One thing you have to give Sam Allardyce credit for, is his knack of never taking responsibility, simply airbrushing any inconvenient facts out of the story.

With Everton desperate for a manager and failing to get first choice Marco Silva, they have eventually had to settle for Allardyce, and you can see he is absolutely loving it.

Talk about falling on his feet…

Kicked out by England after one game, them walking out on Crystal Palace because he could see there was next to no money left to spend, he gets the gig at Everton who spent £140m on players and had a squad simply needing time to settle and get key injured players back.

In the build up to tonight’s match, Sam Allardyce has been loving the media spotlight and has had the audacity that he ‘holds no grudges’ for the way he was treated by Mike Ashley (and Newcastle United).

In a previous interview in July (see below), he also had the nerve to say ‘Recruitment in football is everything’.

These are the 10 players who Sam Allardyce brought in when at Newcastle:

Mark Viduka

Joey Barton

Alan Smith

Ben Tozer


Jose Enrique


David Rozehnal

Abdoulaye Faye

Habib Beye

The club more or less got their money back on a couple of them, such as Enrique and Rozehnal, but the money that was burnt through overall on both transfer fees and wages was horrendous.

More importantly though, when Newcastle were relegated the following season, this set of players gave the club next to nothing, with only Beye and Enrique contributing anything of even small note.

No wonder Sam Allardyce doesn’t hold grudges with Mike Ashley/Newcastle United, making a total mess and then walking away with millions of pounds.

One of the things he built was a relegation team, whilst the other was a small/large fortune that was his ill gotten gains after helping to send the club further down the path to ruin, the money famously paying for his luxury villa in Spain.

A third thing, that he destroyed rather than built, was that his disastrous transfer business ensured Mike Ashley would never again allow another manager to choose his own players at the club, a policy which has undermined the club ever since – particularly when Kevin Keegan was there.

Sam Allardyce – Tuesday 12 December 2017 (yesterday):

“For the first time in my entire life as a manager I heard an owner (Mike Ashley) say it was a mistake he let me go.

“I don’t hold grudges. Life is too short.”

Sam Allardyce – 2 December 2017:

“Newcastle was going to be the most ambitious club and best financially-backed I was going to manage, way back in 2007, but that didn’t happen…

“When Freddy Shepherd went out and Mike Ashley came in, there wasn’t as much money as I expected.”

Sam Allardyce – July 2017:

“Newcastle United is a massive club and I feel aggrieved that I wasn’t given the opportunity to the job that I wanted to do, that I set out to do.

“But that wasn’t anything to do, with anything other than a dramatic change of ownership, with Mike Ashley taking over. The fastest sale of a football club in history.

“One minute Freddie Shepherd employed me to try and take the club forward…

“We had chatted two or three times previously about the job and it hadn’t quite worked out until then, finally I was happy to go and work at such a big club.

“The aim was to take the club back into European places…but over the space of two weeks the club was taken over by Mike Ashley.

“I was given the opportunity (by Mike Ashley) to take the club forward, but in the end it didn’t work out because they didn’t see me as the man that could do that.

“Mike had his own ideas and they came to the decision that they were going to change managers.

“You have to respect that because I was already there and they were taking on someone who they hadn’t chosen, they decided to change and go with someone they wanted.”

“I have to say, the decision was made very quickly and Mike and his team didn’t cause any problems.

“That is always a great relief for any manager if you are going to let them go, whether you think you deserve it or not.

“In all fairness, the year they got relegated (the second time under Ashley in 2015/16) they made the biggest expenditure that they had ever made for a number of years and that still didn’t work.

“Recruitment in football is everything. At any club your recruitment has to be right because ultimately it is the team on the pitch that has to get the results.”

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  • Leazes Ender

    He’s made more money by getting the sack than working….. he should be in banking….

    ……Why on earth football club owners think this guy is the one for them is beyond belief…. he the biggest con merchant since [add your own superlative example here]…. the biggest laugh is it actually works!

    When the England job became available I sarcastically wrote ‘give the Job to Fat Sam’….. they did…. either the football world is mad….. or I am…..

    …. I think its them.

    • Rich Lawson

      Doesn’t he have a Spanish villa named after his NUFC pay off ? Real old school along with Harry and his financially brilliant dog. He might be great at keeping clubs up,but he doesn’t win anything,apart from a decent termination fee.Paid handsomely to be an eventual faliure,but it just goes on and on.Not bringing decent English managers up from the lower divisions will haunt us for decades.

      • 1957

        He’s recently sold it and has built a bigger one, presumably combining the proceeds of the sale with his pay out from the fa

  • TheFatController

    His major problem I think now is that, at Bolton, he had all his ‘scientists’ and was ahead of the curve with them, but now that’s all standard.

    So what he offers is experience at setting a team up.

    Could he do a guardiola and get a team passing it about at the back and free scoring up front ? I think we all know the answer to that …

  • ghostrider

    If we’d have kept Allardyce at the time we wouldn’t have been in the mess we ended up in.
    A massive massive mistake by Ashley sacking him in favour of a Keegan (messiah like) return.

    It’s almost like Ashley had walked into a new school and wanted to make sure he became friends with everyone by bringing in a great big bag of sweets that he believed everyone wanted.

    When the bag was delved deeper into and produced bitter lemons, the writing was on the wall.

    I have absolutely nothing against Sam Allardyce.
    He tends to be a steady no nonsense manager that, given the time, can build a decent outfit worthy of the funds available.

    • DavyB

      WHAT??? Is this for real? Without a doubt, if Allardyce had stayed, we would have been relegated! He has the canny knack of either being sacked or walking away before the final nail hits the coffin lid. One of the biggest frauds in football and one of the biggest con men to boot.

  • 1957

    I met Sham in an airport departure lounge just before he was announced our manager. He was a fascinating bloke to talk to about football generally, but he really believed he was disadvantaged when it came to managing a top club because he was English

  • ghostrider

    The entire game is saturated in dodgy dealings. Allardyce.
    Ask yourself why he isn’t sacked or banned.
    A big man but a small fish and scapegoat.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Without a doubt.Start investigating him at the tip of the iceberg and worms streaming out of the can spring to mind.Best just to keep it sshhhhhh…….

  • Blackburn1066

    Fat Sam is a con man.