Reports from France on Monday afternoon that Aleksandar Mitrovic has opened talks on a move to Ligue 1.

RMC Sport say that the Newcastle striker’s agents are discussing a move with Bordeaux.

The French club finished in sixth place last season but are having a nightmare this time around.

Yoan Gouffran’s former club are currently 15th and only two points off second bottom.

Nicolas de Preville was bought in the summer for £7m from Lille to be the main striker but he has been a disaster so far, the centre-forward scoring only one league goal so far.

Mohamed Bouhafsi of RMC Sport says that Bordeaux are looking at a loan deal initially but don’t hold out much hope of signing Aleksandar Mitrovic permanently, as they believe any buyout option will be too rich for them.

The NUFC striker has played only 89 minutes of Premier League football across six short substitute appearances, the latest of those over four weeks ago when coming on late in the 3-2 home defeat to Leicester.

Rafa Benitez indicated that it was a ‘small back problem’ which ruled Mitrovic out of subsequent matches but the player himself told Serbian media two weeks ago that he has ‘never felt better’ when asked about his fitness

Aleksandar Mitrovic – 27 December 2017:

“I have never felt better,

“I’m physically in flawless form, I cannot wait to play.

“The most important thing is to find a club and finally get a chance on the pitch. I have not forgotten football, nor how to score goals.

Mohamed Bouhafsi of RMC Sport today (8 January 2018):

“Ligue 1 side Bordeaux have opened talks with Serbian forward and Newcastle United player Aleksandar Mitrovic’s entourage.

“The Girondins are pessimistic about an eventual agreement because of how much a deal would cost.”

  • ghostrider

    If they buy him he’ll do well, I think.

    • Blackburn1066

      I bet not

  • Albert Stubbins

    Hope it’s not a deal involving a swap for their star striker!! ;)

    • Blackburn1066

      like for like then!

      • Mike Adam

        Wrong, more like Horselu, 1 goal in 1087 minutes played.

  • John Partland

    This is going to be a disaster from the off. They’ll plead poverty and Mitrovic his representatives, Agent and Boredeaux will pressure us into practically giving him away. you just know what’s going to happen. French teams always take liberties with English ones. It’s like they think we owe them something for nothing. We are interested in any French player any team and its 10-20 million plus every single time no matter who it is. A French team is interested in our player who was signed for 10 million plus and they discuss the transfer with representatives, make it known they’re really keen and will give the player a guaranteed starting place, point to an up coming competition that they can help the player secure a place in. Thus totally disrupting the player and then they come out and say we cant afford the fee, i.e. its 15 million they say we want the player on loan for the rest of the rest of the season with an option to buy for 6 to 7 million. This is why we should just be telling these teams from the off, he’s going to cost x million and were not loaning him, and if you can’t deal with that then you cant contact our player who is under contract. Regardless as to whether he is getting played, nobody gives us players valued at £15 mil for bargain prices, so why should we. Look at the Leicester player bought for close to 30 mil, hardly played because he isn’t deemed good enough but they want 30 mil to let him go. I won’t be angry if we sell him because Rafa isn’t playing him, I think he is far better than Joselu, but so does everyone else. I will be angry if we sell him for a bargain to someone, because we all know were not going to get a permanent replacement anywhere near as good as him if we sell on the cheap. Permanent being the key word there, yes we may loan Ings, or Sturridge paying huge wages in the process and no doubt a hefty loan fee, but they’re not a proper replacement unless there’s an agreement in place to sign them permanently at the end of the season which just wont happen because everyone from Championship level and above is out of our price bracket when it comes to transfer fees.

    • Steve Smith

      What’s the point in having a 15m player on the books, costing xxk per week if they aren’t getting played?

      It’s not ideal, but 6m back and the wage bill removed from the books is a cost avoidance at least.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        For now, we will settle for a loan but all the wages paid, under ffp were snookered until the wage bill is loosened.

      • Mike Adam

        I agree Steve! Rafa doesn’t play him so get what you can. I am tired of hearing about, we can’t sell him unless a replacement is bought. WHY??? Rafa doesn’t play him, I wish he would but he chooses to play Horselu. Let the kid move on and get what you can!

  • Peaky Magpie

    His “bad back” must be on the mend then ??

  • Geordiegiants

    Give the fncker away for me, and chuck in the Hoss for good measure.

  • Mrkgw

    Rafa should be playing Mitro. Very disappointing.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Rafa obviously thinks he’s worth sweet fa, so it’s a bit rich us expecting any money for him. Mitro has been treat like dirt at Newcastle…….they can’t expect to now claim he’s worth anything.

    I hope he goes on to be a massive success wherever he goes – it would serve this stupid club right.

    • Damon Horner

      How do you know he’s been treat like dirt?

      • Mike Adam

        How do you know he hasn’t? 89 minutes played for a team who’s strikers cannot score goals.

        • Damon Horner

          Don’t think I passed opinion as fact. If Mitrovic trained amazingly he’d be right in his view. If Mitrovic trained poorly and refused u23 games and sub roles which led to him going AWOL then he doesn’t deserve a game. None of us know enough to say he has been treat badly just because he isn’t playing.

          • Mike Adam

            Alot of IF’s there Damon. You are right, we do not know. But I continue to say to myself, “what could he possibly have done that he isn’t even given a chance ahead of a donkey like Horselu?” Only Rafa know’s!!!

          • Damon Horner

            There is a lot of ifs. I don’t back the player nor the manager because like in life I don’t form opinions on gossip/speculation.

            The possible scenarios ranges massively and for the small margins of quality Mitrovic gives us comparatively, if he was hard to manage it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

          • Coble’s Return

            Give him a chance? Let’s not pretend that the lad hasn’t had his chances. His effort against West Ham sums him up – scored against poor opposition, but should have been off for shoving his elbow in Lanzini’s face. Had he walked for that and we had then dropped points with 10 men, he would have been slayed. Rafa knows that he is a liability.

  • Damon Horner

    £27mil in the bank… I can see him replacing Tosun.

    • 1957

      If he’s not going to be picked then he might as well go, I suspect he had had the same conversation with Benitez as Krul who said he was told it made no difference what he did or how well he did, he wasn’t wanted by the manager.

      Benitez is going to have to accept he sells him without a replacement or keeps him, I doubt Mike will allow him to be sold and the money to to be spent on a loan fee ( the one going the rounds for Ings was astounding) for borrowing someone for 5-6 months. We don’t need another Hoss and we couldn’t buy a decent striker with any funds made available

      • Damon Horner

        It’ll be interesting to see what happens, I don’t see a buy without a sale first. It also looks like little way back for Mitro and no point keeping him the way things are. We’ll be light on strikers if he goes and nobody comes in. I also wonder how Rafa rates Perez’s credentials as a striker.

  • Mxpx

    Can we not sell them joselu