Luton fans travelled in numbers to St James Park.

The 7,500 following being more than they have had for some league matches this season at home.

So what did they think?

Well, obviously they would have preferred not to get beat 3-1 but otherwise, great to hear what they had to say.

Always going to be one or two dissenters but always nice to hear outsiders with such positive comments about our city and just how big a part the football club plays in the life of it.

We might be a ‘few’ trophies short but we have a lot to be thankful for as Newcastle supporters.

Luton fans commenting via their top Luton Outlaws message board:

‘Just got in, great weekend, second half performance was superb, Newcastle showed us respect, great to see so many lutonians partying into the nite.’

‘Best ever away support seen there according to Newcastle fan on Facebook.

Better than Juventus, Dinano Kiev, Benfica, Feyenord and Everton.’

‘To be fair, others would easily beat it if they were allowed!’

‘Drove past Power Court and the town centre on the way back from Newcastle

It was dark empty and unloved…such a contrast with the light energy and joy as the crowds left St James Park on Saturday to enjoy themselves in the city centre.

How the hell can some people in Luton not understand what a redeveloped Power Court stadium with related new Bars and restaurants in the area around could mean for this town!!!’

‘Most people in Luton just work, exist and hope to move out of current Luton, many others only live here because it’s cheaper than London.’

‘I had some thoughts about the ridiculousness of some objections to power court whilst sitting in the sky with a lovely view of newcastle’s arndale equivalent. Didn’t see any shoppers being put off by people going to the game.’

‘I enjoyed the walk to the stadium before kick off. With so many people obviously heading there it felt like being part of an event, which it was obviously, but you know what i mean?

I heard it used to be like that on match days at Luton when we used to get +20k crowds. Be great to recreate that again with PC.’

‘Newcastle mini dresses…Without doubt the shortest dresses I have ever seen.’

‘What a cracking trip.’

‘Slap bang in the centre of town. Short walk from the station. Shops nearby. Pubs bars eateries galore.

What on earth were they thinking of.

Can’t see it catching on.’

‘Good to hear Newcastle fans were friendly to our supporters.

Like to think we would do the same if they came here. Pigs more chance of flying.’

‘Agreed, sounds more like rugby type fans up there.’

‘To the very kind chap who helped me get a cab after the game when I was absolutely blasted – thank you!!’

‘Great city, nice people and fairly policed.’

‘Sounds like they got it sussed up there not holding fans in etc,’

‘They don’t really need to hold fans in. That job is done by 14 flights of stairs.’

‘Had a stroll around Newcastle and noticed a lot of groups of fans very wearily coming out of hotels or making their way to the station, all looking like they had a top night last night, but perhaps feeling it a little today.’

‘Two excellent performances. Would be very surprised if Shelvey isn’t the subject of a big bid in the next few weeks. Hylton was something else for us yesterday.’

Shelvey? LOL – take it you dont watch much premiership football then.’

‘Shelvey ran the game for them.’

‘Speaking to a couple of Newcastle fans whilst waiting for the train after the game!

They seemed to be delighted with the result…I mentioned that I thought Newcastle would go down and there fans were boring and quiet! All they answered were…Yer but we beat you 3 1!

They said that Raffer is going to bring back the great days and titles and also that they didn’t really know who Luton were….totally Deluded!

Newcastle were rubbish….they didn’t look premier league!!’

‘You need to remember that wasn’t a normal toon crowd. Judging from our section, just below your great support on L7, half the spectators were under 10.

Good on the club for pricing child tickets at £5 but it does result in an entirely different atmosphere. I think 40000 home support to watch a league 2 side is pretty good.’

‘Without doubt a great day out in a wonderful stadium in front of a crowd of 47000.

What absolutely magnificent support from 7500 travelling Hatters and I have to say that the trains I journeyed on were packed with the Kenny faithful; what’s not to like!’

‘Thought the stadium was a bit soulless and jist a big Sports Direct advert.

Thought the Geordies were famous for their noisy support, takes some effort for 40 000 home fans to make that little noise.’

