Nicolai Jorgensen is the striker Rafa Benitez wants to spearhead his relegation battle.

However, what chance has the Newcastle manager got of landing his top target in the January window?

Before it was revealed who Rafa wanted, Mike Ashley’s PR people briefed the media that Newcastle were preparing to spend £20m on a mystery new forward, with Ashley allegedly prepared to ‘back’ his manager.

In the event, an offer has been made by NUFC for Nicolai Jorgensen but it was way off that hyped up £20m mark, with various reports in the UK putting it at somewhere between £12m and £14m.

However, the media in Holland have now revealed just how far apart the two clubs actually are in their valuations of the Danish striker.

Both De Telegraaf and Telesport report that Newcastle United’s actual offer for the 27 year old was €14.5m (approx £12.5m) but Feyenoord want €25m (approx £22m).

Figures which put Newcastle around £10m short of the Dutch club’s valuation.

Having paid FC Copenhagen €3.5m (£3m) only 18 months ago, Feyenoord are looking for a profit of over €20m (approx £17m/£18m).

Whilst the two clubs are miles apart on a transfer fee, if agreement could be found then wages should be no issue, as the Dutch media say that a move to Newcastle would see the striker’s wages at least double in size.

The ball very much appears to be in Newcastle’s court because Feyenoord are also reported to be very stable financially and not desperate to sell, despite only being in fifth place in the league and looking to have no chance of Champions League football/cash next season.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    What Feyenoord want is 20m Euros which equates to £17.3m so with a bid of £14m should be able to reach an agreement as the gap is only £3.3m so lets hope it’s done shortly.

    • Soldier

      they want 25 million euro`s, not going to happen

      • Mark Potter

        Which wasn’t what was reported yesterday in British media. There is much confusion over whether valuations/bids are in Euros or Sterling. But it does appear that the two sides are not that far apart. Unless you deliberately cherry pick the reports by quoting the report mentioning the lowest alleged bid (like the Mag did yesterday), and the report mentioning the highest valuation (like the Mag did today). You have to wonder whether the Mag deliberately tries to put the worse light possible on these things.

        • Jezza

          The two sides are poles apart because Newcastle’s real offer was miles below the reported £12 million.

          • Phil

            What did we offer?

          • Jezza

            No more than £6 million I shouldn’t wonder. Just a figure low enough to be guaranteed to be rejected out of hand. I’ve got a friend over there who is a Feyernoord supporter and he reckons they’d sell for £12 million.

          • Mark Potter

            And your friend knows the Director of Football at Feyernoord?

          • Jezza

            No need for that attitude. If you support a club you get to know how that club works. You don’t need to be a close personal friend of Mike Ashley to know that Newcastle won’t pay £20 million for this player do you eh?

          • paul mclaughlan

            6 million and a session round the fire place.

          • GToon

            Does your mate think he’s any good?

          • Jezza

            My mate speaks highly of him but it’s all moot anyway because Newcastle won’t be signing him.

          • Mark Potter

            £12m was the lowest report, I think that was in Shields Gazette. And virtually none of the media repeated that, except the Mag, who were delighted to be able to spin the story against the club. At the time they (the Mag) reported the valuation as £20million. The Chronicle clarified last night that this was a mistake, European clubs of course always operate in Euros, and an acceptable offer would be in the region of EU 20m.

            Now the Mag tell us they reported something untrue yesterday, but not explicitly admitting that, nor apologising. Now they claim the valuation is “€25m (approx £22m)”.

          • Viru leckworth

            And just how do you know this?

          • Jezza

            I know this because I have had my eyes and ears open the whole time Fat Ashley has been at this club and have learned exactly how he operates. We have been here a million times before with the Ashley friendly local media reporting the club making substantial bids for players who never ever end up coming to St James’s Park. I remember for example a few years ago they reported that Newcastle had offered £12 million for Wilfried Bony, the player subsequently went to Swansea for £9 million and it emerged that Newcastle’s bid had actually been significantly lower than that figure.

          • Viru leckworth

            Know and believe are different things. I go along with your assumptions, but they are not knowledge.

          • Jezza

            With Fat Ashley those assumptions based on ten and a half years of precedent are as good as knowledge because he never changes. Newcastle United will not sign a striker before the deadline and that most definitely is knowledge.

      • Jezza

        If they wanted 2.5 million it was still never going to happen. Fat Ashley was never going to release any funds for transfer fees this window.

  • TheFatController

    Feyenoord know they have 6 days to wait (4 negotiation days, with Penfold only checking emails occasionally on his weekend off – unless we’re selling someone for good money, then call him anytime)

    So they probably will…they’d still be able to sell him for similar to someone in the summer and paid peanuts by comparison for him. They hold all the aces it seems…

    • Paul Patterson

      I’ve said before- his phone doesn’t dial out.

