Sam Allardyce.

Newcastle fans have lived through the nightmare.

West Ham fans have done the same.

Both sets of supporters warned Everton fans but they wouldn’t listen.

After Koeman was sacked, the blue scousers were stuck with Merseyside’s answer to John Carver.

Obviously out of his depth, David Unsworth never looked up to the job and was replaced after a run of five Premier League matches where Everton won two and picked up a draw in another, with two defeats – seven points from fifteen.

Everton fans tried to convince themselves that early wins at home against relegation strugglers Huddersfield and Swansea were signs that life under Sam Allardyce wouldn’t be as bad as they were being told.

A very lucky 1-0 away win against a poor Newcastle side, saw them survive two hits on their woodwork, winning the game with more or less their only chance of the game.

However, reality has now hit.

Everton fans have seen their team pick up only two points from the last fifteen but it is a lot more than that.

They have scored only one goal in eight hours of Premier League football and in these last five matches, in three of them the didn’t have a single shot on target, they had one against Bournemouth and only three in a dreadful 0-0 draw at West Brom.

This coming Saturday Fat Sam Allardyce hosts Pardew’s West Brom and the Everton fans just can’t wait…

Everton fans commenting via their top Grand Old Team message board:

‘I’m not going to attack Big Sam personally like some people have.

I have heard people calling him names and saying awful things about his head, body shape etc.

Yes he is a bad manager but we don’t need to personally attack the guy and lower ourselves.

That being said, Sam Alladyce is a big fat dumpling of a manager and we are a disgrace as a football team to even hire him…fathead needs to go!!’

‘I can’t believe Sam said that we should play even more boring football, it’s impossible.’

‘It is, if he instructs the lone centre forward not to cross the half way line and we play defence v attack for 90 mins.

Oh hang on …’

‘If there are any sam supporters amongst us still, just think about the games he has managed us so far.

Newcastle A they hit the woodwork twice before we scored, also they were very low on confidence at the time.

West Brom A they missed 2 open goals, also low on confidence

Swansea H went 1-0 down took a penalty to get back in it, low on confidence

Bournemouth A awful

Man U H see above

Chelsea H worked well as defensive unit

Liverpool A. Got out of jail on that one.

Out of all them games we have not had 10 shots in total, I know it’s a results business, but it is also an entertainment one as well.

Hands up if you are looking forward to next week, West Brom.

It has 0-0 written all over it.’

‘It’s the embarrassment factor too.

I cringe when I see Allardyce in our dugout or in the media talking as our manager. It’s humiliating. It tells the watching world: “Everton are a club that’s failed. Nothing to see here. Move along”.’

‘Those two games against Baggies and Bournemouth.

That was when the mist cleared and those of us whom wished him well and hoped against hope he would seize his opportunity with us were given the reality check of what Life with Sam is all about.’

‘Want this joke of a manager out this summer.’

‘That ‘need to be more boring’ comment was a real head-scratcher.’

‘Same here, mate. It’s soul destroying. What was going through his head when he said that? We will never ever amount to anything with him in charge. How could people think otherwise?’

‘I mean the teams that are doing well in the league defend from the top, press and have some sembalance of urgency in their play when they gain possession.

But I’m sure Sam is absolutely onto something by doing the exact opposite of this…’

‘Especially with West Brom at home coming up. If ever there was a game to be expansive and play with a bit of flair…’

‘We were well capable of winning at at least one of those venues (West Brom and Bournemouth), that we never even gave it a go was criminal.’

‘Big Sam can’t play expansive football, he’ll shut up shop against West Brom and hopefully grab a goal. It won’t be a pretty sight.

The best we can hope for is to survive this season and hope he goes in the summer, then get someone in who’s gonna build us to actually have a go.’

‘If we sit back and let west brom dominate us, the goodison crowd will abolutely crucify him after 15 mins.’

‘Allardyce would have hated that game (Liverpool 4 Man City 3). Far too much entertainment on show.’

‘Our neighbours currently smashing the runaway league leaders and Champions League favourites, whilst our manager says he needs to be more ‘boring’ after not winning in five games and not having a shot on target for the third match in five games.

