Amanda Staveley buying Newcastle United?

Newcastle fans desperate for news in the hope that recent lifesaving results can be built on.

Every so often we are brought an ‘update’ from sources said to be close to one of the parties.

The great thing is anybody can say anything and not be able to be proved wrong, a bit like transfer speculation. Or rather, very much like transfer speculation.

Sometimes there is an odd fact which does come through and it is them examined for clues as to what it actually means.

A Newcastle fan yesterday spotted that Amanda Staveley has registered a new company, Companies House throwing up the fact that Cantervale Ltd had been set up with Ms Staveley as the sole shareholder.

Could this be a holding company to be used as a vehicle to buy Newcastle United and free us from Mike Ashley.

Much frenzied discussion on social media but The Chronicle claim that they have spoke to ‘sources close to’ Amanda Staveley and the new company is totally unconnected to Newcastle United.

The report also claims that negotiations continue between the two parties over the sale but a price still not agreed.

The fact/problem remains, how can a price be agreed in mid-season when neither party can be sure what division Newcastle United will be in next season, meaning the true value of the club could be halved by May? The only possibility is for a major compromise by one or both parties and  from everything we have been told in the past by/via the media, that is not going to happen.

As a small reminder of how mad our football club has become under Mike Ashley, the final line of this Chronicle report will only result in a small shake of the head by most Newcastle fans.

The newspaper claiming that Rafa Benitez is still waiting to find out how much, if anything, he has to spend in January.

Despite this being the third day of the transfer market and the United boss having stated before the transfer window opened, that he wanted all of his signing to be completed by 15 January (12 days time…), so he can have time to work with them, so they can be useful as soon as possible for the relegation fight. By the time that date (15 January) comes around, there will be only 15 Premier League matches remaining.

Mike Ashley continuing to fiddle while Newcastle United burns?

  • Desree

    2 years ago ashley spent 40m and watched relegation happen. I can imagine he won’t be taking any chances this time round. So expect zero signings in January.

    • Leazes

      Yes he threw a chunk of money at the problem that he created far too late…..
      putting the club in the relegation mix was done during the summer…..

      ….. Benitez is the top earner here not the Striker….. it’s a very extreme type of philosophy that Ashley follows, a great manager with a championship squad, will raise its overall level….

      …. its a bit like Ashley buying a fashion label such as the one he bought last year ‘Agent Provocateur’ and sticking it on a pair of 50p briefs.

      …. the philosophy of ‘apparent value’…. it shrinks in the wash.

      • Oooh bobbi fleckman

        I didn’t have a problem with mine

        • Mitros gotta start

          You only wear them to keep your ankles warm anyway

  • TheNutJob

    Looks like Fatty won`t compromise & didn`t expect him to

  • Leazes

    ‘Cantervale’….is horse related obviously.

    Why didn’t the first signing appear on day one, like Liverpool? I would say leaving it to day 31 is the height of folly given our predicament.

    Didn’t the club reinstate the ‘Fans liaison’ meeting, when was it due?

    If one thing characterised the Ashley tenure it is the ‘dumb silence’ routine…. the operative word being ‘dumb’, because every decision made was to the detriment of both the club and fans.

    Your time is up Ashley, may your empire crumble.

    • Geordiegiants

      It is and that’s why he hates us.

  • hetonmag

    Cantervale advertising around the ground certainly appeals better than S.D. Shyte.

    • TheNutJob

      other reports say it has nothing to do with Newcastle which is most likely correct

      • Leazes

        Horses…. Canter.

        • paul mclaughlan

          In vales.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            Can’t reveal

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Why? it’s the same outcome, according to the Mag’s experts, the club would miss out on £25m of advertising income.

      • Geordiegiants

        It would only be £1million a year for all of that man.

        • Oooh bobbi fleckman

          The fellas in here say £25m a year, they are wrong but since when does that matter?

          • Geordiegiants

            Bobbi, Howare man!
            The back of the seat advertising will probably be £1m a year these days. The shirt sleeve sponsor is £1m a year. I recon just the hoarding advertising would be worth around £3/4 million, don’t forget we are one of the biggest attractions on Sky sports.

          • Oooh bobbi fleckman

            3/4 m is about right, as I’ve said enough times SD’s slice of that is about £2m

  • Saul Williams

    This is doing my f**cking head in man!There I was last night thinking deal was done.Wake up and turns out it’s bull.Sick of it.

  • Gallowgate Dave

    From what I can determine from Companies House she has only had 2 companies based in the UK, her first she resigned as director in 2010 and her 2nd set up yesterday, Jan 2nd 2018. That seems a heck of a coincidence if it’s supposed to be nothing to do with us. I’m not saying it means the takeover will happen of course but surely it’s preparation in case it does?

