Sunday morning has seen the latest update from the media on a potential Newcastle takeover.

It is claimed that two new bidders have now declared an interest, as Mike Ashley continues to show zero interest in accepting the £250m Amanda Staveley offer.

A bit like the floundering team on the pitch having now made it one point from the last twenty one after defeat to Leicester City, you feel it is a similar case with the media trying to publish new information on a Newcastle takeover.

No news means no headlines, so it comes down to trying to decipher what to believe.

The Mail had already reported that Mike Ashley was claiming the existence of another bidder who could be prepared to pay £320m for the club, which seems a little strange if you do accept that the current stand-off is Amanda Staveley offering £250m and Mike Ashley wanting at least £300m.

The Sunday morning story about two new interested potential buyers comes from The Mirror, who don’t have the greatest record when it comes to running Newcastle United exclusives.

However, much as we have a team that is losing matches, it is not very often that major Premier League clubs are put up for sale. So on that basis, I would find it difficult to believe that there is only the Amanda Staveley group interested in buying.

The combination of a nightmare run of results and the Newcastle takeover uncertainty is toxic and fans who have been around for any length of time, will know that such a slump is very difficult to pull out of, especially when there are problems behind the scenes at the club.

We all knew that the team/squad had been left well short of quality in the summer, Rafa Benitez told us that during and after the summer transfer window, and now he is warning us of the same ahead of the January one which opens in just three weeks time.

This situation is bad, really bad, but without Rafa Benitez prepared to stick it out, at least for the time being…it would be a truly lost cause.

As the team slides towards relegation, from the outside it looks like there is no urgency from either side on a Newcastle takeover.

Hopefully this proves false and that a bit like a swan appearing to be nonchalantly floating along without a care in the world but in reality frantically paddling away underneath the surface, both Mike Ashley and potential buyer(s) are moving as quickly as possible to get a deal done that will give Newcastle United the best chance of surviving this season, then move on to better things.

The Mirror:

‘The Toon owner has put the Tyneside club up for sale and is sitting on a £250m offer from Amanda Staveley.

However, it is understood that two other potential suitors have entered the bidding and he is waiting to see whether a counter-offer will be made.

The clock is ticking down ahead of the January transfer window opening and the length of the sale process means if Ashley does not finalise any agreement in the next fortnight he will have to dig deep himself if he wants to help his manager.

And that scenario is looking increasingly probable.’

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  • Paul Patterson

    Keith Bishop must have been up all night talking to The Mail.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Aye keep forgetting about him,The Grim Reaper’s wing man.

  • Leicester Mag

    Can this tawdry saga get more tedious? Sadly yes. Only certainty is if Ashley remains in ‘charge’ we are going down again.

  • Dave Pattinson

    Two new ineterested parties! Yeah, right! Get on with it Ashley, its getting late!

    • toonterrier

      Aldi or Lidl. Just a shame Woolworths went bust

  • TheFatController

    So if that story is to be believed, Ashley is waiting on a counter bid because two other bidders have also come in way lower than his valuation ?

    He probably has bidders approach after every game telling him ‘we’re still prepared to do a deal at £200m’ looking for a cheap deal, whereas Staveley is actually the one who really wants the club so is talking a serious offer of cash at £250m but ‘we want in for Jan’

    No one will offer £300m for us, the proof being every day that the club isn’t sold for £300m.

    • Paul Patterson

      And the fact that every passing defeat actually LOWERS the value further . .

      • Kneebotherm8

        Relegation to the championship will put mega hole in the clubs value,but Ashley thinks it’s a cake walk getting out of that division.

  • Phil Yare

    the less I care the more likely i feel something might happen

    • Peaky Magpie

      Like a reverse psychology type of thing ? Love it,going to try that myself,starting now.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Just going to put it out there but has anyone considered a new owner may not actually want Rafa as manager ? Just a thought.

    • Danimal

      I don’t care as long as they want to invest properly.

  • MadMag83

    We’re going down without proper investment in January, as sure as eggs are eggs. Rafa won’t be around in the Championship again, and money would still need to be spent to get promotion! The difference being that last time we got big money for Sissoko, Wijnaldum and co, there isn’t really any player in the current squad who would fetch that kind of cash.

    Bottom line Ashley, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate. Spend nothing and you’ll get nothing. Another relegation would be catastrophic.

  • TheNutJob

    Watching Hippo Heed chewing the cud on the sidelines at Anfield

  • gallowgate26

    Let’s say Mashley bought the club 10 years ago for £130m. He has put around a further £100m in interest free loans.We don’t really know how much he has made back in that time, but let’s say it was nothing. It’s cost him £230 plus it is decade later so he wants more than that. Well he’s also had 10 years of sport direct being plastered on every surface in SJP. I think the £250 is fair considering the owners are going to need to invest in PL players. Probably around £100m just to get us to Leicester City standard (who are a mid-table side). If he doesn’t accept and doesn’t invest there is the strong possibility that we’ll be relegated again. If you look at form and the games after the Everton match, (which we might not win either), we will be in the relegation zone at Christmas. What will the club be worth after we are relegated for a third time in 10 years and only have parachute payments? He will be lucky to get £100m as a buyer will need to gamble on getting promoted from a league that is getting more and more competitive. I think he’s a greedy fool to not take £250m. He might not get this chance again.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Absolute rubbish. If someone had bid that he’d be puking in a bar fire as we speak on the takings!!!