‘I couldn’t help thinking about the huge amount of money that game must have brought to the local economy. I know we’ll never remotely compete with a city like Newcastle but the new ground and facilities could add a significant amount of cash to local businesses.’

‘Let’s hope the players have only one thing on their mind next Saturday.

For the rest of us yesterday was all about a good day out in a decent city, good banter with home fans, pre match hopes, post match “if-only’s”.’

Newcastle is a great place, with friendly people. They are a real football town with the heritage and let us know how they thought about us, and it was very good to hear.’

‘Great day out.

We outsang the Geordies all match.’

‘Shark Bar after the game and The Mile Castle pre-match full of orange and Newcastle fans mingling happily.

Shame about the result. Let’s get promoted now.’

‘Bit of an odd one, but did anyone else wonder how the roof of that stand stays up? It’s huge. Great bit of engineering.’

‘I read somewhere it’s the biggest cantilever roof in Europe. Incredible stadium, loved it.’

  • Rich Lawson

    Good on them,glad they still had a good day out despite a loss.It just shines on us,the city and the club despite our foul owner.

  • TheFatController

    There’s the benefit of the FA Cup, a lower league club get interest from fans who don’t usually go, a big club get to price sensibly to let children see (probably, certainly in terms of a day out with friends alongside) a rare game – helped by both teams playing competitive sides and giving a competitive game.

  • Your mum

    Fair play to the Luton fans, seemed in good spirits. I agree with the Library chants though, it was very quiet, but i suppose the home support was full of families. I took my 3 kids to their first game, i thought the 3 year old would get fed up but they all loved it. I just wish they got to witness what the olden days used to be like.

  • Leazes

    Its going to be a blow when we have to build a new stadium out of town sometime in the future in order to compete, Ashley having stolen the clubs development land has been the biggest blow he could land on us.

    Like it or not the stadium is unfinished…. a half done job…. the older parts of the ground are starting to show their age, certainly not up to it for the 21st century. A special word for Bar 1892…. its poor, as are the facilities.

    The ground itself well It looks good from the Gallowgate corner though….. pity that’s not the view the TV companies use

    • TheFatController

      The only saviour would be safe standing, but not sure how much of capacity would be allowed and what that would mean in terms of increased capacity? Don’t suppose anyone does til it’s likely to happen.

      But yes, east stand will probably need something doing to it if we’re not loving anytime soon.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I am glad they enjoyed themselves because Newcastle is a largely hidden jewel in the crown of Britain that a lot of people don’t know about really.
    I think people are surprised when they come here because they are expecting something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

    • TheFatController

      Well, when Rafa asks for money for players it probably does look like that ‘More?’ Scene from Oliver Twist, in fairness …

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Or “Bleak House.”

      • HarryHype59

        Come to think of it Ashley is perfect for the role as the workhouse beadle.

      • Peter

        Certainly no call for ‘Great Expectations’ until Ashley sells the club…

  • Peaky Magpie

    Don’t worry Luton fan, If Fatty hangs around we may well be playing you in the league in the not too distant.

    • gallowgate26

      I know a team that they may very well be playing in the not too distant future…. :0

      • Peaky Magpie

        😁That wouldn’t be our empty pink seated neighbours doon the A19 would it ??? 👍

  • CaptainCaveman

    It just wouldn’t be the same without deluded getting a mention.

    • Damon Horner

      Gives you insight into how many people actually believe stereotypes.

  • anyobrien

    Was a great day had a few beers with some Luton fans they loved the place… Went to Luton in the 94 replay and it was a horrible town soulless to say the least.

  • HatNut

    Thanks for a fantastic weekend- it was our FA Cup final.
    The show of support so far far away can only galvanise our club. When you consider what the FA did to us, it shows their bullying cant win… (West Ham & Carlos Tevez???).
    What a great city- what great people..what a welcome. Next time you visit our ground (hopefully a new stadium in the centre of our Town) we will welcome you with open arms..
    Regardless of the footy- I’m coming back anyway..!