It is almost as though broadcasters, football clubs, governing bodies, and anybody else who has a say, doesn’t care about the supporters.

Fancy that.

By close of play on Sunday 11 February, Newcastle United will have played 30 matches (all competitions) so far this season, with exactly half of them having been selected for live TV.

Of the 15 shown on live TV, 10 will have been away from home and five at St James Park.

Only four of 14 away games won’t have been moved for live TV and those four were a Tuesday night at West Brom, New Year’s Day at Stoke (Newcastle fans pictured above), plus games in London on the two Saturdays right before Christmas.

The latest of these live away games to be confirmed for broadcasting is the fourth round of the FA Cup, at 1.30pm on Sunday 28 January, it will be kick-off for Newcastle at either Chelsea or Norwich.

If Norwich win the replay, the first train Newcastle fans would be able to get on that Sunday would get them to Carrow Road for around about half-time.

However, with the game moved to a Sunday, even if it is in the capital at Stamford Bridge, Newcastle fans will still find it very difficult to make it on the train from Tyneside, with engineering work making it tricky.

Why can’t the TV companies work together and try to give the best possible kick-off times to games where away fans are making the longest/most difficult journeys?

It would also be interesting to know exactly what Newcastle United are doing, if anything, when it comes to looking after the interests of their most hardcore fans who travel all over the country supporting the team. What objections have they made when it comes to their most loyal supporters being messed around so much?

It always feels as though anything to benefit football supporters either happens by accident, or due to the authorities being shamed into doing it.

English football is expensive enough to watch anyway but away tickets were seeing their prices in many instances going way beyond what was acceptable, then increasing each season on top of that. Their reasoning being that it is demand and supply, otherwise known as exploitation, as everybody has their team that they support and they don’t have a choice to go elsewhere and watch another team.

With the ever increasing TV riches, Premier League clubs were shamed into bringing in a cap on away ticket prices. Even then they wouldn’t go with the Football Supporters Federations’s (FSF’s) ‘Twenty is Plenty’ campaign, instead of twenty pound a ticket the top tier clubs agreed to charge a maximum of £30 to away fans at PL games.

However, just to underline how begrudging any allowances are to supporters, last weekend’s FA Cup third round saw both Manchester United and Liverpool charge visiting fans more than £30. Everton supporters paying up to £36 at Anfield and Derby fans £45 at Old Trafford.

Bear in mind both clubs were picking up extra cash anyway as the games were to be shown on live TV, so why charge so much just because you know people will pay it?

We all know the answer is simply greed and one day it will all backfire on them.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Greed rules the game, i only hope i`m around to see the Bubble burst.

    If the Fat Lad doesn`t open the safe we`ll be back in the Championship next season breaking records for attendances again.
    no word or sign of the Blonde, that looks dead in the water which was hardly unexpected.
    Fatso sent up the Toxic Twins Bishop & Barnes to assess the situation yesterday.
    that should make interesting reading
    All is not lost yet, but it will be if Rafa has to go with the players he`s got.

    • Peaky Magpie

      👍Well put Moose.

      • kingfisher

        Totally agree Moose.⚽️👍👍👍

  • Aaron

    You’d moan if we were never on the tele…

  • Kev-82

    I hate this constant moan about TV games. You do realise this gives far more fans the chance to watch their team and as much as you seem to think it’s a problem there is always around 3000 fans selling out at every away game so clearly they don’t seem to mind or they wouldn’t go.

    If the timings of the game don’t work for you, don’t go it’s as simple as that, there will be another fan who will gladly take up the seat you’d have had.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      To put Newcastle away at Swansea, Brighton and Southampton at four on a Sunday all in a row followed by Burnley on a Monday night at eight is not acceptable. There is a hard core of supporters who go to every game to get behind the team. I cancelled my Sky on principle as they are a disgrace and have no regard for Newcastle fans whatsoever. Not only is their an imbalance between home games and away on T.V. we must be top of the league for away games on Sky.

    • Leazes

      Yes that was half of the fun of it Kev… leaving Morden street at midnight and watching the sunrise at a motorway service station and being dumped off at Norwich market with just nine hours to kill or Trafalgar Square with only a Wimpy open… thank goodness for the TV experience, you’re never more than 30 seconds from a cup of tea or a pee.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Heard Derby fans paid £47.00 at Man Utd only for their chairman to step in and subsidise tickets down to thirty pounds. Their is Newcastle can do re kick off times and believe me this season has been a nightmare the worst in the Premiership. Sky put Newcastle on nearly every away game for one reason only viewing figures and the resultant advertising. Do Chelsea or Spurs fans head down the local when it’s Sunday lunch with the mother in law not a chance in hell. Our bars are packed to the hilt.

  • Philippines

    Almost without exception I can get live computer feed of matches here in the Philippines of NUFC games. Either VIPbox, CricFree or one of the many others. Almost as good as television. I don’t pay a penny. At my first football game in 1957 when I was eleven, at Maine Road I think I payed sixpence to get in. It was City v Fulham. Bert Trautmann in goal. Don Revie centre forward, Johnny Haynes playing for Fulham. Eeh lad, those were the days.

    • Leazes

      It’ll have been thruppence or less in 1957…. it was thruppence for Lads in the Gallowgate in 67….. some lasses sneaked in hidden under flat caps.

      • kingfisher

        A tanner a bag for peanuts, you threw the tanner down, he threw the bag of peanuts up. If you were lucky, the fans around you weren’t showered with nuts when the bag burst when you caught it.Happy days, jumpers for goalposts, jolly hockey sticks !

        • Rich Lawson

          That’s right, I’d forgotten,unsalted with the skins still on.

  • Leazes

    I’ve an idea….. why doesn’t someone ask Charnley or Bob Moncur what they are doing?

    Charnley lives in Gosforth and Moncur lives in Low Fell.

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      I thought Charnley lived in a post box down the smoke with Danger Mouse ?

      • HappyToons

        Danger Mouse lives in a hole in Pennywell and too scared to come out even for the cheesey crisps. Charnley wears an eye patch and pirate gear disguise and lives in Newbiggin by the sea and runs the corner café. Fits in with the locals, many wearing two eye patches to look hard.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It could be seen as a blessing in some quarters because of how bad we are to watch as a team !
    To call it in any way entertaining would be against the “Trades Description Act”, At this moment in time !
    Although Insomniacs are apparently citing Newcastle United as a cure for their affliction !