premier League club’s debt revealed’
            You’ll note Newcastle’s debt, that’s from your 90’s attempt to do what City have done a fact you lot don’t seem to think happened! City have no debt.

            So what have learned here? Well you are clearly wrong. But I’ll be the moron like the dude above no doubt!

  • Justchampion

    Like lottery winners who don’t know how to conduct themselves

  • ToonTom

    The truly disappointing thing about these comments from the deluded lottery winners is that their team is – by Premiership standards – amazing. Some of their players are simply off the scale.
    In forty-four years, they won nothing bar the League Cup Final once.
    They all need to take a moment to remember those glorious days of empty trophy cabinets and third division football.
    And players no-one will ever remember.

    • Mitros gotta start

      Nial quim…..shudder

    • Alan

      Gtoon heres an example. why shouldn’t this clown get a kick? Coz he read a few picked out tweets out of ten of thousands? Then thought ‘that’s what they all think so I have a go’ he’s just not the sharpest.I give him a fact that he’ll disagree with but it’s a fact. City may have won the lottery but Newcastle are only where they are through John Hall nearly bankrupting the club and saddling it with £110m of debt after a spend, spend, spend decade that brought you nothing and now will keep you where you are for decades but did get you some new fans.

      P,S you’ve still got that debt and it’s a huge reason Mike can’t sell the club, well worth it wasn’t it? Your lottery money was borrowed City was not.

      • GToon

        To be honest Alan I thought Hall did take a gamble and it almost paid off. We played the best football I’ve ever seen us play then. As a fan of my club I don’t really care about the money. I want to see a team that tries to win. I didn’t want to be balance sheet champions. The bottom line is that football is now a business. Big business. Your club bought a nine year old from my sons academy for a five figure sum! Nine! Times are changing and I don’t particularly like it. But if we had what your club has I would be loving every minute of it! And yeah you are dead right, I’ve never seen us win a thing. I’ve supported this lot since the mid seventies and seen not one trophy. Cheers.

        • Tony Mann

          GT – Leave it be – He is Harry Enfield declaring he has considerably more money than you.

        • Alan

          Ur right Tony it nearly did. And you know why it didn’t and we had the same? Kegan he wasn’t strong enough to go head to head with the do anything to win Fergie. Our football under Kegan was great to watch but he was weak.

          The thing is that was your Chance and they didn’t quite make it so they debt caught up, And now for another chance it;s impossible, FFP was designed to stop it. If you get the richest owners on the planet they can now only spend what you earn. City had a head start and got the best business brains about. The winning thing was the same for me too young to remember 76 cup even though I was at games but young with my dad, For city it is great to see the Worlds biggest club tm suffer those that when their team cost £250m and ours £30m lorded it over us even though we couldn’t have touched them then because of the money they spent, now the tables are turned most kids are following city now in the schools. The amount of kids a city watching has gone up the club encourages them. You never really had them problems I guess. To me and believe or not many game going fans
          wouldn’t care that much if they didn’t win another title, after all they mostly went they’re whole lives without one

          • Tony Mann

            Who are you actually replying to, because your post comes across as complete cojones.

          • Phil Yare

            who the f**k is kegan??

      • Phil Yare

        hmmm. you could probably make a career writing for the mirror or maybe the daily sport

        where on earth did man city generate transfer fees for……….

        Elano Bianchi Corluka robinho jo de-jong bellamy bridge wright-phillips given kompany zabaleta adebayor tevez lescott santa cruz toure johnson dzeko toure balotelli sliva kolarov milner boateng aguero nasri savic clichy garcia nastasic rodwell sinclair fernandino jovetic negrado navas bony mangala fernando caballero de bruyne sterling otomendi roberts delph stones sane jesus gundogan bravo nolito mendy walker bernado-silva ederson danilo luiz???

        thats about a billion spent. did you increase the cost of a pie?

    • Alan

      To add to that he talks of not winning anything except the league cup for 40 years but doesn’t at all think of his hypocrisy in his own club now going 63 year without anything except the fairs cup 49 years ago! Player no one with remember? What of his own? Gtoon can’t you see this?

      • GToon

        Both sides have had poor players over the years. That’s true.

      • Phil Yare

        at least that was a european trophy!!

