As Newcastle fans know all too well, Alan Pardew is never short of excuses.

He will desperately point the finger at anyone and anything, to try and deflect the blame away from himself.

Now he is already at it with West Brom.

Since taking over at The Hawthorns, Pardew has failed to win any of his seven matches and the Baggies have only scored three goals in 11 hours of football.

No surprise then that Alan Pardew is getting his excuses in early before a crucial relegation clash at West Ham tonight, it is third bottom playing second bottom.

BBC Sport have revealed that Pardew tried to get the match postponed!

The excuse being that his team are having to play too many games in quick succession.

Hmmm, this is hardly a new phenomenon, English football and a crowded festive programme is kind of traditional.

The West Brom boss has a particular problem with playing two games within 48 hours of each other, having played at home to Arsenal on Sunday and now West Ham on Tuesday.

How exactly this is any different to Newcastle playing Brighton on Saturday and Stoke on Monday…

In fact, Newcastle have had to play Wednesday (Man City), Saturday, Monday, whereas West Brom have had Tuesday, Sunday, Tuesday.

So Newcastle had three games over a five day stretch and West Brom three matches over a seven day one.

Classic Pardew!

BBC Sport:

‘West Brom have complained to the Premier League about their crowded fixture list and asked for Tuesday’s visit to West Ham to be postponed.

The Baggies, who salvaged a late draw against Arsenal on Sunday, are set for a second match in 48 hours in a key basement battle at London Stadium.

Manager Alan Pardew said: “The league’s got to be stronger and say two days is not right.”

The Hammers will have had a week since their last game on Boxing Day.

However, they too will face a second match in 48 hours as they play Tottenham – who will also be playing a second match in two days – at Wembley on Thursday.

West Ham’s televised game against Spurs was moved from Sunday to Thursday because of safety concerns with the tube stations around Wembley at reduced capacity on New Year’s Eve.

The Safety Advisory Group at the national stadium could only recommend 43,000 fans be admitted, less than half the usual amount.’

  • Bobby B

    He was more upset about the disparity of preparation time between the teams. Having to postpone a match because the crowd for a game was restricted to 43000 on police orders is crazy. It’s still more than would have been at the game last year.
    Please try some balance in your diatribe.

    • Damon Horner

      We had two days between Brighton and Stoke (away) so the PL have considered two days long enough for other teams to prepare so I doubt they’d postpone on those grounds.

      I know West Ham didn’t have a game around 30th so we’re talking about more than one day but if this was postponed there would then be a disparity with their next opponents as well.

      This is also happens to the top teams when they have European fixtures. Just have to get on with it or step up and press for a winter break.

  • Paul Patterson

    Can we postpone all our games this month until February 1st to give us time to get players in?

    • Tony Mann

      Can we postpone all our games until June to give us time to find out how many points we need?

  • Toon

    Similar situation to us a few years ago, we lost 7-3 away at Arsenal who had a weeks rest compared to two days for NUFC, similar reasons linked to the tube, think we complained as well, usual Porter rubbish

  • TheFatController

    Agree with Bobby B that it’s more a complaint that West Ham have a huge preparation advantage – at this time of year generally tv scheduling gives disadvantages to some teams (like us having one day less than Brighton) but Rafa was smart enough not to give his players excuses.

    One thing Mark Lawrenson does get right is when he says ‘if you give give players excuses for losing they generally start losing …’

    • Jezza

      Fair enough, West Ham have had more time to prepare for this match but most Premiership teams have had to play two games 48 hours apart in recent days.

  • Jezza

    I remember when footballers used to play three games in four days over Easter and never complained and that was when the top professionals were on 200 quid a week. If you work in a factory for minimum wage you’ve got to do 8 hours a day every day yet supposedly these pampered prima donnas on 200 grand a week can’t do two stints of 90 minutes inside three days.

    • Paul Patterson

      And that’ll be in the day where teams used 15 players all season and kept the same line up week in week out. Non of this 25 man squads and five changes from the previous game stuff and all the while getting kicked all over the park . .

      • Jezza

        Spot on and only one sub in those days too.

        • Wor Lass

          And most people`s careers were over in their mid 20`s, probably. Maybe a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.

          • Jezza

            Well in those days a lot of playing careers were ended by injuries that can now be easily cured with modern surgical techniques.

