Chelsea 3 Newcastle 0 – Sunday 28 January 2018 1.30pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle.

Newcastle lose 3-0 at Chelsea, in 11 years still to reach the fifth round under Mike Ashley’s reign.

Kevin Christie:

“Another dull and predictable morale-sapping defeat. Total lack of belief and killer instinct.

“We were never at the races. Same old story week in, week out.

“Optimism is in short supply and we will be dead in the water if we don’t get a top-class striker in by Wednesday night.

“More than any other time under the Ashley regime, we really are at a crucial crossroads now. Three days left to save our season.

“Another relegation and Rafa jumping ship and all hell will break loose.”

Jamie Smith:

“Expectedly underwhelming and officially 50 years without a major trophy. What mugs we are.

“Disappointment at another early and obvious FA Cup exit of course will pale compared to the relegation confirming disappointment of no signings come Thursday.”

Nat Seaton:

“Can’t say that we showed any real will to give it a go today.

“Really disappointing away cup performance – how many times have we said that in recent years?!

“Here’s hoping that Wednesday night’s tactics and performance produce a big improvement…”

Paul Lyon:

“Thought we did OK in the first half, if we’d stuck one of our chances away we might have made more of a game of it in the second.

“Just the league to focus on now, hopefully it’s a non-eventful passage to mid table obscurity…”

Ben Cooper:

“Well it was nice of us to give Chelsea the opportunity to have a training game so they could give a bit of confidence to a few squad players and blood a couple of youngsters.

“I can’t see what we got out of it except to put off anyone wanting to sign Saivet and Haidara.

“We played ok for 30 minutes, were sloppy defensively for their two first half goals and unlucky that both of them had a good deal of fortune about them.

“In the second half we were just plain awful.

“We never got any players far enough forward to cause Chelsea serious defensive problems, even when they gave the ball away our forward players lacked belief.

“Not that we had many forward players, sometimes none.

“All in all, another typically NUFC way to get dumped out of the cup. Chelsea didn’t even really have to try in the end. Just turning up was enough to beat us today.”

Jamie Swan:

“What can you say that hasn’t been said for weeks? We are completely impotent.

“I would have been less surprised today had we won than if Donald Trump arrived at my house in Air Force one and offered me a threesome with a Cilla Black look a like.

“Chelsea were pretty average really but strolled it in the end with the quality that they had.

“We were not that bad first half even in conceding two goals, not battered by any stretch.

“But we offer as much of a threat up front as Andreas Andersson’s granny.

“Mike, you need to sort out some back ups for Rafa and guess what mate? You will have to pay real money.

“But for the sake of the press, it’s not from his pocket or the goodness of his black withered prune of a heart – it’s from the club’s revenue!

“Massive game Weds. Window shuts the same day. MASSIVE!”

David Punton:

“That second half was pretty dispiriting stuff from NUFC, in contract to a brighter opening period.

“A few missed chances, while Chelsea with more investment and quality took theirs.

“Rafa Benitez had to be allowed to rebuild in a big way last summer. Instead he was denied that, the owner seemed to move the goal posts and we had to scrimp along as usual.

“So that’s another FA Cup exit. This competition has been nothing short of a nightmare since Mike Ashley took over.

“We all grow weary of this owner, this regime.

“How much longer will this warmed up dog sick of an approach go on?”

George Stainsby:

“Pressed well for first half hour, and unlucky for the second goal. But we offered nothing in the second half.

“More creativity needed and less panic at the chances we do have. Three points on Wednesday and I’ll forget about this. Just.”

Toon Bano:

“As soon as the draw was made, I instantly assumed our cup run was over.

“But when you see the likes of Newport County give Spurs a massive scare you think, well maybe we can do something.

“How stupid a thought is that?

“Chelsea are a vastly superior team to us but for them to not need to get out of 2nd gear to turn a club like us over so easily, is depressing.

“Mike Ashley has been here now for 11 FA Cup campaigns. Not once have we got beyond the 4th round. Not once. That is beyond incredible.

“People say ‘he has done a good job at Newcastle, hasnt he?’ I have to stop myself from physically or verbally attacking them.

“The sooner he is gone, the sooner we can have a cup run, the sooner we can break our transfer record, time and time again.

“The sooner we can start being Newcastle Utd again.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 0


Chelsea: Batshuayi 31,44 Alonso 72

Possession was Chelsea 61% Newcastle 39%

Total shots were Chelsea 18 Newcastle 9

Shots on target were Chelsea 8 Newcastle 6

Corners were  Chelsea 5 Newcastle 4

Referee: Kevin Friend

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Manquillo (Murphy 77), Lascelles, Clark, Mbemba, Haidara, Saivet, Hayden (Atsu 83), Shelvey, Ritchie, Gayle (Joselu 64)

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Diame, Dummett, Yedlin

Crowd: 41,049

  • TheNutJob

    Rafa leaves in the summer as fatty has never backed him. another muppet comes in. how many will be at the 1st match of next season ? 45 to 50,000
    part of the problem is that we bring it on ourselves

    • Leicester Mag

      Only thing that might have any impact is an empty ground for a live sky match.