      • Peaky Magpie

        What makes you think he has a phone Paul ? Fatty has confiscated it.🤣

        • Paul Patterson

          Oh he’s got to have a phone, at least to screen calls with an answer phone.
          If Fat Sam rang up and left a message saying ‘Shelvey £15m’ the phone would be immediately picked up . .
          ‘Charnley: Hello Big Sam, how the devil are you? £15m you say?

          • Peaky Magpie

            Of course,totally forgot !

          • Big Al 1967

            Pity he didn’t take the taxman’s call. Might have saved him the time with the Boys in Blue

  • Rich Lawson

    Not happening,good ! We need someone with Prem’ experience who can hit the ground running,there’s no time left to ”bed” anybody in.Expensive loan signing,and just pay the wages Ashley !

    • TheNutJob

      we are not going to sign anyone if we don`t sell first, that`s Fatty`s policy

      • Rich Lawson

        Not even a loaner ?

    • Jezza

      Our main striker for the rest of the season is all lined up. Don’t worry, he has got the required Premiership experience having been playing regularly in the league from the beginning of this season. I can now exclusively reveal his identity:


      • Blackburn1066

        He sounds good

  • Paul Busby

    Has all the noises of the past about it. “Couldn’t get him over the line”

    • Jezza

      Feyenoord playing silly buggers over the transfer fee etc etc

  • TheNutJob

    Whats the crack lads, no progress on any front. Striker, midfielder, keeper.
    Rafa`s going to be disappointed isn`t he.
    Fatty`s up to his old tricks again

  • Leicester Mag

    Biggest gaps at present are Ashleys conscience and Penfolds brain.

    • Peter Stabler

      I bet Rafa hates relying on that goon to get things done.

  • Alex

    With Newcastle not willing to deal at the price Feyenoord want, Ashley now knows what it’s like to wear Amanda Staveley’s shoes. Now, there’s an image to titillate the mind!

    • Leicester Mag

      That image makes Mrs Brown look vaguely attractive

      • Peaky Magpie


  • Paul Patterson

    Let’s put to one side his merits as a signing, if our interest is genuine I can imagine Feyernord waiting until next Wednesday and and then ringing up and quoting ‘£30m and he’s yours’.
    This club does deals backwards.
    In other words – No deal.

  • Milo79

    We must be the only club in the land that makes a take it or leave it opening offer.

    • Jezza

      Or to be precise an offer that is deliberately calculated to be rejected.

      • Blackburn1066

        That’s it Jessa, it costs £100 sir, will you take £1.99p, No, ok I will try another place.

      • Desree

        Jezza, you called out how January would turn out in October.

        The sycophants on here are still holding on Ashley turning into St Paul.

        Regardless of the ploy, this lad will not score the goals to keep us in the PL.

        Why not bid 20m for Aguerro or someone really good?

        I would much rather we failed to get someone decent over the line than someone rubbish.

        Just shows the lack of ambition at this club. Even the lies lack ambition.

        • Jezza

          Yes it’s another clear indication of how much standards have fallen under the FCB that even the players they are pretending to be trying to sign aren’t good enough. If the club are linked with anybody decent now everbody would instantly know it ws a hoax so they have to generate false links to mediocre mid priced players to make it potentially believable.

    • Mark Potter

      We didn’t with Murphy, Lejeune, etc We negotiated over the overall amount, whether it would be paid in instalments, player’s contract etc. Just like every other club. And we increased the offer for Murphy to very close to what Norwich was asking, with extras paid depending on number of games.

  • hetonmag

    Tell them to get lost they must be classing ourselves with such rich clubs as Bournemouth, Burnley, Watford and the rest of the team’s we can’t compete with.

  • chris2

    Feyenoord is not in a hurry, who knows after the W.C. the price will be much higher.

    • TheNutJob

      Penfold isn`t in any hurry either because it`s not going to happen

      • chris2

        Who is Penfold ? I have never heard of.

  • TheNutJob

    he`s a bad, bad man is Mike, i spent more in the metro centre yesterday than he`ll spend in this window

    • Rich Lawson

      Were you showing Mrs Giroud the delights of ”northern” shopping by any chance ?

  • Oooh bobbi fleckman

    If he’s a £22m player, offer a deal, £13m and should he score 10 league goals this season, £3m and if he scores 20 league goals next £5m. Everyone is therefore covered.

    • HarryHype59

      Ye gods…for once you and I agree. He has made his reputation playing in a league marginally better than the SPL.

      Being top scorer in the Eredivisie does not guarantee he will succeed in the EPL.

      A fee that involves payment by results is essential to this club. Otherwise we will get our fingers burnt once again.

    • Alreet

      Performance based fees have to be the way forward with deals like this. If they really believe that hes worth 22mill the take 15 with bonuses after a full season.

      No wait. Joker charns will be at the table. No chance of a good deal.

  • guest

    I’d like to get Ashley over the line,
    the railway line down ours

    • Blackburn1066

      Can I drive the train, Like fast

  • Stephen Paylor

    I just dont think he would be enough of an improvement on what we already have to spend 20 million