With the lack of action at Newcastle United off the pitch this season, you would almost think Mike Ashley and his minions didn’t care if the club ends up going downhill yet again/even further.

Only 14 games remain and not one player bought this transfer window, only the Kenedy short-term loan, leaving Newcastle seriously at risk of a third relegation in nine Premier League seasons under Mike Ashley.

Mark Lawrenson believes that the stalled takeover of the club is still casting a shadow over NUFC and is proving a major distraction.

The BBC Sport pundit predicting that any takeover is set to take even ‘longer than Brexit’.

Whilst the takeover is an unknown quantity, what is clear is that Newcastle now face two vital matches with only Kenedy as a possible starter in either game.

It is Palace away on Sunday but first Newcastle are home to a Burnley side who haven’t won in their last seven Premier League matches, leading Mark Lawrenson to say that in comparison Newcastle’s two wins in the same period makes them ‘look like an in-form side’.

To be fair to Newcastle, their last six games have seen two defeats to Manchester City and eight points from twelve against four other relegation contenders, which is pretty decent form considering the hand that Rafa Benitez has at his disposal.

Sean Dyche has now said that Burnley could have as many as eight players unavailable and whilst Mark Lawrenson predicts a 1-1 draw, this is really a game that Newcastle almost certainly have to win.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“Burnley have gone seven Premier League games without a win and Newcastle, who have won twice in the same period, look like an in-form side in comparison.

“It is very hard to pick either side to go and win, although Burnley will undoubtedly return to form at some point.

“I am still concerned about Newcastle, because they are being distracted by talk of a takeover and, by the looks of things, that is going to last longer than Brexit.

“Prediction is Newcastle 1 Burnley 1.”

Newcastle v Burnley Match Betting:

Newcastle win 6/5Draw 85/40Burnley win 3/1

NUFC win 2-0 17/2NUFC to win AND there to be 3 or more goals in match 3/1Lascelles first player to be carded 9/1

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  • robbersdog

    Mark Lawrenson needs a makeover; that hair, that ‘tache, those specs and the clothes he wears – he looks like a failed car-salesman from the 1970s who’s got a telescope in his bedroom so that he can watch his female neighbour getting undressed.

    • JonMag

      you seem to know quite a bit about it

      • robbersdog

        I use Night Vision Binoculars. The only problem is that they’re very heavy so I’ve got to use both hands to hold them. It kind of defeats the object of the exercise.

        • Ram Kishore


    • Bowlsey

      I laughed until I hurt myself. Spot on observations. 😂

  • TheFatController

    It’s taken longer than Brexit because it’s taken 10 years and he still refuses to go, probably due to Ashley being like a divorcee wanting to be loved, but now obsessed with spiting his ex who clearly doesn’t love him and just wants out of it all.

    Look at the ‘relationship’:-
    – phase one: wanting to be loved. Drinking with fans, sat in his shirt in the away end
    – phase two: realising he’s losing us due to untrustworthy and selfish behaviour, promising to change
    – phase three: angry he can’t have us back onside and can’t get away with untrustworthy and selfish behaviour, he spites us and does things his way, knowing it’ll irritate us. And if we still hate him, he has the comfort of knowing we’re still thinking of him.
    Phase four: agreeing to leave us forever, he puts ‘the house’ up for sale, but then overprices it, claims he can’t find a good enough buyer, and we’re stuck with him – again, we may hate him but he’s still in our lives, so maybe, just maybe there’s a chance we might love him again…

    Because if it isn’t like that, explain why a billionaire would suffer being wholly unwanted, publically lambasted regularly, and not take a reasonable but not perfect amount of money to leave us for good?

    If someone who’s not wanted is hanging around years later making various bizarre excuses why he won’t leave our lives, doesn’t that tell you he doesn’t really want to leave our lives til he gets closure/love/ admiration ?

    It can’t be money, he has loads (on paper), and anyway was offered £250m in cash, could have walked away from it all, yet here he still is, hanging on in there. Waiting for what to happen..?

    • thewildchimp

      Or, Heavens forbid: actually putting some effort into strengthening the club if wanting appreciation…

      • TheFatController

        Well, based on my theory, that would be potentially the worst thing to do in his head.

        Currently he can tell himself ‘they don’t like me because I haven’t given them my best…’

        Imagine giving and still being hated. Too painful to contemplate.

        It’s a bit like ‘why not just ask someone you like out…?’ The answer: I’d rather not know I wasn’t wanted by them. We’ve all been there …

        • thewildchimp

          I thought the same, considering his beginning here, thinking that he turned a new leaf when he splashed those 80m in 15/16 and promised whatnot to Rafa, but now – I’m just to darn confused. :)