Manchester City aren’t dominating quite so much at Academy level as they are at first team level – but they’re still not bad…

Before Saturday, Manchester City were top of the Premier League Under 18s (Northern) division and Newcastle were bottom, the Magpies hadn’t won a league game all season.

However, Newcastle’s young stars went to Manchester City yesterday and smashed them 5-2!

Maybe a little too much to hope that this can be repeated at the Etihad next Saturday but it does show that with the right application, unlikely results are possible.

Hopefully the Newcastle Academy side can move on and take inspiration from this for the rest of the season.

The Newcastle goals came from Longstaff in the first half with a 41st minute penalty, Man City replying with a penalty of their own just on the stroke of half-time.

The Magpies then raced into a 3-1 lead through Sorensen and Watts before Devine pulled it back to 3-2.

Two further goals in the last 10 minutes put the real icing on the cake, Cass scoring the fourth and a second goal from Sorensen 87 (another penalty) giving that final score – Manchester City Under 18s 2 Newcastle United Under 18s 5.

They hadn’t lost at home in the league for over two and a half years, so no wonder Manchester City Under 18s manager Gareth Taylor was in shock:

“I thought Newcastle were very good, very physical and they pressed us hard..

“I told their manager, Dave Watson, I’m surprised they’re down the bottom of the league.

“You’ve got to give Newcastle a lot of credit, but we didn’t help ourselves. We started OK but were probably masters of our own downfall.

“We were nowhere near as composed as we are normally and we didn’t retain the ball.

“We forced passes, dribbled when we should have moved the ball and took too many touches.

“That’s unlike us because we usually dominate games with and without the ball, but it was an off day for us.

“I don’t like getting beat in that manner and neither do the players.

“But this is about development and hopefully they can learn from it because it’s not always going to go their way in their careers.

“The first team are doing tremendously to win every game, but that doesn’t happen very often and sometimes you learn more from losing.”

  • Jimmy

    club trying to compete while being self sufficient, ha ha No advertising cash , minimal shirt , merchandising and catering cash , selling land etc . A loan that doesn’t appear to be reducing even if all the money from above avenues of cash squirrelled away from the club serviced our loan from Ashley the loan would be at least be reducing . Some level of wipeing your face more like wipe your backside . Drastic action required if the takeover falls through or was a charade or whatever knocks it on the head !

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Utter rubbish, if you want to criticise, at least base it on some reality.

      • Jimmy

        Is that no the gist of what’s happening to our club ? Enlighten me fleckman

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          For starters, the loan is not expected to reduce, it’s there as it replaced original debt and the business if far better using it’s liquidity in the transfer market than being starved of cash. If it reduces, you can rightly say Ashley is taking money out of the club.

          Advertising income is very similar to similar sized clubs, the Sports Direct advertising would provide an additional £2-3m a year, in context, the interest free loan saves the club around £6m in interest or to compare the interest charges in the year before MA took over were 8 1/2m.

          Selling the land made the business a profit on what it paid as well as a profit on the shares in MGM. Not only that, why would the club sit on the ownership of a car park?

          There has been no squirrelling away of money. He neither takes repayment of the lending, a dividend nor a salary from the club.

          Merchandise income is strong and we’re more profitable that comparable clubs.

          Catering is a guaranteed profit for the club, we receive less turnover but more profit.

          • Stephen Paylor

            commercial revenue levels pre ashley were on par with Tottenham. Now we are a mile off. I agree with the rest though.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            Commercial revenue is a misnomer in this case because much is now outsourced. This means that the income appears to fall but the profits are (usually) better or at least more reliable / regular.

            A good example is catering, these figures are just to illustrate the effect on the figures and not based on the actual contract. However, under the old catering arrangements, we employed staff, bought the burgers etc and sold them to fans. We sold say £2m of refreshments in a year, it costs us say £250k in materials (burgers, buns, beer etc) and 750k in wages so we made £1m profit. we now outsource to Sodexo, we effectively rent the kiosk space out, they take care of costs and return £1m profit to the club. in this situation, the commercial income from catering has fallen from £2m to £1m but has provided the same profit.

            As the club has outsourced a fair chunk of services, commercial income appears to have stagnated but the profit from this commercial income has actually increased.

  • Toonarden

    I hope that if the take fails to go through, Rafa leaves and we go down that the Toon supporters don’t just moan and do absolutely NOWT this time.It really would be the end of this club if we were to all sit on our ar**s and just take Ashley’s s**t.

    • Toonarden

      Sorry – take over.

    • kingfisher


  • Kneebotherm8

    Owt to dee wi’ Pedro bein’ oot the picture?…………………

    • nufcslf

      Twas the first thing that popped into my mind as well. Makes you wonder. Beardsley shouldn’t do any verbal coaching, he should just show videos of himself at his very best to see what it takes to be successful. Problem solved……..

      • Kneebotherm8

        I said it in jest but it makes you wonder doesn’t it?………….that’s a stellar performance/result against that lot…….best one in years..

  • MadMag83

    Pity the U23’s threw away a lead against Norwich and got beat 4-3.

  • Rich Lawson

    Play this team against them on Saturday while their still fired up.