Newcastle fans are looking forward to the January transfer window.

Fair to say though that it is more in hope than expectation.

With a net spend budget of only £11.5m after promotion, Rafa Benitez was forced into shopping for bargains, the result being Newcastle have ended up in the bottom three after having to be overly reliant on the likes of £3.5m Javier Manquillo and £5m Joselu.

The potential buyout of the club raised hopes of a more realistic investment in January, to allow the manager to put right some of the problems caused by lack of investment in the summer.

However, any takeover, if it happens, doesn’t look likely in the short-term, certainly not in time to influence this upcoming transfer window.

In fact, I saw the poll of Newcastle fans on this very website, with 77% of them believing no takeover will happen during this season, if indeed it happens at all.

So we are left with the fat controller and what he will make available for Rafa Benitez next month.

Despite this reality, many Newcastle fans seem to be still getting carried with newspaper fairytales of Newcastle ‘competing’ for this and that player more often than not strikers.

Reality is of course that strikers, well ones who can/could score goals, are the most sought after and competed for.

A timely reminder of what we can expect has been given by Craig Hope who covers Newcastle United for The Mail:

‘Benitez knows that the majority of any transfer budget he is afforded by owner Mike Ashley – who remains in talks with Amanda Staveley over the sale of the club – will have to go on loan fees and wages and he wants at least three new signings.’

Once you see claims of Newcastle competing to buy any player in January, I think you need to treat it with the utmost scepticism.

As for talk of competing for £15m, £20m, or even £30m strikers, you surely just have to laugh.

The only players Newcastle could remotely be expected to potentially buy/attract that would be of immediate use in this relegation battle, are experienced players who aren’t getting a game, who would have no resale value and be looking for bigger wages and longer contracts than Mike Ashley is ever going to agree to.

As the report in The Mail says, it is loan signings that Newcastle fans can expect, that is if Mike Ashley allows even them.

The story about loaning Kenedy from Chelsea has resurfaced again, maybe Newcastle will indeed bring the 21 year old left sided player in this time until the end of the season.

That is the level Newcastle will be pitching at.

Sadly, I think even players such as Danny Ings will be out of our league. Newcastle and a number of other Premier League clubs are all regularly linked with a loan deal but if indeed there was interest from Rafa, what chance would he have once it comes down to cash? The likes of Crystal Palace, Swansea, West Brom have all shown in recent times that they understand you have to pay what it takes to stand a chance of survival, that expecting everything on the cheap just will not happen.

I honestly think our best hope does lie in loan deals but even to land them, Mike Ashley would have to accept paying in the short-term top Premier League wages and sizeable loan fees with obviously no chance of being then able to recoup that by selling the player(s).

Good luck to Rafa Benitez when he tries to get Premier League quality players with a handful of Mike Ashley’s magic beans.

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  • Geordiegiants

    I dont think there is anything in there, that everyone doesn’t already know.

  • TheNutJob

    should be exciting, watching the gaffa play Rafaball again

    • Geordiegiants

      If he stays after the transfer window and Jabba has given him the usual fiver in his Christmas card, I think there could be some truth in the takeover rumours.

      • TheNutJob

        every day is a false dawn with Fatty

  • Peaky Magpie

    “So here It is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun,look to the future now with Fatso there isn’t one”

    • Jezza

      No signings in January, Rafa walks, Joe Kinnear installed as new manager, the takeover falls through and Fatso takes the club off the market.

      • Peaky Magpie

        What a depressing scenario.

        • Jezza

          Desperately depressing but after ten and a half years of seeing exactly how Fatso operates do any of us really expect anything different?

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Jeez, you went to the effort in typing that?

  • Jezza

    I’ll tell you what I’m expecting. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We won’t even do the Kennedy loan deal. Nothing ever changes with Fatso.

    • Leazes Ender

      Its a ‘no brainer’…. Kennedy hasn’t got a brain.

      Sent home from China for insulting their hosts on twitter….. he’s an expensive version of Nile Ranger.

      Waste of space, in football for the love of money solely.

  • wheyayeman

    What’s Ashleys Christmas gift to us this year? – Endless speculation! the empty hope of selling up while we face yet another relegation

  • Hughie

    Yes fellow doom mongers–reports today say that the Kenedy deal is dependent on Chelsea signing a left footed replacement. So as usual with NUFC nothing is cut and dried. We could always swap him for Jack Colback (JOKE).

    • TheFatController

      Yep, the downside of playing the loans market is you don’t get a player til the other team gets the replacement or doesn’t lose anyone to injury before the end of the window…so you get a player new to the club, playing style and area in Feb basically.

      Anyone would think it’d be better to get players in in August ….

  • TheFatController

    If he is intent on selling, he will sanction loan deals for quality players like Ings, Shaw, Wilsher (or anyone not playing for a top 6 team who could play in the WC thus summer) because simply while they are expensive in relation to what he would normally sanction, they are a fast means of increasing the likelihood of PL survival and thus securing closer to what he wants for the club. If he does sell the club these players are no longer his problem…

    If he doesn’t want to sell, he will do what he’s twice done before, spend a reasonable amount on players with instant summer resale value to match the relegation clauses he has to concede to their agents.

  • Leazes Ender

    Regurgitating tabloid rumours is lazy….. planting betting site articles by tax dodgers is lazier….

    ….Prediction the outcome of a match or a starting line up is systematically lazy……

    …. Collecting twitter quotes of your choice under the heading ‘Fans Respond’ is ridiculously systematically lazy.

    You don’t really have to write much just the odd bit of truth that we don’t have to go searching for buried under a pile of ‘fake news’.

    Opinions designed to court controversy, like ‘it isn’t Charnley’s fault’ designed to get hits for advertising and nothing more.

    The press and now ‘The Independent Voice’ so full of Nothing it might blow away in a breeze!

    Nothing to see here…. move along….. its just the systemized murder of your Football club…… move along Sir…. there’s a good gentleman.

  • Taz

    What we can expect and receive is Lies, lies and then some. The FCW is a disease for which there is no cure.