The latest Premier League sacking on Wednesday evening, has instantly produced a list of front runners to be next Swansea Manager.

Paul Clement becoming the sixth Premier League manager to lose their job this season, with Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins claiming ‘we couldn’t leave it any longer’.

The Swans play their 19th Premier League match of the season, a real relegation six pointer, at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Whether a new manager will already be in charge by then but for any Newcastle fan (or neutral) who is thinking it would be a good idea to get rid of Rafa Benitez, just look at the favourites to be next Swansea manager.

The 1/3 favourite is Tony Pulis…does anybody really want that at St James Park!!!

Next best is 3/1 Swansea veteran Leon Britton who wouldn’t be a factor for Newcastle, with Ronald Koeman third favourite at 6/1.

For me, Koeman is a very credible Premier League manager, even after the Everton episode. However, after spending over £140m in the summer, does anybody really think he would come and work under Mike Ashley with only a handful of magic beans to use in the transfer market?

Ryan Giggs (fourth favourite at 14/1) is a disaster waiting to happen with whoever takes him on and after that the bookies are just plucking names out of the air.

It is quite desperate/amazing to think that the likes of Moyes, Allardyce and Pardew would all be featuring as front runners IF not for the fact they have all recently got Premier League posts this season.

The bottom line as well is that if Ashley did succeed in getting rid of Rafa Benitez, then it almost certainly wouldn’t even be the kind of name from this Swansea shortlist, with Mike Ashley almost certainly going for a puppet in the JFK, Pardew, Carver mould once again.

Let’s just hope Rafa Benitez hangs in there until the club gets new owners who properly support him, George Caulkin of The Times reporting yesterday that the Amanda Staveley bidders will walk away if Rafa isn’t still in position.

Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins:

“We felt we couldn’t leave it any longer and needed to make a change to give the best chance of an uplift.

“We had three different manager last season and as a result we all wanted to give Paul as much time as possible to turn things around.

“Paul has been at the club for 12 months and what he achieved in the second half of last season to keep us in the top flight was a tremendous feat.

“For that, and his effort and commitment this season, it goes without saying that the club thanks him for his work, together with Nigel and Karl.”

Next Swansea Manager Betting:

1/3 Tony Pulis

3/1 Leon Britton

6/1 Ronald Koeman

14/1 Ryan Giggs

20/1 Martin O’Neill

20/1 Michael O’Neill

25/1 Derek McInnes

25/1 Paulo Fonseca

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The six Premier league sackings so far this season:

11 September – Frank de Boer (Crystal Palace)

17 October – Craig Shakespeare (Leicester City)

23 October – Ronald Koeman (Everton)

6 November – Slaven Bilic (West Ham)

20 November – Tony Pulis (West Brom)

20 December – Paul Clement (Swansea City)

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  • Rev

    Think its a good idea to keep Rafa then even if it means nothing changes and we go down? We dont know how things will turn out for Swansea, these blokes may do a good job. Will breath easier when we see some evidence Rafa can turn it round. 100% from everyone, some wins on the board in the next 5 games and hopefully a new owner for xmas please!

  • mentalman

    a lot of assumptions made in that article;

    Whose to say Giggs is going to be a disaster, he could be a very good manager

    Pulis is favourite because he is exactly the type of manager a team in relegation needs

    i’m a bit confused about the comment saying if Ashley did succeed in getting rid of Rafa, if Ashley wanted rid of rafa he wouldn’t be at the club anymore

    • GToon

      You are right. Rafa is a top six squad manager and pullis is a bottom half manager. Neither of them do well with different squads it would seem.

  • Paul9

    I’m all for keeping Rafa but he needs the right squad unfortunately the squad we have now isn’t for him and needs a big Sam to get the best out of it as the saying goes horses go courses

  • Wor Lass

    As long as PCP are negotiating to buy, Ashley is interested and they are insisting that Rafa remains in place then what`s the point in speculating about who might replace him?

  • Leazes Ender

    Another excuse for a betting AD.

    Pay your Taxes Michael Tabor, you crook!

  • Geordiegiants

    I have said on here a few times why we should keep Rafa. Pulis, fat sham or any other dinosaur can play hit and hope football. Rafa could if he had to, is that what we want here though, if it worked and we stayed up, Jabba would keep him and we would be stuck in a rut, bottom half for years until he decided it’s was time to sell.

    • mentalman

      we quite often play hit and hope football

      • Tomb

        We usually do and did in the championship

      • Geordiegiants

        So if that was the case what would be the point in changing manger? The style is in the title.

  • cc

    I’ve said this a few times both home and away, there are a few people p’d off with Rafa and a large amount who question his tactics and selections which they are allowed to do and express an opinion, that’s the fun of football when there’s no match but as yet I’ve not heard anyone calling for him to go and certainly not in any decent umbers as the press would like us to believe, which begs the question who is leaking these stories to the press ??? and for what reason.

    • Tomb

      I agree I’ve posted comments criticising Rafa for some of his mistakes this season as some on here think he is the next messiah it winds me up a bit. Never said he should be sacked though

  • 1957

    Who writes the headlines on here, unless I’m missing something it’s gibberish

    Nice to see the Mag giving support and advertising to their favourite betting company

  • robbersdog

    What a bizarre article. Whether Rafa stays or goes (and I hope he stays), whoever’s in the running to manage Swansea has f*ck all to do with it.

  • Rich Lawson

    Any serious takeover hinges on Rafa’ being retained as manager.

    • Viru leckworth


  • MadMag83

    Would you rather be relegated with Rafa or stay up with Pulis?

  • GToon

    If we get no serious investment in January and Rafa stays I think we will go down. If we get no serious investment in January and Rafa goes and we get pullis I think we will stay up.

    • Viru leckworth

      Is that what you really think! Is that what you really want?

      • GToon

        It isn’t what I want but it is what I think unfortunately.

  • NUFCDan

    Sold their 2 best players who single handedly kept them up last season without replacing them. Now left with a load of Championship players and sub-standard foreign imports. Sound familiar?

  • Viru leckworth

    All this talk of getting rid of Rafa is narrow minded. The ones suggesting this are the same types who wanted rid of Si Bob, and look what happened when they did.
    Rafa has not been allowed to get in the players he wanted in. Get real doubters.

  • Rafa needs to play the football he knows will get results and for that he needs players who can keep the ball longer.
    We fail to get even 50% possession against teams we should be beating at home.
    That is why Rafa brought Merino and he plays Perez, Ritchie, Atsu and Murphy – he wants us to have more of the ball.
    If Ashley gets him 3-4 ball playing players(n.10 and wingers) and a decent holding midfielder(we don’t need an enforcer like Hayden half the matches) we will start getting more and more possession and controlling games.
    Pretty sure if Gayle is set up properly he will finish and if we play Perez there he will too(his natural role)
    Even if we don’t get a striker our Goalkeeper situation and proper wingers/fullbacks and holding midfielder along with n.10 are in much dire need.
    I hope somebody comes for Diame, Shelvey and Mitro so we can finally free some room as well.