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Luton fans comment ahead of Newcastle match – Very entertaining

4 years ago

Luton fans have had plenty to say about their trip to the bright lights of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

A club averaging eight thousand gates at home, are bringing around seven and a half thousand supporters to St James Park.

Obviously the numbers don’t quite add up.

Interesting to see a bit of an internal argument as Luton fans argue whether it is a good or bad thing when so many non-regular travellers are coming to this one.

Amusing/entertaining comments as well about sampling what Newcastle City Centre has to offer, as well as talking about the match of course…and garden centres!

Luton fans comment via their top Luton Outlaws message board:

‘Let the invasion begin. Be loud be proud.’

‘Take a break 2 hours from Newcastle.

Grantham – Downtown Superstore-Garden Centre Far Better than the service centre.

Big car park as its one of the biggest Garden centres in the UK

Go up the escalators and turn right to the coffee shop.’

‘We’re not going to Newcastle to buy a f…… geranium.’

‘Have walked 500 yards from the hotel …already been in 4 different boozers.’

‘One of the biggest away days in my lifetime. Don’t think that’s an exaggeration. And I can’t be there.

Have a great weekend everybody and give them a bloody big cheer from me.’

‘Last time I was up this way was the Durham Ashes test when we all stood around dejected that Luton were losing at Southport on opening day and bemoaning the fact that it was going to be another long, hard season in the Conference.

‘Hard to believe that was less than 4 and a half years ago when you think of the progress made on and off the pitch since then.’

‘Looking forward to socialising and a win.’

‘It’s bloody cold in Toon land.’

‘The birds will still have their pelmets showing in the Bigg Market tonight.’

‘Will be a great day without the usual league match nerves, yes it’s not as important as a league game, hence will be fun and messy.’

‘The biggest away following at SJP since football began in 1992.’

‘It shows the potential of the club.

I can’t make it because I’m working. Really disappointed because it will be fantastic. Secretly, I’m hoping for a draw and then a replay at KR where we play our youth team. Good for me cos I’ll see the replay, good for the club cos it will give us some cash to support our promotion charge.’

‘Lots of people going up are 2 club W…..s.’

Games like this has the potential to turn those day trippers into regular supporters.’

‘WHY do we have so many kill joys in our support?

The 42,000 we took to Wembley nearly 9 years ago, there is no doubt that some of those kids who went for the first time to see Luton……….are ardent Hats now!’

‘I’m a miserable b….. for having my own opinion on why I don’t want to go! OK then.

I’m not referring to the people who go to their first match or the like. I’m talking about the Man U fans who all of a sudden will be Luton supporters (yeah, but it is my second team etc). I have no time for them.’

‘But the kids of these ‘Man U fans’ might turn into the Luton supporters of the future if they’re taken to games

We need to encourage one and all, even if, currently, they have only a mild or passing interest in LTFC, to attend Luton games (now and in the PC future)

We lost fans in the late 80’s and through the 90’s. We need to win them back and generate new demand

I wonder how many of Brighton’s 30,000 were regular or even occasional attendees in their bad old days?’

‘Hold on a mo. How many “casual” or “non” supporters are making a 500 mile round trip at considerable (travelling) cost to see a team they don’t really support?

What this game is doing is pulling in Hatters from all over the country (and further), it’s a time to renew old acquaintances and prepare ourselves for the rest of the season, and a bloody good day/weekend out with no worrying about the result.’

‘Exactly, I wouldn’t spend 10 hours in a car to go and watch a team I didn’t really support. Everyone going will be a Town fan. Some of us go every week, some a couple of times a season.

Even if a load of casual supporters were going, so what? Look at Lincoln – averaging 2,500 a couple of years ago. One good cup run, with loads of extra fans going to Arsenal, now they average more than us. We should be embracing new supporters. It’s not as if anyone is missing out on a ticket.’

‘I know a group of lads I work with are going for the trip. Not one of them supports Luton but they’ll be giving it the large tomorrow.

I hear all the arguments and maybe I’m just too old in my views. But those two play off finals really put me off.

If we had been given a large block I would have gone but stretched out around the top. I wish everyone has a great day out though (Apart from the 2 club w…… that is).’

‘How nice it is to be complaining about how many we are taking to newcastle, two club fans etc…we used to worry whether we would still have a club to support.’


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