Absolutely sick of this…’

‘No pace no creativity no goal threat and need to be more defensive. Sod next year’s season ticket. I’m buying paint drying weekly.’

‘Can’t decide what to do next Saturday, go and watch Everton v W.B.A, or rearrange my sock drawer?’

‘It’s a no brainer, just make sure they all match.’

‘What did I just watch. How can Bournemouth (when beating Arsenal 2-1) have many players up the pitch and attack whereas we have DCL on a island against three defenders usually. Allardyce the clock is ticking down.’

‘He’s literally just bought a £27m striker last week and is now saying he needs to go ‘more boring’ after not having a single shot on goal in 3/5 games.’

‘We don’t deserve to do well with this manager. A man with a career stitched in failure, a life devoted to greed, a footballing mentality of a coward. And a brand he tries desperately to protect.’

‘It happened at Newcastle to an extent and 100% happened at West Ham that the fans turned on him, and they both where relatively happy when they hired him, here the fans where already split massively about it, and the ones who did want him – a vast proportion didn’t REALLY want him but was more a panic acceptance of him.

When the fans turn he doesn’t try to get them back onside, he confronts them instead. He does that here, then bye bye BFS.’

‘Allardyce has a single approach and we have been found out.’

‘I personally can’t wait till we play West Brom.

Same formation, same tactics. Tosun up front on his own with the proviso no one is within a t least 30 yards of him at all times.’

‘Actually when Walsh was appointed I missed the fact he kind of did have a track record as a ‘dof’ of sorts, was head of recruitment under Allardyce at Newcastle when they brought in some absolutely horrendous players (about 12 in one summer) most of whom they couldn’t shift off the books for years and who hardly played for them they where that bad.’

‘I’m open to any suggestion that rids us of Allardyce. The idea of that feller still here next season is too appalling to think about.’

‘Had no idea that he was at Newcastle with Allardyce. All starting to make sense now.

They brought in Mark Viduka (admittedly a favourite of mine), Alan Smith, Geremi, Joey Barton, Jose Enrique, Habib Beye and Abdoulaye Faye.

Sacked five months into his first season.’

‘Both sacked at the same time, both brought in at the same time as well, yeah he bought a combination of utter rubbish, and washed up former good players, left them all behind for years after they left, honestly it wrecked any chance of Newcastle stabilising in the division really.’

‘Less points per game than Unsworth secured.

Thanks for saving us Sam.’

‘For all I can’t stand him I always thought he was quite savvy. His first big mistake for me were the two away games at Christmas, this latest quote is laughable and it looks a lot like we’ll have an arrogance vs fanbase situation exactly like at WHU.’

‘I’m just glad we stayed clear of that fat moaning boring waste of space Benitez which bizarrely some on here wanted.’

‘He would have been a far far far better appointment than this waste of space.

I mean a guy who has won the champions league, la liga, Europa league, Fa cup etc vs what the **** has sam won?

Sam buys the likes of Nolan and Carroll, Benitez given money, signs the likes of alonso, torres, mascherano, reina etc

We arent good enough to get tier one managers, the FSW is the best we could probably get in terms of managerial stature, might even win us a cup since that is his speciality.

He has taken a seriously rubbish newcastle side, with next to no money given to him this summer, and constant off field drama etc and they are 4 points behind us after we just spent 200 mil.

Warra guy fat sam is.’

  • TheNutJob

    didn`t take them long to suss out old Hippo Heed, he`ll bore them to death, then they`ll sack him & that`s another £3m in the bank then some other club will employ him within weeks

    • Mike

      aye who would be a Prem manager only job where u are crp get sacked take millions pay off then start again full circle…dam i missed my chance!! ha ha

  • anyobrien

    The talk sport love in has also stopped its now all for the bug eyed moyes… Apparently he is now a footballing demigod who can do no wrong.

  • Mitros gotta start

    Couldnt happen to a nicer club….they deserve each other… mackems and the sheeps heed…..match made in heaven

  • raz4u

    Terrible under him, brought the team from the relegation zone up to 9th in the table!

  • Paul Patterson

    Chancer with a chip on his shoulder, constantly thinking he would win the Champions League if he were with a top club.
    Lower league dreamer that’s deluded his way into top flight football and brought down the attacking quality to boot . ..