      • JonMag

        your`re right, but that will never happen

        • Big Al 1967

          The key to an empty ground requires massive organisation but most importantly a large media support.i.e back page spread calling for a boycott or walkout. However we all know that the Chronicle does not have the guts to do it

    • magpiefifer

      Can’t see a massive turnaround on Wednesday,so probably another 1-0 defeat!
      I can see us in about 6 weeks time being cemented to the bottom of the PL – destined for a 3rd relegation under the ownership of the gross one!!!

  • TC Toon Army

    Shouldn’t come as a shock we lost 3-0 away to Chelsea. There’s things that need fixing that aren’t going to be fixed. Until he goes, it’s only going to be disappointing.

    • Andy Mac

      Yet people were saying this was the right time to take on a Chelski side in turmoil, management issues and low confidence with few goals scored ?

      So we were like a breath of fresh air for them. Set up to “compete” until the floodgate opened.

  • Megatron1505

    Totally inept display after the first 25 minutes, we gave up after they scored.

    Gayle is finished as a striker at this club, no confidence or enthusiasm whatsoever, Joselu is rubbish but at least he tries.

    I understand why Murphy and Atsu were rested, but that Chelsea defence isn’t great and a bit of pace could have caused them real issues.

    Just another cup surrender to add to the list….

  • mactoon

    Outclassed and toothless with 3 days to fix it. Tick Tock Ashley

    • Leicester Mag

      Even if he does allow money to be spent iit will be the minimum aimed at balanced stagnation. Like a corpse on life support

      • mactoon

        The fact that Rafa doesn’t know how much he has to spend means it’s pretty obvious he won’t get any of the players he wants. Charnley (instructed by Ashley) will basically bid less than the selling club’s valuation of his first choice (Jorgensen) to ensure he can then go for one of the cheaper second or third choices while the closure of the window gets closer and closer.

  • JonMag

    I`m starting to lose it with Rafa, he needs to demand players or walk, where`s his self respect gone ?

    • TC Toon Army

      Yeah coz Rafa Leaving wouldn’t be the final nail. Get outa here pal.

    • John

      What self respect? Cry to his media contacts and move the pressure from him and his players to the chairman week in week out?

      • Guest 2

        The Chairman? Who’s that then?

        • Soldier

          he`s a troll ignore the idiot

          • Guest 2

            I enjoy making idiots explain their idiotic comments.

          • KRS1

            I think he’s been smoking crack with Monkseaton Magpie.

    • TheFatController

      He probably doesn’t walk not because he needs the £6m but because he begrudges saving Ashley the £6m…

  • Mrkgw

    That a shambles. The squad is abysmally poor. The players quite simply aren’t good enough at this level. The team needs a major overhaul which is never going to come under the current ownership. Why do we really bother? Mike Ashley needs to go – we all know that and well done to the away support in making their feelings known. They speak for the vast majority of us in wanting him gone.

  • Andy Mac

    West Brom with Pardwho in charge showed how to take on a top 4 team and win in the Cup. Cannot believe we’re a worse proposition than the Baggies right now ?

    • Danimal

      At the start of the season I’d have expected us to well below them in the league. We have overperformed under Rafa and West Brom have underperformed. We now have a 14 match season and need to finish ahead of three teams. Huddersfield and Brighton are the obvious candidates, not sure who else, I think we can only hope Swansea’s revival fades. Southampton and Watford are in rotten form but will it last another 14 games? The rest are all miles better than us.

  • Peter

    Highly predictable. “Newcastle United will never get anywhere under Mike Ashley”, Kevin Keegan, 2008.

  • John

    Lose and yet again people can’t help but blame Mike Ashley. What a pathetic manager and group of players. Better squad than other premier league teams yet roll over and sit with 11 men behind the goal because at the end of the day the blind idiots of Newcastle blame the chairman.

    • TheFatController

      Chelsea were last year’s champions, and won 4-0 at Brighton last week.

      What part of ‘one of the best squads in world football’ are you missing?

    • mactoon

      better squad than other Premier league teams? what the hell are you on about!

      • John

        Look at the teams around us. You moan about Brighton and Huddersfield spending this season. We spent £60m last season to come up. Their squads were nowhere near ours last year. A few signings doesn’t make them much better squads. They’ve just built squads over time and added a few additions, we thrown ours together.

