The Nicolai Jorgensen transfer saga rumbles on.

Rafa Benitez desperate to add more goals to his team with now only four days until the transfer window closes.

Mike Ashley’s people having leaked to the media that he was prepared to back his manager with a £20m striker, only to then offer a derisory £12m for the Danish international.

Reports from Holland now say that the Newcastle bid has crept up to £15m but Feyenoord are holding on for their £20m asking price.

A big clue set to be revealed tomorrow afternoon, when we will find out whether Nicolai Jorgensen has been included in the Feyenoord team to play ADO Den Haag. The expectation being that if he does play then the Dutch club see very little chance of a deal being done, otherwise they wouldn’t risk potential injury ruining a transfer.

When Newcastle were first linked with the 27 year old, I checked out his stats. It encouraged me as he has a pretty decent scoring record and overall profile but not one that would surely mean Newcastle had no chance of landing him.

In other words, for once we are pitching for a transfer under Mike Ashley that is the level we should be going for, now all we need is for the NUFC owner to allow the club to meet Jorgensen’s price tag.

In recent days though I have seen some stats being circulated that would have meant Newcastle had no chance, claiming he had a strike rate of a goal every 80 minutes at Feyenoord. The problem of course is that these days, things such as these stats are then blindly repeated and circulated by others without checking the facts.

So what has Nicolai Jorgensen really done to now make him a £20m striker, as compared to the one signed for less than £3m back in summer 2016?

Here is his Feyenoord record (All stats courtesy of Soccerway):

League games:

Played 46 (Starts 45 and 1 as sub) 28 goals in 3,755 minutes

Domestic cup games:

Played 5 (Starts 4 and 1 as sub) 2 goals in 342 minutes

Champions League games:

Played 4 (Starts 3 and 1 as sub) 2 goals in 258 minutes

Europa League games:

Played 6 (Starts 6) 2 goals in 470 minutes

Complete Feyenoord record:

Played 61 (Starts 58 and 3 as sub) 34 goals in 4,825 minutes

An overall goalscoring record of a goal every 142 minutes, a very decent record albeit in a weaker league than the Premier League, but not a goal every 80 minutes!

Not a perfect comparison but to give some kind of context to the Nicolai Jorgensen stats, this season Dwight Gayle has scored three goals (in all competitions) in 1,149 minutes (a goal every 383 minutes), whilst Joselu has four goals in 1,487 minutes (a goal every 372 minutes).

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  • Leicester Mag

    Might as well show Stormy Daniels stats there’s as much chance of her playing up front as there is of Jorgensen

    • Polarboy

      To be fair it looks like there’s a decent chance of it happening given the reports from Dutch media that say they’re looking for a replacement. It’s also said that the player himself is keen on a move. In general the
      consensus seems to be that the two clubs will meet somewhere in the middle for the fee.

      • Jezza

        Never going to happen, I’m afraid.

        • Polarboy

          Well it’s the most elaborate fake out yet from Ashley if that’s the case.

          • Jezza

            Not really, we’ve been there many times before. PEA, Wilfried Bony, Gervinho, Kevin Gameiro, Charlie Austin, Andre Ayew, Berahino, Giroud, Bas Dost, Troy Deeny, Lacazette to name but a few of the strikers we have supposedly made substantial bids for and were on the brink of signing but somehow never ended up at St James’s Park.

          • Leicester Mag

            Half of them still in the Copthorne on the queyside keeping Lord Lucan and Shergar company

          • Polarboy

            I could easily be wrong but I always remembered those stories being played out quite unconvincingly in the British press. That a Dutch publication, which is supposedly quite reliable, is confirming these stories seems to at least add some credence.

          • Jezza

            I’ve just looked at De Telegraaf website and being a fluent Dutch speaker I’ll give you the gist. To be truthful it doesn’t confirm anything.

            It talks about a “possible” transfer. Then quotes Van Bronkhorst as saying that he’s got a list of possible replacements but it depends on a lot of things and he’s waiting to hear from the director of football first.

