Valencia supporters were shocked when on 2 December 2015 Gary Neville became their new Manager.

Two years later, Newcastle fans are shocked to Gary Neville have the nerve to criticise how Rafa Benitez manages Newcastle, that is Rafa Benitez who won two incredible La Liga titles in three years against the odds with Valencia.

Valencia fans had seen their team finish fourth in La Liga in 2014/15, qualifying for the Champions League.

However, their manager was disappointed with the team falling below his high standards the following season and resigned on 29 November 2015.

Not that they were having a nightmare but Nuno (the manager currently guiding Wolves to the Premier League) was disappointed with 19 points from 13 games, even though it put them 9th and only two points off fifth place in the table.

The nightmare for Valencia fans was about to arrive.

The owner of Valencia is Peter Lim, the same Peter Lim who owns 50% of Salford FC along with former Man Utd players Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and…Gary Neville.

Valencia supporters were then horrified to see Peter Lim’s judgement clouded by his personal relationship with Gary Neville, appointing him as the new Head Coach/Manager of Valencia despite the fact he had never ever managed before.

Despite a talented team/squad at his disposal, Gary Neville then tried to outdo what John Carver had almost done at Newcastle the previous season.

The Sky Sports presenter (and out of work manager ever since Valencia…) went on a tragic run without a victory in the league, it taking fully 70 days before his first La Liga victory for Valencia.

By 30 March and with Valencia deep in relegation trouble, even his mate Peter Lim had to accept how woeful Gary Neville had been as a manager, sacking him to try and save the club from what would have been a disastrous demotion to the second tier of Spanish football.

Neville was replaced by long-time former Rafa Benitez assistant Pako Ayestaran, who promptly got three wins and a draw in his first five matches to drag Valencia out of relegation trouble.

Other highlights of Neville’s time as manager were getting thrashed 7-0 by Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey, knocked out of the Europa League, as well as losing at home to Lyon in the Champions League and being eliminated at the group stage – this was against a Lyon side who only had one point from their first five group matches.

Gary Neville failed to keep a single clean sheet in La Liga in his entire time as manager and as mentioned above, he has never managed since this debacle at Valencia.

The season before Valencia employed Gary Neville they finished fourth in the league and 21 months after sacking him, this is where Valencia are currently in the league…

gary neville

Yet, Gary Neville had a go at Rafa Benitez on Wednesday night as the Newcastle boss left half his first team on the bench with crucial games on Saturday and Monday coming up and they faced all conquering Manchester City…

Gary Neville speaking on Sky Sports during Newcastle v Manchester City:

“…you (Newcastle) are going to have a lot of time without the ball…but I also don’t think we should just sit and accept that first 30 minutes.

“No ambition from Newcastle.

“That’s not acceptable in this league.

“There’s defending and then there is showing absolutely no ambition whatsoever.

“If it were a boxing match the referee would have stopped it.”

Next week Gary Neville explains why it is a disgrace when Chris Froome says he can’t win the Tour de France on a Penny Farthing.

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  • Leazes Ender

    I just wish these so called ‘pundits’ would stop expressing their view and say nowt.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Sky should maybe consider no pundits and save themselves some £££ for the next bidding round. I for one would be thankful to see back of the bunch of freeloaders.

      • Leazes Ender

        It would be a step forward….. they could fill the space with basketball.

      • Jezza

        I’d be happy to see the back of Sky altogether. They singlehandedly destroyed football in this country.

  • magpiefifer

    I’m sick of reading rubbish like this from non-entities like Neville,Souness,Merson etc – who the hell cares!!!

  • Phil

    To go along with his comparison of it being a boxing match.
    The game wouldn’t of taken place. It is like a young Mike Tyson fighting someone who is 8 stone wet through!! It’s not a fair contest. So to get anything out of it is highly unlikely. To come out of it alive we should be over the moon! Let’s concentrate on Saturdays match. Last night was never going to define our season nor was it going to be an attacking high scoring game (on our part)

  • Down Under Mag

    With Brighton, Stoke and Swansea to come, this was a non-entity game for us and was literally one we were all but guaranteed to lose, so Rafa did what he needed to in order to minimise the damage and ensure that should we rely on goal difference at the end of the season we do not end up regretting a 0-6 thumping from City on our own turf. 0-1 was acceptable, no matter how we played and meant that the feel good factor from the West Ham win wasn’t destroyed immediately. The fight was back and it was good to see the team grind it out to the end.

