Ahead of Sunday’s match, some Chelsea fans are distraught with the ‘turmoil’ their club is in.

I wish a typical end of January ‘turmoil’ for Newcastle fans was seeing their team third in the Premier League (and being current holders!), in the last 16 of the Champions League, hot favourites to reach the FA Cup fifth round for the 18th time in the last 20 years (having won the FA Cup six times since 1997) and having reached the semi-final of the League Cup.

Chelsea struggled to beat Norwich last week after playing an almost total second team and so much of the discussion is regarding  what team they should play against Newcastle.

Good to hear that Chelsea fans see Conte in a quandary with some players looking tired, whilst the likes of Courtois, Morata and Willian are all out injured, with Fabregas having a late fitness test.

Rafa Benitez has only been handed one January signing so far as he waits on the Nicolai Jorgensen saga and Kenedy can take no part in this FA Cup run even if Newcastle progress to the fifth round for the first time under Mike Ashley, having already played for Chelsea in the competition.

Chelsea fans commenting on Newcastle match via their top Shed End message board:

‘Got me tickets, wonder if Newcastle will play a weakened side.’

‘I’m not sure about people wanting a weakened ‘B’ team for an FA Cup match.  Time was the FA Cup was important to Chelsea fans.’

Old Fatty Benitez is in charge so I’d like us to smash the granny out of them, thank you very much.’

‘Grow up, seriously. It’s embarrassing. Same goes for anybody who liked such a pathetic post.’

‘I never like major changes and think three on pitch changes max, otherwise major surprises can occur.’

‘They are a bit of a bogey team for us, or at least it seems that way.’

‘Benitez will no doubt be itching to get a result against us ungrateful Chelsea fans.’

‘The FA Cup is still important to this Chelsea supporter. I had been a Chelsea supporter for 23 years. Long time. Before we won it in 1997 (ED: Starting with 1997, Chelsea have won the FA Cup six times in 21 years, just imagine that..).’

‘I love the FA Cup, I’ve been lucky enough that I got to go to Wembley twice to see us lift it. I also like seeing young players being given a chance to impress and with Tottenham/Liverpool breathing down our necks see the need for rotation.’

‘I know what you are saying, but I still don’t like to devalue the FA Cup. 

When people are suggesting a complete ‘B’ team except for Morata against Premier League opposition, I think it’s showing a lack of respect for both Newcastle AND the competition, regardless. 

I also like to see some young players given a chance, but 10 changes from our strongest side is not the way to do it in the oldest and best cup competition we play in.  At any stage, really.  Look how we struggled against Norwich, with most of the first team playing.’

‘It’s too many matches we need some rotation next month is massive.’

‘I’ve been meaning to ask did the club not put on sale the tickets for the Norwich replay in the Shed?. 3,000 empty seats I thought they would have sold out if they were on general sale.’

‘Only realistic chance of silverware left is this FA Cup, hope the manager treats it like this and pays respect to the FA Cup and Fatty’s barcodes and puts out the best side available.’

‘Goodness only knows which Chelsea will turn up for this one – I’m not even sure the player selection is that critical, it’s our desire to win and the way Conte sets us up that worries me.

We should have enough to beat Newcastle – and we should really want to progress in the FA Cup as it’s the only thing we have a realistic chance of winning this season.’

‘Kante, Hazard, Azpi need to be rest… They are completely physically dead. I don’t see us do anything against Barcelona if this 3 players are off.’

‘Let’s hope he gives Musanda a run out and maybe a couple of the other kids.  Rather have everyone concentrating on securing a top 4 spot than this cup competition given the turmoil we are in. 

Conte did not look a happy camper in his press conference and still repeating that he has little to do with transfers….his answer re his relationship with the Board was somewhat vague .’

‘Presumably Michy won’t play again, even with Morata out. So I’d expect probably:











????? Barkley? Musonda?’

‘Want us to go as strong as possible for this one we can rest the big guns once the job is done.

Managed to get hospitality tickets off a mate for this one.’

‘I actually think Luiz is the answer here. Experienced, assured next to Christensen, likes to move forward and play good balls forward.

Come on, we can do these barcode northern c… b……s.’

‘Alonso starting, he looks fatigued, Conte apparently not worried, everyone else is.

Who loans out the back up left back (Kenedy) and the other one who isn’t even included in the squad, before bringing in a replacement? It’s mind boggling.’

‘Don’t play Hazard for god sake, the cup result are almost irrelevant if we keep losing players for injuries and suspensions.’

  • ghostrider

    I don’t see any problem with us progressing in this tie if we give it a go.
    It seems like Conte is losing the dressing room and is also appearing to be having a go at the hierarchy.
    His players look lost at times.
    I believe we can win this as long as we don’t sit back and allow Chelsea to train against us like Man City did.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Pedro is one of my favourite players from another club, whenever I see him play I’m always surprised he doesn’t tear it up every week.

    However, Newcastle sneaky 2-1 win. Shola with the last minute winner (we’ll snap him up later most likely).

    • PhilK

      Its the sort of trick Fagin Ashley WOULD pull

    • Wor Lass

      It`s nice to see someone still sticking up for Beardo!

  • Albert Stubbins


  • gallowgate26

    FA cup may be the only ‘premier’ silverware that both clubs have a chance to win this season. However the money of the league is now what calls the shots. Chelsea finishing in the top 4 and getting CL, toon finishing in the top 17 is the golden goose that pays the bills.

  • Rich Lawson

    The manager is on his way out and is losing the team and board,go for the throat Rafa’,just attack them from the start rather than the last 10 min’s and we can get something from this.

    • Geordiegiants

      Proabaly right that like.

  • PhilK

    Always mystifies me why we get more genuine hate than 95% of clubs. Only a couple there but it’s more than common. We’re no threat to Hartlepool for God’s sake. We haven’t done any nastiness to any other club apart from our nearest and dearest, nor do we go onto radio or TV attacking other clubs fans. Yet we get it in spades. Villa are a good example.

    • Wor Lass

      The hatred`s a bit thin on the ground in those quotes and mainly directed towards Rafa where it does occur.

    • Davey drape


  • Wor Lass

    If he rests Hazard we might have a chance – but we need to give it a proper go from the off. If we go out it doesn`t really matter because PL survival is the key this season so let`s see the lads go all out for a change.

  • Haych

    Hope we belt them tomorrow..shit money money side that bought every piece of their sucess and expect it year after year