Former Newcastle midfielder, EmreBelozoglu, has returned to one of his favourite subjects.

The 37 year old is still playing league football in Turkey but has never forgotten how bad it was to play under Sam Allardyce over 10 years ago.

Back in December 2016, Emre said he was amazed that England ever gave Sam Allardyce the manager’s job – but he was not surprised at the ‘scandal’ that led to Fat Sam being sacked by England (read below).

However, after his countryman Cenk Tosun signed for Everton, the one-time Newcastle player once against couldn’t resist getting a dig in.

Emre says he is ‘really happy’ for Cenk Tosun getting his chance in the Premier League after Everton paid a reported £27m for the striker.

However he adds ‘His biggest misfortune I would say, is Sam Allardyce, who was my coach at Newcastle United.’

Emre speaking to Tivibu Spor:

“I am really happy for Cenk Tosun.

“I feel it’s easier for Turkish players to go and play abroad now than it was in our time.

“Cenk is really professional, he just wants to constantly improve himself.

“The football in England is physical but Cenk Tosun’s finishing is top class.

“His biggest misfortune I would say, is Sam Allardyce, who was my coach at Newcastle United.

“Allardyce lets his striker feel alone on pitch and his system can’t really provide for his team’s striker.”

The Mag – 5 December 2016:

Emre Belozoglu only started five Premier League matches during the Sam Allardyce short-lived (but still far too long) era at Newcastle and doesn’t have anything good to say about his former boss.

Interviewed in Turkey, the former Newcastle midfielder has been asked about the decision by the FA to appoint Sam Allardyce earlier this year.

Emre says that he was amazed by the decision to give Sam Allardyce the job but added, that he wasn’t surprised at the subsequent scandal and sacking.

The former Newcastle player saying Allardyce was a ‘really bad coach’ and that whilst he as a player ‘had no secrets’, he claimed the one-time NUFC manager did.

Emre was signed by Graeme Souness in July 2005 and flattered to deceive, scoring a few top quality goals which perhaps showed what he was capable of, if he could have been bothered. The highlight would have to be the long range free-kick which was the winner against Sunderland in a 3-2 victory at St James Park.

Sam Allardyce left Emre out of what proved to be his final match at Newcastle, an appalling negative 0-0 FA Cup bore draw at Stoke, who were a division lower at the time.

On the day it was revealed Kevin Keegan had returned as manager, Emre was brought back into the team for the cup replay against Stoke and with Newcastle one goal up, managed to get himself sent off after 29 minutes.

However, a KK (from the stands) inspired energetic display saw 10 man Newcastle take Stoke apart 4-1.

Keegan though seemed even less impressed with Emre and only gave him one Premier League start in his second spell at the club as manager, Emre then leaving in summer 2008 for Fenerbahce.

Now aged 36, Emre is still playing in Turkey, turning out for Instanbul Basaksehir.

Emre talking to Yeni Safak:

‘Were you surprised when Sam Allardyce, who you have named (previously) as the worst among the co-workers you have worked with, became the head of the English National Team?’

“I was surprised at it…but then I was not surprised at the scandal that was about to happen.

“A really bad coach…relationships, (his) designs (intentions), chewing gum … I had no secrets but he always had walls (secrets) of course.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Fat Sam, Fat Sham, Hippo Heed.
    the guy should have been banned by the FA when he left the England job.
    bungs left right & centre, yet some media pundits act as though he`s a Demi God.

  • raz4u

    It is Sam Allardyce’s system of defensive football that brings him the results, this is no secret. it is noticeable that when more attacking football is played, the results suffer. This has been the case all the time, and when he left teams and they tried to play more attacking football the results declined. Everton took him on knowing this fact!
    Those asking for attacking football under him are working against the team, not for it. They have no idea. Should he be influenced by these people and play an attacking style, results will decline. There has already been signs of this. Then those crying out for attacking football will go quiet and blame Sam! You will see!

    • Polarboy

      That’s alright if you don’t mind playing sh*t football and being at best around midtable each and every season. Good players soon get sick of playing that kind of football as well.

      • Bobbi fleckman

        Emre is a top player in Turkey..maybe he felt.shi..te playing under him

      • raz4u

        Totally wrong, if you look at the facts, it has always been the defensive approach that has produced more points under Sam Allardyce.
        You can play your pretty football (like Roberto Martinez did) and that is what produces mid table at best. You only have to look at how well Everton did under Martinez.
        Ii is people like you who drag the team down. If Sam does take the more attractive football you suggest the results will prove the point. You will then go quiet as all those do who ask for this approach.
        Results must come first, otherwise you throw points away.

        • Polarboy

          Word of advice, upvoting your own comments make you look like a tw*t. As for Allyardyce, I don’t disagree that he can only get points by playing that brand of football. The fact is that it’s possible to play football that’s both solid at the back and attractive going forward. It’s also a fact, once again, that Allardyce is incapable of coaching a team to have that balance.

