Former Swansea striker Lee Trundle has been picking at a scab from the summer.

Back then he got into an online war of words with Micky Quinn and some Newcastle fans.

The start of the ‘debate’ was when Tammy Abraham signed for Swansea.

Mick Quinn pointing out that he would have been better off at a ‘bigger’ club such as Newcastle.

Lee Trundle saying now ‘there was an uproar in Newcastle about it’.

Any uproar from Newcastle fans was due to the widely report claims that Rafa Benitez had lined the player up to sign at the very start of the transfer window, only for Mike Ashley to refuse to pay the loan fee and wages.

Lee Trundle says about Newcastle – ‘Yes they’ve got a massive fanbase, but a really big club wouldn’t get relegated twice in nine years.’

Well, when you have got an owner such as Mike Ashley, sadly anything (negative) is possible.

Trundle does though get it right in another area, when he adds ‘Benitez is a class manager, you cannot deny that. So you’d expect him to get the best from Newcastle.’

If only Newcastle United had an owner(s) to match their manager.

Lee Trundle speaking to Wales online:

“It (the game at Newcastle) is winnable. And the way Swansea City’s form has picked up in recent weeks makes this a perfect game for the new management team to send the players out with freedom. They should have nothing to fear, just go up there and attack.

“There was some debate between myself and Newcastle fans in the summer after Swansea beat the Magpies to the signing of Tammy Abraham.

“I responded to Micky Quinn’s claim that Newcastle were “a far bigger club” than the Swans by saying it’s recent records that count.

“Tammy obviously chose Swansea and there was an uproar in Newcastle about it, but what have they actually done to warrant that status?

“Yes they’ve got a massive fanbase, but a really big club wouldn’t get relegated twice in nine years. That was my argument

“But regardless, I always thought — with the players they can still attract and Rafa Benitez as manager — they’d be well clear of the relegation zone. I’m not surprised they’ve held their own in the Premier League.

Benitez is a class manager, you cannot deny that. So you’d expect him to get the best from Newcastle.

“I would, however, advise the Swans keep a close eye on Jonjo Shelvey. Coming up against an ex player, the worry again is that he’ll score or do well against Swansea. It always seems to happen so the Swans must keep him quiet.

“For me, he’s a crucial player for Newcastle and he’ll be up for this one.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Another Lee, another idiot.
    Tammy was ill advised, he could have been playing in front of crowds of 52,000
    and with Shelvey, Ritchie & Atsu supporting him he would have scored goals.

  • Duncan Tyler

    To be fair, the lad is perfectly entitled to his opinion. It’s only if you’re from this neck of the woods or have something to do with it that you realise the POTENTIAL at Newcastle United. If you judge the size of a club by the amount of trophies it’s won then you would have to agree that we aren’t a big club at present. But, when we finally have a visionary owner who is aware of that potential (unlike the present incumbent) and who is prepared to make substantial investment, then the potential will be realised and the likes of Lee Trundle will be eating huge slices of humble pie whilst wishing they could be wearing the black & white. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with playing the likes of Swansea off the park.

  • magpies

    Fair point but if a club like Liverpool, got an owner who refused to invest in any players, would they cease to be a big club?

    • John

      Newcastle have spent more than Liverpool you donut

      • Wor Lass

        Can you explain that one to me very slowly?

      • Guest 2

        What planet are you living on? LFC have a net spend of over 161 million since ’07 season. Ours is just over 9 million for the same period.
        LFC have spent more than double than us since 1992 – amounting to over 1 billion.

      • Phil

        What cocktail of drugs did you have for breakfast?

      • anyobrien

        Oh dear dear dear… Your a bit silly

  • Whitehurst

    Anyone who dates an Atomic Kitten is not to be trusted!! He thought he was the bees knees on the basis of 1 good season and a couple of appearances on Soccer AM!!

    • anyobrien

      That’s him

    • Peaky Magpie

      Lovejoy’s Lovechild !

      • Whitehurst

        Ha ha!!

  • anyobrien

    A fat kid who never played in the top tier…. Blah blah blah Lee.You no nothing of Newcastle United so let’s just leave it.

  • hetonmag

    We’ll never be a big club as long as we have an owner running it like a market stall.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Still in prem in spite of having Ashleys absent ownership and 2 relegations. Thats why we’re a big club. Our two instant bounce backs from the championship and retaining Rafa when we went down.

    We are being kept down well beneath our standing still potential let alone full potential.

    But simply he has no idea to be commenting about Newcastle.

    Oh and a little fact. Abrahams didnt choose Swansea over NUFC. Ashley blocked the move as expensive for a loan after a few weeks so he chose Swansea. Which tbh Newcastle are still more stable with a championship squad than Swansea bore out by the league positions. NUFC supported the same swansea had been in summer wouldnt be near the relegation. You know signings like Abrahams, Sanchez and Bony…

  • Paul9

    Ok it’s lee tumbles twice yearly rant about NUFC nothing new there then

  • Peaco

    Lee who?

    • Scottie Chugger Dearden

      You beat me to it who the f?#k is Lee Trundle?

      • Lhc

        He was a bag of tricks, very handy old division 2/3 player. Probably never filled his full potential!

        • Scottie Chugger Dearden

          Just Googled him he sounds like the Welsh Keiron Dyer!

  • Big Al 1967

    Yet another fool spouting an opinion about our club who has never set foot in our city Move on

  • Alex

    How do you turn a big club into a small club?

    Let Ashley run it.

    • Mitros gotta start

      Name your home ground the stadium of light

  • Wor Lass

    Lee Trundle – I rememeber him …. didn`t he nearly make it as a footballer once?

  • gallowgate26

    “Tammy obviously chose Swansea”… He’s fugging shhhit mate, you can keep him!

  • kingfisher

    The age old question,what makes a great club? Is it fan base, size of stadium, attendances, history, financial worth, trophys won, etc,etc.We all have different opinions.Jose Mourinho recently said it was history that makes a club great.Maybe it’s one or more of these things, but I would say we are definitely a big club having a massive fan base, a proud history, a few trophys won (albeit a few years ago), a great stadium, and massive attendances. I don’t suppose we have ever reached our full potential ,except perhaps in the 1950’s ,winning the F.A cup 3 times.But we all live in hope that the good times will return.

  • mactoon

    We are a big club due to the fan base
    We are an unsuccessful club due to the small minded owner who won’t allow us to reach our potential
    End of.