        • Steve

          The third euro trophy behind The other two, why don’t you tell everyone about your glorious intopopoo cup win lol

          • Phil Yare

            everyone? this is a newcastle utd forum – everyone knows ‘lol’

  • Kieran Dire

    Was at the match yesterday, been to half our away games this season and without question this lot win the prize for the ugliest home fans in the Premier League, reckon most of them would not look out of place in Shameless, but they’d have to up their game to get a part, some absolute mingers. Very predictable comments from City fans, who demonstrate once again that the average fan of the so called ‘big six’ knows nowt about football or even appreciates they’ve had the equivalent of a multi-million lottery win. Ignore

  • GToon

    I think we are spending far too long talking about this game and their team and fans. They have a great team and will walk the league. They are light years ahead of us in nearly every footballing respect. Most of their fans are decent people who just want to enjoy their moment. It’s only the odd few that make the time to come of here that give them a bad name. Lets talk about our next game for a change.

    • Alan

      Why don’t you seem understand that this site is deliberately put on Manchester city’s news now page, you have to pay a lot of money to do that! It’s done solely for clicks. There is always a story on how City fans said this or did that. So instead of biting like you lot do why not say ‘fxxk me this is every time we play one the big teams’ as it’s clear it’s not just city. The site owners use this tactics, so it’s all about how bad City fans are now, they were great at Maine road!?!? They’re the same fans mostly! Do you think they all stopped going?? Look at some of your comments, when someone is talking absolute rubbish about their club they going to, and clearly have kicked you back. I can’t believe you are that gullible not to see it, There are some NUFC fans a bit smarter. And as for this empty stadium winds them up??? They just laugh as they know it’s wrong for decades they’ve been in England’s top 4,5 or 6 attendances. So why do you think that winds then up? They just think you’re as think as Utd fans who just use the mantra is funny.

      • Tony Mann

        Think your English went a bit awry in the last sentence or so.
        Other than that…. What the eff are you on about?

        • Dan Young

          Alan’s been on the sauce…..

        • Phil Yare

          i would try reading it backwards if i had the time

      • GToon

        I don’t see the point in provoking other teams fans. I’d rather talk about my club. I know it will come up on searches that you do for your club. I’ve just had enough of it to be honest. We got hammered. End of.
        I would imagine 99% of your fans thought we were rubbish. But it doesn’t really matter to me. Good luck with the rest of the season.

        • Alan

          It isn’t on a search it’s been put on man city newsnow page that millions of City form all over the World fans view that costs a lot, so next time you’re having a go look at the rubbish being spouted by your fellow fans and see why other clubs fans give it back, firstly the bate was put there by the site owners. Most City fans I know think that was awful football from Newcastle but weren’t even remotely disrespectful as you have a choice attack and have a very slim chance of getting something or getting battered as you leave space or defend and 100% get beat. If you believe or not those that have a go come closer than those who just defend for their lives, not one has done anything but get beat. Rafa is a decent manager he has better players than Wolves and similar to palace they had a go. At the end of the day City play like they do for the entertainment that’s what they want. The pettiness which is easily put right with facts here is the problem, I’m mean why it only point to a couple of thing doesn’t it?

        • This website is always bad mouthing Manchesters City and City fans, even when you’re not even playing us. I remember visiting this site a few times when you were in the Championship and they were running their mouth off, not even in the same league. So then I turn up to return fire and your fellow fans get upset that I’m here.

      • Phil Yare

        ‘They just think you’re as think as Utd fans’

        illiteracy at its best

        • Steve

          That’s what you got’ a typo? Thicker than Utd fans

          • Phil Yare

            which united?

  • nevfur

    All fans wind each other up it’s part of the fun, trick is to try not to bite and citeh obviously do. Funny how some go on about us being disrespectful like we should just pay homage to the great leaders.
    As for the where were you song obviously those so hurt by that were not there then as the song is purely being replayed to them because they sang it regularly to us in the Keegan-Hall days.

    • You’re mistaken, City fans don’t want your respect, we don’t value respect like Arsenal, Man United or Liverpool fans demand, we couldn’t care less about your respect, see you opposition seem to think we care what you think. These City fans comments are just fans being honest and telling it how it is, if anyone’s upset it’s you Geordies because you can give it but don’t like it up you.

      • ToonTom

        And if you believe any or all of that, you are uber-deluded, son.

