Newcastle United dropped into the bottom three on Saturday.

Defeat at Arsenal and results elsewhere meaning Newcastle were third bottom after 18 matches.

For the first time this season, the bookies (see below) now make NUFC one of the three clubs that they think are most likely to go down.

What do you think?

A simple question, do you think Newcastle will be back in the Championship next season?

Odds on Premier League relegation:

2/7 Swansea

6/4 Newcastle United

13/8 West Brom

15/8 Brighton

3/1 Huddersfield Town

3/1 Crystal Palace

3/1 Bournemouth

3/1 Stoke City

4/1 West Ham

16/1 Southampton

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose


  • Asen Aleksiev

    for sure

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      For sure, No

  • Leazes Ender

    Do you think Ashley has any intention of selling?

    • Haitchdee

      In a word NO. He’s got a big bung at the end of the season plus Rafa Will have to pay to go.

      • HarryHype59

        However in the following season, the club gets £41m parachute money instead of £109m.

  • Asen Aleksiev

    weakest squad in Premier League plus no takeover will narrow us down there

  • Swamp Duck

    As I believe Cashley will not sell for £100M. less than what he wanted, relegation is more or less inevitable.

    • HarryHype59

      He will be lucky to get £100m for the club in May if another relegation occurs!

  • Leicester Mag

    I envy the 43% optimism maybe Santa Claus is real and will stuff our prize Turkey

  • Paul Patterson

    Without getting players in in January – Yes.
    With a couple of players coming in, even on loan – It gives us a chance.
    The option of doing nothing shouldn’t even be on the table ..

    • TheNutJob

      the option of doing nothing is always on the table

    • Vladimir Biggski

      Whichever option is the cheapest will always be Ashley’s choice

  • joe mac

    i think stoke will be dragged into it…unless the board get twitchy and sack hughes!

    but then again all the usual suspect managers have got jobs!..except pullis!..west ham will be difficult,forget man city….but surely the three games after that we can pick some points up……if not then i think it wll be curtains!…..this takeover looks like stalemate to me….hope i.m wrong!

    • GToon

      They might do. Was talking to a mate and he’s a copper in Stoke and they were told to put riot gear on when escorting the players from the train at Stoke after spurs hammered them. Hilarious.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    West Brom, lost. the Bin Dippers are beating Bournemouth

  • Peter

    At the moment it looks like 3 from the following 7: Swansea, Newcastle, West Brom, Brighton, Bournemouth, Stoke and (although they are doing very well), Huddersfield…

    Without serious investment in January it is going to be tough for Newcastle.

  • Mrkgw

    I’m convinced that we will be relegated. We need Ashley to sell. Benitez to lose his stubborness and play Mitro, Mbemba, Aarons, Clark and drop Joselu, Perez, Manquillo and Lejeune. I don’t particularly rate Colback but pull the lad out of the reserves/youth set up for heavens sake. What way is that to treat players? Also, give Woodman a try. Worth a pop as Elliot is out of sorts and Darlow just isn’t good enough.

    • TheNutJob

      it`s not over until Fatty plays his hand in January, that`s when he phones his minion to tell him how much is in the kitty

    • Geordiegiants

      I would agree with the Woodman part. Pickford was good enough, so let’s see how Woodman goes.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    to be fair to the fatman (which is better than he’s been to us), the last time we were in danger of relegation (and eventually went down) he splashed out nearly 30 million for Shelvey and Townsend (and Saivet). So maybe there is hope, however slim, that he may do the same this time around.

    • Vladimir Biggski

      That isn’t even half of the extra tv money. Where’s the rest gone?

      Everyone else will be spending £30m

      • Mitros gotta start

        Curry house

  • Vladimir Biggski

    The most likely outcome here is that the Fat Tyrant refuses to sell, then fails to support Rafa in January, Rafa leaves, fat tyrant appoints a yes man, club gets relegated.

    Ashley must either invest big or sell up. And either way it’s gonna cost him. Either way he needs to be decisive. If we get to mid January without a couple of quality players nobody is going to come in and buy us.

  • hetonmag

    Why run something like this in December absolutely shocking by the Mag and any supporter worth their salt shouldn’t even contemplate it, there’s plenty of games to play and points to be won.

    • HarryHype59

      Could it be because the team is in the bottom three and the odds for the drop have been cut to 6 to 4!

      • hetonmag

        Could it be to keep them what love to twist happy.

  • Hopey

    I reckon we can get 22 more points from the rest of the season, may or may not be enough

  • DC1964

    Both results went our way today!

  • HarryHype59

    The best way to overcome a problem, is to admit you have one! Unless this team improves significantly, it will be three relegations in eleven years under the Phat one! Facing up to that reality is neither shocking or defeatist!

    I see the odds have been cut from 3 to 1 last week, to 6 to 4 now!

    • gallowgate26

      Sorry to be pedantic but ’09 was the first relegation, end of this season would be ’18. Three relegation in nine years!

      • HarryHype59

        I meant since Ashley took over in 2007. It would be three in nine and that means we would be a yo yo club!

  • HTL

    I honestly don’t know if we will be relegated or not, it is just to tight to call at the moment, plus we have to see what happens in the Jan transfer window.

  • gallowgate26

    The frustrating thing is that it’s so tight, clubs are only crawling away from us at a snails pace, but we are a sitting duck atm, going nowhere.

  • Michael Pattison

    Dumb question – we may or may not get relegated but we won’t know until the buyout comes to a conclusion or Fatty invests in January

  • Down Under Mag

    So many ifs buts and maybes on this topic. We are properly in trouble, make no mistakes about it and it’s difficult to see where to next points are coming from. However, it is worth remembering that we are literally only one win off midtable. The league is so tight at the bottom and we just need to find a spark from somewhere. At the moment it doesn’t look like coming because rafa is playing the same players but perhaps what we need is a lucky break, a ref decision to go our way (I know, I know … that one is probably a long shot) or just to have everyone turn up and play a blinder. Who knows but there is still hope…Ashley hasn’t gotten rid of all of that just yet!

  • nufcslf

    It should be far too early to say yes or no, but only 1 point out of 27 has relegation written all over it. I would have to go with if Cashley stays, no matter how much money is spent in January his very presence has poisoned the club so much it will be curtains. It needs the takeover to happen to save this once great club and give it a much needed lift.

  • graham18

    Even if it means getting relegated and getting rid of Ashley so shall be it.

  • MadMag83

    A lot rests on what happens in January, if we don’t buy the right players then we’re doomed. But if we do get it right in January then we should be safe.

    The fact we’ve been here before and it’s ended badly is a warning sign, it’s for that reason I’ve voted yes. Ashley just doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

  • Stephen Paylor

    we chose(Ashley chose) to go into the league this year with a set of forwards that are not at the level required. We have in my opinion by far the weakest front line in the league. Ayoze Perez and Joselu would not get in any other team in the league. Neither would Gayle or Diame yet they’re our options. I don’t think we are too far off elsewhere apart from a solid left back and someone with more quality on the left side of midfield. 4 players short of being a team that Rafa can compete with but the problem is that the two up top we are short of are the most expensive players in any team. Not something that can be filled with the 30 million were told might be available in january. Sell Mitro, Diame, Ayoze, for a combined 20 million and try and buy a top number 10 to play with the top level number 9 we are also desperate for.