            It goes on to say that Jorgensen has told Van Bronkhorst he is receptive to the move and that there are no hard feelings between Jorgensen and Van Bronkhorst.

            Then there’s a bit about how Jorgensen can become a multi millionaire within a couple of seasons if he goes to Newcastle and will also get the chance to prove himself in a top league.

            It doesn’t say anything about the clubs discussing the fee or meeting in the middle or anything like that. There is no mention of it.

          • Polarboy

            The meet somewhere in between quote came from a Dutch colleague of Peter Graves the Sky Sports News presenter. The lad works for the Dutch version of Fox sports. Also all the other stuff in the Dutch paper you have to admit is encouraging.

          • Jezza

            Sky Sports, Fox News, that says it all. I’d sooner believe Pinocchio. I wouldn’t consider the stuff in De Telegraff to be overly encouraging to be truthfull. We’ve been here a million times before under Ashley. Don’t build your hopes up, it’s never going to happen.

          • Polarboy

            We’ll see soon enough.

          • Peaky Magpie

            But seriously would you swap any of those you’ve mentioned for the one and only The Hoss ? 😂😂

          • Leicester Mag

            Stormy Daniels more presence up front than the Hoss

          • Ram Kishore

            I found out you are obsessed with Stormy Daniels lol..
            Better to watch a match of that sort..😂

          • Peaky Magpie

            Had nee idea who she was….just checked 🤣

          • Ram Kishore

            Trump becoming a president has made her rich by 130k..
            Atleast someone is getting lucky because of him😂😂

      • Leicester Mag

        You may be right but having as a club, our collective ar$es bitten 10yrs running forgive the pessimism

        • Polarboy

          Fair enough, but given we’re fooked if we don’t sign a decent striker I’m going to choose optimism.

  • We will have to fork up 20+m and I really don’t see this happening.
    Any chance we can give them Colback and pay just 20m while we also cover 80% of his wages :D

    • Polarboy

      I’ve read they’ll accept 20 million euro. The 25 million euro was supposedly their dream price, but 20 million yoyo’s will still sign him. This info was from De Telegraaf, which is supposedly very reliable. So about 18 million pounds should do it.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Is he good enough ? Is he on Rafa’s A,B or C list.

    If we sign him and he scores 5 goals that gain us.. say 6 pts …then that’s probably the difference between relegation and the Prem.

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’s on Ashley’s XYZ list.

  • John

    Altidore had 34 goals in 30 games in that league hahahaha.

    • Polarboy

      Suarez scored 17, then 22 the next season in the Dutch league in his first two years. It was only until his third that he scored 35. By your logic Altidore is comparable to Suarez. Last season was Jorgensen’s first full season in the Dutch league. Basically the logic and intent behind your comment is severely lacking.

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      Altidore is the striker version of Yedlin, all the physical gifts in the world but all too often just horrendous on the ball. Outside of Clint Dempsey (and maybe Brian McBride), that’s pretty much the book on every center forward the US has ever produced.

  • Andy Mac

    To quote from Star Wars episode -3 “I have a bad feeling about this” It’s got Luuk de Jong written all over it ?

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      you mean episode 6! (the less mentioned about 3 the better)

    • Polarboy

      De Jong was never given a chance coming in half way through a season, played out of position, and generally Pardewed.

    • Leicester Mag

      Probably fall through and we will sign Dutch division 2 striker Riet Sheight

      • Peaky Magpie


  • skarabrae

    It’s all irrelevant.. as we’ar not signing him……or anyone else!!

    • Jezza


      • Blackburn1066

        Spot on

  • Alreet

    Could be a Loic Remy and score the goals to keep us up. Or could be a riveiere and fail to hit a barn door.

    You get hot and cold form with all the players we look at. You cant buy much for the money we offer. Take the rough and smooth.

    Hopefully we can get him and he gets us up a little higher. You never know. This could be the deal to push through a sale in the summer.