    • John

      Getting Bolton in Europe is a chancer?

      • Paul Patterson

        Can’t stand managers that’s sole philosophy is to not get beat and strangle the entertainment out of a match. Truly enemies of football.
        Steve McLaren is a poor mans chancer and he won the League cup with ‘Boro, beating who?..
        One swallow . .

        • ToonArmy

          So you hate Rafa then?

          • Paul Patterson

            Playing to his strengths with this set of players..

          • Clarko

            Can one of you guys change you name?


          • Paul Patterson


          • Clarko

            What do you mean “Eh?”, you have the same name as @disqus_PHRjqFICBi:disqus.

      • Polarboy

        Yes, when it’s generally thought that his spending at Bolton ruined their long term financial future.

  • Leazes

    Beats me why clubs appoint him and the other posse of ‘yes men’….

    Thank goodness we haven’t got a yes man…. the Chairman and owner don’t speak to him so he can’t say ‘yes’.

    • TheNutJob


    • Kneebotherm8

      Del Monte springs to mind……..

  • Jezza

    I’ll say this about A-Lard-Arce. You know exactly what you’re going to get with him. I just can’t believe Everton fans are surprised by what’s happening. What did they expect?

    • kingfisher

      Exactly,he is what he is! If your’e in danger of being relegated,Sam’s your man.He saved our red and white neighbours once,and he would have saved them again if he hadn’t jumped ship to further his illustrious career to manage England !

      • Jezza

        Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being complimentary about him. I was referring to the horrible style of “football” he is infamous for.

        • kingfisher

          Yes,Jezza, it’s obvious he subscribes to the “win ugly” type of football hell ⚽️

          • Jezza

            Yes, apart from his time at Newcastle when his strategy was to lose ugly.

          • Paul Janes

            Yes awful football,dreadful signings Geremi etc!
            I partly blame him for Ashley’s future way of running the club, having had his finger’s burned, please don’t take this as tacit support for Ashley as I blame him for all our woes

          • Jezza

            It is my personal belief that when A-Lard-Arce signs players he doesn’t go for what’s best for the team, he picks the transfer deals that enable him to pocket the biggest bungs.

          • kingfisher


        • FatParosite

          I’m massively surprised he has friends within football lauding his achievements & his techniques. WTF is all that about…??

    • Kneebotherm8

      The Honeymoon’s over then?……….

  • alex carr

    Remember when they thought they’d get Simeone.

  • Rich Lawson

    You wont get relegated and that’s why clubs bring him in,you were DOOMED before he came,at least save your whining for next season when he brings in a load of dodgy players you have never heard of and receives the Philip Green trophy for industry.

    • Leazes

      Philip Green Trophy! Spot on.

  • 1957

    I’ve mentioned this before but I once spent an hour in an airport departure lounge talking to Sham just before he became our manager. It was fascinating to listen to his approach to football albeit it was the complete opposite to how his teams played when he came to NUFC.

    If he managed as well as he talked the game he would be the best in the world

  • Peaky Magpie

    Footballs OJ,keeps getting away with murder.

  • Wor Lass

    Says it all, doesn`t it, that the only set of fans to be sorry to see him go were the Mackem skip rats!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I don’t why they are so up in arms because they were basically a “Long Ball” side when Moyes was in charge of them.
    Tim Cahill was a massive part of what they did constantly knocking the ball long into him in open play or set pieces, Corners etc
    They would then play off the second balls coming off Cahill and that was their success under Moyes imo.

    Although Sam Allardyce does play awful football it does tend to get you results if you stick with him for a while.
    Newcastle fans were spoilt with the swashbuckling style of Keegan then Robson so Big Sam was never going to be given that leeway.
    The funny thing is under Ashley’s tenure Newcastle have played some of the worst ineffective football you could imagine that makes Allardyce look like a world beater !

    That is how far we have fallen in The Ashley Nightmare Era.

  • FatParosite

    This is all happening quicker than I expected, but I did expect it.

  • Albert Stubbins

    lol- match made in heaven!! fat sam and the blue shyte- love it.