    We are essentially trying to race in the Monaco GP with a 1970’s Datsun 510 and Neville is expecting us to go out there and play open football?? Showing his lack of understanding of football in general and leaving no-one in doubt as to why he failed so badly at Valencia!

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Completely agree. Exactly my thoughts.

      On Gary Neville (not that I care about him) he was just highlighting how thick he is if he couldnt tell the difference of city and us together within the context of our league and owner position. Absolute moron.

      • Jezza

        He’d need at least another 10 or 15 IQ points to be classed as an absolute moron.

    • Rushy

      If it had been Brighton , Bournemouth or Swansea last night no doubt the performance would have been classed by Neville and co. as plucky and brave

  • Jonathan

    Those who were at the game were the lucky ones. Listening to Gary Neville was purgatory. Not mentioned above was his disgraceful attack on Murphy and his tackle, if I was Murphy and he does get a retrospective ban I would be on to my lawyers and sue Neville and Sky.
    Aside from that the constant slating of Toon fans at the game (are they stupid accepting such negativity, surely they should be booing the team and not supporting them) and Rafa (cant think why you do not like him Gary…) the hypocisy was exceptional with Jose having parked the bus himself regularly for ‘United’ despite having only spent about 200 million last summer.
    I can only think the panic buttons are well and truly on at Sky and Gary is worried about his own gravy train…my god he may have to get a proper job or go back to managing.
    Sickening it was

    • Dave Pattinson

      Neville was steady, reliable player, nothing more. Sadly he always had and still has the arrogance that so endears the red half of Manchester to the re4st of us. What a sad gobsh….., well past his sell–by date but desperately trying to look contemporary. No credibility at all, a pathetic joke. Give it a rest, pal.

  • TheNutJob

    Fatty will think it`s a great result containing the top guys to one goal.
    memo to Rafa, well done the cheques in the post for the window
    you can track it on this link, China post expected delivery not before the 1st February

    • Toonrobbybobson

      It will be a coupon to a chinese buffet

  • robbersdog

    Neville is paid by Sky to be a bit controversial and provocative, but it’s all just irrelevant background noise from a notorious gobshite.

  • Wor Monga

    Good article Dean… that points out the massive gulf in football knowledge between a football manager (Rafa) who has to come up against an all conquering team of world superstars, and then immediately afterwards face (a winnable ‘6’ pointer) against fellow strugglers, Brighton…and a clueless (Neville) wannabe ‘manager’ who in a very short time was found out to be lacking the necessary qualites needed to do the job, properly…

    …We were still in with a chance of a point in this game (deservedly or not) right up until the last kick of the match, and not many other clubs have been able to
    say the same either at home or away against Man C, this season have they?…

    …Neville works for Sky, and they pick their matches mostly hoping to see the top 4 or 5 clubs score lots of goals against the also rans…that’s what the PL is now unfortunately… TV money, with some strong (rich) clubs getting stronger and richer non stop, while the rest do as much as they can too get to 40pts, and the TV gobshite pundits who are fabulously paid just to say things, for some shock value!!!

  • ash1001

    Think the likes Neville, Shearer, & Carragher, should just keep there mouths shut, all they do is stir up hatred towards themselves, its not like they had been successful managers in the past. Shearer slowly but surely is loosing all the support that I used to have for him, think hes becoming one of those that thinks its good to have his name up in lights, well for me they should be black ones.

    • Jezza

      Alan Shearer turned down all kinds of trophies to spend the best years of his career at Newcastle United winning nothing and for less money too. No matter what he may be doing now he will always retain the undying respect of all true Newcastle fans for those ten years. Just as well you voted up your own comment because nobody else will.

  • gallowgate26

    Great, nicely written, well researched article!! Gary ‘UNBELIEVABLE!!!’ Neville, shut up you Muppet.