          • Wor Lass

            That`s true but also players are looked after more carefully. The old wet sponge/freeze spray followed by “run it off, son” have thankfully gone. That`s one of the things that made George Best and Pele so good – they got the living Sh*t kicked out of them (when defenders could catch them) but just got on with it.

        • Big Frank

          No subs and a laced ball. !!’

    • Wor Lass

      In those days people would say, “he couldn`t score in a brothel with a ten bob note sticking out of his underpants”. You`d need at least £50 now – but at least everyone can afford underpants. lol

      • Rich Lawson

        Are these Sports Direct underpants ?

        • Wor Lass

          They would have some sort of in-house voucher sticking out that absolutely noone would want.

        • Haitchdee

          Yes no Flies on them!!.

    • Rich Lawson

      Are these people not supposed to be professional athletes ? What’s the problem,or has Carver been taking them all to Gregg’s for a festive pastie ?

      • Jezza

        Yes those comments are certainly insulting to ordinary hard working WBA supporters who will be grafting all day every day for less money in two or three years than those players get in a single week.

    • Whitehurst

      Spot on mate!! And the pitches created “heavy legs”!! Ha ha

    • albion

      West Brom also have the oldest squad in the premier league. Out of all the teams I’d say ours probably the least ‘prima donna’ one. Todays players are fitter, stronger and faster than ever they’re like fine tuned cars. Every calorie eaten, every yard covered on the pitch or training ground, every drip of fat burned off is assesed. There’s little to no margin of error left. If you can’t see how this is a massive disadvantage to us then you never will.

      I also remember when players would go straight to the pub after the game and have cigarettes at half time. Would you be happy to see your players do that?

      200 grand a week you say? The majority of our squad earns less than a quarter of that.

      • Jezza

        I wasn’t specifically referring to WBA and this match in particular. It was just a comment on the commonly expressed opinion that footballers supposedly can’t play twice inside 48 hours these days.

        • albion

          They can and will play twice within 48 hours…. the point being made was that West Ham haven’t played in a week. They were in a better physical condition than our lads last night. Was it just a coincidence that we were the better team for the most part, ended up running out of steam and conceding a last min goal? Would that have happened if we had that extra 5-10% in ourselves?

          Nobody knows

          • Jezza

            Yes but there will be many games where WBA have had more time to prepare than their opponents. As I said this sort of thing always evens itself out over the course of a season.

      • Jezza

        For the record no I wouldn’t want my team’s players to be boozing or smoking. I don’t think anybody should smoke but I’m sure plenty “professional” footballers still do, as well as drinking and taking class A drugs for that matter. Anyway the mention of players smoking reminded me of something from the old days. It was before your time but ask the older blokes at The Hawthorns about it. Back in the early 70’s WBA had a keeper called John Osbourne who often used to light up a cig during matches while the ball was down the other end!

  • albion

    So it’s fair that West Ham get a full week to prepare and we get 2 days!?

    In actual fact it was John Williams who requested to have the game postponed not Alan Pardew. The strains of premier league are bad enough without the players having little to no time to prepare for games. I agree they should be able to deal with it but only if everybody is in the same boat. Why should we have to deal with it and not our opponents? You can bet your life had this been a London club in our situation or any of the top 6 it would have been postponed. West Ham will be going into this match fit, hungry and in tip top condition. We’ve just chased Arsenal around 2 days ago, come 70/80 mins our players are going to be absolutely knackered. Im in no way an Alan Pardew fan but this article is garbage.

    All you ask for is to be given the same treatment as everybody else

    • Wor Lass

      Don`t worry about it, mate. Any excuse some of the hacks on the Mag get to do down ex managers and players will do. Especially the Great Satan himself.

    • Jezza

      This kind of thing always evens itself out over the course of a season. There will be many games WBA will play in which they will have had more time to prepare than their opponents such as when they play a team who have had a European game or cup replay in midweek.

      As for just wanting the same treatment as everybody else, believe me us Newcastle fans know all about that.