        • mactoon

          ours was built to win the Championship by Rafa with Championship class players, it wasn’t just ‘thrown together’. Now he wants to improve the squad with Premiership class players the way all the teams around us are doing but he is not being allowed to. And believe me, a few, even three players will vastly improve our team

      • Kneebotherm8

        His second name is Carver,mate.

    • Guest 2

      Get a grip, man. 90% of them can’t even pass the ball.

    • gallowgate26

      Name another PL team (apart from Brighton/Huddersfield who are similar), that have a worse squad than us? Every one of them has at least 3-4 PL players, even Swansea. We have maybe 1 or 2, Lascelles and Shelvey, if they play well. I’ll have a pint of whatever John’s drinking…

    • Mirandinha9

      Cashley holds the key to everything. NUFC is devoid of any ambition, due to one man. As such, he doesn’t invest and consequently, the outcome of that is what we experience consistently – heavy defeats on the playing field. That’s why Cashley gets the blame. Plain and simple.

  • TheFatController

    If, as his apologists allege, we’d have done a Portsmouth without Ashley, there’s a good chance that in the last 11 years we’d have reached the 5th round a few times.

    In fact, we’d probably have gone bump, kept the ground as the council own it, started again, had huge motivation and momentum, got promoted to the PL and now be competitive in the PL…

    • John

      I’d love some of whatever you take on a daily basis. Look at Sunderland, that’s a stark warning of what happens when you have an owner who is atrocious. We are in now way anywhere near that situation, think yourself lucky

      • TheFatController

        Explain how wolves, boro, Bristol City, Sheff United, Leeds are near the top of the championship, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Watford, Leicester, Swansea are in the PL if every team going down is like Sunderland and can’t come back?

        You use Sunderland as an am example but ignore all the teams that have come from or come back from nothing.

        Don’t let facts get in the way of your theory though.

        And stop kissing ashley’s ass, it makes you sound like you’re one of life’s victims happy to be abused by a man who only bought the club to sell it, and doesn’t care about people just money. Look at you supporting him after everything he’s done to the club. Have you no shame or backbone?

        • John

          Sunderland’s owner spent £1m when they went down. They took in over £40m just in player sales. Ashley pumped £60m back into us

          • Danimal

            Ashley made a big profit on transfers after relegation.

          • Wezza147

            And took how much out of the club? Are you another Ashley PR drone? Bishop?

          • PhilK

            I’ll just mention Andy Carroll for one here. Oh hell – Wijnaldum and Sissoko too. Theres 70 mill or so to be going on with

          • nufcslf

            Phuque oph.

      • Guest 2

        Unlike an owner who gets the club relegated twice and provides the club with one loan player and a net spend of 11.5 mil for PL return and survival?
        You mean one like that?

        • John

          We have a net spend of 70m over 3 years you whopper. More than Burnley and Liverpool combined (before Coutinho sale)

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            net spend means nothing, it`s what you buy that counts

          • Danimal

            What about over 11 years? Surely that would be a more relevant place to measure from.

          • Guest 2

            LOL, take your heed for a dump man! Why choose the last 3 seasons – coz he spent big once?
            Net spend under the whole of the fat slugs ownership amounts to a paltry 26 million.
            31 million surplus from sales last season and 200 grand a week further savings on the wage bill.
            You must be a Mackem – or a troll of the stupidest kind.

          • PhilK

            John. He’s funded transfers IN with transfers OUT. Get your f*****g facts correct for God’s sake

      • Danimal

        We’re a few months away from their situation.

      • PhilK

        Are you saying Ashley ISN’T atrocious ? SERIOUSLY ????
        He’s taking more out of the club than he’s putting in.

    • John

      Oh and they have fans who refuse to line the pocket of the owner they want, unlike us.

      • TheFatController

        John, you’re al over here with bizarre hateful comments.

        Should you be taking your medication ? Your so out of kilter with every fan its worrying.

        For you, not me.

        • PhilK

          We ARE lining the pockets of Ashley. And he will continue as long as we are moronic enough to turn up and accept it while whining instead of saying NO MORE. WE BOYCOTT

    • Danimal

      Look at Southampton and Leicester.

  • Leicester Mag

    Comment below about having a better squad than other PL clubs. WHO?? Never in the modern era have I seen a worse squad. No pace, no guile, a centre forward who isn’t Scots Premier quality and football that frankly is but wrenchingly awful to watch Don’t kid ourselves if we go down again there will be no dead cat bounce this time.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    I love the bit about verbally attacking them when people say Ashley has done a good job, I feel the same!