      • Tony Mann

        You’re not a City fan so you cannot comment on proper City supporters.
        You’re a Chav c*nt who has boarded the gravy train whilst glory is the passenger.
        Go back to supporting Roy of the Rovers and Melchester United. (Sorry Melchester fans)

      • nevfur

        The comments about being disrespectful came from your fans mate so obviously they do care. Do try to keep up.
        I’m not the one whinging on about fans comments at games, it’s all a wind up as I said in my post too, do try to keep up.

  • Tony Mann

    Enjoyed going to Maine road in the past – good support and good crack – not like those [email protected] across the city. Can only put these comments down to [email protected] who have no idea of life before the Etihad. I know some Mancs from years ago, top guys who appreciate where they’ve come from, realise the bubble can burst and accept the rollercoaster for what it is.

  • YoungMag85

    Quite a precious bunch aren’t they. ‘Boo hoo, they defended in numbers and wouldn’t let us score at will. Boo hoo they poked fun at our empty seats, boo hoo they asked where we were when we weren’t very good!!!’ Newcastle defended in order to stay in the game – enough said on that. As for the chants – it’s standard football banter so dry your eyes for god sake.

    • Tony Mann

      Bet a few bottys were twitching at 2 -1.

    • ToonTom

      0-1 and 3-1 is not great (obviously) but they were derived by tacttics whch avoided 0-6 (Watford this year) and 6-1 (us, a few years back).
      Imagine we avoid relegation by 8 goals or less this season. Suddenly ‘parking the bus’ is worth a £100million?
      They are deluded lottery winners and – like many such fortunates – they have no class to live with it.

  • Andy Mac

    Wow got them well and truly wound up? Their defensive reactions says a lot about them as fans. Having bought the league you’d think they’d be a little more magnanimous?

    • No defensive reactions at all, City fans have never had it so good so what makes you think they care about some insignificant Geordie like you, I’m only here to wind you all up like they have wound you up.

      • ToonTom

        Fair enough. It’s still going to rip the club apart when the money’s gone. There was a time when we would have cared, but the deluded lottery winners have defined everyone’s response to that, thank you very much.

        • Oh right you mean when our owner jumps ship? lmfao, you really are a deluded bunch.

      • Andy Mac

        Err I’m not on your fan site ? 🤔

  • ToonTom

    They’re just deluded lottery winners, Andy Mac. They actually think they’ve somehow earned the luck! You have to smile. They’re like children only Christmas Day for them is every day so they don’t notice the difference to everyone else. Forty years winning nothing bar a League Cup but they still think they’re here for the long-run. The long-run runs out like everything else and they’ll fall away. Then watch their ‘fans’ fall away too!

    • You think City fans care what you think? We’re laughing at your ignorance, envy, bitterness, jealousy, it’s because you have big mouths, running your mouths off about City, you can dish it out but you can’t take it, that’s the cold hard truth.

  • Down Under Mag

    When the whole F.A. cower to them as the new big boys on the block after having bought the league and along with the likes of Chelsea and PSG totally ruined the finances of football, you can’t really expect much more from some of their support. Much like their red counterparts, there is a massive chip on the shoulders of some of their fans as they ride the coat tails of success based on buying their way to the top. Quite how they expected us to approach the game given our squad limitations i’m not sure of, however it does strike me as a clear sign they know absolutely nothign about football.

    • You’re deluded.

      • ToonTom

        Is that it?
        Deluded lottery winner gives childish retort to valid and accurate view of their borrowed fan base.
        Would it have been better for you if we’d played 2-2-6 and went for double figures? We may not like Rafa’s careful tactics but if it keeps us up this season, i suspect we’ll all be taking that.

        • Again do you honestly think City fans care what you think? Consider yourself that important do you? Do you think you’re actually worth listening too? Hilarious how you’ve avoided all my other comments because you know I’m right. You’re going to look and feel utter mugs the moment Ashley sells you off and once the success arrives, be on the receiving end of vitriol, the same vitriol you’ve been giving City fans. The same vitriol Chelsea fans got when Abramovich bought them, you lot are so thick its unreal. Think you’re something special, think you deserve success more than City. Jealous, Bitter, Sad, Pathetic. Even your own Legends Cascarino and Shearer are questioning Rafa and Newcastle for parking the bus. Going to abuse them too are you. Bristol City are more worthy opponents than you lot.

  • Danimal

    When we were good – anyone remember when away fans sang ‘where were you when you were shyte’? – I don’t remember us having all this venom towards the likes of Man City, Everton, Villa etc. We just got on with enjoying ourselves and pinching ourselves because we couldn’t believe we were actually good for a change. As I’m sure SBR (and other wise ones) said, there is a way to lose and a way to win.