          He’s currently got a very decent squad at Everton and I expect him to, and he has been, getting results, but that doesn’t mean Everton fans are going to be, or should be, satisfied with the tripe he calls football.

          • raz4u

            Name calling is a sign of a childish, small mind. It’s quite simple really, you either put results first or you don’t. If you aim for a certain style of football you are not putting results first. You can’t put style and results first, there can only be one first!
            You are right when you say it is possible to have a solid defence and be attractive going forward. Manchester City prove that point, but it comes from having a solid defence first. It is difficult to achieve and can only come from the sort of team Manchester City has at the moment. Everton are not in that category and don’t have that sort of team or capability.
            You state that Sam is not capable of coaching a team to have the balance with a strong defence and attack, but do not provide any evidence for your dogmatic statement. Sam has never been in the position with the teams he has to be able to do this. Neither can any manager manage this balance with Everton, and the vast majority can’t with any team.
            Any Everton fan who is not satisfied with the results and football Sam has been producing and wanting different is working against the team and dragging them down. Either you put results first or pretty football, you can’t have your cake and eat it!
            Already Sam is taking notice of what some fans are saying and look at the result, results are going down the pan! He should just ignore them and carry on as he was winning and drawing games. He brought them up from the bottom of the table with his style of football, and if he listens to fans crying out for a change of style he will take them back to the bottom again!

          • Polarboy

            Stating facts isn’t childish, it just is. And there wasn’t another adjective that fitted as nicely as tw*t. Oh and it’s actually been scientifically proven that the use of foul language can actually be an indicator of intelligence, so quite the opposite. People who try to say people who use swear words are less intelligent solely on that basis are usually the people lacking. As for your example of Man City being the only team capable of playing balanced, attractive football, well, that’s absolute verifiable tripe.

            Of course there is a continuum from how effective and attractive Man City are compared to other teams, that’s obvious, but that doesn’t mean other teams with much less money can’t have that balance, albeit not be top of the league. Managers like Marcos Silva and Puel for example
            play decent football with miniscule budgets compared to City, more so at
            Southampton in the case of Puel.

            That is just two examples of managers who’ve managed in the premier league with relatively small to decent budgets who can get results and play decent stuff. If Watford hadn’t had so many injuries recently they’d likely already be more or less safe. You can go through every season of the premier league and you will find teams with small budgets but great coaches who get the most out of their players and have them playing good stuff.

            As for Sam not being able to manage to make Everton attractive to watch, again I agree, but if you look at their current squad, which over 100 million has been spent on recently, only a limited coach would be incapable of getting them playing decent stuff.

          • Polarboy

            Here’s a sample of what Everton fans think of Allardyce and his brand of football.

            This is as bad as anything under Koeman. It seems years since Everton have played an attacking game. Why didn’t we have an experienced left-back lined up to sign for us on 2nd January? Can we go back and get the Watford manager? This awful lack of any plan other than hoof it up the Watford manager? This awful lack of any plan other than hoof it up the field wasn’t acceptable when he stopped us losing games, now it’s just an embarrassment to our great club


          • raz4u

            Sam is tying to do what you say and come out, and look at the outcome! There is no argument against putting results first, if not you are putting what you want before the club.
            The results from Sam playing the way he does is all the proof you need. QED.

          • Polarboy

            You’re talking absolute nonsense. Everyone and their dog will tell you that Allardyce’s tactics haven’t changed, certainly not today, the fact is they were sh*te and played the usual hoofball, and Spurs ripped them apart anyway.

          • raz4u

            I am not interested in the opinion of dogs thanks! The team was a less defensive team than others he has played recently and they had more shots than they normally do for a start, which proves the point.QED. The fact that none were on target is not relevant and is down to aim! I hardly see how playing more attacking against Spurs (and thus leaving more gaps at the back) would have done anything to make the result better.
            Fans like you are dragging the team down, as unfortunately Sam is taking notice of you.
            This conversation is now over.

          • Polarboy

            So they usually have less than seven shots? Lol, the absolute cr*p you’re talking is hilarious. So Big Sham was doing a good job when, according to you, they were getting less than seven shots on target. Oh and how was the team less defensive than usual when they played two defensive mids, and basically had five in midfield with Rooney asked to do a lot of donkey work.

          • Polarboy

            Oh and Everton didn’t have one shot on target today, so if that’s Sam coming out, then yes he should never try to do so again.

          • raz4u

            A disingenuous response from you. The team were playing in a more attacking style as they had 10 shots at goal. The fact that none were on target is irrelevant. This proves they were playing in a more attacking manner, as they hardly ever have those many shots these days. And look at the result! Again QED.
            I have had enough of this conversation, it is now over.

          • Polarboy

            They had seven, which is woeful, especially when none were on target. That they had seven shots, none of which were on target, is not even close to proof that they were playing attacking football. What happened today was that Sam’s tactics were exactly the same, but they played sh*te. If Sam had of got them playing his dirge to the best of their abilities they might have got away with 2-0.

  • robbersdog

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.