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Couldnt agree more Ashley loving twats

  • molend

    Howay, lads and lasses. In 11 years we’ve never got past the 4th round of the Cup. We’ve been relegated twice (mebbe 3 times?) and var nigh a couple of others. In 2008 we had players like Colocini, Nolan, Barton, Given, Milner,Carroll and Owen. By 2012-13, it was Demba Ba, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Cisse and Simpson. Look at what we’ve got today. If anybody doubts that all of this points to a steady decline under Ashley, they want their heeds lookin at

    • nufcslf

      And still sweet fa will be said by those that bother to go. Complete lost cause. Fatty wins.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Different subject but Cardiff fans singing to Citeh “Your just a sh*t Man Utd” 😂😂😂

  • Rob

    Saw replay of goals. Atrocious defending leaving player free on edge of six yard box.

    Desperately average squad without any money being spent yet again.

    Feel really sore for Rafa given modest funds he could have created a team that challenges.

    Now I can envisage a bitter relegation battle with little worth celebrating.

    FCB out!

  • Hopey

    The whole situation is an embarrassment mixed with anger hate and frustration, if Ashley was offered 17th place before the season began and the option to not even bother having matches to play out ,but get the same money he would take it and not even bat an eyelid about the thousands of people including kids who would miss out on their main weekly enjoyment. I hope Rafa knows some inside information because he’s making a complete fool of himself and thousands of others. ASHLEY THE C*** OUT

    • kingfisher

      You say thousands of people including kids would miss out on their main weekly enjoyment Hopey ! Surely you mean their weekly torture? No one could possibly enjoy watching this team under Ashley, and the sooner people stop going week after week regardless of the situation on and off the park the better! It’s the only way to hit Ashley where it hurts.
      It’s the kids I feel sorry for, being brought up on this [email protected]@p. Football is supposed to be an entertainment industry ,this is anything but !

      • Hopey

        I agree what’s on display at SJP at the moment is shocking, but for us living and working in the north east the games are in part the highlight of our week, purely for the day out, the support will never stop and SJP will always be full, so other means of getting Ashley out are required

        • kingfisher

          Fully understand what your’e saying Hopey.It’s not only about the match,it’s the whole match day experience,however perhaps if there was a call to protest at a specific match,then fans could still have a good day out without actually entering S.J.P.
          I’ve lived in the Newcastle area for all of my 65 years,and have supported N.U.F.C for as long as I can remember, so believe me when I say I fully understand fans still wanting to go !

  • Tony English

    I was at Stamford Bridge today, high up in the stand by the halfway line, so had a good overview of the shape and tactics, if not so much on detail.

    Got to say whilst effort was 100% better than the last game I saw there (McLarens side getting thumped 5-1) the quality, particularly the squad players brought in was very poor.

    Saivet was woeful, running into culdesacs time and time again when passes were on, and Mbemba losing Hazard for their first being especially poor.

    Gayle offered nowt, and subbed for Joselu who offered nowt, but hardly surprising when the service was zero with Shelvey choosing to shoot (weakly) most of the time.

    To be honest, we have one top player, Lascelles, after that, not a lot.

    • mactoon

      I don’t even rate him to be honest

      • Tony English

        He made few very decent interceptions today and during breaks in play was onto Mbemba and Saivet as they were cleaely tasked to man mark Hazard, depending which area he was in. He’s a captain through and through.

    • nufcslf

      The answer to all of this is, ‘Thanks Mike’.

  • Jimmy

    If Ashley hat to buy a new window , he’d take the cheaper option and board it up ,

    • nufcslf

      At least you wouldn’t be able to see the fat c**t

  • Michael

    The problem is there are some fans who think it’s not Ashley’s fault

    • Mrkgw

      Hopefully a huge minority. Those applauding Ashley need to take a reality check.

      • Phil Yare

        same d**kheads who kept saying he’d been a saviour for ‘paying off the debt’ despite raking in a fortune of player sales and free advertising.

        any money he’s ever lost has been through his own moronic decisions

      • nufcslf

        Never going to happen.

  • Hopey

    Can Wor flags not make a 250 metre long flag with YOU FAT COCKNEY BA**** GET OUT OF OUR CLUB

    • GToon

      Ashley would probably sell you it and the T-shirt’s to go with it too, at a reasonable price of course.

      • Hopey

        T-shirts not a bad idea for when we are next on Sky

        • nufcslf

          Wouldn’t be allowed in the ground wearing one……

    • Philippines

      I guess he might say, “WHOSE club?”

      • Hopey

        The supporters will be here long after Ashley has done one

        • nufcslf

          Not with the likes of you giving him no reason to go anywhere. Going down…..

  • Phil Yare

    at least we can now concentrate on getting relegated