    • Toon Arnie

      Yes I can actually remember Man City fans singing this to us more then once in days gone by.

      • We all remember when we were shlt, it’s you opposition fans who have this brain dead mentality thinking just because we’re ellevated by a wealthy owner, that we’re turning into United fans. All the bullsht you throw at us now just makes us laugh, if you want to know why I’m on here winding your fans up it’s because they have big mouths and this website is constantly running their mouth off about Manchester City. You all think insulting another club and it’s fans is banter, so you actually ask for it. Then when we give as good as you give, all of a sudden we’re like United fans. Lets be honest here, a lot of you Geordies are hacked off that it was City that got bought out and not Newcastle, you’ve never gotten over the Ben Arfa incident and envy is eating you up. You think we’re smug and self glorified yet you’re wrong and haven’t got a fking clue. We knew where we were when we were shlt and we’ll never forget it. As the old saying goes, If you can’t take it then don’t dish it out.

        • ToonTom

          Oh dear, deluded lottery winner pretends to have been a fan when they were rubbish. Not buying it. Most of them couldn’t explain the offside rule never mind remember the bad old days.

          • I don’t care whether you buy it or not, all that matters is the truth. You can pretend I’m not all you like, delude yourself all you like pal.

          • ToonTom

            Try writing in English, mate, it really helps the reader immensely. Look, you’re deluded and so are the rest of your shipped-in prawn sandwich mates. We get it. It’s okay.

  • Ram Kishore

    Do we really need this article Graham Porter ..after all we know about our team’s performance.. Sir do u really need to come up with cherry picked negative comments of opponent fans and make this even more negative..
    Please man stop this nonsense

  • Whitehurst

    Great team….but so many empty seats!! Worst away ground I’ve been to in last 25 years….their fans never sung as one!! Simply woeful. Rotherham fans last season at NY were 500% better!! If that’s the type of support you get when a get bought out by a rich middle eastern country then you can stick it where the sun don’t shine! Great players….zero identity!!

    • You keep your pity, you keep your shame, you keep your sad fk opinion that means nothing to us, news flash, we don’t give a monkeys what you think. We are proud of our club, we still have our identity, we still have a soul, our club is the best community supporting club in the United Kingdom. We have the evidence to back it up having won all the awards possible for City in the Community. We support our young and disabled supporters in every way possible, in fact our club has far more soul than yours ever will. The core of our fan base is as strong as ever in the numbers, you Geordies conveniently forget we’ve just increased our stadium capacity recently and are in 4 competitions and I challenge any football fan to attend every single game in 4 competitions while hold a job down, have a family and life outside of sport. You’re all full of shlt, I just wanted you to know we are not going to lose any sleep over what you think of us. We’re top of the league, we’re top of the league, you fooking b*****ds, we’re top of the league.

      • Even your legends Tony Cascarino and Alan shearer aren’t impressed with you parking the bus, love to see you all turn on them for your beloved new coach.

        • Bitter jealousy from you lot, this is all this boils down too, simple.

          • Whitehurst


      • Whitehurst

        ….and I quote “we don’t give a monkeys what you think”! You obviously do fella…otherwise you wouldn’t have replied!! Not only that….but who replies to their own posts! I rest my case. Ha ha Ladies & gentlemen, I give you CiTyBlUe….who thinks Tony Cascarino used to play for us!! Sums it up…no knowledge on all things football. Like I said in a previous post mate….I undoubtedly know more about your “beloved” Citeh, than you do!! Priceless!!

  • Mrkgw

    What a self deserving arrogant bunch or morons. They know nothing and their opinions mean jot all.

  • Tim Boddy

    Easy to say, Citeh fans, when you’ve bought your success with dirty oil cash.

  • Colin Brumwell

    I can hardly recall any team whose gates did not go up when they win something

  • Not all but, a lot of you Geordies are going to look the right bunch of ignorant [email protected] you really are once your club is sold by Ashley to a rich owner. Eventually after success you’re going to get the same vitriol you’ve been dishing out to City fans and what’s going to make it worse is, you lot can dish it out but you don’t like it up you.

  • In 2016 Manchester City generated £71 million in gate receipts, compared to Newcastle Uniteds mere £33 million in gate receipts.