      • albion

        How will it even itself out over the season? I don’t recall ever having to play 2 games in 3 days in May. If Arsenal or United are playing on a Wednesday they get 3 days to recover. If they play on a Thursday the premier league move the game to a Sunday. I understand it’s rather unfortunate due to the fact the West Ham v Tottenham game was postponed but this is the biggest game of our season so far. All you ask for is an even keel and I personally think it’s an absolute farce. It’s also annoying as hell when we speak out against something like this our club gets shot down. If this happened to Wenger or even worse mourinho it would be world war 3. All season long we’ve had absolutely no luck whatsover be it deflected goals, conceding last minute goals and shocking decisions given against us. The worst I’ve ever known in my 20ish years of supporting West Brom. The moment (like Sunday) we get a dodgy decision given for us it’s front page news. We can’t do right for wrong.

        • Jezza

          Only yesterday Newcastle United were one of several Premiership clubs playing their second match in 48 hours and nobody complained. If you’ve only been supporting for 20 years you’re onviously too young to remember the time when teams had 3 games in 4 days over Easter and nobody complained then either and that was when the top players were on 200 quid a week. That was in the days of proper football long before Sky Sports came along and destroyed our national game.

          Pardew is just getting his excuses in early and let me tell you that is something you’re going to have to get very used to.

          • paul mclaughlan

            New Order were to blame for the demise of football. Although Sky have contributed massively too.

          • Jezza

            I don’t understand why New Order should be to blame. Is it to do with 1990 World Cup song?

          • paul mclaughlan

            Before 1990 football was a proper working class sport. The “prawn cocktail brigade” were unheard of at matches. Then New Order recorded World in Motion and all that changed.

          • Jezza

            Fair enough. I agree entirely that football was a cult interest working class sport before 1990 and all the better for it too. To be truthful I don’t think the New Order record did so much to change that though, I think it was more the way England’s 1990 World Cup campaign and Gazza’s tears captured the nation and turned the prawn sarnie brigade on to football.

          • paul mclaughlan

            “Sandwich” I meant “sandwich”. Anyway as far as I’m concerned I’m blaming NO 100% 😂. Ruddy Keith Allen getting involved didn’t help matters either.

  • Bob Williams-Findlay

    It’s so sad to read such childish prattle. This has nothing to do with Pardew, but clearly Porter has a naïve black and white view of the world – pathetic!

    • anyobrien


  • 1957

    I’d hoped Porter’s New Year Resolution might have been to stop giving us articles about ex players/ managers/ coaches but if it was it didn’t last long.

    The only time this would be relevant is if the game had been postponed and there is as much chance of that as us signing a PL standard striker.

    • anyobrien

      Well Im interested to see how old players and managers are getting on especially this clown.

    • Whitehurst

      For someone who constantly berates these type of articles….you seem to keep coming back for more….in terms of reading them & commenting on them!! Hmmm?

    • Paul Smith

      Stop clicking the articles then… I’m sure the people running this website can see what articles get read most. If you keep giving certain types of articles clicks then they are going to keep coming.

      Personally I will never get tired of reading about Pardews latest failure.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Pardew’s start is below his usual standards if you can even put him in the same sentence as that word.
    He normally gets off to a good start with a long winning streak and honeymoon period to boot.
    He has now lost that bit of luck that sees him through and has reverted to his old self from the start which will have fans of numerous club he managed in a mirthful state.

    I honestly don’t know who’s idea it was at West Brom to give this bloke yet another shot at The Premiership but they want dispensing with !
    I don’t think his bit luck and “Bingo Card” of excuses are going to be enough this time and hopefully this will be his last appointment at this level when it inevitably goes wrong.

    • Paul Busby

      He usually takes on teams with players lacking confidence, not ability. Those pep talks wear off.

      West Brom are desperately lacking in ability, have been for a very long time, which is why a manager like Pulis who drills teams defensively and makes it very hard to beat them with very little financial backing, has the ability to fool the fans into believing they have something to build from.

    • gallowgate26

      Aye but that was before he met Ugly John…. He’s a proper loser now.

  • TyneBridge

    Hes right. If other managers..or Rafa…said this they would be supported for it. NUFC fans should get their heads out of their arses where Alan Pardew is concerned.

    • thewildchimp

      It’s not fair, that’s true (dare I say it: might even be intentional) – but sometimes you just ought to tough it out. I think most of us are just used to him complaining about everything without actually having any problems.

  • Alan Pardew

    It’s a strange thing to say but going in the bottom three, when you’ve been hovering around it, is not such a bad thing.

    It gives a little bit of a reality check to everybody and I’ve encouraged the players this week not to hide from it.

  • Tony Mann

    Long time ago ex manager – Why are we mentioning this [email protected]?