Steve Harper has been talking about the upcoming January transfer window and Newcastle United.

It is now only two weeks until the windows opens and both Rafa Benitez and the fans are desperate to see quality added to the team.

With no significant progress reported on any potential takeover, there are doubts as to just how much backing Rafa Benitez will get.

Even at the most optimistic forecast, £30m doesn’t necessarily go that far in terms of transfers these days.

Loan deals look the best bet maybe if Newcastle are to get the best quality possible, with high cost loan fees and wages for short-term gain (hopefully).

As for the identity of any transfer targets, as usual that is an unknown.

However, Steve Harper states that adding extra ‘fire power’ is by far the biggest priority.

The former Newcastle star surprised that ‘Rafa Benitez has gone on and on about a goalkeeper’.

Harper thinks a number 10 and ‘out and out centre forward’ are the big priorities and not many would disagree.

However, it has become very very clear that Rafa has been proved correct in thinking that Newcastle were desperate for a new experienced number one. Both Elliot and Darlow have shown they aren’t good enough and now we have a situation where Elliot was dropped and now it has been the same with Darlow, Elliot ending up back in nets.

Whilst the Newcastle defence looked ok at the start of the season, you can’t ignore the fact that now only Stoke out of the bottom five have conceded more than the 27 NUFC have leaked.

With the transfer window, obviously a lot of it comes down to who is available, at what price, and willing to come to Newcastle.

I think that apart from Lascelles, Merino and Gayle, no player should feel 100% safe in their position with the possibility of being replaced in January.

Steve Harper speaking on Talksport:

“The priority (for Rafa Benitez in the January transfer window) is fire power.

“They need a number 10, an out and out centre forward, and Rafa Benitez has gone on and on about a goalkeeper.

“But there are other areas in need of major surgery, before he gets a goalkeeper.”

  • Staveley Save Us

    No. 10 is the most critical position for a signing. We lack any sort control or creativeness. Don’t see why we don’t make loan bids for any of Batshuayi, Wilshere & Shaw – they all must be desperate for game time.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      a strikers what we need, no good having a top number 10 giving the ball to the Duck Eggs we have up top they can`t hit a barn door

      • mentalman

        there’s no point buying a striker when there’s nobody creating anything for them

        • Staveley Save Us

          Exactly, plus Gayle is actually a good finisher if we actually provided him. I can’t really think of any CAM’s we could get on loan so think we’d need to splash some cash whereas there are a couple of good striker that would be available on loan e.g. Batshuayi or Sturridge.

          • Geordiegiants


        • nevfur

          Like harper says we need both a no ten and a goal scorer

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          they had the chance to be level at Arsenal & the front 2 fluffed 3 chances

      • thewildchimp

        With a good, solid #10, even Hoselu could score sometimes. Not to mention what Gayle or Mitro would do. And if he could also dribble or shoot – that would’ve been perfect.

        The reality is simple, though: we are only going to get rejects or foreigners with this kind of reputation, and hope they turn swans like Townsend did. Of course, the Fat Man is going to use that as an excuse not to invest a dime. On the other hand, if he really wants to sell – he’ll have to.

      • Geordiegiants

        Half these lot would have you believe Mitro could do it.

  • mentalman

    we’ll end up buying a few players to strengthen the bench, there’s no way he’ll drop any of the first team

    • 1957

      Sell Mitrovic, Mbemba and Shelvey; buy a back up for the Hoss and move SloMo into the starting eleven…job done

  • Kneebotherm8

    Where’s Loic Remy these days?

    • Peaky Magpie

      Or Das Bost ??? Ryder must have forgotten about him 😂

      • Geordiegiants

        Ha ha 😂🤣😂🤣😂☺️

    • Leazes Ender

      I was just looking up Demba Ba and Obafemi Martins…. they’re in Shanghai…. Remy is knocking goals in La Liga for las Palmas.

      • Kneebotherm8

        We could have done worse than getting Remy……………well actually we have done worse,we got Joselu.

  • Lhc

    Go get a Leigh Griffiths from Celtic hes a livewire.

  • Lhc

    Or a Louis moult before he agreed to join Preston, 500k cheap as chips. He bangs them in for fun at Motherwell. Powerful lad. Should take a chance on these type now and again like Leicester did Vardy.

  • Rev

    Get yer gloves back on … problem solved!

  • Rich Lawson

    Both Elliot and Darlow have proved to be inconsistent,ffs give Woodman a 1st team game now rather than loaning him out in Jan’ or worse selling him for a pittance and seeing him become England’s No1 in a few seasons ?

  • Leazes Ender

    I’m less interested in what Steve Harper has to say than the utterances of Joselu in Spanish and translated by Lee Ryder.