Shay Given has been chatting about the challenges facing Newcastle in the short-term, as well as real potential of exciting times just around the corner.

After only one win in the past two months, the NUFC legend says there is very real worries if form doesn’t pick up.

Shay Given wonders if the potential takeover is having an impact and worries that it won’t come soon enough to allow this season to be safely negotiated.

If things do work out on the takeover front, then Given DOES believe that Newcastle can then move on from the Mike Ashley era, with the sky the limit.

The former keeper insists that over a period of time Newcastle United can get back to Champions League football and competing at the very top – but it all hinges on ambitious new owners managing to get control from Ashley.

Colin Murray talking on Yahoo Sport with Shay Given & Dion Dublin:

“Winless in November, is it about Newcastle finding their place, or are you worried?”

Shay Given:

“I would say I’m worried.

“They have only won one game in two months, that’s relegation material if in the next two months they only win one more game.

“I don’t know if it is all the takeover talk sidetracking the players, or the management, or the whole city.

“I have been up there recently and the fans are just desperate for this new takeover to come in.

Hopefully Rafa will get money in January – new money in the club.”

Dion Dublin:

“What about the fans?

“The fans are there every week, black and white everywhere, and what are they getting back?”

Shay Given:

“Not much at the minute, not much if anything.

“I was at the Watford game and the fans all enthusiastic…its was 3-0 and it could have been five or six.

“It is a real concern – they are really struggling.”

Dion Dublin:

“When you go and play at Newcastle as an away player, they give the furthest away spot for away fans, stuck right in the gods.

“So you can’t hear your fans at all, so it is just black and white Newcastle noise non-stop. Very intimidating.”

strong>Colin Murray:

“People are maybe forgetting that this team came up from the Championship and didn’t spend anything like what they needed to spend.

“Which is a familiar story obviously.”

Shay Given:

“My concern is that it is December and how quick is this (takeover) going to happen.

“Is it going to happen for January, or is it not?

“Has Rafa got two sets of targets – targets Mike Ashley might afford him to buy, or bigger targets the new investors would?”

Colin Murray:

I have said before with Ashley, he has spent money when you would have expected him maybe not to and hasn’t spent money at the obvious times.

“The season after just missing top four – didn’t spend money.

“Coming back into Premier League – didn’t spend money.

“What is the potential of the club?”

Shay Given:

“When I was there it was Champions League football and we were challenging for the Premier League

“I think that is where Newcastle should be, back up there at the top of the division.

“I know it is not going to happen overnight and will take a couple of years…but the size of the club – St James Park is the heartbeat of the city.”

  • TheNutJob

    Not going to happen, Fatty aka Bad Santa is here forever

    • 1957

      At the end of the ‘negotiations’ he’ll simply come out and say no one offered a realistic price so I’ve decided that I’m going to carry on…he doesn’t really want to sell

      • Peaky Magpie

        That is exactly what is going to happen,without doubt.

      • HarryHype59

        He will, when this shambles of a team go back to the Championship next May!

  • Saul Williams

    I echo those words from Shay given.I think he speaks for all the fans.Please Ashley take the money and p**s off!

  • Leazes Ender

    If only Ashley’s copter would crash into Air Force One and the wreckage land upon Rupert Murdoch’s house ….whilst he was having a party with his friends and guest of honour was Vladimir Putin….. ah one can but dream.

    • Benmagpie

      Vlad will already be on Air Force 1 in the sleeping quarters receiving a presidential ‘pampering’

    • Danimal

      Hasty invites to Trump, Clarkson, Farage and Redknapp H.

  • billofengland

    Strange how players never say anything when they are taking the money, but ages later when their star is fading, they develop holier than thou voice.

  • Peaky Magpie

    I bet Penfold has already got his pride of place in the corner of Fatty’s living room with a geet big massive Christmas tree rammed up his a**e.

    • Andy Mac

      and every year from now………..

  • Andy Mac

    Dont see the takeover happening because Fatman wants out but he also wants his sale price. The halfway premise is that he drops the price until someone gives him near or near enough. Reality is the club is definitely not worth more than £250m right now so we’re at Mexican stand off time

    Fatman wants us all to believe he’s doing us a favour by selling out and bringing in new funding but he’s a shyster and wants (in his mind) the best price. This story will run and run (apologies to Private Eye)

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Shay Given has a real touch of delusion which Newcastle fans are always accused of.
    There are no guarantees with any take over should it happen that things will be any better.
    We just don’t know anything about Staveley and who her backers are so it could end up even worse than what we have now, If that is even possible.
    They might be another group of people who don’t want to throw money around and try a similar strategy to Mike Ashley for all we know.

    There seems to be a lot of eggs going into this one basket and dread to think of what will happen with the mood if we are not rid of “The Calorie Challenged One” soon.
    I can just see the headlines in the paper now around February 2018 after he puts out a statement saying there are no takers and how he is committed to the club.
    That we be followed by one of his favourites : “Lets Drive This Club Forward Together.”

    Even if Staveley is on the level how long will it be before Ashley wrecks the deal with his legendary antics ?
    Staveley will be talking about business while he will be lying under the nearest table drinking 8 cans of Special Brew !

    It doesn’t bode well any way you look at it and it is taking too long for my liking, Just like the other times he was supposed to be selling the club.
    It looks like getting rid of Robert Mugabe was a walk in the park as opposed to ridding ourselves of this scum bag.
    The man is the absolute depth of despair and it has been ten nightmare years under his stewardship with zero to look forward to.
    Hope I am wrong and he is gone soon but not holding my breath all the same.

  • nufcslf

    Saddest thing being the fans in the ground won’t turn on him if he does stay. Will just carry on filling his pockets with season ticket money in league 1 at best with Carver in charge. Happy days ahead. I have half of Vancouver frightened to mention that fat c**ts name. I do think Shay is genuine enough, though.