    Who cares about a few empty seats? only Geordies and our rivals, but we don’t lol.

    • Tony Mann

      I refer to my earlier post on this same topic.
      You are not a Manc as you have no class.
      Do you know where Maine Road actually was?
      I do – and I am a Toon fan !
      City, as a footy team, are breathtakingly brilliant right now.
      Like I said earlier, City don’t need fans like you, and if, indeed, you are a fan as opposed to a troll, you don’t deserve them.

      • All because I speak the truth and you don’t like it up you, City are still here because of fans like me, since 1975 and I sold my shares to Thaksin. First game I went to on my own was the Manc Derby in 1989 in my Brother Umbro shirt watching Trevor Morley’s Moustache destroy Man United. I am part of Manchester City’s soul and I think you’ll find the vast majority of City fans would agree with me here in saying, don’t mouth off if you can’t handle getting it back. We have more class than you’ll ever have.

        • Tony Mann

          Get some more of your City ‘mates’ to back up your mindset and maybe I’ll reconsider .
          Until then, you are still a class-less chav c*nt with no idea of a working club identity, jumping on the back of a glory bandwagon.
          City has class (without ‘fans’ like you).
          City fans have class (without ‘fans’ like you).
          You’re just a troll – and a c*nt.

          • Ahahahahahahaha, You are nothing, your opinion has no substance, it’s empty idle jiberish. You think very highly of yourself don’t you Geordie, questioning my suitability as a City fan isn’t going to upset me pal, I’ve dealt with people like you for decades. You think far to much of yourself and need to sit down and catch your breath before you pass out.

          • Tony Mann

            Ok – You win.

            NB – you spell ‘Jibberish’ with two ‘B’s, you thick [email protected]

          • Tony Mann • 3 minutes ago
            Ok – You win.

            NB – you spell ‘Jibberish’ with two ‘G’s, you thick [email protected]

          • Just before you edit it lmfao.

          • Tony Mann

            You got me. – At least I’m gracious in defeat.

          • You actually went back and edited ‘G’ to ‘b’ lmao

          • Tony Mann

            Thanks for the “aducation” by the way.

          • Tony Mann

            Talk about shooting myself in the foot. Wow.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            And “to” should be “too”, too

          • Tony Mann

            No it shouldn’t – ‘Two’ is a number.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            I was referring to CiTyBlUe who said “you think far to much of yourself and need”, I was correcting him, “to” should be “too”, too.

          • Tony Mann

            Touche – sadly, last night I had a few and a typo crept in. CB pounced (which he is entitled to do) before I had time to correct it and made me look a bit of a pillock.
            Memo to self – stop glugging gin when posting on this forum.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            Ha ha! well, sometimes you just have to admit the odd typo. He was baiting, i suppose he can do that but he has to remember, City would have been us without the oil money.

          • Tony Mann

            On the short time I have been on this forum, I doubt we have agreed on anything.
            You are entitled to your views as I am mine and that is what makes ‘The Mag’ so fascinating.
            It would be pretty bloody boring if everyone agreed with everyone else all of the time
            All that being said, CB is an out and out c*nt – but I am more irritated by myself for responding.
            No doubt you will soon post something that raises my already sky high blood pressure and we’ll be at daggers drawn again. Until then, Cheers.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            Everyone agrees with me in the end!!! ;-)

        • ToonTom

          Oh dear, we are therefore definitely in trouble because you rather patently have none.

    • HappyToons

      ‘you can dish it out but you can’t take it, that’s the cold hard truth.’

      You are one big empty sheat, apparent by your gracious presence here, unlike decent mancs. The big naval gob who would be first over the top then with a hole the size of Bernard Manning’s blue mooning backside through your even fatter thick heed. We all know that some of the sadder blue mancs join up with the sad mackems and believe me you sound like one thick keyboard banging SMB. Are you going to Cardiff with that gob then start whistling the funeral march. No you’ll be on your comedy keyboard in The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club

      • You spout a load of shlt don’t you, I’m only here for one reason and one reason alone and come with no help from any other. To wind you [email protected] up and i’ve done the job perfectly with facts. All you’ve all come back with is the same old shlt, playing the same old records.

  • gallowgate26

    Every club (bar Leicester) have BOUGHT the PL title. Man Yoo, Blackburn Rovers, Chelski, Man City are just one of the latest to do so. Nothing to see here…yawn