    Or she’s an Ashley stooge that is being paid as a consultant to make it appear she is interested in buying the club so he has an excuse to spend nowt in January and can tell gullible fans he “tried” to sell the club when Rafa walks in the summer. I honestly wouldn’t put it past him, I reckon it would amuse him no end to lead the press and NUFC fans such a merry dance.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Your second point is quite believable, he’s pssd us about for 10 years now……………so why change now?……

    • Leazes

      She helped Monsour set up the holding Company to buy a football club called ‘Abu Dhabi United Group’…. they bought City.

      Cantervale sounds horsey.

      • Gallowgate Dave

        It doesn’t really matter what she calls it. I have mates who are directors of Ltd companies whose name bears zero resemblance to the nature of the business. There’s actually no point in even debating this news yet here we are, we just can’t help ourselves. It’s the hope that kills you…

        • Leazes

          They can buy it under PCP……

          • Duh

            No, they would not do that. PCP would not own Newcastle united. At most they would manage a fund that owned it. The investors “own” the fund, they are not investing or owning PCP. That continues to be stavely’s business, she makes money by managing that fund.

            So, PCP creates a fund, investors invest in it and that fund acquires an investment 100% or less in a legal entity/business.

            This is a private equity model, most likely with multiple private investors.

            Forming a company is not fire but it’s certainly smoke. It’s logical that she would create such an entity to buy nufc from mash. This would be particularly so if nufc consists of more than one legal entity/company and she needs a single holding company to own everything else nufc related.

    • Geordiegiants

      Your theory sounds right, but he doesn’t give a flying fig about us thinking he is not buying players, he just doesn’t buy them. It could be to flush buyers out, free advertising he is good at that.

      • Gallowgate Dave

        You’re right, he doesn’t care about us, in fact I think he downright despises us. But he does care about a full stadium, boycotts don’t look good for his business. And despite the fact that TV revenue is now more important than gate receipts, the latter is still a vital part of his revenue so he’s happy to continue to squeeze our love for our club, financially speaking. He therefore can’t be seen to completely alienate Rafa and drive him out the club, enter Amanda and his plan to make it look like he is selling. It delays him having to put his hand in his pocket in January and it can stem some of the ill feeling when Rafa walks as Ashley can tell our fans, some of whom will swallow it, and the media, almost all of whom will swallow it, that he “tried” to do what was best for the club. Incredibly machiavellian, not 100% sure I’m correct, but that did cross my mind the second he put the club up “for sale” and with each passing day of no sale the thought grows stronger.

  • Gary Manningham

    Cantervale = ne ca tle
    V + 1 = w
    R + 1 = s

    Leaves an extra A but it’s a little bit suspicious don’t you think.
    I pray that this is the case and this is further along than we are being told. Personally I believe it is and we will wake up one day to find it’s a done deal. Strange also how Fat man went directly on holiday after his curry with Mandy. Surely not the best time to go abroad for a lengthy period unless things had been agreed and wheels where moving forward.

    • Leazes

      No…. you have too much time on your hands…… apply for countdown.

    • Wor Lass

      Even Clarko isn`t that sad …. is he?

    • Geordiegiants

      Howare Gary your having a giraffe aren’t you?

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Its an anagram, can’t reveal

  • Toon fan

    It’s a done deal man.

    • Steven05

      My heart tells me you are right – but like most of us, it’s a little tired now

      • TheNutJob

        It`s far from a done deal, it isn`t over until the Fat lad sings
        “i got what i want”

  • robbersdog

    Cantervale sounds like an English cheese company. Perhaps the lovely Amanda is planning to buy NUFC, and then produce a line of geordie themed cheeses on the back of it.

    I can imagine them on the shelves at Lidl – Bigg Market Blue, Long Benton Brie and for the cheese connoisseur – Luxury Joselu (looks good, tastes like sh*t).

    • Leazes

      That’s not as strange as it sounds…..’Cathedral City Cheese’ isn’t some quaint picture postcard Medieval place….. its made in a huge factory in Liverpool.

      • Dillon Tovak

        Apparently they milk Robbie Fowler to make it.

        • paul mclaughlan

          More like The Beatles.

  • Paul Busby

    I remember when everyone said Amanda being at the NUFC game had nothing to do with a takeover. Now it seems to be common knowledge that there has been negotiations.
    The story of it having relevance is pretty much as reliable as the story it isn’t.

    • Duh

      Yeah, it’s not fire but certainly thick smoke. I believe this is in fact a legal entity set up to acquire the various legal enitities and assets of nufc.

      The only other reason is to acquire another business.

      I’ve had some insight to these private equity people in the past and acquiring a 300m business is pretty all consuming.

      I am not convinced that she has other projects in motion.

      I am just guessing though.

  • HappyToons

    As someone said he had worked out the meaning of ‘Cantervale’, so I said, go on then…he said ‘CAN’T REVEAL’

    TIME WASTER! ;-)

  • Tino o

    The Man City takeover was announced on deadline day if i remember rightly here’s hoping!