  • Kevin Brown

    It’s never going to happen, until Ashley wakes up to the fact, this is not one of his sweat shops, offer 19 mil see if that helps your bank balance,

    • Mark Potter

      19 mil what? Feyenoord want 20 million Euros. But the Mag doesn’t understand foreign currency. They keep (deliberately?) misquoting the amount Feyenoord value Jorgensen, and the bids.

      • Kevin Brown

        Right didn’t realize it was in Euros, so that’s about 18 mil then, but don’t think Ashley would pay that,

        • Mark Potter

          It’s £17.5m. And reports indicate we have already bid £15m. We can easily cover the difference by an agreement to pay additional amounts if he plays over a certain number of games. As we did with Norwich over Murphy.

  • ghostrider

    Play Mitrovic from now until the end of the season and he will help to keep us up if he gets the service.
    If Ashley’s got any sense he’d order Benitez to play Mitrovic or roder Benitez to sell Mitrovic and stop trying to kill his career.
    He should then tell Rafa to get in a loan striker and leave Jorgensen where he’s at, unless he can land him for 10 million or less on 30 grand a week or less until he proves himself not to be a sick note which I’d stick my neck right out and say he will after a few games showing him up to be what I suspect he will be. A flop.

    They’ve just signed Robin van Persie haven’t they?

    • Andrew

      I agree. Don’t know why we won’t play Mitrovic as I don’t rate Joselu

  • Soldier

    check out his stats in Germany not some cowboy league

    • Polarboy

      So you think it’s fairer to judge him on 14 games spread between two teams when he was 19, 20?

      • Damon Horner

        Common sense goes missing sometimes. I feel it’s mostly a pro-Mitrovic agenda.

  • Phil Yare

    i think its only worth looking into stats if we are actually serious about signing anyone….and with 4 days left i say NO.
    if they were serious they could have done the talking months ago then take care of the financial arrangements on day 1 of the window
    1 loan singing in, that’s probably as good as it gets

  • Jonathan Gibson

    No tom cairney in fulham squad today and not injured, hes going to west ham, WBA or us

    • TheNutJob

      it`s West ham or West Brom then

      • Jonathan Gibson

        😂 no doubt

  • GToon

    Have any of us stopped to think if this Jorgensen bloke is remotely interested in joining us? All this brinkmanship about the price and yet if he’s got half a brain he’ll turn us down in an instant I would have thought.

    • Polarboy

      He’s reported to be interested. Pretty sure Van Bronckhorst is quoted as saying he’s interested or something to that effect. Doubling his wages may have something to do with to be fair.

      • GToon

        Aye. Funny that. Just don’t let him see the league table before he signs.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Watched every video i can find and read every article about Jorgensen, done the same with Boakye who im told would cost half the price. Both untested obviously in the premier league and i still don’t think any significant improvement on what we have already. I also watched Joselu goals and assists videos and maybe his looked even better and in the Bundesliga no less. Dwight Gayle on video looks like a goal machine too. Either someone that is an obvious upgrade or whats the point in spending the money at all?

    • thewildchimp

      Indeed. People were hyped about Gayle and his brilliant Championship run, but he turned out to be sub-par in the PL. As he was before signing for us. And Eredivisie isn’t better than Championship, apart from maybe two or three clubs.

      Would watch his next match tomorrow, but it’s at the same time as ours.

  • Geordiegiants

    Jack I’ll just ask Clarko if there is anything I want to know, he is the oracle!

    • HarryHype59

      In his own mind! I don’t think he understands league tables!

      • Geordiegiants

        Ha ha lol, I don’t think he understands anything real. He lives in a virtual reality land.

  • GToon

    What’s this bloke like? I assume if Rafa wants him then he must be a hard worker. Hopefully he’s good in the air.

  • thewildchimp

    No, no, I think we should stick with Mitro. He has 1 goal per 89 minutes ratio. He’s clearly superior!

    Bad jokes aside, the only way to see if the lad is any good is to watch him play, at least on the telly. That way you can’t make mistakes, like Jack here mentioned… Unless you are Mauricio Pochettino, watching Mousa Sissoko… :’D

  • Mike Adam

    And Mitro has scored every 220 in his Premier League career without very many consecutive starts, and we already have him.