    • Jezza

      Excellent comment.

  • gallowgate26

    Who the he ll is Gary Neville, to tell people, what is and isn’t acceptable, ‘in this league’. Shut up you absolute shower. If it was a boxing match and we didn’t hold our gloves up, we would have been knocked out in the first round, that’s why we played as we did, is the man an idiot or what?

  • Rich Lawson

    Much easier to be a pundit and express your opinion in a luxurious box for thousands of (Sky) pounds,you don’t even have to pay to get in.And of course it has nothing to do with Rafa’ having been at Liverpool.Just keep buying up Manchester city centre with your smug mates.You tried and failed as a manager,it’s different from being a one position player no matter how good you might have been at that.

  • Steve Smith

    And if Gayle had won the penalty or knicked that goal then Rafa would be hailed as a genius.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Neville talks the talk……but he doesn’t walk the walk….

    • gallowgate26

      He talks sh…

      • Kneebotherm8

        And he walks like he’s sh.. himself…..

  • GToon

    In a boxing match the fighters are paired up based on weight and ability etc. In boxing it is not possible to buy the title. Boxing is a very fair sport where it just comes down to talent, determination and training. Boxers are not owned by a country but achieve their status through hard work – blood, sweat and tears. He should have picked another sport where success can be bought.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Alan Shearer was also bemoaning Rafa’s “Negative Tactics” so does he get a pass because of his Newcastle associations ?
    I am no fan of Neville’s by any stretch but respect his opinion as an ex pro and his assessment of Newcastle’s and English football in general was spot on.
    Posters could only muster up he is a W***er as a counter argument so does that mean their hero Shearer is classed in the same bracket for having the temerity to say the same things as Neville ?

  • Jezza

    Hugely over rated player.
    Pathetic failure as a manager.
    Complete idiot of a pundit.

  • theoriginalbomberman

    Maybe being a manager didn’t work out for him but he’s still one of the most decorated premier league players of all time and is paid to voice an opinion. He was certainly a far better player than king Rafa ever was.

    “Rafa isn’t above criticism” yet you all defend and attempt negate any valid negative points any fans or pundits try to bring up. Some of you are even having a go at Shearer now for god sake.

    • Rushy

      Shearer quick to have a go at Gayle for diving but funnily enough can’t recall any criticism of his little pal Michael Owen for similar tumbling antics for club and country

  • Rushy

    Neville was the darling of the happy clapper brigade for his supposed expert punditry then went off the Valencia and showed he could not put his expert analysis into practice. Despite this walked straight back into a job with Murdoch s mob and continues to blab his drivel. Funny how he did not criticize his beloved United when they adopted the same tactics as we did against Manchester City a couple of weeks ago although to be fair he was too busy sucking up to Beatles impersonator Noel Gallagher so it probably slipped his mind. His mate Carragher clearly does not know the meaning of irony when declaring the Premier League as a joke because the gulf in class between the top teams and the rest, does he not realise that much of this is due to his employers throwing silly money at the Premier League

  • Chris

    The guy is a complete to$$£r and his match comments were exactly what I expected from him.

  • Geoff Lambert

    I can remember the football shows in the 80’s, in particular, when there was no such thing as a pundit. These self-appointed, self-serving failures tend to lead me straight to the ‘mute’ button on my remote. Without the obvious bias, Shearer is the only one who I can listen to. He was one of the greatest players in the game, and, normally speaks with honesty. He doesn’t open his mouth merely to justify his position and over-inflated wage. Here’s a list of the great and good; There’ll be many more, I’m sure!

    Gary Neville – Valencia and England = FAILURE
    Paul Merson – Walsall = FAILURE
    Mark Lawrenson = Oxford Utd and Peterborough Utd = FAILURE
    Robbie Savage = NEVER MANAGED
    Graeme Souness = Partial success at inferior levels. Blackburn, Southampton, Newcastle = FAILURE

    Rafa should be lauded for his efforts at damage limitation. Man City are a fantastic team who have summarily battered teams of late.
    Maybe these [email protected]!es should retire and save us all from their vitriolic diatribe.